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Thread: Fall 2018 Animu - Indeed, it is so very so; the ride, it never ever ever EVER ends (unfortunately)

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    Ahhhh, Irozuku tugged at my heart strings in just the right way, I got something in my eyes now
    The Manhattan Project: Is it a sin to kill for your country? In an age of nationalism, where do you draw the line between right and wrong? In the 1960s, eight people seek peace amidst war and tragedy.

    [11:20:46 AM] GlowStiks: lucina is supes attractive
    [12:40] Lace: lucina is amazing
    [12:40] Neir: lucina is pretty much flawless

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    Double Decker Episode 11: There's a another civilization in one of the suns. And that's just one of the biggest revealed in this episode. After Episode 13 there's going to be 3 more though.

    Double Decker Episode 12: Oh my god, that ending...
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    Bob the Builder's evil twin.
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    HF felt like Nasu holding up a megaphone and screaming, "LOOK AT HOW SAD THIS IS! ISN'T IT SAD? YOU SHOULD FEEL SAD!"

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    > Einzbern

    > Making smart decisions

    Pick one

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    Palingenesis just sounds like we're creating Sarah Palin.

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    >tfw you betray your ideals to get some

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    In short, Japan's syncretism BS striked again.

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