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Thread: Original Sin (IC)

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    Leila, Gremory, Fatima
    The Past

    "Human—nay, rather We call thee a dog. Thou'st insolence aplenty to call Us by that moniker. Demons are to Devils as dogs are to humans. Or humans to Devils, for that matter! We'd fain have thine tongue for this!"
    Contrary to the man's expectations, his words of praise backfired on him as he seemingly accidentally gave rise to a grave insult. The devil raged, throwing a tantrum and she beat her wings balled her hands into fists. From a certain perspective, it was rather cute but the man was in no state of mind to properly observe this.

    "P-p-please forgive me!"

    The devil gave a sigh, and relaxed her mood ever so slightly.

    "Hmph, but this should be expected from thou curs, no? Rip a tongue for every imbecile and We would never get a deal done. Fine, then. We shall overlook thine transgression this once. Now, power, was it? It can be done, naturally, but not at a price to thine convenience."
    And for the first time, the Devil's eyes fell on the woman who lay bound on the floor.

    "Tell Us, what is this female to thee? Wherefore should We deem her sacrifice sufficient?"
    "This woman is a sacrifice, as per the rules of the contract. In order for one to obtain the devil's miracle, one must offer a suitable payment to the devil in question, I believe is how it went. Thus, I went and obtained a suitable payment. For a great devil such as yourself who rules over the all powerful domain of love, there was nobody more fitting."

    The man stood up and began walking over to Leila, removing the dagger as he approached his sacrifice. With a single motion, he raised the knife high in the air, its wicked edge reflecting the against the light of the room.

    "I offer up to woman as payment and in exchange, demand the power of the devil's miracle be granted to me!"

    He brought down the blade.

    At that exact moment, the door at the far side of the room burst open.

    What a cruel irony. Fatima had finally found the room she was looking, except she had arrived at the very instant that it no longer mattered.

    The scales between salvation and despair had tipped towards the latter. Her hopes had been extinguished, her nightmare realized.

    The blade seemed to move in slow motion, but there was nothing she could. Without slowing down or stopping, it pierced Leila's heart.
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    Theola August
    The Past

    "...what you seek is no different from... suicide... The death of yourself..."

    Not too long ago, the thought would have been completely alien to me. Back then, my attachment to life was so strong that the very fear of dying could spur me to steal or murder without even thinking twice, as long as it would help ensure my survival. How could someone who was so desperate to avoid having her life crushed by the cruel world that was Inferno possibly think of finishing the deed herself? It was unthinkable.

    And yet, this reminder by the Devil that what I wish for is nothing more than that, only comforts me.

    For one, I am pleased that I have properly conveyed my intentions. That he seems to be understanding what I am asking for. That there will be no confusion about the wish that I want granted, and that in but a few short minutes, the person in this world who I detest the most will disappear- that the Theola August I’ve known up till this day will no longer be around.

    And the other reason I feel comforted by this reminder, is because these words do not inspire any hesitation in myself. To choose this end myself means to spit in the face of my life up until now. I can no longer even attempt to excuse my actions up to this day by claiming that they were all done for my own survival, if at the end I neglect my own survival for my own selfish reasons. It leaves me with no choice but to accept that all my actions committed up until now were wrong. I had thought that the act of doing so would repulse me, and I would be filled with doubt and anguish even up until the end. That my inner ugliness would not resist rearing its head and as it has always done up until now, disgustingly struggle to survive. The fact that no such feelings make themselves present here, and I can only feel a sense of calm- and even a bit of elation, pleases me.

    A bit of this elation seeps into my voice, as I reply to the Devil.

    “You are correct- that is essentially the wish I seek. But I think that phrasing by itself, is misleading.”

    The monstrous creature with whom I am speaking to hardly possesses anything resembling a human body, and I doubt the human idea of death has at all the same meaning to him- to begin with, I don’t even know if devils are capable of dying. But it is evidently a creature whom I can find some common grounds with, and so I am sure that it can understand what I mean.

    “Death only acquires it’s meaning because of life. For a life itself has no value to it, the distinction between life and death is of no concern. Then, if I were to evaluate my life up until now, I might as well be dead- I care not for the existence I have lived. What I am asking of you, Devil, is not something so trivial- I do not care about dying. If that were what I seek, then it would simply suffice to do the deed myself.”

    “What I am asking of you, Devil, is the opposite- to grant me life.”

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    The Past

    "Tell me, my powerless little rebel. What is your name? And what is it you desire?"

    A0-22 looked the devil in the eye. Its breath smelled like rotting meat and dying men, but he wasn't afraid.

    He had never, really, been afraid from the start.




    He had survived everything.

    He had overcome everything.

    Never asking questions, never being understood, even under the litany of tests they had subjected him too.

    Under each and every trial he had been placed into.

    His mind had never faltered, never, not even once.


    Because, at the heart of everything, he had no name.

    A dog needed none.


    "I want to tear this city down. I'll never rest until it's done."
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    Ashley Harker
    The Past

    "If no one can believe, how can anyone ever have faith? ...If no one shows what is injust, how can anyone know what justice is? ...If a king does not lead--How can he expect his subordinates to follow?"
    With words clearly conveying his will, Harker stepped forward. Without hesitation, he broke through the circle's protections-

    -and took the devil's outstretched hand.

    The dark void around them erupted into bright light as the countless portraits around them blazed pure white.

    Each hand closed around the other.

    Around the two, the pictures began to rapidly pick up speed, shining like stars. And one by one, they faded away, until only a single light remained.

    The human and the devil shook hands. The contract was complete.

    Here was the beginning of a new miracle-

    The lone star slowed it's orbit, coming to a stop behind the giant devil. For a moment, Harker thought he was staring into a mirror. But he instantly realized it too was a portrait just like all the rest.

    -and here too was the birth of a new devil contractor.

    For the first time, Alexander laughed with a sound like the roar of a lion.

    "So be it! By the name of the Great Devil Alexander, Collector of Dreams I'll acknowledge it! As you wish, I shall grant you power. The power to topple a city, to bring those above you crashing down, to raise those beneath up high. Show me, the path you'll carve out for yourself...struggle desperately as you try to keep that dream of yours alive, as you try to avoid being crushed beneath the weight of your ideals."

    The world began to slowly fade away as reality returned. However, the contract was not yet over.

    Alexander raised his other hand, and covered Harker's face. There was a burning heat for a brief instant.

    "As for the price... they say that humans will always have at least two paths before them, but that's no longer true in your case is it? You have no need to see any other path now that you have made your choice."

    With that final action, Alexander vanished. Harker found himself back home, almost as if nothing had happened. However, the power surging in his body and the pain inside his head was proof that what had happened now was no delusion.

    The Past

    "What I want... the people who did this to me, they have to die. Slowly and painfully."
    The girl spoke slowly as she laid out her request.

    The devil nodded as she listened to Ana, but she wasn't listening to Ana's words. No, what she was listening to was something much deeper than mere words, it was her desires and intent.

    Wrath. Spite. Hate.


    The devil grinned a sinister smile. Evidently she had found something to her liking.

    Across from the devil, the girl seemed to be growing in strength, the promise of potential vengeance against those who had harmed her giving her soul wings.

    From the floor she rose, standing on her two feet, staring the devil in the face.

    "And I have to be the one to do it. Grant me the power for this and I'll give you my soul."
    "Very well. I, Eriynes, Devil of vengeance, accept your wish."

    With a snap of her fingers, the wall behind her exploded. Outside those walls lay the city and freedom.

    But at the same moment, Ana dropped to her knees and screamed as she was assailed by waves of pain.

    "Remember this feeling. Remember this hunger, this thirst. This, my contractor is the crystallization of your desire for revenge. Well, I suppose you don't need to remember it since it'll be carved into your body and soul... If something like this is enough to disable you, you'd never have succeeded in your vengeance anyway."

    With those words, Eriynes slowly began to fade away.

    "If you're serious about those desires of yours, now is not the time to stay still."

    Asher Bharrant
    The Past

    "Yes, I understand fully what I'm asking. For the sake of my dream, I shall break, tear, trample, destroy, crush and kill anything that dares stand in my way. Violence shall be my greatest weapon, with it I shall clash with the dreams and ideals of others and with it I shall walk over their shattered remnants. I shall be the most human, the most selfish in all of Eden, and I will emerge victorious."
    "Fantastic. Simply fantastic. I seemed to have found an excellent summoner."

    The suit of armor clapped its hands together. It seemed overjoyed.

    "Our interests are aligned. Thus, I, Yomi Devil of Strife do accept your request."

    The next moment Ashter was engulfed in a metallic cocoon. His skin burned, his lungs screamed for air, all he could see was darkness. But his ears still worked, and he could hear the devil cackling with joy outside.

    And he could feel his body changing.

    "If violence shall be your greatest weapon, then you shall become a weapon of vengeance. You will become strife, you will become conflict, you will bring the battlefield wherever you travel. For the sake of an impossible peace, you wage an eternal war... then so be it. The contract is completed."

    With those words, just as suddenly as it had appeared, the metallic cocoon vanished, depositing Ashter on the floor, alone.

    Theola August
    The Past

    “You are correct- that is essentially the wish I seek. But I think that phrasing by itself, is misleading. Death only acquires it’s meaning because of life. For a life itself has no value to it, the distinction between life and death is of no concern. Then, if I were to evaluate my life up until now, I might as well be dead- I care not for the existence I have lived. What I am asking of you, Devil, is not something so trivial- I do not care about dying. If that were what I seek, then it would simply suffice to do the deed myself.”

    “What I am asking of you, Devil, is the opposite- to grant me life.”

    The flesh of mass considered the girl's words. It understood them. It accepted them.

    "Death... and rebirth. I see... If that is... what you truly desire... from the bottom of your soul... It is a... viable wish and so I... Scar, devil of... flesh accept this contract."

    The next moment, the girl felt a strange sensation. It was as if her skin was melting, her bones had turned to clay and invisible hands were reshaping her, molding her into something different. It wasn't painful, but feeling parts of her body shrink, stretch, and contort was definitely something she would not wish to experience again anytime soon.

    "This should do..."

    The invisible hands withdrew. The girl stood up, her first time in a brand new body. She gingerly felt her new face with her hands. There was no mirror here but she instinctively knew, this was the body she had always dreamed about, a completely different person able to walk a completely different path.

    "A new life should... have no need... for the past..."

    With that strange parting remark, the devil of flesh seemingly began to melting away, the liquid quickly evaporating.

    The girl stood there, partly pondering those last words, partly awestruck at the conclusion of her wish and having visions of her new life.


    It was almost unnoticeable to anyone else, but even as someone new, the girl still retained her experiences. Three people had briefly passed by here. There was no doubt they were her pursuers.

    But then why had they just left? Combatwise, even with the devil summoning nothing had changed... even with the devil summoning...

    The girl felt her face again. They must have missed the summoning. Therefore, when they looked inside here, they saw not their target but a stranger unrelated to their mission.

    They didn't recognize her.

    She had done it.

    She was free.

    The Past


    "I want to tear this city down. I'll never rest until it's done."

    "So you would make enemies with an entire city... no. I can see it in your eyes. If it came to it, you would even make enemies with the world."

    A stray dog that bared his fangs at the society that rejected it, the city that failed it. Even with that indomitable will burning inside of him, it was too great an enemy to fight on one's own. But yet fight he would, the devil could see this within the boy's eyes. As it stood currently, all that was left was for the boy to die the death of a stray dog.

    What a waste.

    This must the real reason why fate brought Alabaster was here.

    The wolf grinned.

    "So be it, my little stray dog. Your will has been acknowledge by me, the great Alabaster, devil of rebellion. And so I shall respond."

    All of a sudden Alabaster unleashed a huge wall of flame from its mouth at the ball. The boy was instantly engulfed in a tower of blue fire.

    The heat seared the flesh from his bones but at the same time, the boy could feel a new strength entering him from the flame, counteracting the damage.

    "I shall grant you power as you wish. The power to walk down the path of revolution that you desire. What lies at the end of your path, whether it be victory or defeat is for you to discover."

    The inferno surrounding the boy suddenly intensified. The boy could no longer even see anything past the countless blue flames.But he could hear.

    "But a stray dog has no need for a master. You'll no longer have need for commands or any type of outside influence, even from me... I wonder how your story will end?"

    A sudden gust blew away the flames engulfing the boy, freeing him from his fiery prison. Alabaster had vanished. With his contract complete, he had no more reason to stay.

    The weight of what had happened suddenly hit the boy. This was going to be his life from now on. There was no longer any going back.

    A contract with a devil is an action that cannot be undone.

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