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Thread: Common TM Fanon and Misconceptions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zork Knight View Post
    I can't fathom Gawain nor Galahad being jealous of Saber's perfection, specially the latter since he was supposed to be even more perfect (as a knight), no?
    Galahad yes, but Gawain? Maybe in the early days, but he basically screwed over Artoria at the wrong time over a personal grudge. Also, they probably fell in the camp of pitying the king for her loneliness or frustration at her inhumanity.

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    Gawain just thinks she's perfect and he's the terrible one for fucking up.

    Why would any of the knights be jealous of her? She's supposed to be better than them, she's their King. None of them have expressed such feelings.

    Like, (Berserker) Lancelot even wishes he was more beastly, not perfect like her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OverMaster View Post
    The thing with Saber is she never got to balance the absolute perfection with the relatability. Her men had a large share of the blame for expecting a perfect King and then not liking it because it was too perfect, but she was just too narrow minded herself to realize she was supposed to be a leading human and not a leading machine.

    Gil and Iskandar aren't probably the best comparisons and examples because the former was an awful leader until he wised up and the latter was a pretty terrible leader for a nation even if a genius military leader (in-universe, at least, in real life we could debate things a lot more), but Ozy probably counts as a better example of what she might have allowed herself to become (again in-universe, where IIRC he didn't bring as much misery to his own people by stubbornly opposing Moses as he did in the Bible).
    I was deliberately avoiding the comparison so we wouldn't get stuck in that rut again, but Alexander is something like the mirror image of Saber. He indulged in ALL the vice, acted on his emotions all the time (both when he killed one of his generals in a fit of rage and when he spilled the last helm of water in the desert because his army was thirsty), and generally acted larger than life. Of course, directly opposite Saber's self-effacement, this stemmed from his selfishness, but his people adored him precisely because he was flawed and human like them.

    To put it simply, let's say you're a random peasant serving under one of them. Saber might order your village razed so that she could use your resources to stop a barbarian army massing at the other side of the border, but all you'd be left with was "the king razed my home and didn't even bother showing up himself" (because he's already on campaign or spending every waking hour planning how to maximise use of those resources, but you don't know that). Alex might burn down your village because you refused to feed his army or because the village elder insulted him or somesuch, and you'd still resent him for that, but at least you'd understand why, and he'd be the one throwing the first torch (because fuck your village, but again: he'd be there.)
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    It's like with centaur girls, you're fucking a horse. Sure the human part is the one that moans but your dick is in the horse, no way around it.

    Once and always and nevermore.

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    When I spoke of Arturia's men I was actually mostly meaning the armies and battalions who allied against her and DID rally under Mordred, by the way.

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