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Thread: But For a Sword (A Matou Shinji Series AU)

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    [x] What other kinds of adventurers there are in Faerun

    We might as well learn of the different jobs first and foremost.

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    [X] What other kinds of adventurers there are in Faerun

    "That is," Draco amended. "How did others get their start? Surely they didn't all begin with...finding a magic book and exploring an ancient dungeon, did they?" he asked. "Surely Faerūn has people - beings - who call it home?"

    "Yes," Selina acknowledged. "Beings of many races, of which humans are just one, though we are among the most numerous."

    "And the greatest, I'm sure," the pureblood pressed, only Selina shook her head.

    "Oh, there are many powerful human adventurers, just as a function of how many humans there are, but the other races have much to offer as well," the blonde corrected. "For instance, the elves may be...diminished from that they were, yet they still make for some of the greatest wizards in the world."

    If one was watching closely, one would be able to pinpoint the exact moment when Draco's train of thought derailed, which is perhaps why he lost the initiative to a startled Pansy Parkinson.

    "...did you say...elves?" the Ravenclaw questioned, rather taken aback.

    "Yes. They are fey-blooded, after all, of a lineage older than any man," Selina replied sagely, even as Pansy's eyebrows knit together in confusion. "Though the half-elves have the best of both worlds."

    "Half...elves," Draco repeated, his mind numb as he processed that for a moment, imagining just what... "Do you mean half-elf and half-goblin, or--"

    "Half-human," the adventuress supplied, as Draco's expression, like Pansy's and that of every other purebloods in the room, except Lily, went slack.

    "S-surely not!" Draco cried out in protest. "H-half elves? The thought of that."

    "It's a different world," Selina said in response, the cold expression on her features stilling Draco's half-formed rage. "A world which is much wilder than the one we know, where there are great evils to be fought, and there there are champions of darkness, just as well as light." She smiled slightly. "Even those who cannot use magic will fight these evils - spirits, undead, monsters from a long forgotten age, using only their wits and the strength of their arms."

    "Muggles. Really?" Pansy questioned. "How do they...oh, the equipment you mentioned." The girl made the connection, proving that yes, she belonged in Ravenclaw. "Though that can't be it alone, can it? Surely..." she paused. "Just giving a magic sword to a Muggle wouldn't let them face something like a dementor, after all!"

    "No, but it would let an armored fighter deal with an Acromantula pretty handily," Selina noted, at which Pansy opened her mouth, lifting a finger as if to point something out, only to shake her head as she thought better of it.

    "They're not like the soft muggles of the world we know now then?"

    "Not at all," Selina concurred. "In fact, among adventurers who are just starting out, muggles - those who cannot use magic - often do better than wizards and such."

    "How is that even possible?"

    "Well, you said it yourself - we don't have good spells yet," she pointed out reasonably. "More to the point, even someone like you wouldn't be well-suited to the hard life of an adventurer - not yet anyway. Imagine it: sleeping without a bed, preparing your own meals, washing your own clothes - and not knowing the spells to do it, only being able to shape accidental magic."

    "...huh, when you put it that way..." Draco mused, "that makes a lot more sense. So muggles make better adventurers at first because they're not as well off then, and they don't have to save their magic, is that what you mean?" Selina nodded. "Then what about wizards who become adventurers later, who go to school and learn their spells before setting out? Surely Muggles can't stay better--"

    "They don't," Selina confirmed, as Draco let out a breath he wasn't sure he was holding. "It takes a while, but eventually the magic we learn lets us do things that are more potent than the effects granted by the best equipment someone not gifted with magic can use. After all, only magic-users can telepor--apparate and such, right? In the same way, we can divine the future, or fly - which no one without magic can do without our aid."

    "So in the end, magic is still better," Draco murmured, "even if it takes hard work to beat the trickery--"

    "--advantages--" Selina corrected.

    "....advantages of Muggles," the blond boy noted.

    "A lot of it, yes. I won't pretend that the path to becoming a great adventurer is easy. Or that there are any true shortcuts. You simply have to gain the experience, though good equipment can help."

    "And your brother did," Pansy remarked softly. "He was a wizard, yes?"

    "Is," Selina corrected. "Was would imply he isn't one any longer."

    "And the rest of his party? All wizards?"

    Selina laughed.

    "No...that wouldn't work so well," she noted. "Its best to have adventurers of other roles as well, since even if magic can let you do everything, it doesn't mean you should be the one to be doing everything. From each according to their abilities, after all. They have a rogue, who is good at sneaking. A bard, whose songs inspire - and who is a hell of a Fighter. A druid, with powerful nature magic. Even a Paladin."

    "A paladin?"

    "Like a knight, but who uses magic," Selina explained. "Healing magic, mostly. They're more limited than wizards, but they're quite good when you're facing undead."

    " you face undead...often in Faerūn?"

    "They're not uncommon, if that's what you mean. There are plenty of ill-meaning necromancers about, and plenty of dead that hold a grudge over how they died." She shook her head. "It would be easier if the only undead we faced were inferi, but...there are all sorts, many more clever and deadly."


    "Probably because Faerūn is a more magical place than the world we know."

    "More magical?"

    "You'll see if you ever go there. Places like Hogwarts...they're not rare there. Things...take on a life of their own." She shook her head. "That's the other reason my brother thought I would be better off going to Hogwarts, aside from learning in relative safety. Because I could see more of what the magic of our world was like, and how it differed."


    "So far, a wizard is a wizard. I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to become great - not if you dedicated yourself to it."

    "And greatness to you is...?" Pansy inquired.

    "Not a desk job at the Ministry, that's for sure," Selina commented.

    "Will you go on any adventures while at Hogwarts?" Draco asked, not too subtly. "Just to keep your skills sharp, that is."

    "Well, there are Quirrell's challenges for me to cut my teeth on, but other than that, I wouldn't mind exploring more of the grounds. How about either of you?"

    "I have always wanted to find something special," Draco admitted. "Especially after Matou found the Bloody Chamber of Secrets."

    Does Draco...? (choose up to two)

    [ ] Offer his services to Selina for the upcoming challenge of Quirrell's
    [ ] Request to join her in the mornings for her training
    [ ] Ask her if he can join her on an adventure
    [ ] Ask if she knows any other adventurers at Hogwarts
    [ ] (write-in)
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