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Thread: Spirit Pulse : Mugen No Sekai [IC]

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    Aoyama, Lakeside (Ship Exterior)
    ??? - Evening

    "No worries, I totally get it! Your mind just feels like it's dying after an hour of nothing happening right? Happens to me too!"

    ---It's the usual Lexie answer, one filled with a genuine empathy for what she sees as a totally understandable outcome, but something that is also tinged with her own innate sense of laziness, but-

    You don't pay attention to that, at least not completely.


    Review of the past six hours, go-!

    ---It's one of the advantages of being attached to a computer system, the automatic filing of memories in memory banks; if it was simply your core present within this body, then your memory would be about as reliable as a human's, perhaps a bit better due to the tendency of COMPs to take a more 'logical' approach to things, but even so...

    Is there a point to reviewing the footage?

    You couldn't remember meeting anyone of note -other than some Aoyama citizens- and you had no reason to think that your memory might have been compromised or modified through some sort of external force, even so...

    ---Lexie's ability to appear so suddenly seems to strike a chord for some reason?

    The girl was anything but stealthy, she was a loud and cheerful person that could basically be heard coming from a couple of blocks away most of the time... Was there something wrong with your perception systems?

    ---It takes only a few moments.

    When it comes to direct analysis of data, COMPs are far superior than their human counterparts, and...

    For the most part, nothing strange seems to appear...

    At least at first.

    ---About five hours in, or an hour ago in other words, your memories become somewhat grainy, and a lone silver-haired figure -that of what seems to be a child- appears at the water's edge like some sort of ghost.



    Materializes out of nowhere...

    ---More surprisingly, considering these are your memories being played on repeat, the fact that she exists so clearly in your vision is startling, because you can't actually remember ever seeing her at all, then...

    She seems to panic a bit, flailing around with her arms like a mischievous child that has been caught by her parents doing something she shouldn't, as she runs off into the nearby woods...'

    And you...

    Do nothing.

    Absolutely nothing.

    As if you hadn't seen her at all, your boring day goes back to being exactly how you had remembered it being up till Lexie's arrival -who was apparently a bit more stealthy than she lets on, considering you can't figure out how she did it even after being presented with the scenario again- meanwhile...

    "Hey~ You still in there~? Blanking out?"

    ---Lexie seems to have noticed your sudden, deep bout of concentration...
    Death is nothing but a disease.
    But it is one that often comes from all sides.
    An end like that is coming, and yet here you are.

    Tell me.

    Could you kill someone you love for the sake of everyone else?

    What a cynical worldview, Messiah.
    Real heroes would find a different answer.

    Right, right.
    The power to break through a sad reality—
    I wonder—

    Will they be able to show it to me?

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    Logan Starbright
    Aoyama, Tokyo (F-Zero Course)

    By the time that Logan realizes the precise nature of the fissure, it is too late to react to it. The enhanced cognition provided by Eye of the Fates is undeniably powerful, but in the face of more esoteric phenomena, Logan still has to actively comprehend and react to it. For better analysis, It still needs more work, huh? Just like me, then. How fitting.

    But there’s no time for self-deprecation in the face of a Tyrant’s advent. Beelzebub, the Lord of the Flies - a powerful and mobile enemy more than capable of locking down their movement. Its wings and spirit power buffet Logan and the car with equal measure, forcing him to steady the vehicle in the face of a vile barrage. Losing mobility would be the kindest consequence of getting hit by that.

    “Thanks!” Logan says to his partner.

    Still, Beelzebub? A powerful Demon like him, attacking a civilian center at the service of a mysterious foe? If he’s being controlled… He probably is. Which means that tower is the true threat. Could that hum be a brainwashing signal? Or is it a sign of another Demon Summoning? Either way, the tower needs to be destroyed as quickly as possible. But with his superior mobility, anyone attacking the tower has to fend off attacks from both sides, including Almighty blasts. Which means...

    “Astra, we’ll slow down Beelzebub enough where he can’t interfere with an attack on the tower. Once that’s done we’ll take out that core before it can do any more damage. If that fails or more enemies show up, we’ll have to play it by ear. I don’t like the looks of those pods in the goo, but they can wait for now.”

    Two blasts of Zio would be preferable, but with the constant force from Beelzebub's wings, he'd need more punch to make sure he hit.


    Logan’s blast of lightning lances from an outstretched hand toward the Prince of Hell!

    Spells Set: Eye of the Fates, ???, Garu line, ???, Crystal Coat, Zio line
    Spells Used: Eye of the Fates, Zionga
    Heat: 5/10

    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart View Post
    canon finish apo vol 3

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    Aoyama, Lakeside (Ship Exterior)
    ??? - Evening

    "H-huh? No, I was just reviewing the footage of the past few hours to make sure I hadn't missed anything..."

    Lexie Davis sees the boy in front of her blink thrice in quick succession, after which his wide eyes refocus on her. The blush on his face dies down as his internal generators power down from the demanding rewind... only to immediately flare back up for some reason.

    "Except, that counts as blanking out, doesn't it..."

    It's the classic perfectionist's curse. While Daisuke isn't so uptight as to be incapable of taking it easy (if he was, there would've been little chance of getting along so well with the laid-back Tamer), he is someone who takes the job very seriously. Too seriously, one might reasonably say, to the point where a single lapse in judgement is followed by self-criticism and thorough self-reflection. If that were all, it would be fine; every mistake is a learning opportunity, or so a teacher might say. Except upon review, more flaws will inevitably appear, which causes stress and leads to further scrutiny, thus leading to more errors, more pressure, more, more, more, more... Well, most people know when to stop. It's only common sense, and a human being can only push themselves so far into a corner. But for a rather young COMP like Daisuke who is still forming his world view and has all but defined himself as the responsible, dependable counterpart of his duo, and whose motto is to always try as hard as possible, whenever possible... such common sense does not yet exist. The curse has become a spiral, taking what should be a simple regretful stumble and turning it into a screeching bullet being fired down at the heart of an active volcano from outer space. In this metaphor the bullet would be the young boy's mental state, and the active volcano would be... an active volcano. Motors whir, the engine's heat spikes, the boy's cheeks glow nearly red, and his mouth hangs open, never able to deliver its word as the intelligence behind it drives itself into a corner of self-loathing and ever-lowering self esteem. In mere seconds the once-cheerful smile will be lost forever as Daisuke successfully convinces himself he is too awful to be allowed to exist...!

    "Ah. Ahhhhhhh. Aaaaah-!"

    After another moment, a single syllable escapes his lips, repeated and elongated until infinity.

    Is it the last product of a boy driven to despair by his own overly-rigid rules? Or perhaps the beginning of a mad cackle for he who has transcended the bounds of responsibility and embraced nihilism?, it is neither; it is something far worse.


    A childish pout.

    "You were teasing me by sneaking up like that, weren't you-?"

    A computer may have been stuck in such a logic error forever. But Daisuke is a young soul with a heart, so the impossible is made possible by the feelings swelling up from his core. Right now that feeling is indignation, mixed with...

    "Geeze..." The pout gives way to a smile and half-laugh. "If I weren't so glad to see you I might've been angry, y'know!"

    Just like that, the built-up inner tension dissipates, and 'work' Daisuke shifts over to 'play' Daisuke. In this situation the responsible thing to do is be a little irresponsible, so the small boy hops up onto the ship railing, swinging his legs to and fro as he adjusts his entirely cosmetic glasses. He bunches up his legs and then hops up onto the railing itself, wobbling has he tries to stand up straight on a thin strip of metal. His attempt, while shaky, makes up for the height difference between the two, bringing the now-cheery COMP up to eye level.

    "So, what's up? Didja wanna hang out, Lexie? I heard there are some limited edition games in here... we're not supposed to meddle, but the owner probably won't mind us playing around as long as we don't overwrite their save file. Or maybe Brewed Awakenings is still open. We could probably get some sweets delivered."

    As Daisuke posits an idea, an odd connection forms between the half-considered sentence and what the footage had shown.

    Overwritten... had his thoughts been overwritten somehow? Or perhaps just his awareness? Some sort of illusion spell or Harmonizer hack? Either way, it bore investigation.

    "Or, if you want, we can take a walk through the woods. Something weird popped up on the footage and I was thinking of having a look. Whatever is fun, I'm up for it!"

    Actually... isn't he a being a bit too irresponsible, now? Or is he simply taking Lexie's advice to heart?

    Young COMPs can be rather unbalanced...

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    Blaise Pendragon
    Cave Interior, Why Must We Suffer So
    ??? ~ Morning

    This is not fine.--- This is not fine.

    First of all, that blasted thing had touched him... and the mere thought made Blaise feel unclean, unholy even. A cat's paws were one thing, but this thing... it wasn't merely a cat. It was a feline queen of ridiculous delusions of grandeur, a "吾輩は猫である" in a manner unheard of in modern times. Honestly, the mere fact that it existed made Blaise feel a sense of repulsion, like looking at someone desperate enough to use voice changer in an internet chat-room to appear as a woman. Someone completely inconsequential, but who still tried to be important. A former main character who had been demoted into a bit part......

    ... In other words, someone who should be dealt with immediately instead of letting them run amok!

    Quote Originally Posted by Yuriko
    "It's so... Ugly... Cute... Ah, the worst... It's really the worst..."
    Quote Originally Posted by The Worst Thing Ever
    "NYA! An impossible bloodlust-?!"
    --- And it seemed like Blaise wasn't the only one who felt that way!

    Though, right now, it seemed that Yuriko was having some sort of inner battle that didn't sound all that good! After all, she had mentioned the word "cute" when it came to this beast. "Cute"? How could anything find something as pathetic as it "cute"? Either that was a form of twisted perversions that should have stayed hidden, or then it was that thing... the thing that high school girls were raving about every now and then... "uglycute", as they put it. Something so hideous it crosses the line again.


    Blaise couldn't allow the accursed cat to be it.

    He needed to do something... and fast!

    "------ Nnnnn!"

    And that's why he sprung into action!

    While Yuriko was fuming, while the man was brooding, while the cat was gloating, Blaise made his move. The blue flames that had been spouting from between his teeth flared up, and in a moment, he had spat out a gout of flame that was directed towards his feet. At the same time, he tried his best to twist his lips so that the fire in question would form into a ball around his right foot... foot that was currently going forward with an incredible speed - incredible speed that was directed straight towards a single target.

    A cat-sized target.

    A haughty target spouting nonsense.

    In other words...

    "--- This cannot continue!" Blaise roared, letting his base instincts take over for a moment.

    And like, if his father was guiding his foot...

    ... Blaise Pendragon tried to punt the cat with a flame-covered limb into the horizon!

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