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    [Digimon Tamers/Fate/Grand Order] Fate/Analog

    Yo, so I still exist, huh? I even still have an account here, which I was worried about for a minute there. Guess you haven't seen the last of me after all.

    So, a lot to say about this, before getting into it. I've been wanting to write something like this for awhile now--something Digimon related, broadly speaking, but I was waiting for an idea that actually stuck with me. It's been awhile since anything like that came along, but most of what's come out of Digimon lately hasn't really gripped me.

    And then Konaka came along and just choke-slammed me into a block of inspiration. For those who don't know, which included me until a month or two ago, Konaka released an Audio drama that he lovingly refers to as Digimon Tamers 2018. Unlike most CD dramas, which tend to be small, self-contained events or commedic side-stories, this was a full on opening to a new plotline and Konaka not only made a website for it with a letter in multiple languages, but flat-out went around to various producers and said he'd be interested in making a sequel to Tamers.

    That, I must say, got the juices flowing. I don't know if this story will go very far, or if it'll go anywhere, but if Konaka is determined to continue Tamers, it feels to early to go throwing in the towel myself. What's more, the CD drama introduces a lot of neat concepts; instead of going with the 'a few years later' plotline of Digimon tri., the story was going to bring back the whole original cast and just age everyone up as if in real time, which is an awesome idea few series are willing to do. The one exception to this was meant to be Takato, because Takato's voice actor is a woman and having her voice a ten year old is one thing, but having her voice a thirty year old man is another.

    Being Konaka, he came up with the obvious solution. The adult Takato is missing and since Nyx--Yamaki's new take on Hypnos, which was originally the Office Affiliated with Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, until Yamaki said fuck that the moment he took command for explicitly chuuni reasons--wants the whole crew back together, they create a machine to basically copy-paste a version of him from the Digital World's memory and create a young clone of him in the present. Things go wrong, of course, to they may have accidentally dragged a version of him from across time and space instead.

    While broadly speaking just hilarious, this idea also struck me as absurd fanfic fodder, and of all the series that it could work with, Fate/Grand Order seemed like one of the best. I mean, all the pieces are there, right? Machines that beam versions of a person across space and time to fight world-ending threats, heroes called across the ages, etc.; it's easy to apply it, just a matter of whether you want to connect it with the Servant system, Magic that has been achieved by technology, or Rayshifting. Either way, it struck me as a natural crossover and as a particularly interesting one, given the idea of Mankind with the ability to summon a specific set of heroes as needed; just the implications of that, in the long enough run, struck me as fun.

    So, well, here we are, with a short beginning. Forgive me, but it's been awhile.

    Prologue: When the Moon Dies
    Digimon Tamers

    Blutgang clattered against the stone floor as it fell limply from my fingers, the sound echoing through the nearly empty castle as the first piece of me fell away.

    It wasn’t the last.

    I managed to hold myself ready for nearly half a minute, putting up at least the act that I would be able to respond if there was one last tick ready, one last blade prepared to emerge from the darkness, but I could go no further. I collapsed in on myself, falling to my knees as Crimson Mode shattered and fell away. I held on for just a moment longer as Dukemon, before that shell also broke, armor sloughing off in an almost solid mass of data. Guilmon—Gigimon now—fell to the ground, his eyes already closed, and I had neither the strength nor desire to keep myself from following suit.

    Yet as I began to fall forward, an arm reached out to catch me. Its owner didn’t say a word and I was too numb to feel anything now, but there was only one person it really could be now. Just lifting my head felt like trying to lift a mountain now, but I at least managed met his eyes through the gaps of his helmet for a moment before giving up and leaning my head against his chest piece. It was cold. Rough. Uncomfortable.

    That’s death for you.

    I smiled.

    “That’s it,” I said. Were my ribs broken? It didn’t matter now; I didn’t need my ribs or lungs to speak and having them wouldn’t help me besides. “There’s only one left now…we managed to clear the way for you.”

    “Takato, you can’t be…” The murmur came. It was hopeless and we both knew it—had both known it before the fight even began—but his fingers tightened so much I actually felt flashes of sensation from them.

    “Dying? Haha…don’t be sad, I died a long time ago. They just kept needing me to come back.”

    “We still need you,” he replied. “Takato, you can’t die now—the Re-Animator, it’s gone; we don’t know how to fix it and we don’t have any other way to summon you! If you die here, it’ll be like…like…”

    “…It’s always been like that, for me. Every time I die, it feels like the last. This time, it just will be.”

    “The Sisters, they can—”

    “I don’t know if they’ll help any of us after this,” I said quietly, a part of me wondering what tomorrow might bring, even though I’d never see it. “But, they wouldn’t help me regardless. I’ve done too much to them…I don’t even deserve to ask.”

    I closed my eyes, still resting against him. I wanted to go to sleep, but I knew that if I did, I’d never wake up. Still, it took me a moment to find the words.

    It was always hard, saying goodbye.

    “And it’s okay. I knew…that this would be the end, and it’s okay,” I continued. “You don’t need to cling to the past anymore, because you have a bright future ahead of you.”

    “Bright…? The world’s dead. Everyone’s dead. Even the four of you…you’re the last, and you’re…” he stopped there, voice breaking. “How can you call this bright? How can you still believe any of it mattered at all?”

    “Because you have to,” I told him. “You have to believe that, no matter how hard it gets. So much was lost, so many people died, all just to get us here, so we have to believe it mattered. We have to believe it was enough. Because worth…is something that people give to things. The universe will never tell us it was all worth it in the end. The whole planet flat-out told us it wasn’t. But it doesn’t matter, because this is something we have to decide for ourselves. That we do deserve to exist.”

    He held onto me tighter, then, as if the grip of his armies might keep me in this world for just a little while longer. Maybe it would; for his sake, I tried my best to hold on a bit longer, too.

    “And it looks like we do. Because we slayed the monsters,” I said. “We saved the world. All of us, working together. The world ended, and we kept going. It ended again and we still survived. It’s proof, that this isn’t over…that there’s a tomorrow waiting for us, something all of us are dreaming of. Whatever it is, it’s just a matter of striving and reaching for it until we find a way. And this time…I know we will.”


    “It doesn’t hurt this time. I’m not afraid this time. Every time they pulled me out of that machine, I saw things getting worse and worse. I was there in…2018. 2030. 2054, and I…I was there to watch the world end. I could never stop it, not really; even if I fixed the problem in front of me, things always came back worse. No matter how many people I saved, no matter how many monsters I destroyed, no matter how hard I fought, I was always worried about tomorrow. But now, the fighting’s over and the monsters are all gone. The world is safe. Everyone will manage…I know it. I can almost see it…all of you, in starlight. The war’s over. We put it all aside and fought alongside one another, instead of against each other. That meant something. That’ll last, no matter what the Sisters say. All you have to do is take out the last one, and it’s done. And I know you can do it. You always do it. That’s why we could trust this to you. I’m glad I lived this long. Even if it hurt sometimes, I’m glad I got to meet you, that you’re here right now. I don’t need to be afraid, because of you.”

    He held me for a long moment, silent the whole while, before slowly laying me against the wall. One thing I did feel, then, was something wet hitting my face. We both knew the truth of what it was, but neither of us said a word about it.

    “You’re right…we can’t keep bothering you with our problems, old man. Rest. I’ll take it from here,” he said, standing and turning away from me, his steps shaky but his footsteps strong. He paused for a moment at the doorway, but didn’t turn back. “Thank you. For everything.”

    I managed to hold until he left the room before closing my eyes.

    “Go be the hero, A—"

    I came apart for the last time.


    —Or, it should been. And yet, what felt like only moments later, I opened my eyes, seeing nothing but deep, thick fog. I recognized a Digital Field when I saw one, even if it had been a long time, but I couldn’t make any sense out of that observation; why would there be a Digital Field here? Where would it even come from, with the network so devastated?

    No, more than that—where was the Re-Animator? Yamaki’s machine and the improved versions made in later years were, as far as he knew, the only way I could be summoned. But there was no one here—and I was alone. At the very least, Guilmon wasn’t here; forget the mist, I’d know if he was nearby even if my eyes and ears were taken away. But I had never been alone when I was called before; there was always summon there to do the summoning and oftentimes, he wasn’t summoned alone.


    “Ruki?” I said, raising my voice as if the mist might try to hide it. “Jen? Are you there?”

    There was no reply.

    Feeling worried and confused, I began to walk, keeping my eyes and ears open for sign of…well, I wasn’t even sure what to expect now. I wasn’t sure what to expect or what I would see, past the edge of the Digital Field. A scene from the far future, maybe, with towering cities and flying cars and spaceships—something beyond everything I knew, for how else was this possible? How long would it take for the world, for what was left of Mankind to recover? For them to be able to dig up an old relic again? And, even if they could—what had made them try? In all my past summonings, I’d only been called on because something had gone horribly, horribly wrong.

    Carrying that mixture of curiosity and trepidation, I slowly reached the edge of the Digital Field, still not encountering anyone, but knowing that if anyone was there, it would be right passed the edge. I took a deep breath, preparing myself as best I could for whatever I might find, whether it was a scene of destruction or a scene from the future. Whatever awaited me, I’d been called. What could I do but answer?

    But nothing I’d done could prepare me for what I found when I stepped out of the mist. Not a scene of devastation, but of peace. Not of the future, but of the past. Something I hadn’t seen in…it must have been at least a century. And something I’d never expected to see again.

    Tokyo, as it had been in the early twenty-first century. My home, before…well, before.

    “What the hell…?” I couldn’t help but ask.

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    My God.

    You're alive.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart View Post
    canon finish apo vol 3

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    Do you exist? Better question, when will you slip into the Void again?

    Anyway. Serious question... but why Digimon? What's so appealing about Digimon to cross it over with Fate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Historia View Post
    Do you exist? Better question, when will you slip into the Void again?Anyway. Serious question... but why Digimon? What's so appealing about Digimon to cross it over with Fate?
    Digimon is cool, plus it has enough installments, side materials, anime, manga to compete with Fate in terms of developed setting.Much like Fate, it too draws upon the various different cultures of the world and makes really cool things with them, like Gallantmon, whos basically Siegfried.Plus Tamers is one of the best, imo the best, anime Digimon has ever gotten. Gonna watch this.

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    Never apologize for providing content, dude. It's been a long while since I even thought about Tamers, so it might as well be series 5 for all know.

    My only gripe is that second paragraph of the second scene it changes from first to third person near the end.

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    This brings me back to when Fate/Extra came out and I drew up plans for a Digimon/Extra crossover that would've gone something like Cyber Sleuth/Hacker's Memory. But that ended up not going anywhere.

    Anyways, interesting idea you got there OP. I'll be curious to see how it develops.

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    Chapter One: Time Enough to Lose

    Fate/AnalogChapter One: Time Enough to Lose
    I couldn’t help but stagger—couldn’t help but stare, really—at the sight of my old home. It had been so long, the mere sight of it left me feeling like I was wandering through a dream. No, more than that…for a moment, in a daze, I couldn’t help but wonder if it had all been a dream.

    But I dismissed that thought almost as soon as I had it. It was subtle, the way the city had changed over the years, but I’d called the place my home for most of my childhood, most of my original life even. Things were different in ways that were obvious to a native; just the skyline set eras of the city apart. When I climbed atop a nearby building just to take a look at my long lost home, I could see the Tokyo Skytree towering over the Sumida ward, so just from that, I knew it couldn’t have been before…what was it? Somewhere around 2010, I think. No, wait, 2012—I remembered because it had been a momentous occasion, at the time, when it was completed on Leap Day; I didn’t remember many dates, true, but even I could remember February 29th. I’d turned…God, I turned twenty that year; it seemed like so long ago.

    That alone was proof this was more than a dream—or else, that it was a truly serious delusion—because I definitely wasn’t…however old I was now in 2012, or whatever the date was. Was I fourteen again, like the first time I was summoned? The first two times I’d been summoned around that age, before they figured out how to improve the Re-Animator and target specific times and places, so it was possible. It’s just, I couldn’t say I remembered what it felt like to be this young, especially since I didn’t really age the normal way, at least not all the time, and it’s not like I could keep track based on the date. I definitely wasn’t in my twenties, but beyond that, my best guess was just general mid-teens-ish. Before I had my second big growth spurt, I guess? I barely remembered when that was, though; statistically speaking, I’d spent the least amount of time as a teenager, and I’d only been one three times.

    And speaking of things that I hadn’t had to deal with in a while, just getting to the top of a building was surprisingly tough—the air was so thin now, so empty and clear. It was a lot more pleasant to breathe than what I’d gotten used to, but it left me feeling empty and weak, too. I was so used to leaping tall buildings in a single bound that having to climb up and down one left me feeling handicapped.

    Once I was back on the ground, though, there was no more avoiding the core issue with attempts at investigation. However it had happened, why ever it had happened, I was somehow in the past and in a younger body then I’d been summoned in for a while. First, the obvious question—

    Was it Millenniumon’s fault? I was inclined to say yes, as assuming temporal problems were Millenniumon’s fault had rarely led me wrong, but in theory, that should be impossible, as Ryo’s partner was supposed to be gone for good—and even if he wasn’t, he should have died with Ryo this time besides. On the other hand, he was a time traveler, so this could just be a version of him from any point prior to that. The only mark against that theory was that when Millenniumon picked you up and hurled you across time and space, you rarely landed anywhere pleasant. Peaceful cityscapes weren’t really his aesthetic; he was more a nightmarish, self-destructing pocket dimension kind of guy. Unless there was more to this than what I was seeing, it just didn’t feel like something he’d do.

    There was an easy way to be sure, though. If I gave Ryo a call and said ‘Hey, have you heard from Millenniumon lately?,’ he would probably know; Ryo’s generally pretty on the ball about that kind of thing and Millenniumon was kind of obsessed. I could believe that he might just drop me in another time without a word and forget about me, but he’d be blowing up Ryo’s phone and monologuing the entire time; if he was involved, Ryo would know. The only thing is, Ryo had more than a bit of trauma where his ‘real’ partner was concerned, and bringing him up tended to…distress him. A lot. Especially if this was before their partners had to return; the mention of Millenniumon after him while he was all alone would probably give Ryo nightmares for a few weeks and I couldn’t blame him. It wasn’t bad enough to risk the fate of the world over, but it was bad enough that, as his friend, it felt like I should at least try googling whether or not anyone had seen a giant two-headed monster first, or otherwise noticed anything weird.

    Of course, I’d need a computer or a phone or something before I could do much of anything. And, ideally, someone who remembered what Ryo’s contact information was in the year of whatever, despite his occasional allergies to staying in touch. And someone who had the authority to help do whatever needed to be done, whatever that turned out to be. Which kind of meant I needed one guy in particular.

    “…Is it okay to just drop by Yamaki’s place like this, though?” I murmured to myself, knowing it was a foregone conclusion but worrying about how he’d react anyway. He’d been fine when he’d run into a younger version of me before, but that had been intentional on his part, sort of. If this was before that, then…what? “It should be fine, right? He’s probably used to weird things happening by now…right?”

    After a moment, I shook my head and sighed. Even if I felt bad about it, knowing how stress would take its toll in later years, it kind of had to be Yamaki. If this was any time before 2018, he was really the only who would be able to do anything if something was wrong; prior to the Malicebot Incident, we’d been living as close to normal lives as you could after saving the world, on international television, while naked. Which, as it turns out, wasn’t really that normal, but without our partners, all we could really do was live our lives. All of my friends were people I could trust with the world, but not people who could fight for it right now. Juri was probably working on getting her teaching degree now, and Ruki was either going through her fashion phase or had left it to pursue motocross instead. And Jen and I—

    Wow, yeah, come to think of it, if this was the past, I probably was here, too. If I was in my early twenties, Jen and I were in college, having gotten a free ride to basically anywhere we wanted after saving the world. I had…I’d had an apartment near Todai, I think, and Jen had one right by it. He’d take college further then I would, eventually going to Stanford U and joining the NSA, while I went right into IT research, but though we’d stopped living nearby each other, our goals had been the same—to see our partners again. After 2018, when that became possible, we’d both started working at Nyx, defending the world, but right now, we were still scattered, searching, waiting.

    I…could go visit myself. Maybe give advice, though I suddenly wasn’t sure what to say. Wasn’t sure how I’d feel, seeing myself and being younger than I was. But, there was a lot I could say. I’d have given the world, at this age, just to have the reassurance that I’d see Guilmon again—even now, I could feel the pain of that longing, of the separation that had defined my younger years. Sixteen years, we’d been apart, and while I remembered how, afterwards, the time we spent apart hadn’t seemed so long at all, I also remembered how the days had crawled by, never leading me anywhere. I could take those days away, or at least shorten them, with a word. I’d been tied up in my own thoughts and worrying since I realized I was still alive, but now that I was focusing, Guilmon’s absence felt like a missing limb. I’d have done anything to avoid that, as a child, and this was my chance to stop it for myself.

    Maybe even more than that, I could change things. Not the stuff I really wanted to change, unfortunately; thanks to Millenniumon, the spirograph that was Ryo’s personal timeline, and that one asshole, I knew an almost unfortunate amount about relentless time-dickery, so I had a decent grasp on the theory of Quantum Time-Locks, or Spiritron Record Anchoring Bands, or whatever we were calling them today. Jenrya and I jokingly called it the Conservation of Time, which it kind of was and kind of wasn’t; what it boiled down to was that while time as a whole wasn’t immutable, there were various major events that might as well be, which gave a general structure to the rest. While Millenniumon—who was kind of the authority on such matters if you actually believed he could be trusted, and seeing as we’d had to stop him from proving it, I guess I kind of did in this case—claimed that even those events could be changed with enough power and effort, it had apparently been an ungodly bitch, even for him. And if he considered it unreasonably difficult, it was probably safe to say that changing the timeline was pretty much impossible.

    But for the same reason, I also knew that while the results might be defined, the details could be changed, because while the results had been our defense against Millenniumon, the process had been his weapon. If the end of a war was locked, it couldn’t be changed, but the number of people who died and how could still be shifted, essentially. While I may not have been able to stop what I knew was coming, both because of time itself and because the simple growth of the Digital World was already out of control, I could prepare people better and maybe save at least a few more lives along the way—

    Or hurt even more people. While the same locks that prevented Millenniumon from just killing us as children and getting everything he wanted also meant I shouldn’t be able to accidentally break history, I could certainly cause unexpected things to happen. While I’d have liked to think that I remembered the important things, I knew that was just from my perspective; I knew the major events of the twenty-first century, the stuff that was probably locked in place? But that wasn’t the same as remembering everything important, because important things happened every moment. People fell in love, were born, died, fought, and worked together to make history in an array of details no one could truly hope to fathom. I didn’t know the whole of that picture or how my actions would change it. Hell, I didn’t even remember my apartment number. How arrogant would I have to be to know how ignorant I was and still try to edit history? And yet, knowing what I did, how heartless would I have to be to do nothing? If I had to act, I also had to act carefully, not just on personal impulse.

    —Although, even saying that, my feet had already begun to guide me towards the one place I needed to go. This wasn’t something locked in place, perhaps. But, it was still something that couldn’t be changed. It was selfish and self-serving, but also inevitable. However I might justify everything else, none of it mattered compared to this.

    After perhaps half an hour, I stood in front of Guilmon’s old shed. It had been hollowed out once, by Guilmon’s digging, but after I’d found a gateway at the bottom of it, Hypnos had filled it with concrete to bar the way. It hadn’t been enough; the bond between them couldn’t be severed by mere steel and stone. They’d used a firewall instead, keeping anything from communicating across that connection instead, trying to cut the Digital World off from the human one. It had taken a long time to forgive them for that. Almost as long as it had taken for it to fail—but fail it had, as the Digital World proved it could overcame anything put in its way.

    Just like they had. This firewall had kept them apart for sixteen years—but, that was a long time ago. The power of the Digital World was in communication, connection, so that was their power. And after they’d come back together, they made sure nothing could tear them apart again. There was no distance too far, no time to great, that they couldn’t bridge the gap now.

    “Sorry, me,” I said, knowing this was hypocritical. The only thing separating my younger self and I was experience and ability. If I was in his shoes, his age, and given this power, all the reasons I gave would have been less than dust; I’d be right here, calling for my partner. But his future was my past, my friend’s past, my people’s past—and awful as it sometimes seemed, I had faith in how we’d all grown and the choices we’d made. If only the details could be changed, then these details mattered. “These years will never stop hurting, but that pain makes a difference. If it helps at all, maybe you’ll choose not to do this too, when you become me. Or, maybe not.”

    First things first, I thought as I drew a card from the deck at my hip, glancing at it out of curiosity. I hadn’t paid it any more attention than I had the clothes on my back, as used to weight of one as I was to the other, but I still had my deck and D-Arc at my hip. My second D-Arc, I should say, which was nostalgic in a comforting way, but made me wonder belatedly what deck I was carrying. Was it my original deck? The updated ones I’d used in 2018 and 2030? Or my final deck, from the 50s and beyond? The answer, it turned out, was none of the above, because the card I drew was completely blank, without any pictures or words.

    That was odd, but not really a concern; it could have been made out of paper, and it would have been enough for my purposes. All it took was the simple, utter certainty that it would to make the card turn blue, and when it slide through my D-Arc, the world around me began to break down. Or rather, it might be more accurate to say it began to ‘peel away.’ The world we knew, the world of humans, was just the surface, the top-most of many layers. The Digital World, predating Digimon, was like an interface, between ‘this world’ and ‘the one below’, logic and fantasy. If you reached the bottom, beneath even where the D-Reaper once lurked, you could even cross over to that place, though I didn’t recommend it. And beneath it all, when all the layers were stripped away? There was just the World and nothing else.

    But I wasn’t interested in going that deep. In fact, all I cared about was what laid just beneath the surface—the chaotic realm between Earth and the Digital World, where the laws of both worlds broke down to utter chaos. The only thing that gave it any semblance of reason was observation; the place ‘he’ had called Imaginary Number Space.

    Well, even I didn’t actually understand how any of that worked; I’d just listened to a bunch crazy people monologue about it. What it boiled down to, though, was that it was a realm where time and space had no meaning—even if it was something that couldn’t be accomplished no matter how much time you were give, it might still be possible to reach it in a place with unlimited time. Even if that seemed absurd, that was what she had done, after all. On the other hand, it was a dangerous place, because once you entered the sea of imaginary things, it was only possible to leave if you had a connection to something real—but that was no problem for us.

    “Guilmon,” I said, and nothing more. There was no need for anything else; as long as one of them was waiting on the other side, they’d be able to find each other even if they were an eternity apart. The only question, really, was which Guilmon, since they were all connected, but even that wouldn’t change things much between them. We’d fought alongside older and younger versions of each other before and it didn’t change that we were partners. When the Digital Field rose around me, I simply waited, letting the false proteins take shape upon the darker figure within. I gave him a moment to get used to the Realization before walking closer to the figure.

    “Takato,” he replied, his gleaming eyes the first thing I saw through the mist. He spent a moment just considering me, perhaps wondering when I was from as well. After a moment, however, he tilted his head and seemed pleased. “You got little again.”

    I had to smile at the almost triumphant sound in his voice. It was a now old sort of joke between us, stemming from when I’d told him about how human aging differed from how Digimon evolved. I’d then proceeded to, from his perspective, age and deage randomly for the rest of our partnership, including showing up several times at the same time as a child and an adult, and having kids before becoming a kid again. He hadn’t let me forget that yet.

    “Hey,” I replied. “You don’t know that. I could still be little instead.”

    Guilmon yawned, not dignifying that with a response. In fairness, we’d always been pretty good at determining each other’s timelines; I was pretty sure we were on the same clock, at the moment, taken from the same moment. That was lucky, actually, and relatively rare.

    “We’re not dead,” he noted sleepily, like the item was one of passing conversation. That pretty much confirmed it. Then, however, with somewhat more interest, he looked behind me, sniffing the air and scanning their surroundings. When he was done, he blinked and tilted his head the other way, before continuing, as if it was a single thought instead of an addition, and the more important part of it besides. “In Tokyo.”

    It’s always great, not being dead in Tokyo. It’s more expensive then the alternative, but you have more fun that way.

    “I think this is either around or before we met each other again,” I explained.

    “Mm. Mmmmm. Mmmmmmmm,” Guilmon said, considering that. “Was it Millenniumon again?”

    He asked the question without any particular feeling or emphasis. Unlike most of them, he’d never seemed to have any particularly strong feelings regarding Ryo’s ‘partner’ and his actions, beyond the general need to keep him from destroying them all. I’d always felt like he might have empathized with him, in a way—and I might have, too, in a way, if not for the whole being consigned to a dimension on the chopping block thing. Neither of them could hold going to great lengths to be with one’s partner against someone, but I was happy to hold literally everything else against Millenniumon.

    Although, come to think of it, Millenniumon had always been a soft hand with Guilmon, too, at least relatively speaking. Hm…

    “Maybe,” I said, pushing the thoughts away. “But this is a bit more scenic then his usual destinations.”

    “Hm,” he said, seeming to agree. He seemed to consider it for a minute more before also seeming to dismiss the matter entirely. “Well, as long as we’re together, it’ll work out somehow.”

    “Well, I mean, we did just die,” I had to point out, but I could hide my grim. Guilmon’s sheer certainty was contagious and I felt my own worries dull now that he was back by my side. Guilmon looked at me placidly, and then glanced between us as if to say ‘And it all worked out, didn’t it?’ as if reality had conspired to prove his point. “Okay, that’s fair.”

    Guilmon seemed content with that admission and apparently considered it the end of the matter. He looked thoughtfully in the direction of the city, mulling over something.

    “I haven’t eaten fresh bread in ages,” he mused then, which was both amusing and sadly true. I couldn’t even laugh at his words, because it had been literal years since they’d eaten anything that wasn’t processed, and not just a few. I could probably be talked into committing at least minor cyber-crime in exchange for something that tasted like normal food.

    “I’ll get us something to eat as soon as I can,” I immediately promised. “Let’s just make sure the world isn’t ending first, okay?”

    “We should find Yamaki,” he said at once. “He’ll know what’s happening, and his wife always bought fresh bread from the bakery. Birds and stones.”

    Trust Guilmon to remember that after all these years—and to plot the most efficient course to accomplish their varied goals. While Takato had distant memories of Mitsuo being an unrepentant slob while he lived alone, Reika ran a tight ship after they got married, which meant there was almost certainly actual food in his house, too. Man, this idea was getting better by the minute.

    “I was thinking the same thing,” I replied. “I remember where he lives, more or less, and if this is after the Cybersecurity Act, he should be running Nyx, too. He can tell us what we need to know. But…Yamaki’s one thing, but it’s probably best if we don’t let anyone else see you just yet. If they think Digimon are back, it could become a big deal.”

    “Mmmm,” Guilmon hummed in agreement. “Shadow you?”

    I nodded, glancing down at the card I still held in my hands. The blue card had faded, leaving the blank card behind, but I closed my eyes for a moment, imagining something in its place. Without opening my eyes, I slashed the card again.

    “Sangloupmon’s Black Mind,” I declared, selling the thought to myself more than anyone else. I opened my eyes even as I put the card away, watching Guilmon literally melt into my shadow, slipping into and under it with a whisper of motion, and seemingly leaving me alone. And if my shadow shifted oddly now and then, well, who was to say it wasn’t a trick of the light? Nodding to myself after making sure now one would be able to see him, I turned back the way I came. “Let’s go find our guy, then. I’ll think of what to say to him on the way.”


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattias View Post
    Never apologize for providing content, dude. It's been a long while since I even thought about Tamers, so it might as well be series 5 for all know.

    My only gripe is that second paragraph of the second scene it changes from first to third person near the end.

    I remember loving the Digimon Tamers series. Guilmon is probably my favourite MCmon just because he’s more adorable than anything has any right to be. My only regret is that I can’t remember who any of the characters are except Takato, the three main digimon, Jeri, Impmon/(Beelzebubmon?) and the D-Reaper. Though, I guess D-Reaper is more of an ‘it,’ or at the very most, a medium for a collective.

    My only question is this: Where’s the Fate/ ? I want to see how this picks up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hymn of Ragnarok View Post
    That makes me think of Rin as a loan shark.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hymn of Ragnarok View Post
    Admittedly, she'd probably be the hottest loan shark you'll ever meet. She'd probably make you smile as she sucked you dry.

    Oh dear, that doesn't sound like yuri at all.
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    Not with that attitude.

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