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Thread: Hermione Granger and the Peerless Alchemist (A Matou Shinji Series AU Quest)

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    [x] Slytherin

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    [X] Slytherin

    'Slytherin,' she thinks to herself, as the intense expression of a certain Matou Shinji and his desire for power came unbidden to her mind.

    'Then Slytherin it is!' the hat crows triumphantly in her mind.

    The moment the Sorting Hat mentioned this though, the girl began to have second thoughts, thinking that perhaps it would be better if she were in Ravenclaw after all.

    'No, wait, I'm not sure I want to be in--'


    The announcement, once made, could not be revoked, and so the bushy-haired brunette found herself walking over to the table draped in green, where the older students welcomed her. She couldn't deny that it was...nice to feel like she belonged somewhere - that people were happy that she was one of them. None of her peers had ever shown her appreciation like that before, and she drank it in.

    She took note of who was sorted where, with a few notables sticking in her mind. Draco, happily, went to Slytherin, where he sat next to her and signed to her that he was glad she was in the best of the houses. Shinji sat across from her, his intense, but moody gaze looking over the hall as he did. A set of twins - Noels - went to Gryffindor. The purple-haired girl - Sialim Sokaris - went to Ravenclaw, along with a large group of others. And Ana Spencer of course, went to Slytherin, and moved to sit on Hermione's other side.

    "So we meet again," the blonde murmured, with Hermione nodding.

    "So we do," she mumbled.

    "You seem to have made a friend. Introduce me?"


    [ ] Introduce her
    [ ] Let Draco introduce himself first
    [ ] Mention that she should introduce herself

    Also, on the high table stage, one sees a number of the teachers - Lord and Lady Black, who teach History and Astronomy, respectively. Professor Quirrell, the Defense against the Dark Arts instructor. Professor Slughorn, Potions instructor and head of House Slytherin. Professor McGonagall, Transfiguration Professor and head of Gryffindor. Professor Flitwick, Charms Professor and Head of House Ravenclaw. Professor Sprout, Herbology Professor and Head of House Hufflepuff. Leonardo de Lune, a new Professor who teaches both Art and Muggle Studies. And of course, Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster.

    Draco offers to tell Hermione about any of the Professors...which does she want to know most about?

    [ ] (Write-in)
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    [X] Introduce her

    While I would usually introduce the gentlemen first to the lady but I am not going to let Draco here introduce himself that would be too much chance for Draco's ego to come out.

    [X] Talk about Leonardo de Lune

    The Blacks are my next choice cause of Draco's connection to them but really I am more entertained having Draco talk about this new Professor in front of Ana without anyone realizing the connection there. Still if we want to talk about Blacks or Slughorn cause Draco will have better information about those two, be my guest.

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    [x] Introduce her. [x] Leonardo de Lune.

    New character first, yeah.

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    [x] Introduce her
    [x] Leonardo de Lune.

    Hermione Granger was not used to being put on the spot in a social situation like this, mostly because having friends was rather new to her. All in all, it was a bit surprising - she thought she hadn't made a good impression on the blonde, but Ana apparently thought otherwise. Perhaps the blonde still wanted to be her friend? Or at least, maybe Ana still saw her as useful?

    Either way, she wouldn't get very far if she couldn't carry out a simple request.

    "Ah, Draco, this is Ana Spencer, who I met on the train, as well as Matou Shinji," Hermione offered, glancing from the boy beside her to the blonde on her other side, and the boy across from her. "Ana, Shinji, this is Draco Malfoy, who I met on the walk over."

    "I see," Ana noted, her eyebrows rising in surprise. "Malfoy hm? The grandson of Abraxas Malfoy, perhaps?"

    "...I am," the pureblood boy admitted slowly. "You know of my grandfather?"

    "He was a capable wizard and an even more capable politician, I'm told," Ana replied, with Draco nodding, fascinated that someone else - someone he didn't recognize - knew his family history so well. "If you are indeed his grandson, you have quite a legacy to live up to."

    Draco closed his eyes moment, before opening them and nodding.

    "That is why I am a Slytherin," he answered, "that I may be a wizard as grand as my grandfather before me." He blinked. "Well, and my father, I suppose."

    "Ah yes...what was his name again? Noctis?" the girl asked quietly.

    "No...Lucius," Draco replied, seeming a bit puzzled. "Light, not Darkness."

    "Ah, like the Lightbringer," Ana quipped, though Draco didn't seem to get the reference as he nodded.

    "Exactly. Like one who brings light into darkness," he readily agreed, though he narrowed his eyes. "You're odd, you know. You speak like a pureblood, knowing of my grandfather, yet you don't know who my father is?"

    "I was born into such a family, yet I have spent much of my life abroad," the girl responded.

    "Oh? An adventurer then?" Draco inquired, his interest piqued. "Though I can't say I've heard of any Spencers among the old that even your real name?"

    "It wasn't the name I was born with, but it is my real name. For now," Ana replied, with Shinji blinking.

    "You had another name before?" the Japanese boy spoke up.

    "My first was too flowerlike for my liking," the girl noted.

    "Flowerlike..." Draco murmured. "Your first name was Rose then? Or perhaps Anna Rose?"

    "Perhaps," Ana commented dryly. "But don't expect me to help you figure it out."

    "Is your name such a secret?"

    "No, but its more fun if you solve a mystery yourself, isn't it? For now, if you must think of me as something other than Spencer, call me...Moriarty."

    " that even a real name?" Malfoy questioned, though this time it was Shinji who spoke up.

    "It is," the Japanese boy said tersely. "I'm surprised you don't know it. Even in the east, the name is famous."

    "Famous, hm? I'm surprised - you're quite well-read, Mister Matou."

    "I know the names of quite a few figures. You could say I'm very much like Mycroft."

    "...a civil servant?" Ana commented. "Doesn't seem in line with your ambitions."

    "No. Smarter than my...more recognized sibling," the Japanese boy hissed.

    "So I see. And 'Mione, what alias might you take? Aside from the one you already wear of course."


    "A bold claim, that," Ana stated.

    "What do you mean?" Malfoy questioned, not recognizing the name. "She only chose a name, did she not?"

    "A name that, were I to read deeply into it, posits her as the heir to Merlin's secrets." Ana smiled slyly at Hermione. "Properly ambitious, aren't you?"


    "Come, there's not need to deny it. You are a Slytherin, after all. It is only fair to dream lofty dreams, though our measure is not what we imagine, but the visions we realize."

    Draco mentions that he doesn't know much about Leonardo de Lune, except that the man comes from France, where he once served as a visiting Professor at Beauxbatons, seems to know a great deal about history, and was hired after Binns was sent to the great beyond. He also has a curious habit of drinking from a flask, and according to the Headmaster, bears more than a passing resemblance to Nicholas Flamel.

    He does also mention that he's related to the Blacks, and is hoping to make some connections at Hogwarts this year - though he is glad he's already found at least one.

    When Hermione asks who that might be, Draco only chuckles.

    In the common room that night, a few of the Professors - Slytherin alumni - are present at something like a small reception. This, according to Professor Slughorn, is something the Slytherins do every year, so that the newcomers can mingle with faculty and students, and get some questions answered. They have a reputation of always looking sharp and being on top of things - even on the very first day of classes and it would be a shame to break such a longstanding tradition.

    Who does Hermione wish to prioritize speaking to?

    [ ] Professor Slughorn
    [ ] Lord and Lady Black
    [ ] The Prefects
    [ ] Her new friends
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    [ ] Professor Slughorn

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    [x] Lord and Lady Black

    Getting on the good side of prefects sounds good too but I'm curious about these two.

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    [X] Professor Slughorn
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    [X] Professor Slughorn

    Looking at who Hermione is and her...ahm...personality, I can say that while talking to the Blacks might be what I want to do, it is still best that Hermione does not talk to them at the moment since she is likely to not leave a great impression to them depending on who this is. Also perfects of Slytherin do not come across to me as a helpful senpai bunch so at this point best to not go up to them and expect them to be friendly to the first year student, especially when we do not want to broadcast her muggleborn background.

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    [X] Professor Slughorn

    While history of getting on poorly with people her age seemed to be firmly behind her, now that she had met such interesting people at Hogwarts, the fact remained that Hermione Granger felt much more comfortable talking to teachers. She had always been rather deferential to authority, after all, as it was authority that protected her against the torments that the less scrupulous of her classmates could visit on her. That, and her teachers always appreciated hard work and intelligence, while it had been classmates who had thought of her as a know-it-all who was "too good" to socialize with everyone else.

    Hence she went to Professor Slughorn, the head of House, reasoning that it would be a good idea to see what kind of man he was. Was he friendly? Was he strict? Did he help his students outside the classroom? Did he leave then to fend for themselves?

    Unsurprisingly, others had the same idea, so there was a bit of a queue to get through. While she waited, she supposed she could speak to her classmates, think of what to say to Professor Slughorn, or...listen in on other conversations.

    [ ] Talk to others in the queue
    [ ] Think of something to say
    [ ] Listen in on other conversations

    One of the first things the Professor asks her when she reaches the front is if she is if she is related to Hector Dagworth-Granger.

    [ ] Say that she isn't, to her knowledge
    [ ] (lie) Say that she is, though only distantly
    [ ] Say that she doesn't know, as she is new to the world of magic
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    [X] Think of something to say
    [X] Say that she doesn't know, as she is new to the world of magic

    I guess I will pick my poison here and be honest to him. The lie would be hard to keep up but hey maybe its a better idea to lie. I don't know.

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    [X] Say that she doesn't know, as she is new to the world of magic [x] Listen in on other conversations

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