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Uh, I think you have the interlude copied into that post twice, unless there's some subtle variation in the middle I skipped over the second time.

Well, that's still about as good an outcome as you can hope for. Hooray for planning! I'm not terribly surprised the Great Enemy is approximately Ymir, though there might still be some twist there. I do hope Fenris managed to get out of there.
Blegh. Insomnia sucks some nights.

And yeah, it updated, and decided to keep the original text instead of editing it like it was supposed to.

As for the outcome? Yup. As for the Great Enemy, it's effectively as big, and strong as YMIR would realistically be, because if you look at the statistics for the golem made by Caster of Black can REACH that sort of size, if given enough time. Terrifying, huh?

Yeah, Fenris got out, though you'll see more when I write the next interlude. Glad you enjoyed the interlude though!

Oh, right. Before I forget? Your joke about power armor gave me ideas for how to give Mordred access to knacks and the like, mostly.