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Thread: But For a Sword (A Matou Shinji Series AU)

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    [x] No.
    [x] No.

    The only issue I have with Phelan being the only one to take FF, is that Noel will take the lead (since Felix knows better than someone like Shinji obviously)

    And what we really don't need is a Phelan who takes even more risks, while Shinji doesn't even understand what the guy is trying to do while surrounded by lethal enemies of various types. It will end up with Shinji dying early and Phelan left on his own.

    Whether they take it or not, is of little importance now that I think about it. But they at least should be on the same level (double yes or double no)
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    [X] No - Shinji
    [X] No - Phelan

    I'll get something out by the weekend. In the meantime, I have questions for all of you...

    - Who is your favorite character in BFAS? Why?

    - Is there anything you'd like to see?

    - Do you have a favorite moment so far? What was it?
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    Who is your favorite character in BFAS? Why?
    Phelan - I like his banters with Shinji and how sometimes he looks like protagonist himself.
    I also like Selina and her relationship with Shinji. Ironically, from all girls only Selina and Hermione feel like equals for Shinji (at least for me). He feels too dependent on Senpai, and with Amber/Natsumi he sometimes looks like secondary character compared to them.

    Is there anything you'd see?
    Some small parts from another characters POV. Like recent one with Draco.

    Do you have a favorite moment so far? What was it?
    Shinji and Hermione coming to (some sort) of understanding in Tenebrae.

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    - Who is your favorite character in BFAS? Why?

    Selina so far stands out with her use of D&D knowledge to promote herself as an adventurer. Winning the bet with Draco in the first challenge won her respect from the other first years and gained her a reputation as someone you don't want to cross. It's funny to see her one up Draco in their interactions and the inside jokes that she makes with no one getting it since they don't know D&D.
    Quirrel is an interesting character since he survived in this story and looks to make his own mark in the wizarding world.

    - Is there anything you'd like to see?

    More POV from Quirrel and him meeting Lockhart. It would also be nice to see what abilities the familiars have and how they differ from traditional Japanese familiars.

    - Do you have a favorite moment so far? What was it?

    Quirrel giving his final thoughts at the end of the first year.

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