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Thread: Astronomika - Shooting Down Falling Stars (IC)

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    Anna Vandemeel
    Location: Road's End - End's Mercy Hospital
    Phase: Evening Phase
    Date: 11.09.1994 (SUN)
    Weather: Overcast

    Anna let out a small grunt of pain, as the blackened spear of darkness lanced straight through her side, flying upwards and striking the hallway ceiling. Fragments of reinforced were blasted towards her from above but were instantly ground to dust by the curse still resonating heavily in the air around her. At the same time, a veritable stream of bullets struck her from the remaining eleven shadow-beasts.

    The girl in red hardly paid them a glance as the pitch-black spheres faded into nothingness mid-motion, with only ineffectual residue bouncing harmlessly off her jacket.

    The shades themselves were immaterial at this point. If it was just them, then she could simply deal with relatively little hassle but… Her crimson eyes fell to her side. In the flickering red-gold light of the fires that filled the hallway, threaded web of shadows tied the pierced flesh of her side to her own shadow, the flickering light causing the knitted web to pulse in rhythm with the growing and shrinking shade of her own body.

    The foundational structure is elementally aligned with shadow but the composition is clearly constructed in order to strike at the mind. ESP? No, could still be someone associated with the Campus of Enchantment...

    Damn it. She couldn’t tell for sure without a closer look at the spiritual resonance of the area which, under the current circumstances, would be extremely dangerous. The pitch-black strands that were tying her down would limit her movement, grinding everything down to a slog. Something that should have been a relatively quick hit-and-run would end in a protracted standoff.

    Which left her a precious few options.

    Numen roared in her veins as she forced her matrixes to open once more.

    The world groaned under the weight of the mana she injected into the monochrome field that invaded into her surroundings. Rather then simply letting the flows scatter and the magical weave disperse, she instead recycled the original formation and simply filled it with new fuel. The savings in magical energy were barely worth mentioning, but it was somewhat easier on one’s mind than constructing a new spell foundation from scratch. And she would need every bit of it if sh...

    Anna’s eyes stopped for a moment, as they focused on the countless licks of glowing fire dancing on the walls of the hallway.

    …well, that's one thing I could try out. Could blow up in my face though…

    Being tied down as she was, she couldn’t really move her limbs in any meaningful fashion. However, she still did have finer motor movement in her small digits. Which meant...

    The only way to kill a shadow is to kill the light behind it.

    So Anna Vandemeel snapped her fingers with a loud click, the sound seemingly reverberating through the very room itself.

    ...and causing every single lick of fire in the hallway to vanish in an instant, plunging the hospital hallway back into its original state. Pitch-black darkness.

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    Anna Vandemeel VS Netherworld Paper Dolls (Round 2/3, Turn 6/10)
    Location: Road's End - End's Mercy Hospital
    Phase: Evening Phase
    Date: 11.09.1994 (SUN)
    Weather: Overcast

    As darkness descended into the hallway, the shapes of the wolves in the shadows melt into it, becoming almost indistinguishable.

    Before Anna was the dimly lit corridor of the hospital, and nothing but the eerie red eyes hungrily glaring from ahead served as a telltale sign that the enemies were still present. The lance of darkness still held fast through Anna, strands of shadows locking her in place and refusing to let go. However, the moment the flames died down, an instant change could be noticed. The lance, and the dogs too... they took a less pronounced, less detailed and sharp shape. Indeed, they were more akin to smudged paintings now, barely having coherency. In other words, that guess might have held true... the more powerful the light, the stronger the shadow.

    But, that didn't make things any easier.

    Indeed, now Anna was stuck in the blackened corridor while rain from the emergency sprinklers kept pouring on her. And while the shadow puppets had refrained from attacking a second time, instead gathering a good ways away to stay out of the way of the bubble of decay... that didn't mean she was still out of danger.

    No, if the person responsible for these familiars and the shadow lance was still around... things could still turn much more dire.

    ----- Case-in-point.


    The darkened air itself was bubbling.

    Turning into duality of spheres raising from the floor and starting to hover in the air.

    One half of the spheres were those of light. One half of the spheres were those of darkness.
    Half of them illuminated the hallway. Half of them ate away all brightness.

    Even from all the way over here, Anna could feel magical energy radiating from those bubbles, though judging from how they appeared and behaved, it must have been dyed with two very different elements. And indeed, that made sense. If these beasts were shadow puppets... it wasn't merely shadows that was needed to put on a show - to transport someone into a world of legends and fables, myths and monsters.

    No, one needed light as well. And this, in some form at least, appeared to be that light.

    Shadows twisted and turned in the corridor and became harsh, fragments and downright bizarre.

    Like staring at your own reflection in a funhouse where all the mirrors were cracked beyond repair - reflecting at the reality in slightly varied and bizarre angles.

    Light mixed in with darkness and collided in a spectular show... and yet everything stayed dark.

    It was bizarre... and it smelled of a trap.

    After all, the spheres... they simply stood there, hovered there, in the air... floating without doing anything else.

    Almost like they were watching and waiting for something to happen...


    After what felt like minutes (even though it was mere seconds) of the rising spheres floating in the air, watching Anna, a strange new voice broke into the silence of the hallway. It echoed from somewhere behind the shadowy wolves, coming closer as the person pushed their way past the creatures who did nothing to them. No, they didn't merely stay passive... they actually made way for the person who was walking closer to Anna.

    Just like any good familiar would do for their master.

    "You're pretty strong~"

    The sleepy sing-song voice of the person approaching couldn't have been more unfitting for the serious situation.

    But Anna Vandemeel had seen her fair share of bizarre people on the Turnside.

    And more often than not, those bizarre people were far more dangerous than those who appeared sane.

    After all, while sane and cunning people you could try to outsmart... who knew what the bizarre people were thinking?

    "My woofies don't really like you, you know~"

    The person took her place at the edge of the boundary of spheres that surrounded Anna, like another bubble outside her own of decay. She thumbed through the stack of familiar looking paper notes in her hand, hell money, eyes drowsily glancing at the myriad of foreigns symbols on them. Then those eyes looked upwards, towards Anna, lazily gazing at her through thick-rimmed glasses. Nothing ould be read from that vacant expression on the girl's face, but the way she looked at Anna...

    ... It sent all sorts of alarm bells ringing in her ears.

    "... I don't really like you that much either, you know~"

    The person continued, empty smile forming on her face.

    "You're a naughty devil, after all~"

    And just then, light from the spheres hit the spot where the person was standing right now, at the other end of the corridor form Anna.

    Revealing who... or what... they were:

    --> Round 3, Turn 10: Zhou Coastrise
    --> Round 3, Turn 11: Anna Vandemeel
    --> Round 3, Turn 12: Netherworld Paper Dolls

    New Ability Witnessed!
    Zhou Coastrise (?)
    STR: ? END: ? AGI: ? WIL: ? INT: ? EGO: ?


    Rank: ?
    Element: Darkness
    A spear of pure darkness is launched from the target's own shadow, impaling them on the spot if their INT Defense is overcome. In addition, when the target is hit by the spear, they take 10 Darkness damage VS. their INT Defense. A target hit by this ability is then restrained for 4 Rounds. Only one ??? can be active on a single target at any one time. Further information pending...

    Rank: ?
    Element: Darkness/Light
    Creates spheres of light and darkness around a point within range. The spheres fill out a radius of 20 meters in all direction, hovering in place after summoning. Further information pending...
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    Lucille Faraday
    Location: Pinefall High Dormitory
    Phase: Evening Phase
    Date: 11.09.1994 (SUN)
    Weather: Overcast

    In a flash, the prayers die on her lips.

    The beast is upon Vier, and Lucille is too slow to react, trapped by the flaws of flesh, and every gash on Vier’s body is burned into her mind. The other girl is slammed into the wall and turned into almost a bloody corpse—but not quite. She can see Vier’s scant act of defiance, spitting in the beasts’ face, doing something she cannot see but knows is there, but that is not enough. If Lucille plays it safe, wards herself with blessings, Vier will absolutely die, and it really will be her fault, no doubt about it.

    No trickery to double-think herself into a loop. It’s all so straightforward. If Vier dies here, it is on her, and Lucille cannot stomach the idea of anyone else dying but herself.

    She draws the greatsword, the very act slicing the air with an audible sharpness, and charges in.

    The idea is devoid of any critical thought. There is only one way for her to save Vier and that is for her to turn that dog into mincemeat.

    “Let my heart be still—”

    It’s a lie, her heart feels like it will burst, adrenaline and worry and grief and anger all in one indiscernable rush, but she focuses, focuses on the task at hand. The reasons for what she does do not matter if she cannot execute. The blade in her hands shines with a divine light, a searing white that illuminates the room.

    “—for the Lord shall carve a path!”

    And reality splits at the edge of her blade. The very air makes way for her sword, a howling vacuum left in the wake of her swing, collapsing with a crack like thunder.

    Without hesitation she swings again, and the sword whose sole purpose is to sever descends on the beast once more, roaring winds and dazzling light left in its wake.


    HP: 21/24
    MP: 37/45

    Parting Gift (0/2)

    Wise up!
    [Parting Gift]
    Arc Relic - Weapon
    Rank B (50 AP)
    Element: Holy

    A sword whose hilt is allegedly made from the Staff of Moses, imbued with the ability to “part all obstacles in its way.” More details pending.

    The name is Lucille’s choice.

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