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Thread: Astronomika - Shooting Down Falling Stars (IC)

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    I was going to respond to the bartender. To thank her for her words, even though it didn’t feel like things were that simple at all, no matter how I looked at it. I don’t want to make mistakes - I can’t afford them. So many years behind me during which I didn’t even have the chance to try...Now I just want to make the most out of it, to be happy---

    But before I could get to the end of my thoughts, or open my mouth to say the words, I got distracted by the sudden, loud music coming out of the jukebox.

    And then, even more to my surprise, Carrie started singing...And something from a few days ago felt to click in my mind. The thing Inacio mentioned about a famous singer visiting the town, possibly performing in this very bar…

    But could that be the case? She did say that she was here on...A work leave, or however she phrased it, and even a popular singer could just be a drunkard who enjoys collecting strange tales in their free time…

    Still, for the time being I just listened to her…’performance’, with arms crossed and a somewhat complicated expression - something between embarrassment and amusement - until the song was eventually over.

    “You...Don’t happen to be some sort of a famous singer, do you? What was the name...Err, Carmen Rivers?”

    Thinking about it, it would be pretty obvious.

    “An interesting play on names, if you ask me.”

    Almost like she wanted people to find out, though.

    “Not that it matters, I just heard about it from someone...I know so little about music...Or well, society in general, your name carries not much of a meaning for me.”

    “Needless to say, even if that was the case, I wouldn’t tell anyone.” I added quickly, realizing that this might actually be a rather...uncomfortable topic for her, “You mentioned that you are here on a break, wouldn’t want to ruin that for you.”

    Now, on the other hand...Does Billie know about this, or...

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    The blonde girl rolled her eyes, "You're really stuck on this 30 year old spinster thing, aren't you? Can't help that I've got high standards on anything past aesthetics."

    While she said this, she obligingly plucked one of the bags from the rat's nest her pocket had become and gave it to the beggar, resting her hand on her hip afterward.

    She watched him cross along the room merrily, a glint in her green eyes, "Yeah, whatever, get over here you big romantic, before I punch you."

    Kean had a sharp tongue, and always had, but he was a sweetheart, and she wouldn't deny that a little notch in her neck eased with him at her back.

    He wasn't the only snippy sweetheart around, either, Elaine thought to herself while her eyes lingered on the rough-looking Canadian, meeting his gaze with a bob of her eyebrows and nothing else.

    She knew his type pretty well, at least from what she's gotten.

    "Alright, now that I've gotten a babysitter's babysitter," She said sarcastically, "Time to go call the police, smell ya later."

    She swiveled about lazily and made her way out the door at a rough amble, giving a brief pat to her tiny companion as she did so.

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    "And well, while I'm just here for the hell of it, I think Anna would appreciate some help with the library. From what I hear it's a bit of a chaos down there."
    “Just being shown where it is is more than enough, really.” Anna’s shoulders moved slightly in a casual shrug. “Most libraries I’ve been to have been something of a mess one way or another, so I have some experience in digging through unorganized books.”

    "Want one?"
    As hopeless as ever, I see.

    The Estonian girl gave a wry shake of her head as the rose-haired boy split the piece of chocolate cake in half and offered her the other half. The gesture, in his mind at least, was probably completely innocent and not really laced with any kind of innuendo, but the implications of doing this in the current company… At this point, Anna wasn’t sure he would ever learn, no matter how many times she explained it to him.

    “No thanks. I’m not really in the mood for any more sweets.” Anna gave a lazy wave. “Feel free to finish it all.”

    "These here a the keys to the basement, as well as the one to the storage room there. That one should also open up the cleaning closet. I think you should find everything you need there, though only the vacuum cleaner is needed toda--- Oh? Friends of yours?"
    Anna’s ruby eyes flickered over to the red-haired girl who had just entered the lobby from the other side of the counter, with a small keyring dangling from her fingers. Judging from her words and demeanor, she seemed to be instructing Wolff or was at least her supervisor in some respects. She seemed to be around their age as well, so she was probably…

    “We’re her classmates from Pinefall. I’m Anna, and that guy over there about to stuff his face with chocolate cake while angsting about his calorie intake is Caleb.”

    "And we are here... well I'm here to check out the library, at least."

    “You’re….” Anna’s eyes closed briefly as she attempted to exactly remember what she had been told a couple of days ago. “...Rachel, right? The niece of the owner of this place? Zane happened to mention you when I ran into him a couple of days ago.”

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