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Thread: Twitter Syndrome

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    I always chalked it up to everyone just growing up and lacking time. I've definitely seen it happen with people where, they used to write a lot, but don't anymore.

    But on the other hand, looking at myself... I'm actually busier than most people I know, but I still do all the stuff I'm saying people don't have time for anymore... so, I don't know.

    Maybe I just type faster.

    Quote Originally Posted by Seika View Post
    I beg to differ. I make all those thirty-Tweet-long chains for you from my phone, and this is how I'm repaid.
    Wow, fine, I'll send you tweets of pictures of my new D&D bookshelf. Also a deep analysis of the conifers in the Neverwinter Wood.
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    It's probably not just a matter of time, but also a matter of interest.
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