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Thread: Spirit Pulse : Mugen No Sekai [IC]

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    Mokujima Chris
    Aoyama, Outside Brewed Awakenings
    Monday - Morning

    "Haha, I see! You guys really did do the sky fall huh? That's pretty classic, like a Tamer's right of passage-!"

    While it had taken a series of rapid-fire misadventures, the group that had left the relative safety and darkness of their rooms has finally made their way to the promised land of coffee and donuts.

    Of course, when Lexie had said that she had found a new store in town you hadn't thought she had meant a Brewed Awakening's Branch; those coffee shops existed all over the world nowadays, specifically, it was one of those stores that seemed sponsored by the four Main Tamer Organizations as a whole, appearing in one form or another close to their respective bases, but...

    ---This one was apparently special, the very first (notoriously unlucky) location that had once been -mostly- destroyed in the Second Kyuubi Incident, but that had not only been repaired by the Vice Director, but given an extra layer of flash that existed to make it stand out from the other ones, such as a fully functional bakery and more exotic coffee brews. Of course this raises the question of why she specifically was the one running the place, but, as it turns out...

    She was apparently the Founder, or rather, she had started this line of businesses before she had ever been the Director or Vice Director of the SDCD...

    "You're using satellites to figure out your positioning right? It's a bit hard to calculate for the the spin of the planet, so you might be better off just going through existing paths, like telephone lines you know? Not quite as open use, but it's way easier to be accurate with it. More energy efficient too."

    And in spite of her status as such, she was currently doing the class waitress move of standing alongside the table in an apron, doing her best to chat a bit with the customers in her own way-!


    "I'll keep it in mind Miss Cross! Thanks for the discounts!"

    With Lexie having already chosen seating for herself and Daisuke by the time Shuichi had responded to Chris's somewhat more eccentric method of communication with the same smile as before, the booth has become a place where COMP and User are sitting across from each other rather than side-by-side, and a stack of pastries of all sorts has been placed in-between by the beaming blonde figure of the owner, who was apparently so determined that all of her food remained fresh when she served it, that she had more or less sliced the prices by seventy-five percent now that the shop was preparing to close down for the day at noon...

    In other words, this is a place that doesn't seem too motivated by profit... Almost like a hobby store, and...

    "Here Daisuke, try one of these~ Can't go wrong with chocolate cream~"

    Lexie was taking advantage of this generosity to seemingly spoil the COMP sitting next to her... Of course her disposition is that of someone who looks after others, but in this moment, her aura is edging closer and closer to that of his user...

    Then again, friends are said to pick up certain mannerisms from each other-!

    In that regard however, she'll probably have the easier time, as across from them-

    "So, if I recall correctly you were interested in spiritual technologies Mokujima-san? Do you have any interest in vehicles? OOParts?"

    -a certain senpai is doing his best to get a more legendary recluse to open herself up to the world a bit-!
    Death is nothing but a disease.
    But it is one that often comes from all sides.
    An end like that is coming, and yet here you are.

    Tell me.

    Could you kill someone you love for the sake of everyone else?

    What a cynical worldview, Messiah.
    Real heroes would find a different answer.

    Right, right.
    The power to break through a sad reality—
    I wonder—

    Will they be able to show it to me?

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    Himura Ichizen
    Neo Aoyama ~ Himura Residence (Outskirts)
    Monday - Early Morning

    A part of him was tired to the bone.

    It was rare - almost never - that he was as tired as the day he met Akiko, but for a moment Himura felt it again, and he shook his head, picking up another muffin.


    The corner of his mouth turned up.

    "Is that right?"


    "Thank you. Akisame helps."

    The two of them silently communicated a moment longer, switching to sign language as they negotiated for the day. Akiko's shrine was far for a normal person, but for the two of them it wouldn't take that long. Still...

    In the end, she conceded, and he got up to start making food for their lunch. He wouldn't let the chance for a picnic go to waste, not after Akane had spoken at length about how necessary they were for living.

    When the girl in question came running downstairs a moment later, Himura wasn't surprised.

    "Hiya Uncle, big sis Akiko! Nice seeing you this morning! Is this lunch for me? I'm actually super late for morning clubs, so I can't talk much today, later~"

    "It's yours, don't run over anyone, and-"

    If anyone else had been in the house, they would have thought Himura was speaking into thin air; but that was just when the last member of the house...

    "Wadatomo, make sure she doesn't get lost."

    ...chose to reveal themselves.


    The sight of the small, fluffy dog happily waddling over to Akane had proven itself to bring a smile to any face - except Himura, who nodded once at Wadatomo.

    "Thank you," He turned to Akane, who was sliding on her shoes. "We'll be out for a while today. If we're not back in time for dinner, do what you like."

    He paused.

    "Have fun."
    [12:37] <I3uster> if playing overwatch would save my mother from the deathbed
    [12:37] <I3uster> id probably flip a coin
    [12:38] <I3uster> to see if i play or not

    [18:23] <frantic> spinach is like a caffeine zombie

    [18:23] <frantic> in AX he would like
    [18:23] <frantic> drink 8 shots of espresso
    [18:23] <frantic> then he'd turn to me an hour later
    [18:23] <frantic> 'frantic', he'd say, his eyes wild and his lips smug
    [18:23] <frantic> 'i need coffee'

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    Hyakka Onjouji
    Neo Aoyama, Aoyama Gakuen
    Monday ~ Morning

    White hair swayed back and forth, following the head that turned to and fro. From teacher to upperclassman, to teacher, to upperclassman. Following their conversation intently from below.

    Twin balled fists rose up.

    “I will join!” Enthusiastically, the small girl announced her willing participation. Red eyes beamed with overt enthusiasm. Not a trace of bloodlust or hunger for challenge. Just to prove herself, and move forward. Take the first step toward her goal. “I am strong! With Camelia, even stronger!”

    She turned to her upperclassman. The energetic confidence of innocence bursting from Hyakka surrounded her like a halo of blissful ignorance.

    “And with Kaori-senpai, we can be even stronger still!”

    The pair of fists shot up a little higher as the girl rose up to her tip-toes.

    Once again she turned to Ryuumonbuchi, then back to Kaori. Determination met the older girls.

    “Please allow me to join!”

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    Mokujima Chris
    Aoyama, Brewed Awakenings
    Monday - Morning


    He had tried his best to resist.


    Even if he looks like a child, Daisuke possesses enough self-awareness to feel embarrassment. So something like letting himself be spoiled silly by Lexie and greedily putting his new taste receptors to use is definitely off limits. He has to conduct a thorough test and properly integrate the functionality that his Master was generous enough to grant him.


    Even so... even so!


    It's just too much!

    Within seconds the young boy is munching happily on a chocolate cream pastry. New sensations greet him like a long-lost friend, exposing him to new information so rich and complex that he could never have understood it through decryption alone. Only now does he truly know, down to the depths of his soul, what it means when something "tastes delicious".

    It is perhaps because of that overload, and an understandable lack of table manners, that the contented boy looks a bit like a like a chipmunk, with ballooned cheeks and a splotch of chocolate cream decorating the corner of his mouth.

    After nearly a minute of happy bliss, Daisuke finally finds it in him to swallow, sending the food down to his stomach, where it will be reprocessed into clean biofuel. He blinks happily and beams at Lexie, tears (lubricant) building up in his eyes and all thoughts of holding back gone.

    "Lexie, it's good! It's really, really good! It's really, really, really - wait, let me look up a dictionary!"

    As her COMP excitedly begins listing synonyms to express his excitement, across the table Chris is having a decidedly less exhilarating time.

    Sure, everything looks amazing. Her mouth is watering too. But she has lived in a bakery for most of her life, so she able to handle herself with a modicum of restraint...

    For just long enough to take a dozen pictures of the feast laid out before her, and upload them to her account before Daisuke devours everything!

    Quote Originally Posted by Shuichi
    She freezes just as the shutter clicks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shuichi
    "If I recall correctly you were interested in spiritual technologies Mokujima-san? Do you have any interest in vehicles? OOParts?
    It is a perfectly crafted sentence. But, though her heart lifts for a moment, it almost immediately sinks back down.

    Shuichi is an extraordinary person, Chris knows. The sort of ultimate Senpai who would certainly memorize things about his 'underclassmen' just so he could make small talk with them if the opportunity were to arise. So, if only for the effort, she certainly greatly respects him.

    After all, she herself had never been that considerate.

    She purses her lips, glances up at the boy sitting next to her, looks back down, and then looks across the table at her COMP happily munching down pastries.

    "...the Plume of Dusk," Chris says, just above a mutter, while staring somewhat forlornly at the donut lying untouched on her plate.

    As if that is the sign of a dam cracking just a bit (though it will take much more work to break it), she follows up, haltingly.

    "Um, we used to, I mean, they've been around for... a while. But, we only recently figured out how to..." she pauses, looking for the word, or perhaps just a way out. "Interface."

    Yes. The Plume of Dusk, a still not-understood substance, has been part of many ancient legends, often being forged into weapons to give them a soul. Only now, however, has human technology given a proper voice to that soul. The COMP is a young device, relatively speaking, and there is much more to be understood about its functions.

    "Senpai, your COMP, um..." She shakes her head, abandoning the sentence. "Our COMPs have shapes. They... ah... um..."

    Chris bites her lip, and partly out of frustration, lays down her phone, opening up a simple drawing program that covers the screen in white.

    She traces over the screen with a finger, drawing a rough circle with the character for "human" in the middle. Around it she draws an outline with two blobby arms, legs, and a head. Next to the human, she draws another circle with what can be recognized (if you squint) as a feather in the middle. It, too, is given two legs, two arms, and a head, but in a lighter grey.

    "Before it has a 'shape', it has... nothing. So, ah, it can't be anything, y'know?"

    Then, one more circle, next to the Plume: one with the character for "devil". Around it is an outline that looks like... well, nothing that exists in the dictionary. It's fuzzy and formless.

    "Demons have... many shapes. That stick. So, um, actually one shape. Per demon. Like us. But that shape is flexible. It can go through data, reform, even change under the right circumstances, and we... can't." Barring some costly techniques, of course.

    "So, a Plume. COMP. The shape comes from us, right? But... I'm not so sure about that."

    It is not something she has noticed herself, but the more she speaks, the more Chris sheds her discomfort. Or perhaps she has simply been distracted. She grows more animated (though still muted by regular person standards) and even looks Shuichi in the eye a few times when trying to emphasize a point.

    "Three kinds of souls. Three ways of... of being. I think... a COMP's shape is not necessarily like a person's. Or a demon's. They look and act like people because... they borrow our rules. Because we're there. They imprint on us. But are they more like us? Or devils? Or something else?"

    She draws a three lines between the three circles, then plants a bright red dot in the center of the triangle.

    "With our technology, we can triangulate. We can find what a soul looks like, when you go past the outside. And that starts with..."

    She erases one of the 'arms' of the Plume's body, and replaces it with... a fuzzy, unrecognizable thing.

    "Changing the shape."

    At this point, so worked up is Chris that it takes several seconds for her to realize that she's leaning close, staring Shuichi right in the eyes.

    "Ah. Um. Sorry."

    As her blush returns, Chris backs off, averting her eyes again. Hands shaking slightly, she palms her phone again, fingers nervously tapping at the surface.

    "So, um. COMPs. They're interesting."

    What had she been thinking? It was supposed to be small talk, not a lecture!

    As Chris bites down on a donut to seal her own mouth shut (before she says something dumb again), she searches up the location of this particular Brewed Awakening with her free hand, and finds... very few mentions, actually. Is nobody talking about it? Maybe that's why there are hardly any visitors on a nice morning such as this. Even if most students should be going to class right now, there would at least be some tweets about the reopening...

    Ah. So that's the problem.

    One by one the photos of delicious food go up, each accompanied by ecstatic words of praise plagiarized from Daisuke's ramblings. Finally, to top it all off, a hashtag.

    In this modern world, it's important to promote yourself properly.

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    Logan Starbright
    SLEIPNIR ~ Flight Deck (South)
    Monday ~ Morning

    Brilliance. A streak of light bright enough and hot enough to drown out Logan’s wide-scale attack swung down, charring the air in front of him as he leaped back, his heartbeat rattling through his body and eyes wide as the shears of Atropos snipped shut. Where had that come from!? Concealment, farther along the deck. The trap? Sprung. And he was still in its jaws! The blinding green light burst out, narrowly missing Logan’s eyes as he skewed his gaze and raised his staff to block the oncoming enemy whose silhouette grew within the light---

    ---and landed on the deck as Astra kicked the assailant in the chest, sending it flying into a somersault before landing on the deck.

    “An Anti-Spirit Suppression Weapon…”

    Robots created through mysterious technology, reverse-engineered from Genesis for the purpose of studying the soul and forging a bond between humanity and demonkind. At least, that was meant to be the case, but was this assailant really a Genesis-based model? Or was it a zero model?

    Wicks of light shined into existence around the enemy like spectral bullets being loaded into a revolver.

    Logan! I can’t read these spells!

    Logan gritted his teeth. He should’ve loaded Interpreter, though there was no guarantee that his foe even used the same system. He should’ve had a detection Auto-Skill in order to avoid losing the initiative. He should’ve reacted sooner so that Astra didn’t need to save him.

    Then we’ll have to keep our eyes open.

    Invisibility, possibly full cloaking, only dispelled by the enemy’s need to attack, or use spells to attack.

    A deadly slash of plasma.

    A blinding light.

    Motes of energy stored for an unknown purpose.

    Above all, incredible speed.

    Sussing out its origins was pointless. All he could do was assess and predict until he created an opening!

    Amelia! Nail him with Zio the moment you see the chance!

    And as the enemy lunged forward, Logan stood firm to meet it with eyes trained on fates yet to be.

    Wise Up!
    Auto-Skill: Revitalize
    Spell Formulas: Maei line, Zio Line, ???, Eye of the Fates, ???, ???
    COMP Heat: 10/10

    AGI: B (40)
    SEN: B (40)

    Enemy Kill Count: 16
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