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    Grail Works Compilation

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    Could use a bit more spacing between entries, but otherwise, it all looks good. Thank you for your hard work.
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    #11(Grail Works x Scion)
    Author/Writer: RanmaBushiko
    Date Published: April 11, 2019, 03:47 AM
    Location/Citation: The Grails Work Mission Dossier Page 4, Post #67
    Chapter 10: Origins, Travels, and Plans, Part 2

    June 23rd

    8:00 PM

    I sigh, leaning against my wife, as we finally just take a break to relax. That girl, Olga, was exhausted from flying over, even if her... Magical Sapphire, helped her. Mash, on the other hand was rather interested in everything.

    Especially our history. The Titans, what happened to the Titans that left us fleeing our home universe, everything.

    "Miss Mash?" I finally speak up after giving her a half hour to think over things, after getting some water in me. Even Gods need to eat and drink, after all.

    "Yes, Sir?" She studies me.

    "I know enough to know that you saved a version of the world, though not the specifics. Would you and Olga be willing to sign Geas contracts, that you two can't talk about my history with the mages association, barring your... Sempai?"

    She pauses, blinking repeatedly, before looking a bit thoughtful.

    "I can't speak for my master, I'll admit, but I'd be willing to hear why you're asking..."

    "What little we know about the Mages Association leaves us to believe that they'd likely DISSECT us if they got their hands on us. Olga's father works for them, correct? He'd be pressured to give us up to them if he learns of us, with the possibility of them hurting Olga if he refuses." I sigh, softly, at her look of slowly dawning horror.

    "Yeah. I think you get it now, Miss Mash. If she doesn't sign, her very family could be a risk to her health, with her not even realizing. Let's face it. She seems rather young for her age. I suspect she's rather sheltered, possibly even naive. Wouldn't that be right, Magical Sapphire?"

    "Eh?! HOW DID YOU SPOT ME?!"

    "Sealed. God. As I just finished telling Miss Mash, here."

    "Ooooh. Right. Yeah, I'll get Mistress to sign, for as long as you're in this universe. Ah... keep in mind that my creator might want to have words with you down the road, if you don't retrieve the Heart of Winter post... maybe July 3rd? 5th? Somewhere around there."

    I pause, then nod to the flying stick.

    "You've got a lot of functions most can't use, huh?"

    "Yup! Mistress can't unlock any yet. She hasn't figured out that we literally need our users to imagine new functions for them to work."

    I just rub my forehead, then think.

    "Telepathy one of those things?"

    "No....? Sorry, but Zelretch hasn't made that for us yet. Doesn't really know how to, unfortunately. I'm still the first version of myself that he's created, after all. He'd like at least 108 different extra functions before moving to the Mk. 2 production line."

    I can't help but smirk, before slightly altering my voice to sound like an honest salesman.

    "How about a few unspecified major favors in the future, maybe some trade deals, and I give him the technology, as well as working with him with future technology developments?"

    "I think I could probably work that out with him, in the future..."

    "Perhaps if I threw in me analyzing what he makes for flaws, as well?"

    "Ooh, he'd LOVE that! Really has issues with things blowing up, or cracking on him out of the blue too much!"

    I smile, and nod, while trying to not grin widely.

    "Well, Magical Sapphire. My goggles here, let me AND ONLY ME see all weaknesses and flaws in objects for roughly... 8 minutes a day? Then I get a migraine."


    "It also lets me see how to FIX those flaws and weaknesses, in what I'm looking at. As long as there's nothing between me and it in the air. Like glass, or walls..."

    "I think my Creator is going to fall in love with you. Platonically."

    "And I think we'll have a wonderful business relationship together!"

    "Indeed! I think I'll go check up on Mistress, though. Make sure she sleeps soundly. Have a nice night, sir!"

    I sigh, after a long moment, then look over at Mash.

    "Want something to drink? Alcoholic? Perhaps water?"

    She blinks at me, repeatedly, before slowly shaking her head.

    "Pity. Well, one of my Legion of Coal can help you find your way to one of the guest quarters, Miss Mash. Or if you get lost, and can't spot them, you can always ask the Scylla. Scylla's hooked up to the communications system. If you've seen Star Trek: The Next Generation, the Scylla can act like a computer from that show, when you want directions to somewhere."

    She blinks more, then slowly nods.

    "It's just... all so BIG! Please, though, call me Mash, sir."

    "Only if you call me Erik, and my wife Tamamo." I grin at her blinking, then sigh.

    "If you want to ask me anything, go right ahead. I'll be here to talk."

    She nods, grabs a glass of water, then heads off.

    Cute girl. Not my type, and far too young for me, but cute, nevertheless.

    June 24th

    After making a hearty breakfast for everyone, using some leftover food, as well as camp food supplies Mash and Olga bought for themselves, I settle down to let them look over the Geas to sign.

    After making an oath to let Fenris eat me if I'm lying to them about the contracts, as well as letting them read it over. With Magical Sapphire, it might be added, scanning it with dozens of spells, attachments, and add-ons, only to find nothing whatsoever... they sign the papers.


    I blink, then look up at Mash, studying me.

    "Yes, Mash?"

    "Why are you helping us?" She tilts her head, studying me.

    "Well. I'll be honest. My wife and I have always enjoyed the thought of kids, and we've done our best to help others be safe and prepared, in case something happens. I have no clue what you two are looking into dealing with, except for some vague 'Holy Grail War' scenario, which could be anything, from my bare bones understanding of things."

    She blinks, even as Olga perks up while helping Tamamo make hot cocoa for everyone, from some packets Olga brought with her from her home.

    "Furthermore, I may have been the Norse God of Paranoia before winding up here, as well as several other fields... but I've never wanted humanity to be HURT. I always viewed it as a way to lead humanity to a better age. Perhaps with a meritocracy, like my mentor would have wanted... or perhaps not. But I wanted to uplift humanity, let humanity be better than they are right now."

    "May I ask exactly what you planned on doing that with?"

    I just chuckle, and lean back into the couch a bit.

    "I did. I helped spur on innovation and invention. I became the first person to make a Mech, like out of Gundam, and make it work. I rode that same mech against a dragon of legend, Fafnir, who'd faked his death against Sigurd, along with Tamamo, and several others..."

    For one long moment, I close my eyes, letting memories overtake me.

    "I fought, and fought, and fought more. Because as a Weak child of the Gods, then later, a Demigod, I was nothing to the other Gods, at first. But fighting let us grow, stronger and stronger, until we could fight at the peaks with them. Legends like Surtr, we took down, in the Mark 2 version of that war machine, as well as several others, pushing him back until he could be sealed. We killed Jormungandr, myself being the one to deal the finishing blows to that monstrous snake. I singlehandedly took Japan and the United States, and built them up into world powers, admittedly with the sneaky trick of selling them technology that wouldn't work well for conquering, only for defending."

    I can't help but chuckle at them both blinking.

    "Would you like to see the Mark 3 model of that machine, by any chance?"

    They perk up, and nod, almost in unison, with little Fou nodding soon after.

    "Fou! Foukuku!"

    I just chuckle, and finish my cup, while leading them on towards the lower hangar bay.

    "Could you tell me why Daddy and I saw you on Mars, Mr. Erik?"

    I glance back at Olga, then nod.

    "As I told Mash last night, you may have heard in your ancient history books about beings that preceded Gods, known as Titans. Gaia being one example, a Titan that represented Earth."

    She pauses, blinking, then slowly nods.

    "In our history that we're from, they were very much real, and the Lesser Titans, were beings such as Surtr, or Gaia, who were avatars for a much greater realm the size of the Earth, holding thousands, millions, or more creatures. Gods, like us, were descended from them, but grew to realize that Humans, emotions... being happy, all were good things, not bad things that should be shunned."

    "Oooh! I see!"

    I chuckle, and nod towards her.

    "I'm glad you do. We traveled on a long journey to save the Fenris Wolf from being left chained up. It would be like if Fou here was constantly in pain and hurting. You wouldn't want that, right? Even if Fou could be dangerous according to some people?"

    Mash pauses, blinking at me for a moment, before moving to catch up. Hmm. Maybe Fou IS dangerous? Interesting. Irrelevant, but interesting.

    Olga looks deep in thought, though.

    "After sealing Surtr, we had to kill Jormungandr, but when that happened, history was bent a bit. When we freed Fenris, history was altered drastically, and in doing so, the Titans were freed from their ancient prison as he was unsealed, even as Ragnarok was undone, the doom of the Norse Gods."

    She pauses, blinking, then goes wide eyed.

    "Really?! You stopped it for your version of history?!"

    I laugh, and nod, then reach down, patting her head.

    "We did. Myself, my darling wife, a fellow named Lucas, originally, but changed it when he became a God, and Kieran, who also went by the name of Galen."

    I chuckle at her wide eyed look, then tap the elevator key. It's not much more time before we reach the hangar bay.

    Then, I turn on the lights, and let them see Metal Gear Rex Mk. 3 in all it's glory.

    They both stare, stunned, wide eyed at the massive titan of metal that stands before them.

    "Wow, Mr. Erik! That's incredible! Mash, have you ever seen anything that big before?!"

    Mash stares, then thinks. "Not including Noble Phantasms, no..."

    "Wow! That's even more incredible! It can fight, too?!"

    I pat Olga's head, then move, easily launching myself up to it's cockpit.

    It's the work of seconds, before my armor interfaces with it, and the massive engine above goes from silence, to a dull throbbing roar.

    "I swear, Dear, if you make that thing roar in here, with the hydraulics, you're going to sleep on the couch for a month!"

    I can't help but laugh, before massive spotlights go on, including around the mouth of the cockpit, before I move the head forwards instead, so they can see within.

    "It's neat, isn't it? Relatively simple controls, but ones I'm a master of."

    They nod, and move forwards to run their hands along the sides of the cockpit.

    "Wow! It's so amazing! It's so neat! This is what technology can become?"

    I smile, then nod, before gently letting them get in, so they can try some of the seats themselves.

    "It's so comfy, too, isn't it Mashy Mash!"

    "Director..." I can hear Mash sigh, then nod.

    "It really is, I have to admit. Spacious and roomy. But with a huge arsenal, too, it looks like."

    After an hour of showing them through the paces of the machine, albeit without any weapons fired, they're taken out.

    "As I said, Director! We're in a giant ship, made of metal. If the weapons were fired, then we'd be punching holes through all that metal, and letting water in. Do you WANT an icky, nasty bath with oil and who knows what else that can hurt your skin, involved? That's how you get one!"

    "Oooh, sorry Mashy Mash!"

    I share a look with Tamamo, while trying to not laugh my ass off.

    "Mr. Erik? What are you going to be doing?"

    I reach over, and ruffle her hair.

    "Well, originally, I was going to just set things up so that my Wolf Home colony would be safe... but now, I think I want to check out what happens with your Holy Grail war, and make sure you come out of it safe, Olga."

    She blinks up at me, in surprise.

    "Magical Sapphire, would you be willing to communicate with your creator that I'd like a face to face meeting with him?"

    "Sure thing! You don't mind, right Mistress? It'll just need a phone call... do you have a way to call, in here?"

    I nod, then point to a phone, before settling myself against a wall to study them.

    "Wait, you'd like to help?"

    "I'd rather not see you dead, either of you. Besides, you're the first group that wanted to come onto my flagship, and be here. Well, besides Nestor, that is, and he's my captain for this ship."

    Olga blinks up at me, before I sigh.

    "It relates to how I saved Fenris, Olga. After that happened, the other Pantheons of Gods, or tribes, or nations, or whatever you wish to call them, eventually realized that I was the reason why the Titans were out. Even though I saved the Norse Gods, it was at the expense of a restarted war. So they wanted to come after me, and hurt me. And before that could happen, I left. With my Wolfen here, as well as a giant base, Wolf Home, we headed to colonize Mars... and for 25 years, it worked well."

    I study them. Mash knows what will happen, but Olga doesn't.

    "At the end, it all went wrong. We were asked to send troops and support back to Earth, to help stop a Titan incursion, just as many of their children attacking indiscriminately, as they did when they first broke free. Almost an endless horde to fight. All the while, the Titans snuck to free Surtr from his new jail, that I helped put him in... and then the world ended. Something went wrong, and made all the titans, and their greater bodies... fuse, Olga. Into one massive monstrous purple thing that slowly ate the Earth. Barely touching it reduced Tamamo and Fenris from full fledged Gods, to being not even Demigods. Effectively Godly children, once again."

    I pause, studying her.

    "Earth was gone within 6 months. With Tamamo being reduced from a Goddess to nearly mortal standards, her Domain was missing, meaning all the resources we had stockpiled, and the only person that could make plants work in Martian atmosphere was effectively sidelined. We went from having a good chance of making Mars another planet like Earth, to no chance at all. So we had to cancel the colonization efforts, for what few people we had left... and then whatever the Titans became, started coming after us. We made a device, a machine that could let us move from one universe to another, then left, while ensuring the device would be melted down afterwards."

    I just sigh, and pat her head. She's shivering a bit.

    "The rules are different here. I can't tap into my full strength here, for some reason. That doesn't mean I'm weak, it just means I can't fight, or invent, at the levels I'm used to. But I won't let what happened to my own version of Earth, ever happen to this one. Okay, Olga?"

    She smiles up at me, then nods at me.

    "Okay, Mr. Erik!"

    Now, let's see what we have as transport options...

    "Tamamo? What would you suggest for us traveling to this Holy Grail War's location? The Truck of doom, perhaps?"

    "Why not show off your divinity a bit, dear? Use Mechanical Panoply to make a van, or... hmm... ooh, ooh! I know! Dear! Make the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo!"

    I chuckle, then walk forwards to show them how it's done.

    Ice moves, metal moving and shaping along with the Ice, forming a framework of metal, almost like a 3d printing machine. Rapidly, a van forms, flowing into proper shape as tires form from spare rubber, the engine rapidly forms, and even some entertainment in the shape of TVs and video games form for them to enjoy while we have a road trip.

    Before long, the Mystery Machine, in all it's Scooby Doo glory, exists before them. I wipe a bit of sweat off my forehead, then chuckle.

    "Impressed, you two?"

    They rush forwards, to put their hands against the metal, and see if it's real.

    "I never get tired of seeing that, dear."

    I turn to kiss my wife, then just hug her while watching them.

    "What do you two want to see of the world?"

    "Ah! Mistress! My creator wants to meet Erik in Paris in 3 days! Could we manage that?"

    I nod at Olga, before she shouts a "Yes, we can, Sapphire!" back to her kaleidostick.

    June 25th

    Day 1 of the Road Trip

    "Erik, you're wanting me to go with?"

    I nod at Fenris, and smile.

    "That armor Tamamo enchanted looks like it will work for you, and even fit. I say you come with. Giant German Shepard or not, you'll be fun to have along."

    "Fine, then. Just make sure I get plenty of meat for this. I'm getting hungrier than normal."

    I nod, then give him a hug, before we move to get the armor on.

    However, once it's on him... I can't help but do my best to not laugh my ass off.

    "Erik? Why are you trying to not laugh?"

    I can't help but stare at Fenris, and do my best to not smile, or laugh my ass off.

    "Seriously. Erik. Why are you trying to not laugh? Did Tamamo do something?"

    I shakily nod, then point towards a mirror. Fenris rapidly moves in front of it, then stops, simply staring.

    He looks remarkably like Scooby Doo, right now.

    "She planned this, didn't she?"

    I can't help but nod, even as I stare at a rather pissed off Fenris.

    "Likely, considering she got me to make a copy of the Mystery Machine yesterday."

    Fenris scowls.

    "I swear, if she tries to make me act like that damned dog from that show, I'm going to bite her tail. Or mix her toothpaste with California Reapers."

    I wince, but chuckle.

    "At least it wasn't malicious, right?"

    He growls, then storms off towards the van.

    Later that day...

    So. You ever see a coffee addict get an expresso from Italy after having gone mostly cold for 25 years?

    I turn, watching my wife, as her tail sticks up and waves, even as she looks jittery.

    Yes. My wife has discovered coffee jitters once more.

    "More, dear, more! I need more coffee! It's so tasty and good!"

    "Mr. Erik? Why does she like coffee?"

    I glance at Olga through the rear view mirror, from where she's been discovering the joys of Scooby Doo cartoons.

    "As adults grow up, their taste buds like different things to what kids like to eat. So you'll find you actually enjoy vegetables, instead of hating them, for example. But once you get to a certain point, you may need coffee to help you wake up if you have a lot of studying to worry about later. It's pretty tasty with hot chocolate powder mixed with some cinnamon, Olga."

    I chuckle as she blinks.

    "Really? It's good?"

    "It helps you wake up, and it's tasty! Try hot cocoa with cinnamon, sometime. You'll probably like it!"

    I pause, then blink at my sunglasses lighting up.

    "Hmm. Legendary artifacts... the hell am I even looking at? Anyone mind a side drive while I explore some legendary artifacts real quick? Could be in a museum..."

    After expressions of "Nope! We're fine!" and the like coming out of the back seat, I glance over the maps, then drive.

    It takes a couple hours of driving and pinpointing, but we eventually find a small hill. Most wouldn't realize anything is off about it, but my skills with Earth let me know that it's hollow, and likely used to be a volcano, if the technique I'm using to act like sonar for dirt is any indication.

    After making sure no one's looking, or will mind us, I just casually un-sling my laser rifle and step out of the van for the first time, ready to fire.

    It's hard to walk on the ground, like something's looking at me, and trying to send me somewhere. With a jerk of power, I free myself from it.

    Looks like every time I'm walking, or outside the van, I'm going to be drained slowly. It's less than what I generate, but every little drain counts, now. I shake my head, then focus on my aim, then fire, making a steadily larger circle in the earth as I carve a hole in.

    It's rather quick work, until I reach some sort of chamber within. I casually let it cool, then walk in, before pausing.

    A skeleton is within, as well as several dresses, and a magnificent red sword. It looks like my laser carved through the bulk of the dresses, however. There ARE some writings, but I can't really make it out.

    Mash's gasp, when she comes in, though, makes me blink.

    "That's... Nero's sword! Nero, the emperor of Rome! She helped me out over my journeys, more than once!"

    I pause, picking it up, then study it. It looks like the dresses are nothing but ash, and odd thread, though...

    Even still, Tamamo might make sense of the thread. So I carry that, and the scrolls as well, anyways, wrapping an illusion around all but the sword so they don't appear if others look at me. Ahh, illusions, how handy you can be sometimes.

    It's quick work for us to return to the van, before we drive off.

    June 26th

    Day 2 of the Road Trip

    I'm pretty cheerful today. We've made much better time than I thought we would, and we're closing in on France already. Admittedly, with Tamamo getting a bunch of coffee, us stocking up on groceries, and a few Mk. 1 lasers sold.

    Ahh, money. How I love you. Especially with ensuring stealth rockets will be launched to the moon, sending them supplies soon. Gotta love my Legion of Coal's efficiency, compared to how they started out.

    50,000 units? They can produce 50 cubic yards of steel, via mining, a day. Not including all the other stuff they mine from that. And considering how many are working to ensure the Wolf Home, and Wolf Home MK2 both get the supplies they need so Wolf Home can survive a trip back to Earth... well, things are going fast.

    I pause, then blink, as I glance out the window, before going wide eyed. I can see, for one full minute, on my sunglasses, the location of the Heart of Winter, before it fades. Doing some calculations... it's in Romania?

    Hmm. Little far off, but doable. I suppose it's a trip to there, next.

    Olga and Mash have both discovered the joys of playing video games together, and are currently playing Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Ahh, the joys of kids having fun.

    Well, may as well kick back, continue to drive, and relax.

    I ignore how the back of my left hand is starting to itch a bit, and just focus on driving. Damned Mosquitoes. Better not scratch, or else it'll itch WORSE.

    June 27th

    Day 3 of the Road Trip

    "Dear? Before we meet with this Zelretch person..."

    I glance at Tamamo, while listening. We're finally in France, fairly close to the Eiffel Tower, too. Just a few more hours to go.

    "Yes, dear?"

    "Could you try to use the Yata no Kagami to contact my mother? I'd like to see if she has a counterpart here, and to get some answers for what's going on with Gods here."

    I pause, thinking, then nod. "Yeah, sure. Next time we take a rest break."

    She smiles, and nods.

    It takes a while, to find a secluded park for us to stop at. But when we do so, I take her mother's mirror from her, and focus, trying to contact her mother.

    For one brief moment, I see the face of a wide eyed massive woman, with tails the size of mountains, staring through the mirror. Then everything glows red under me.

    "Greetings! I am Servant Alter Ego, commonly known as Tamamo Vitch! But please, do call me Koyanskaya..."


    "Well shit. Posing as one of my reincarnation's tails doesn't work so well when you have a daughter... wait. I have a DAUGHTER?!"

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