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Thread: Extracting data from FGO on Remix OS

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    Extracting data from FGO on Remix OS

    Basically what the title says.

    I have installed FGO - the NA server - on my unrooted instance of Remix OS, when there was the "Magical Girl Cruise - Prisma Codes" event. I liked some BGMs a lot (especially the one used in the event map) and I haven't updated the APK yet since the event ended, so I considered the idea of extracting some assets from the game, if possible.
    I know FGO is very well-encrypted in some cases, so I wonder if they can be extracted easily.

    Also I re-rooted Remix OS after the event ended because I wanted to search the files myself.

    Thanks in advance, this really is a handsome forum

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    Prisma Codes OST is from Prisma anime
    look up official OST for Prisma anime and tracks used in fgo should be among them

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