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Thread: Going to Japan to study Japanese for a year

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    How're the locals treating you?

    And what regular foods you're used to that are missing in Japan?

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    The locals are nice.

    I miss regular bread, since as a Norwegian I'm used to eating bread with cheese etc all the time. All the bread they have here in Japan is loaf in my eyes. Norwegian bread is dark, wholegrain, nutritious, and has a more solid texture. Japanese bread is white, has almost no grain, is very low on nutrition, and is really soft (eww)...It's pretty terrible to be honest, and doesn't really qualify as food for me...I actually finally found a special shop today though (funny you should ask today in that regard) that sells crisp bread, wholegrain bread rolls, and proper cheese (which is also hard to come by), so I feel like I'm finally saved from endless amounts of rice, soup and noodles! ^^

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