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Thread: Original Sin (IC)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tangerang View Post

    Asher muttered those words to himself as the three thugs reached him. The first thug swung a bat at Asher, but it broke harmlessly against his arms.


    Before he could even finish his exclamation of surprise, Asher struck, his enhanced arm striking against the thug's open chest, breaking his ribs and instantly knocking him out. Before the two other thugs could regain their composure at the scene they were witnessing, Asher struck two more times, each time his attack finding their mark to the sounds of bones cracking.

    And in a matter of seconds, the three thugs were subdued.

    Now onto his next course of action, whether it be to pursue Loki or to escape-

    "Oh ho? What's this? Not bad at all little man."

    A voice suddenly came from right behind Asher. Someone had actually managed to slip into his blind spot.

    Instinctively, Asher dived to his side. The sound of something whistling through the air, and the next moment, the area Asher had been standing at... exploded. Debris flew every which way as a figure emerged from the mini crater that had formed. Just what kind of weapon did this person use? A sinking feeling grew in Asher's chest as he saw the answer to his question.

    The person wielded... no weapons. What she had used to create that crater was nothing more than her fist. She stared at Asher with a cocky grin, and pointed to him with her finger, before gesturing for him to come at her.

    "You seem to be a little stronger than most. It's been a while since I had myself a fun fight and really cut loose. So come at me."
    Asher Bharrant

    Another obstacle arose, this one a lot more troublesome than the rabble from before. This one's much smaller, yet infinitely more dangerous.
    The chance of getting out of this messy riot and to speak with the Governor of Inferno had become as low as winning the lottery.

    But, improbable is not impossible, and as long as there's a faint chance, it's worth trying to grasp it. With that thought in mind, Asher faced the new challenger.
    This girl is a problem, with a power like she must also be a Devil Contractor. Perhaps even from the same violent devil. Charging recklessly would be a mistake.
    It'd be better for her to do something stupid instead. Maybe I can use that hot headed attitude of her against her."Sorry girl, but I'm not looking for a fight. I don't enjoy fighting and I'm busy right now, there's plenty of idiots to fight around you so why don't you pick on someone in your league."

    A small provocation, maybe with a bit more she'd be ready to charge in.

    "Besides, you don't honestly think you stand a chance against me, do you pipsqueak?"

    Surrounded by strangers both struggling to escape the chaos and those who relish in it, Asher tries to bait the girl in. It'd be best to take her out quickly as well as to not test whatever her powers are. So instead, he'd need to sabotage her attacks, while leaving no time openings for punishment in his.

    His limbs were still reinforced, but such a power comes at a cost, soon enough he won't be able to use such might anymore. The next few moments are crucial.
    If she's fine after his assault, there's no chance to make it past the police forces in time. If someone else interferes it's the same deal. On top of that, if the girl isn't taken out soon, the tide of battle would be overwhelmingly in her favor.

    "So what will it be little girl, will you go and look for some other moron just like you in this hellhole, or do you fancy eating the floor with that pretty face?
    If it's the latter you seek, then you come to me."

    It's all up to her now, she should be ready to attack by now. A new feeling encroaches on Asher, like something that takes over his mind. However, this feeling isn't a foreign one, he's felt it plenty of times before. It's what comes after activating this ability, one of the powers granted to him by the devil of War. The same devil that granted him the power to pursue his wish.

    Once the girl attacks, Asher will interrupt her by harming the girl's mind, and once her attack fails, he will unleash his own barrage on her in her defenseless state.

    The stage is set for the man who despises violence to use it again most viciously.

    What comes next, will depend solely on Pike's actions.

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    Theola August

    It was unexpected.

    That was only natural. After all, was it not her death that had spurned the sequence of events that had led Theola down this path? To meet her again was almost paradoxical- a reunion beyond her wildest imagination.

    It was unfortunate.

    That was only natural. After all, her opponent was someone whom she had been closely acquainted with for a long period of time. They might not have been friends, but Theola had become intimately familiar with the circumstances she had undergone. If Theola had the option, she would almost certainly rather not be the one to end the life of an acquaintance she had only just found out was alive.

    it was not a problem.

    That was only natural. After all, Theola existed because she had decided to discard her past. Her history did not matter to her beyond what it offered her in the current moment. That an old acquaintance had appeared before her did not change the task at hand. The situation did not call for confusion over why a dead person was now standing before her, nor compassion for an unfortunate individual. It called for her to defeat the assailant, and return to her guard duty as soon as possible. And so, that was what she was going to do.

    And besides, Theola had never really liked her that much anyways.

    With only the slightest bit of hesitation, she responded to her opponents’ assault. A swift dodge out of reach of the sword, followed by a swing of her own- aimed at her opponent’s center of mass, intended to end the fight if it connected.

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    Stray Dog

    Stray dog shot through the crowd like a silver bullet. Weaving and dodging through the masses of people, he rapidly closed the distance between him and his target.

    Before he could finish his attack, Stray Dog would cut him down.

    Against the man's unguarded back.

    The blade was swung to take off his head entirely.


    The sound of steel against steel.

    For Harker, it must seem like these two men materialized out of thin air. But that wasn't important right now.

    Stray Dog's attack was defended against.

    Guard swung his spear, forcibly knocking Stray Dog back, separating the two.

    Without any sort of expression on his face, he took his stance as he squared off against Stray Dog.

    "Here I thought you would know what's best for you, and flee to safety. After all, wild animals tend to know when they're outmatched and are smart enough to not throw their lives away."

    "But if you insist on killing yourself, I'll be happy to oblige."

    With those words, he charged forward and thrust his spear, aiming directly to take Stray Dog's heart.

    He was faster than Griffin was, and on top of that his spear outranged Stray Dog's own sword, denying the chance of any sort of counter strike. And on top of that, there was that unpleasant feeling that Stray Dog was sensing from him.

    This would not be easy.

    Asher Bharrant

    "So what will it be little girl, will you go and look for some other moron just like you in this hellhole, or do you fancy eating the floor with that pretty face?
    If it's the latter you seek, then you come to me."
    "If you insist," said Pike with a laugh.

    The next moment a sadistic grin spread across her face. Without waiting another moment, she leapt several feet into the air. Hurtling towards Asher, she slowly rotated her arm, preparing to smash him into the ground.

    Theola August

    The attack made by Maria was perfectly executed. However, the dodge made by Theola was just as perfectly executed.

    Moving just barely out of range, dodging by the most minimal of distances. Maria's sword passed harmlessly by mere millimeters from Theola's neck.


    It was ridiculous. It was absurd. It was the kind of move that a person could only perform if they had absolutely confidence in reading the blade's trajectory. Or perhaps if they already knew the technique intimately somehow-

    Maria had no time to further pursue that train of thought. Theola's counter attack came just as swiftly. A flawless strike aimed at her center of mass. Not only that, but she was still off balance from her attack.

    Grunting with exertion, she manages to bring her sword back in time just barely to deflect Theola's blade. Instead of striking Maria's chest as she aimed, she only nicked her shoulders as Maria opened up the distance between the two.

    Cautiously pacing, wondering to herself. She had no expected her first strike to be dodged, and in such a fashion. And there was something else that was bothering her about Theola's attack, but she couldn't quite place what it was.

    Inconceivable. She forcibly breathed out and steeled her nerves. Focus on the task at hand. She could find out the issue later. For now-

    She attacked once more. A thrust to Theola's chest- no that was a feint. She would turn the blade and slash her head off. This was one of the more advanced techniques that she had been taught, and one of the most effective in her experience.
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    Lukas Ignazio

    The world erupted in light and noise. From where he threw himself onto the ground, Lukas could feel the ground tremble as fire rained from the sky and people scrambled for safety. His stomach churned as smoke, the stench of charred flesh, and the stink of iron invaded his senses. Amidst the chaos, his mouth uttered a single unbidden prayer.

    “Dear Lord, have mercy on us!”
    Quote Originally Posted by Rosary
    "...oh? You noticed and avoided that? Was that just a coincidence...?"
    He turned his head to the owner of the voice and his mind was sent reeling. A nun? A fellow member of the faith? What was she doing here? It was dangerous!

    But Lukas saw the way she moved, glided through the anarchy surrounding them. She was accustomed to it, this massacre. He saw the look in her eyes, wholly disinterested, not a sense of compassion or malice burned within them. He could not shake the feeling that she too had made a deal with the devil, the greatest of taboos within society and a grave sin against the Lord.

    Is this what will become of him if he continues down his path? Unfeeling in the face of death? Unable to mourn? Unable to join his suffering brothers and sisters in solidarity?


    Lukas cannot allow it. He will not let the influence of devils swade mankind from attaining holy union with God. Even if his flesh refuses to obey his spirit, he must try to reason with her.

    “Sister! I beg you, please stop this madness!” Knees quivering, the fallen priest struggled to stand. But just then, Lukas had a queer feeling. He did not know how but his body screamed at him to run. Instinctively, he threw himself to the side as far away as he could get from the invisible threat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tangerang View Post
    "If you insist," said Pike with a laugh.

    The next moment a sadistic grin spread across her face. Without waiting another moment, she leapt several feet into the air. Hurtling towards Asher, she slowly rotated her arm, preparing to smash him into the ground.
    Asher Bharrant

    The girl soared through the air, ready to devastate her opponent in a single punch. The sadistic grin that she showed off on her face made her appetite for destruction all the more palpable, a girl that lived to fight and cause chaos. Truly a simple minded member of the Pride Faction.

    Perhaps too simple minded, as she's already on a streak of bad choices. As soon as she jumped up she forsook a solid defense. She can't dodge while in the air, she's stuck following a trajectory course leading straight to her opponent making it far easier to predict where she'll land.

    Of course, her first mistake may well have been to challenge Asher, especially now that he has a goal to achieve and a timetable that's running out. Taking the bait was another mistake, but it's minor compared to her biggest failure.

    Her most severe mistake that is, has to be that she's underestimated me. Perhaps a demonstration will show her just how foolish she truly is.

    In the fraction of a second, more power was channeled through Asher. Along with it came a different mindset, a psyche that was both new and foreign, yet became more and more familiar with each use.

    Yet now, not only were her movements and trajectory clear, but information regarding her streamed in Asher's mind. Enough to know what makes her tick, what trips her up, a truth that hurts, a place to strike.

    Yes, the following seconds wouldn't only be a physical confrontation. A mental attack was incoming, and she was woefully unprepared. No place to run, no way to defend, if the mental pain would cause as much as a flinch, it becomes an opening for Asher to strike without mercy.

    A savage grin flashed on his face as the girl closed in closer and closer. battle stance he spoke.

    "You really are the Ḋ̯͚͇̼̥̄͛U͙͔͚̬ͤ̎ͥͅM̲̲̱B̲̥̙͚̜̣͔́̐̎͢E̞̖̙͗ͦͥ͜S̢͐ͮ̀T̯̳ ̙̻ ̅͋ͫS̞̖͚͐H̳͎́͌ͧ͝ͅI̞̲̮̊ͬ̋͟Tͭ͆͋͑, Pike."

    "Of course, what else can be expected of a S͇͇̗̰̐ͯO̧͊̓ͫ͋̄ͭR̺̬̒̓͒̎̅E̷͇̬̲̦̞̼͓̋͗̎͂ͣͤ̒ ͧ̌̌̑̂LO̺͖̗̤͖͈͗ͨ̔ͫ̓͜S̓̈͌͒ͤ҉̟̻̞̗̲͎̖E̟̩̘͇ͤR̗͖̃́̌ͨ ͇͓ like yourself. Ț̶ͧ̂͌O̞͇̦͊͗̋̈̈́̒̀Ó̱͐̌ͥ̆͡ ̴͗ͪͣWĚ̗ͨ̇̓͠A̲̮̗̺̝͔̾́͢Ḵ͔̏̄̓̇ͪ to M̱̹̖̬͇̍͛ͤ͐̾͛ͮͅA͍̣͍͖͌ͭT̛̪̳̖ͨT̏͑͏E̷͇͈̞R͚̻̪̟͔, you'll N̨͋ͦ͗ͫ̌Ẽ̢͎̬̲̐̒̄V̱̭͔͈͖̫ͤ̋E͉͚̘̖̱̐ͥ̓͛̋̏̚͘R͍͋̌̈̃̇̚ ̪̯̲͙͎̲͉̑̽͆͟Ḿ̫̻̬̟̯̹̯̽̎̈́͒E͍͇̮̥̟͍ͫA͑͂̂ͤͤ͊ͣ͡S̛͙ͦͮ̊̉Uͥ ̏͊͌R̥̪̗͇̣̦Ȅ̷̙̰͍̱̗̤̗ͨ̊́̐ ̧̱̼͚͉̰͈̃̍̎̔͐ͪͬ U̜͎͙̜̱͉̺Ṕ̐̆̈́͌ͭ to the top."

    And along with the verbal assault in the mind came the flurry of blows with the power to bend steel.
    The punches aimed relentlessly on various weak spots, intending to crush her stomach, stomp her neck, break an arm or shatter a kneecap. Any opening given could spell the girl's loss, and all because she couldn't turn down a good fight.

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