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    Fate: Player Online (FSN/The Gamer)

    The Fourth Holy Grail War ended in flames as Fuyuki painfully suffered the results of the corrupted Grail. Among the destruction and the despairs of those who are perishing because of this unnatural disaster, a young child is chosen to take a blessing in the form of a different life. A life that will change the fate of the World and will bring an end to the Stagnation.
    Shirou Emiya is merely 7 years old when he wakes up with quite the unexpected sign that... something was wrong with him.

    Small Warning: It 'might' seem like I am following the Canon in the first two-three chapters... but Shirou sure is going to met some individuals that he is not meant to even know about.

    Table of Content:

    ARC 1

    -Prologue: It all started among flames and ashes...
    -1. First Steps in the Game
    -2. Sword (1)
    -3. Sword (2)
    -4. Sword (3)
    -5. Sword (4)
    -6. Bow(1)
    -7. Bow (2)

    - - - Updated - - -

    Prologue: It all started among flames and ashes...

    It had all happened without a reason.

    At first it was a nice day to spend with his family, blurred faces smiling as they walked him around the beautiful city that was Fuyuki.

    He could remember the pleasant touch of a sibling, of his father and... his mother.

    The boy blinked as tears started to flow once more from his eyes as he continued to run through the rubbles of the destruction that had torn him away from his own family.

    His chest was hurting as were his legs, too much strained by the unexpected need to escape from the danger, the flames that were hungrily burning through the city without control, without restraint and.. without mercy.

    He had hoped for a firefighter, an adult to save him out of that horrifying scene that not even in his darkest nightmare he had ever seen.

    It was approaching, the child mused, the pain was approaching.

    He tried to deftly move around the obstacles made from the remains of cars and buildings' walls, finally hopeful that he was close to reach a safer place.

    Away from the tragedy behind him, from the screams of people dying around him as he tried to not fall to the heat of the ruthless fire.

    Yet this.. this wasn't a tale meant to end happily.

    That very realisation struck the moment he felt his body shift and land on the ground, one of his legs tripping over some embed rocks that he had not noticed in his rush.

    He was done, the boy considered somberly. The flames weren't going to relinquish the chase and they were incredibly close to where he was.

    It was his end that he was going to witness, to feel, and soon he turned around.

    Dying embers moved to the sky where the most terrifying thing cruelly slammed onto his soul.

    The round circle of darkness, the origin of this unnatural flame.

    It felt as if he was calling to him, demanding him to concede his life for.. something. Something he couldn't understand but feared for no reason.

    His lungs started to slow down with the breathing as the child kept still in his moment of defeat, mourning his last happy memories, mourning the end of his life.

    The screams slowly disappeared as he went numb from the sickening air and tiredness.

    He was dying and nobody was going to save him.

    In this final hour of his short existance, the boy closed his eyes and let his consciousness slip away from that hell on earth that had scared him until now.

    It was going to end soon-

    "This is not the end of your life, child. You shall live to see your future unfold." A candid voice quietly and melodiously crashed the cacophony of death and sorrow around him. "I bestow a gift to you. Use it to protect, to save the lives of those who are suffering."

    His eyes opened widely at those words that sounded so beautiful and inspiring but the child saw no one in his proximity.

    He was sure that it had been just a silly trick of his mind caused by the very dangerous smoke that continued to fill his lungs, causing him to once more cough loudly.

    His vision spiralled once more in the darkness, this time it was his little body uncapable of keeping up with the pain, with the horror that he was suffering... but he couldn't give up now.

    As his mind slowly started to shut down, his arm stretched up, his palm open and waiting for someone to hold him, to save him from this agony or to comfort him in this last moments of hurt.

    He felt it, a strong hand grasped his arm but it was not the soft and light touch he had expected from the hallucination, the voice of the kind woman.

    One last time, he begged to himself and.. he saw him.

    The man had short, black hair, his face rough and partly covered by smoke and ashes, hiding parts of his features as it all disappeared in that set of clothes with such dark themes, a long coat covering his black suit, shirt and tie.

    What surprised the young child was the man's eyes as he looked at him while picking him up.

    As tears flowed and fell on his younger visage, his charcoals lacked any sort of lights, as if the man was actually a corpse walking. Defeated by life.. but not by the flames around them.

    "Thank God, you are alive.."

    The boy closed his eyes as a strange yellow light started to warmly caress his soul, too tired to understand that unnatural predicament as his exhausted mind started to slowly shut down.

    A perpetual darkness filled his dreams, a soft lulling of a caring woman keeping all the horrible nightmares regarding that terrible experience away.

    The lullaby.. he couldn't remember hearing it anywhere in his life, yet it filled him with a warmth that made those weird sounds turn into something lovely and caring, as if a mother was trying to protect him from the dark, real world that he had just passed away from.

    Sadly, all of this disappeared once as he woke up from possibly the best dream he will ever experience.

    He started to feel the weakness that had been there during his last, few moments before fainting, but it felt mitigated, soothed somehow.

    His eyes opened slowly and he found himself laying in a bed with warm, white covers and a soft pillow below his head.

    The room was blank and almost empty, just like any classic Hospital room. He was alone in that room as the entire line of beds coming from his left and right were unoccupied.

    As he processed his current situation, something else caught his attention as he noticed a blue-like light over his face.

    A blue screen was hovering just in front of him with white words written on it.

    Was he still hallucinating?

    [Your HP and MP had been fully replenished]


    What was that.. and why it was in front of me?

    The blue screen disappeared but another one, this time green, appeared on its place.

    [A newer, Gamer Life]

    Greeting child and good morning to the first day of your new, improved life!
    After having been forced to witness such horrible tragedy, a greater force has decided to gift you with the power of living your life like a Videogame.
    A Gamer is someone that has the possibility to exceed the limitations of mortality and become more than everyone has ever dreamt.
    Your real limits? Your willpower to accomplish the impossible!
    Your incredible dreams? You will achieve them in a matter of time!
    Your long journey to become the greatest has just started!
    Good luck!

    Once again, the green screen closed and was replaced by another blue one.


    Name: <Unknown>
    Title: The Gamer
    Level 1 - Exp: 0.00%
    Health Points (HP) : 100
    Mana Points (MP) : (Blocked)

    POW: 2
    INT: 4
    AGI: 2
    WIS: 4
    VIT: 2
    CHA: 5
    LUK: 10

    Gamer Body (LVL Max.) - Congratulations, your body had been turned into one influenced by the rules of the Game Module. This Skill is present in all Users from the very beginning.
    Unbreakable Willpower (LVL Max.) - The hardships of your life had been making you stronger than the average human being. Risk of Possession and Mind Control are reduced by the 75%.
    Noble Soul (LVL Max.) - Having experienced great trauma, you know the pain and sufferings of others. Your Soul is brave and determined enough to let you become whatever you wish.
    Beginners' Luck (Non-Level Skill) - This temporary Skill will add a EXP multiplier related to LUK for Skills and LVLs. Expiration Level: LVL 10.

    That was something he had certainly expected. Wait, why is name was not written there? And why he couldn't remember anything before the Fire?

    [The Trauma you have experienced during the Great Fire has blocked almost every memory prior to the disaster.]

    The child was speechless. The Fire had taken much more than he had thought from his former life.

    He couldn't remember his parents' faces, his friends, everything else... a blank slate for his soul.

    [Warning! A set of actions has triggered a new Quest]

    -Discovering the Past-

    Time Limit: Unlimited

    Your Trauma has seriously damaged all your memories of your past life. Find any hints or documents that will help your memories to come back.

    -Your Past Name-
    -500.000 EXP-

    <Failure> or <Refused>
    -Your Past Life is forever forgotten-

    The child immediately pressed Yes and nodded to himself.

    There was a strong probability to return to his family once more and he wasn't going to refuse this opportunity.

    In a certain way, he felt a bit thankful towards this new development.

    Another screen popped out.

    [Your gratefulness has been noted and a new skill has been unlocked]

    -Observe (LVL. MAX)-
    Essential to any Gamer, Observe is useful to determine the stats or the history behind friends or foes.
    This Skill has a limit: <Observing> people with a higher level than yours (at least 10) will have their informations immensely reduced.

    His surprise to know about that this 'Game' was capable of hearing his thoughts was cut off when the door of his room opened.

    The same man that had saved him from the Fire entered the room.

    The two stared at each other and the child noticed how, even though the man seemed impassive, he seemed to relax seeing him, as if relieved of seeing him still alive.

    What had happened to this man to make him so much empty and distant?

    His musing soon were answered by an explanation that he certainly would have never dreamt about.

    The child was soon going to be pulled into the Moonlit World and he was going to become an important part of it.

    The legend of Shirou Emiya has just began in this World of Magic and Lore.


    This little work of mine is the Rewrite of the original Fate:Player Online that I have started in and I am going to post the chapters here. Since I am quite slow with the new updates the following chapters will be posted every one-two days from the last ones. I am sorry if this Prologue seems insignificant now but.. it will have a major reason to be in future chapters of ARC 1.

    EDIT: Fixed some mistakes, rewritten some of the senseless bits I have written with a sleep-influenced mind and a massive Thank You for those who pointed out some of the mistakes!
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    Errr... sorry to say this, but you should probably have someone take a look at your work for errors. I only glanced through it so I didn't find all of them but those that I did, made reading this a bit awkward. For instance 'why he could remember' is supposed to be 'why he couldn't remember' and if I'm not mistaken 'Moonlight World' should be 'Moonlit World'.

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    Chapter 1: First steps in the Game


    That was his new name and.. he wasn't sure how to react to it.

    While his amnesia had blocked important parts of his memories and had incredibly removed his name from his status menu, he didn't felt pleased to know he was named after 'White' of all things.

    Why Shirou? Why not something that was much more easy to relate him.

    Haru (Spring) or even Akage (Redhead) if the man, Kiritsugu, lacked the creativity to make one.

    It was oddly frustrasting and the newly-named Shirou couldn't but feel confused, shocked and somewhat weirded out by this stranger that had turned to be his new guardian or father.

    The word tasted foul in his mouth as he felt he was betraying someone by calling the unnervingly calm man a parent of his.

    But he complied, he had to. What was the alternative especially when the man had told him so many things, things that are meant to be unknown to normal people?

    The curiously named Moonlit World started to grow more and more realistic, true, the more the black-haired man continued to talk so.. honestly.

    That was another thing he couldn't understand of Kiritsugu. His actions in approaching him, explaining all of this and then adopting him was... forced.

    It felt like he hadn't planned this to happen but was struggling and pushing for this situation to happen, against any common sense he might had.

    His current living condition wasn't something he should actually complain about, the household the man had brought him to live with him being something relatively new and.. massive.

    Its style resembling much of the old houses in the noble quarters of Fuyuki, used by influential families of old to rule over particular section of the town.

    There were two to three bathrooms, two living rooms and... why he had bought a house this absurdly big?!

    Ignoring the motivation that urged him to buy something this much empty and cold most of the times, Shirou's mind wandered to a very interesting subject of their first interaction.

    Magic, or at least something similar to it, was real.

    The man's descriptions denied the capacity of such power to accomplish miraculous deeds, saying that 'magecraft' was pretty much similar to tricks from some circus magician, incredibly limited by the world around us.

    Kiritsugu called it 'Gaia' and Shirou was surprised to know that there was something that made things happen.

    Surprise tainted by dread at the mere idea that the world had knew about his plight and.. had ignored him.

    The explanation ended pretty much with the brief explanation around the 'will of the planet', the man suddenly getting quite secretive with further information regarding the 'new world'.

    Shirou would have been compelled to ask why, to press for more, to understand how his savior came to be.

    But he didn't. Curious he was but he was also polite.

    The man had his secrets and.. Shirou had now to deal with this mess he found when he woke up.

    Name: Shirou Emiya
    Title: The Gamer
    Age: 7
    Level 1 - Exp: 0.00%
    Health Points (HP) : 100
    Mana Points (MP) : (Blocked)

    POW: 3
    INT: 4
    AGI: 3
    WIS: 4
    VIT: 4
    CHA: 5
    LUK: 10

    What was he staring at?

    The quick answer was that this was... his current state in the world.

    Something that he doubted Kiritsugu could even grasp had happened during that fire and.. he was 'The Gamer'...

    What is a Gamer?

    The question was innocent and Shirou couldn't get a proper depiction of the supposed title until two days after settling in his new home.

    The cause of the previous inactivity was the need of recovery imposed by the doctors in the hospital.

    He was mostly fine, but his lungs were still recovering and he to do little activity for them to do a full recovery.

    It was annoying at first, knowing that he was stuck at home with nothing to do.

    He was still a child and.. he wanted to do something.

    But it was during the first day in that Shirou made a terrible discovery and a pleasant revelation.

    Kiritsugu was.. useless in preparing food. The kitchen had lit horribly as the man tried to prepare some eggs.

    How do you fail this much?!

    As the kitchen was saved by the tempestive intervention of the very responsible of the accident, Shirou's eyes seemed drawn by the room.

    It was a very little section that was connected to the living room and.. he opened the cooking book that had survived the man's onslaught.

    Few moments later, Kiritsugu blinked curiously at the simple plate with some scrambled eggs on it.

    The smell was delicious and the texture seemed to have a pleasant color.

    The man took just a bite, his mouth chewing close and slowly as the boy stared at any possible reaction.

    It felt.. familiar. He could feel like he had already cooked before, that he had already done this particular activity in the past.

    [Thanks to a particular action a forgotten Trait has been restored!]

    Natural Prodigy (Cooking) - You are incredibly proficient in cooking, it is in your blood. Food prepared by your hands receive a 25% Boost to their HP recovery rate.

    [Traits!] The Game enables this functionality to optimise your growth through your life. Some Traits will be unlocked by accomplishing certain Quests, actions or even unlocking them from your past.

    Shirou ignored the boxes at first, his attention still focused on his guardian and, as the man let a quick smile that disappeared back in his seemingly permanent thin line he had for a mouth, the boy turned to glance at them.

    The task was seemingly... difficult as the man noticed the distant look he had adopted while reading.

    "Is something wrong, Shirou?"

    A cold shiver went down his spine but the child merely blinked at the man. "N-Nothing."

    Kiritsugu stared a little longer, trying to deduce more from the youth's silence but.. he returned soon to eat his food. "You should start eating, the food is getting cold."

    The boy nodded and lunch went uneventful after that.


    Once his body had fully recovered from the traumatic experience, Shirou was able to go for a walk around the city and.. he found what he was searching for.

    Electronic Games and Magazines

    The small shop seemed relatively new and lacking the usual lines people would expect it to have.

    The boy didn't give it much of a thought as he entered the shop and took notice of the shopkeeper.

    "Good morning.." He muttered softly as the man on the other side of the counter merely nodded in recognition.

    The red-haired child was thankful that there were tags that helped to identify the few sections in the place and soon he walked towards the magazines' part of the shop.

    [Warning! A set of actions has triggered a new Quest]

    -First Steps-

    Time Limit: Unlimited

    You need to learn more about the Game but the only solution is to buy the right magazine. Find and buy the magazine that best fit with your needs.

    This Game requires your mind to strategise and improve.

    -500 Yen-
    -LVL UP-

    <Failure> or <Refused>
    -Beginner's Malus: 500% decrease in your EXP gain-


    Pushing the Y, Shirou looked around the display of the few, different copies, trying to find something regarding 'strategy' as the Game as not-so-subtly implied.

    His search ended as he grasped the magazine titled 'Dengeki Nintendo' and gave it a quick look before taking it to the shopkeeper.

    Super Metroid? Street Fighter? Why were those named like these?

    Maybe it was because Shirou had never played with a videogame, or at least from what he could remember (and that wasn't much), but the names sounded curious to read and the images..

    Maybe he will research further those when he will have better funds.

    The magazine was priced.. 720 Yen!?

    The boy had to double-check the price as a grimace settled in his face.

    he had thought this kind of magazines would have been cheaper and maybe even manage to get an ice cream before returning back home.

    He just had 800 yen... but he gulped down the bitter loss of the delicious treat as he went to pay for the magazine.

    The shopkeeper glanced at his face as he left the shop, confused by the fact the young client's depressed outlook after buying something usually enticing for someone his age.


    Shirou's return back home was uneventful as he had expected and he already planned to go back in his room and study the curious magazine in his hands.

    The boy realised that his plans were foiled as soon as he stepped inside the mansion and-*Thud* he was on the ground with an older girl pressing him and snuggling him close to her.


    His reaction would have been richer if it hadn't been the fact he had lost the opportunity to get some nice ice cream as a meal, so he merely blinked as he tried to understand what was going on.

    Fast forward five minutes and the boy was sitting in the living room with Kiritsugu and Taiga.

    Taiga Fujimura was an incredibly cheerful girl that was finishing high school and she was horribly cheerful. Did he already say she was cheerful?

    The reason why she was here? Kiritsugu was her English tutor and.. Shirou could now understand the defeated look the man had adopted as soon as we reached him.

    The girl had apologised for her quirky mannerism but that didn't mean in her mind that she should stop pouncing at him once in a while.

    It was ironic how someone that disliked being called Tiger (even through her name meant exactly that) was prone to adopt this predatorial tactics in her friendly approaches.

    What truly made him fear the smiling girl by his side was the dream she had so happily told him.

    She wanted to become a teacher.

    ...For some reasons he felt like that this very decision was going to impact on his life quite harshly and unavoidably.

    Ten minutes in the private lesson and Shirou was already out of their sight, closing behind him the door of his new room.

    He sat on his bed and gave a long stare at the read in front of him and.. he opened the first page of the magazine.

    Ten minutes later and he was incredibly tired and confused.

    *Ding* You have levelled up!
    Name: Shirou Emiya
    Title: The Gamer
    Age: 7
    Level 2 - Exp: 0.00%
    Health Points (HP) : 150
    Mana Points (MP) : (Blocked)

    POW: 3+1
    INT: 4+1
    AGI: 3+1
    WIS: 4+1
    VIT: 4+1
    CHA: 5+1
    LUK: 10+1

    The Game was just like one of those JRPG games that had started to appear in this time.

    The Protagonist had to level up to face stronger enemies and succeed in his mission, just like a hero in some fairy tale.

    But what was his mission? What was his purpose with this ability of his?

    What was he supposed to do now that he had learned about this much? What could be a good reason to get stronger?

    It was difficult to miss the familiar Quest Box popping up and Shirou's eyes widened in surprise at its content.

    -Grand Quest: The Tutorial Arc-

    Time Limit: 1 Month

    It's in times of need that heroes appear. The hopeless ones are usually hidden by the darkest of secrets and only justice can bring true order in this world. Kiritsugu's hold the key to someone that is dire need of help, someone he can't save because of -?-. Become stronger (LVL.10) and demand an explanation from him.

    You will have your opportunities to improve. Don't waste them.

    -25000 Yen-
    -Improve Kiritsugu's closeness-
    -Improve -?- closeness-

    <Failure> or <Refused>
    -Beginner's Malus: 500% decrease in your EXP gain-
    -Secret Route is closed-
    - -?- fate is sealed forever..-


    Who was -?- and why he/she needed his help? Why was he the one that could do what Kiritsugu couldn't?

    No answer, he thought sadly as time passed by and nothing popped up.

    Hesitation played in his mind of a while but...

    He pressed Y.



    Second chapter is here! Hopefully there aren't as many grammar mistakes as the first one. As always, if someone catch mistakes, I will be more than happy to correct them! I am currently searching from a Beta-Reader but right now the results are... disappointing.

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    Chapter 2: Sword (1)

    Shirou had planned to spend the whole day training, somehow and maybe unlock some feature he had yet to discover about.

    The Game was as mysterious as incredibly complete when it integrated his life in this different system.

    His body sure seemed capable of withstanding a simple training regime without suffering the usual strains of a normal body.

    It was an interesting novelty, but not one devoid of particular limitations.

    His stats were somehow representing his capacity to do things and trying to achieve more difficult excercises actually put his childish body in a labored state.

    It was a slow process that seemed to fasten up if he tried to push himself over that limit even more.

    Reading the magazine had actually given him some ideas how things worked now as he learned much of the term 'Grinding'.

    It was usually referred to train with low-level, safe battles until your character was capable of stepping on the next area of the game without having issues with the difficulty.

    And that was why Shirou had tackled basic workouts first, knowing that it wasn't a dangerous activity and that he would still get some rewards out of it.

    Speaking of results, that was what he got after a full day spent training with just few pauses.

    POW: 8
    INT: 8
    AGI: 6
    WIS: 8
    VIT: 10
    CHA: 6
    LUK: 11
    It was an incredibly small boost but the boy was quite sure the issue wasn't much the Game but how he was training up.

    The workout was a standard one, the same many used to start at the Gym.

    It was frustrating at first as he wanted quick results as quickly as possible. It was a childish notion now that he thought back at it but... he is a kid.

    The schedule was made by:
    -20 Pushups;
    -20 Squats;
    -20 Situps;
    -1KM of complessive runs;

    It was a slug-paced progress but.. he was optimistic. He had a full month to reach LVL10 and discover what his caretaker was hiding from him.

    About Kiritsugu, Shirou was somewhat unnerved by the mere fact the quiet man would always watch him as he trained, expecting something the boy to ask him about that.

    The kid wasn't at fault if he had started to be interest on Magecraft. The capacity to replicate amazing things (even through under the rules of the World) was something a child his age craved in their dreams and Shirou was no different.

    He had planned to pester the man until he conceded.. but studying Kiritsugu's attitude and MO, the boy was sure that any direct confrontations without proper motivation for the man was going to be fruitless.

    It didn't help that his guardian had decided to enroll him to the local school, buying him the books required for the year he was being enlisted at.

    When he noticed the pile of books, he felt a familiar dread and disgust at the source of knowledge as he could remember how difficult studying was.

    It was infuriating how part of him had urged him to plan how to study the pile before the school year started.

    Thankfully this wasn't a difficult thing to accomplish as it was still January and the Japanese school year started in April.

    He had four months to further his current knowledge with the elementary-grade schools and-

    -The Perfume of Literature-

    Time Limit: 4 Month

    You set yourself to step up your studies even during this vacation. It will be quite hard to accomplish this because of your attention's span but.. You could do it. Maybe.

    Plan your schedule in a way that you can fit everything without ruining your other projects.

    -Title: Bookworm-
    -Unlock New Route-
    -Improve -?- closeness-

    <Failure> or <Refused>
    -Title: Mediocre Student-
    -New Route is closed-
    - Decrease -?- closeness-


    Shirou had accepted the new long-timed quest but... why he couldn't know who he was getting close with if he succeeded?

    What if he didn't like whom he was going to met if he passed this Quest?

    Those unanswered questions were soon forgotten by the boy as he started to give a look in the school books, fighting back the various groans and whines as he keep his mind on the target.

    He improved his INT and WIS but.. Shirou felt that he had lost any respect for that part of himself that had advised this plan in the process.

    And yet, with all the grand things he had accomplished.. he didn't felt ready.

    It wasn't paranoia or something like that.. he just had the gut feeling he wouldn't be able to sustain a regular fight.

    He didn't have a fighting style, nor a weapon.

    Shirou wasn't ready to fight.

    That was until something peculiar happened.

    He woke up early in the morning, got dressed and, after a quick stop by the bathroom, he reached the living room.

    Kiritsugu was already there, sipping a small cup of coffee calmly, and they exchanged a greeting.

    "I am going to be busy.. for few days." Shirou was actually surprised by this news, the first time hearing the man speaking of going outside for more than few hours.

    The previous time had been just to go buy some groceries or other stuff.. but few days?

    It was odd how someone as stuck as Kiritsugu was could afford this compound without even hinting in the previous days about a job.

    This was what made the boy still weary of the man, he was far too much secretive for his liking.

    There were so many things left unanswered, things that shouldn't be left unanswered.

    But he didn't deign him some explanation behind this departure, focusing on finishing the coffee and giving him some more stares.

    Kiritsugu was a weird man to live with, Shirou decided to think as the guardian started to prepare his luggage... or at least part of it.

    The child had seen the man loading some of the basic things (shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.) but the baggage seemed to contain much more and his mind wondered what the man was packing for the voyage.

    But he didn't ask him as he found himself incredibly occupied as the man opened the main door just in time for a familiar teenage girl to tackle him on the floor. "Shirou-chan!"

    Taiga Fujimura was going to be his bane, Shirou was sure of that as he struggled out of her surprisingly strong hold.

    How was someone with her petite frame capable of hiding this insane strength?

    It was during that moment of chaos that the boy realised something he should have done long ago.


    The result wasn't pleasant to see..

    Name: Taiga Fujimura
    Title: Young Tiger of Fuyuki
    Age: 14
    Level (???)
    Health Points (HP) : ?
    Mana Points (MP) : Blocked

    H-How and why?!

    The very girl that was embarassing him so much was stronger than LVL12! What is this madness?

    Kiritsugu muttered two quick 'Bye' as he left the house, leaving the boy at the Tiger's whims.

    She seemed to like the idea of spending some time with her 'little brother' and Shirou sure hoped that the girl was going to distract herself somehow and give him a mean to run away in his room.

    His hopes crumbled ten minutes later.

    Taiga sure was bored in the relatively big house and having just Shirou to tease around so.. she decided it was time for him to meet her grandfather.

    The reasoning behind that resolution against boredom was incredibly off by any humane logic, yet there was little he could do about it, knewing that the girl was much stronger than him and.. the boy wanted to avoid getting beaten by the happy-looking Taiga.

    The walk would have been a good way to cool his bruised pride but the girl leading him around started to talk... and talk... and talk.

    Between harmless questions, simple tidbits about her life and how she admired (crushed on) Kiritsugu, the boy's patience started to die down quicker than he had hoped.

    It was an unnerving and unhappy task to avoid snapping at the overly-cheerful 'neechan' that was accompanying him but... he was polite and gritting his teeth as he screeched internally at the torture he had been put in.

    Finally they reached the place where the teen's grandfather lived and-

    Shirou backtracked a little in his thoughts' process, finding this new information and sight actually enlightening on some shady spot of his current life.

    Kiritsugu actually managed to pay everything with just his tutor job with Taiga... because Taiga's family gave more than a normal pay.

    It wasn't difficult to reach this conclusion as he noticed the various thugs walking around the much bigger compound, giving few glances their direction as they entered the place.

    It was how fearful many looked their way as they continued to walk towards the main building.

    And he was staring at a dojo, a big one- Uh?!

    The girl on his side skipped ahead in a quick sprint as she ran towards a.. old man.

    The elder was as tall as the teen, dressed in a green-toned kimono with a tiger-like decoration. His hair had greyed because of his age and his wrinkles just made the already scary face he had even more terrifying for unknowns. "Jiji!"

    The man grinned as the girl that was his granddaughter pulled him in a bear-hug. "Taiga-chan! It's good to see you."

    Taiga giggled and Shirou finally reached them, his presence noticed by the man.

    "A young boy? Taiga-chan, how could you bring your boyfriend here-ugh!"

    The elder recoiled as the teen kicked his shin. "That was not nice, grandpa! You shouldn't say that about brother and sister."

    ...They weren't related and Shirou was quite unsure about the whole family-beyond-blood kind of bond with the girl. How many times he had seen her in total? Four, five?

    "Oh?" The man hummed quietly and gave the child a close look before nodding. "This is Kiritsugu's kid, right?"

    At Taiga's nod, the man smiled and showed his front teeth. "My name is Fujimura Raiga, I am a good friend of your father, Shirou-chan."

    ...Oh God, noooooooooooooooo! Why that nickname!?

    Like heck he was going to let it become a permanent thing!

    "Emiya Shirou. Nice to meet you Raiga-sama." The man blinked at the politeness.

    "This kid is formal! Taiga-chan, maybe you should take some lessons from this boy-ih!"

    The girl proceeded to chop on the old man's head at the jab at her unruly behavior. "Grandpa!"

    This girl was extremely violent, that was an absolute truth in Shirou's mind.


    "Your dad sure is reliable, Shirou-kun." The man chuckled as he stressed the very thing that irked Shirou in that moment. "I had almost lost hopes of getting my hotheaded granddaughter a proper teacher. She is fiery and.. fierce."

    A shiver went down their spines as they watched another kendo match between Taiga and some of the thugs training.

    It was in that sight that Shirou confirmed that the teen wasn't someone to be trifled and that he had to be cautious around.. this brutal young woman.

    "You know, Shirou-kun, I started to fight with a sword at your age." Raiga sighed tiredly as he continued. "It was when Japan was still recovering from the war and.. we had to deal with unpleasant folks in Fuyuki trying to make others' life difficult."

    Banditry was a thing in the city during the post-war period but it wasn't something much remembered because of the relative ill events that had happened around the period.

    Shirou would have liked to hear more about history but a box appeared in front of him as he continued to stare oddly at the swords used.

    Shinai. Its name is... Shinai.

    [Something resonates within your souls... and a new Trait has been unlocked!]

    Sword Proficiency (Rookie) - You have grasped the basic notions of swormanships and can use it in a fight. Your stats receive a 15% Boost when using a Sword-Type weapon.


    Reading the description of the Trait was enough to break whatever phenomenon had got him so mesmerized by the fight and Shirou would have had studied this situation further if-

    "Are you interested in training, Shirou-kun?"

    The question catched his attention and his surprise. "I-I don't want to impose on-" "Nonsense!" Raiga barked at the attempted polite refusal.

    "If you crave for learn the way of the sword, I will not be the one discouraging you!"

    The boy blinked at the quick proclamation and he had barely the time to blink as he was taken by the elder to dress in the protective armor and given a Shinai.

    The moment his hands grasped the practice sword, the Emiya felt his soul becoming hard as steel and his mind cleared up in front of his first opponent.

    The thug was at LVL4 but... Shirou felt so much stronger than before.

    Part of him wanted him to hold back the first fight, to avoid drawing unnecessary attention.

    But he moved naturally through the man's strikes, staring as those approached incredibly slow at him.

    He didn't waste time in hitting through one of the openings in front of him.

    It was then that he realised what had just happened as, while it had been few moments in that beautiful sensation that had driven him until now, it had been few minutes of him playing around with the now confused and shocked thug.

    *Ding* You have levelled up!

    Name: Shirou Emiya
    Title: The Gamer
    Age: 7
    Level 3 - Exp: 47.53%
    Health Points (HP) : 200
    Mana Points (MP) : (Blocked)

    POW: 8 (9,2)+1
    INT: 8 (9,2)+1
    AGI: 6 (6,9)+1
    WIS: 7 (8)+1
    VIT: 10 (11,5)+1
    CHA: 5 (5,7)+1
    LUK: 11 (11,5)+1

    Shirou had barely enough time to blink at the news that he was tackled down by Taiga once again, this time he had also to deal with her sweaty dress pressed on him. "Shirou-chan is super-strong!"

    "He is!" Raiga clapped at the scene, a big smile in his face. "I knew that he is natural at this! Give him some time and training and you will get some serious competition, Taiga-chan."

    The girl smirked challenging. "I will get even more stronger then!"

    What had just happened there?!


    I don't think I need to explain that I cannot push for any ship/harem right now. Shirou is currently 7 and frankly I would like to keep some normality before he get thrown in the full-Nasuverse..

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    Chapter 3: Sword (2)

    Two days have passed since Kiritsugu had gone for his oversea business and Shirou was happy of the schedule he was currently enjoying.

    Two days of listening, enduring the overly-cheerful Taiga Fujimura were rewarded with special lessons that were paid by the Yakuza Boss, or Raiga-jiji as he liked to be called by the redhead.
    While he had to hold back incredibly during lessons, the boy had found peace in the few hours Taiga had to be absent for school or was hanging out with some friends.

    The makeshift dummy he had created out of an empty potato sack, few pillows and sticks was quite decent to experiment out the newly-learnt techniques and... he was content with the current pace.

    Name: Shirou Emiya
    Title: The Gamer
    Age: 7
    Level 7 - Exp: 58.69%
    Health Points (HP) : 400
    Mana Points (MP) : (Blocked)

    POW: 23
    INT: 21
    AGI: 25
    WIS: 25
    VIT: 26
    CHA: 16
    LUK: 15

    The improvement was generated by both his levelling up and other exercises and activities that helped him up to gain stats singularly.

    The means how he gained further CHA was actually surprising as Shirou had just to engage in a long discussion with some of the men under Raiga's control. Most of the time it was easy and quick but the main requirement was determined by how much he had influenced his interlocutor.

    Landing just another hit on the battered dummy, Shirou sat by the edge of the inner courtyard, basking in the soft sun that was moderated by the few clouds in the sky.

    He slowly let his back arch until he reached the wooden floor, his legs hanging by the edge of the sidewalk and... he decided it was a good time to enjoy a nap.

    It was so pleasant to enjoy a moment of a day to let his mind slip out of reality and recover a little from the 'insanity' of everyday.

    Maybe he would go and pick some ice cream after few hours sleeping.

    Yet as his breathing slowed down, Shirou felt something wrong.

    He felt floating but... what?

    His eyes blinked open and Shirou stared at a particular blue sky, beautiful flowers of various colors welcoming him with their natural scents and.. making him feel safe in that unknown place.

    He felt at peace in that everlasting garden, feeling the nature, the soft wind carrying the soul of the world-

    "A true paradise." Shirou's eyes moved slowly on his left, where the voice had commented upon this place. "That is what you are seeing."

    He blinked as he found the origin of said words and he was confused at whom he was looking at, incredibly surprised by the whole appearance regarding the man that happily stared at the fields of flowers and green nature.

    The man turned around, his purple eyes locking on his own as wind ruffled slightly his white hair. A white cloak covered most of his body and he was holding a curious staff made of dark wood and an unknown metal scepter connected together.

    "Welcome to my.. humble prison, I suppose." The man's voice was calm and collected, but had a persuasive charm dripping from his tone. The redhead felt that he could be trusted as he slowly got up from the ground to fully face the stranger.

    "Who are you?"

    His smile widened and... things went weird once more.

    "A handsome demi-incubus, a prophet, a druid and.. the Mage of Flowers!"

    In that brief moment the boy's mind made a quick relation between the weird individual and Taiga because of them both sharing quite the loud personalities.


    The man deadpanned at the child's not recognising him but he soon recollected himself with a cough. "Of course, my titles might have easily disappeared from the world but my name." His smile widened much to Shirou's annoyance. "My name is eternal. I am MERLIN, the greatest mage!"

    That meant actually something in the redhead's mind.

    Merlin was... a wizard, one of the most well-known ones coming from Europe, Britain if he remembered the name correctly, but..

    "I-I don't want to sound disrespectful, Merlin-san, but.. shouldn't you be..."

    "Dead? Gone? It was all a trick to hide my devilish appearance from feeble human minds-" "Old?"


    The man fell on his knees, his hands punching the ground. "Whyyyyyy?" It was a very pathetic scene to witness and the boy merely blinked through it.

    Yet his attention was catched by the distinct sound of tree's branches above him creaking at an unknown weight and Shirou felt something soft land on his right shoulder.

    He turned his eyes to see a curious animal, a small, white critter that resembled a mix of a cat and a squirrel with a small dress around its chest and pure azure eyes staring back at him.


    The boy's confusion melted as soon as he felt something wet on his cheeks and he knew it was the animal licking it. A smile slowly appeared on his face as he slowly let his left hand scratch the creature's little head, drawing some more of its curious sound.

    "Fou.~" The Emiya was so much distracted that he barely noticed that Merlin, now standing once more up, was throwing a glare at the small animal.

    "I see that you have met Cath Palug. If I had the means I would seriously relinquish this little fiend to you."

    Shirou turned to stare at the man's surprisingly harsh words when he felt the animal in his shoulder tensing as it stared at his.. owner?

    It wasn't fear, he could see that his pose was one of preparation for a pounce, a position the boy had seen multiple time being used by Taiga before tackling him on the floor for some hugs.

    "I was joking, you insufferable thing." The white-haired man said in a surrender-ish tone, his hands up in defeat.

    "But I think we have digressed from some unasnwered questions for long enough.. and I kind of need to make this quick to avoid getting some annoying woman-planet thingy poking at my little hell."

    "You are currently in a special plane of existence created by me thanks to a little exploit I found possible thanks to my peculiar set of skills."

    Shirou blinked at this explanation. "I-I thought this was a dream!"

    "I suppose the 'how' this connection is created is the same one goes to sleep. As your consciousness slowly detached from your body to rest, I managed to pull it to this very interesting bubble that is mostly unknown to reality itself that we can use to have a nice chat." Merlin sighed a moment. "The reason why we are not in the real deal is because you would die quickly because of the dense concentration of magic in the air. This is the safest place you could enjoy the beauty of Avalon without dying."

    "Avalon?" The same sounded familiar and.. why did he felt that it meant a lot to him?

    "Are you feeling it?" The Mage asked with a curious voice. "Do you feel as if this word means something special to you?" At his nod the man continued. "Then you are indeed connected with the scabbard."

    At this the boy blinked in utter confusion. "Scabbard?"

    Merlin didn't reply at this, energy flooding out of his staff as from golden light emerged an image.

    It was truly a scabbard, gold and blue were beautifully mixed in a complexity of lines and figures and... he felt his body warming up at the sight.

    "Avalon is currently inside your body." The man revealed calmly, getting Shirou's attention back at him. "But it is barely active, it is just up enough for me to form this connection and allow us this very curious encounter."

    "A-Awake and, what do you mean it is inside of me?" How can an object be inside him without a surgery? He was sure his body was fine-

    "I can see it in your eyes that you are uncapable of grasping 'how is something like that inside my little, childish body' and I will say that you are indeed a newbie magus and that-"

    Shirou froze as the man's eyes went wide that very moment. "Oh my."

    Purple eyes stared close at his body, studying it and analysing him meticulously.. as if a specimen before a scientist. "You... you are much more special than I had initially thought."

    "W-What are you talking about and... why are you staring at me like that?"

    "You got yourself an interesting blessing, one that is actually unknown to me but.. mhhh, it seems that for a fine work it sure is quite incomplete." He extended his open palm. "I think I can do something about it."

    Was he talking about the Game? And what was Merlin saying about this.. fix?

    Now Shirou wasn't someone that distrusted everything and everyone but he felt that this sudden 'fix' could easily be an attempt to either limit the Game or... remove it altogether.

    The boy couldn't afford to give it up now! He- He had so much to do and.. it was his to use!

    Shirou took an involuntary step back. "W-What if I didn't wanted to 'fix' it?"

    "The system, this.. 'Game', is not compatible with your body and you will be suffering a lot in the events that will happen in the future. I think you can see that you are blocked from truly using magecraft and.. that is because your circuits are way too weak and unstable to use with this little rarity you have within you."

    "T-Then-" Merlin sighed as his hand moved quickly to grasp the boy's shivering one.

    "You have to change to be ready."

    A blinding light encompassed the area as Shirou felt his body burning, as if lava had been poured directly in his bloodstream.

    Then his stomach started to hurt much more than the previous torture, the kid falling on his knees as he tried to resist the suffering.

    Excruciating moments passed before the pain started to slowly disappear and.. the boy felt his body covered by sweat and.. pleasant warmth.

    "Phew, that was much more difficult than I had thought it to be." Then he smiled widely as he patted Shirou's free shoulder. "It seems that your new addition is already in action."

    [New energy fills your veins! Merlin created within you a fully-operational Magic Core]

    Magic Core: It is highly difficult to find someone having a full Core, the last few ones owning one being those who preceded the Age of Man. Differently from regular Circuits, the energy within your body is properly created from your body, making you more independent from Gaia's influence.

    <Unlocked!> MP: 800 (+40 MP/m)

    "A.. A Magical Core?"

    Merlin grinned at his work. "Indeed! This sure was something I had done two or three times in my past life, to see I am still capable of pulling those awesome spells-" "Why?"

    The white-haired mage paused a moment before adopting a serious expression, ready to reveal his brilliancy in that very moment-

    "I am bored... and incredibly lonely."

    ... The 'greatest mage' sure was quite airheaded, Shirou concluded in his thoughts as the man started to weep loudly.

    "Y-You don't know how dull it is to be stuck in a tower in the middle of nowhere!" Merlin pointed accusantly at the yawning critter still resting on the boy's shoulder. "And don't let me start with him being the only thing I can talk with. I am a glorified cat lady!"

    "And that's... bad?"

    A soft glare that slowly disappeared as the man realised he was still talking to a child. "O-Of course it is but, what I meant to say is.." He blinked calmly. "I need to talk with someone once in a while. This much thousand-year long silence is starting to kill me and I mean in the mental way."

    "Then why do you stay here? Why not just-" "Oh, that because I had been tricked by a very cold woman. The darling was so cunning that she got me stuck in this part of the universe not many cannot leave."

    That was a confusing explanation. If Merlin had managed to get in Avalon, then why shouldn't he be able to leave it?

    "Let's just say that only those with 'pure heart' can actually leave from that door and.. I want to seriously bail out from this insane prison!"

    "D-Do I have to do anything about that?" Beyond the eccentric attitude, Shirou was certain the man was not that bad.

    "As you are? No, you are far from being helpful with what I require... maybe in few years from now, maybe even sooner if things go much better than I have foreseen."

    His mouth opened to ask more but the boy felt being pulled away.

    "It seems that you are waking up. Well, that means that further questions will await until next time and- I almost forgot." He patted the child's head. "What is your name?"

    Half-tempted to merely deadpan in silence at the incredibly weak question, Shirou decided to reply politely.

    "My name is Emiya Shirou, Merlin-san."

    It was in that moment that Shirou seemingly disappeared from the world, leaving the mage to stare at the empty spot the youth had once occupied.

    "What is that -san the boy had just used.." The mage turned where the white animal had landed.. only to see nothing. "Cath Palug-GAH!"

    The small critter jumped down a nearby branch to 'Dynamic Kick' the Magus' cheek, sending him KO.

    Meanwhile the Gamer woke up to a very, very annoying and unfortunate scene.

    The last thing he remembered before resting was being alone, without Taiga and enjoying his good peace.

    Now a pair of arms had gotten him caged close to the now-sleeping Tiger of Fuyuki, the girl having taken two pillows and a long sheet to make their rest comfortable.

    It was somewhat nice coming from the loud girl and.. part of him felt quite awkward at knowing how he had been attempting so fiercely to distance himself from the kind young woman.

    Maybe he will give her what she truly wanted... maybe.

    "Shirouuu-chaannn." The girl spoke in her sleep, bring his head close to the not-so-small bosom she had. It was incredible how her clothes hid it so well and... the boy was incredibly unsure how to feel about that.

    So he closed his eyes and finally catched the sleep that had eluded him for so long, unaware that the scene was being seen from afar by a pair of red eyes, interested in the curious phenomenon he had perceived not so long ago.


    Shirou is clueless and distant, the latter is going to disappear overtime as he opens up to others.

    Why I pulled Merlin so early on? I had always thought what he was doing during FSN, as he should have had some connection with Avalon... being trapped in the Avalon section of the Reverse Side of the World. The Nasuverse facts regarding his current whereabouts are quite shady, some says that he managed to escape early during Charlemagne's era while the most prominent line of thought is that he is stuck in the mystery known as Avalon.

    Am I planning some OP things with him? Maybe in the distant future. I've planned for Shirou to.. have a special Arc with him leading during Old Arc I and Old Arc II.
    Will Taiga go 'Ara, Ara' or keep her usual attitude? Both. I think that since Shirou is going to be much more active in his life, relationships will suffer a major improvement as I think what hadn't made Taiga that much interested in the Emiya was that he was so simple-minded on helping others and never seeing what and who he had around his private life. I don't plan anything too big but there will be some fluff/funny moments between them.

    Realism in Game!Fics: I have stressed well enough that I will give a major effort in keeping things as real as the Nasuverse allows me to do. There might be people contesting some odd decisions or facts and I can say, after having seen some confusion regarding Illya's Grand Debate, that a quick check for the offical sources will help a lot for those that are unsure of certain situations. P.S. Illya's age is Shirou's age +3 thus she is 10 right now.

    Magic Core and UBW: One of the greatest restrains Shirou was supposed to have was not being able to recover MPs because his magical energy, like pretty much everyone else, is meant to be dependant to Gaia's rules. Without a proper consumable capable of restoring MP Shirou's capacity to grow as a Gamer!Protagonist is stunted by this mortal rule. A Magic Core is considered a powerhouse in the Nasuverse, capable of not only filter better Magical Circuits, reducing the risk of Mana Depletion, but it also helps out Shirou in stepping up his worth in the big world. UBW is... possibly not going to become a thing. The only reason Shirou truly manifest his Reality Marble is because he had a strong reason and a high connection to the despair that triggered it. He starts to dreams about dying on a hill with swords when the Holy Grail War starts, thus the catalyst for that 'reaction' is the HGW itself. I can try to introduce it but.. as I said, I am here to not break any(/Too many) of the rules of this universe.

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    Chapter 4: Sword (3)

    Parry, dodge, exploit one of the few, visible opening and start again.

    This little scheme was what had ruled over Shirou's mind as he tried to finally beat Taiga in that spar. Her shinai was customised with a yellow-black striped strap on it, something interesting to stare at the first time he saw it but also one of the reasons the teen had never been accepted in official kendo tournaments.

    The rules were quite strict regarding the appearance of the tool, condemning highly those who altered it even just a little.

    She didn't care, she had told him when he had questioned why she hadn't removed it, she liked how things turned out to be with that choice.

    It was difficult to discern if she was talking about the general situation or just that she had met Kiritsugu, which she didn't bother to hide her interest about him.

    The first few days also saw her probing for more knowledge, things the man could have told Shirou, because he was his 'son', and not her because she was a friend.

    His reply was the same every single time she would ask. He spoke few times and mostly about present things.

    If the man had blurted more about himself, Shirou wouldn't be so intrigued by him and his secretive life.

    The girl's reaction was a pout, no words nor further pressuring over him, because she knew he was being honest to her about that.

    *Ding* You have levelled up!

    Name: Shirou Emiya
    Title: The Gamer
    Age: 7
    Level 9 - Exp: 68.87%
    Health Points (HP) : 440
    Mana Points (MP): 1000 (+45 MP/m)

    POW: 26 (30)
    INT: 24 (27,6)
    AGI: 28 (32,2)
    WIS: 26 (29,9)
    VIT: 31 (35,6)
    CHA: 19 (21,8)
    LUK: 20 (23)

    The few things Shirou enjoyed out of sparring with the absurdly strong girl was 1) the EXP he was gaining and 2) the fact he had indeed developed a new Skill.

    Charged Attack (LVL. 2/10) - Deliver a powerful strike against your opponent! The ATK is determined by POW*5! (Cost: 40MP)

    The boy was thankful that there was any of the special lights that would show any strange occurance as he used the Skill mid-fight just like he had read happen in the magazine.

    Sweat was starting to pour from his forehead as his efforts were quite fruitless against her.

    Nothing managed to get through her flexible defense and her shinai moved so quickly that he had to adopt unorthodox way to not get hit so much-


    HP: 432/440

    Again! He tried to move away from the barrage of precise strikes and fast stabs at his sparring armor but the girl was so aggressive that any attempt to get her to focus on herself vanished the very moment he tried to attempt something.

    She was constantly attacking him and trying to breach through her feeble defense was nigh impossible for him, the boy forced to reduce the impacts of every single attack thrown his way.

    He was close to LVL. 10... but he was still unable to beat anyone!

    What an infuriating notion.

    -18!! CRIT!

    HP: 414/440

    This last attack reached his head and made him recoil unvoluntarely as the girl delivered another set of attacks he barely managed to avoid.

    Half an hour later and Shirou was thankful that Taiga had to go to school as his HP had reached a worrying 208/440.

    Sore and quite irked at knowing he was far from being able to do something meaningful, the boy decided to go for a walk to the park nearby.

    Shirou was grateful that he had finally come to see the park.

    He could remember having been there before the fire, but this somehow didn't make up to the pleasant wind and warmth he could feel as he made a slow walk around the almost empty place.

    Children were at school and many adults were working at this time of the day, making the whole experience even better for someone that wanted the minimum contact with people that very moment.

    With a sigh, the boy decided to sit in one of the benches that gave towards the small lake sited near the far end of the natural location.

    No matter how little and bruised was Fuyuki, the city was still capable of giving quite some nice views.

    Part of him wondered where he could find some ice cream, just so to add even more delight to this good visit.

    He smiled contently, looking from afar the lively section of the city, beyond the park.

    "What a waste of space." Shirou froze at those words, hearing them being pronounced just few moments away from him.

    He turned slowly to see the origin of the comment, a youthful man sitting on the free space of the bench, blond hair and red eyes as he stared dully at the park.


    It was curiousity that drove the child to question the harsh review over the park.

    "This could have easily been turned in a place of production, a section of houses.. and yet someone decided to be dictated by some fake emotion like mercy."

    The redhead blinked at the explanation but stood silent as they both continued to stare at the place.

    "Do you... think creating park is useless?" It was a simple question and Shirou put an effort to try and avoid sounding too much annoying with his tone.

    He was happy when the reaction was a simple scowl, lacking any sort of negative connotation regarding him. "I suppose that my rightful opinion is influenced by the good rule from my home, but I know this is just a disgraceful way to spend resources and time."

    The boy nodded slowly at the stranger's words, turning his full attention to the man.

    He got just a glance as the blond continued to stare placidly at the sight in front of them.

    "W-While I understand your explanation, sir." Shirou started calmly, awkward and somewhat wary of the individual he was speaking with. "I think that.. it has still some uses."

    Silence ruled for a while as a gust of wind cooled the hot weather and refreshed the redhead's mind.

    "Indeed?" It was relayed slowly, the man's stare having steeled for a moment to weight his words.

    "I-I mean, it makes the city less... boring?" It had a playground and.. people liked to run and excercise in this particular place of the town, maybe even enjoy some quiet rest there.

    "You.. are telling some truth." A sigh, a tired one, left the red-eyed individual's mouth. "I am quite pleased to see something that can help in soothing one's mind."

    "Also it has.. a nice place for kids." Shirou blurted quickly, a bit embarassed once he considered what he had just said.

    "Perhaps." The stare softened as the man seemed to remember something. "Childhood will always be the easiest time for everyone."

    He stood up and silently started to walk away, surprising Shirou, then he stopped.

    "You have good chances to become great, to redeem the decadence." His tone was prophetic and the boy felt those words to be true in his mind. "I will watch you closely as you grow stronger and become the founder of a new era."

    The greatest promise, one of power and duty.


    Kiritsugu was back.

    Shirou stared in surprise as he returned early back home to find the man applying some fresh bandages over... that.

    It wasn't a normal wound, his skin blackened around the damaged tissue, too much blood flowing out of it for that to be something caused by a natural situation and-


    The boy froze as the man's blank stare was upon him. "I-I'm sorry- I didn't expect you to-"

    "It's not your fault." He responded curtly, understanding. "I didn't say that I could have returned earlier."

    The child merely nodded at his words and the man finished putting his dress on.

    "You seem different." Panic surged in the boy's mind at those words.

    Did he knew that something was wrong with him? That he was weird enough to investigate?

    As an excuse formed in his mind, he felt Kiritsugu's hand grasping his left arm and he felt stinging.

    "Your Circuits." The man mused loudly, a slim note of surprise playing there. "They are active.
    "I-I-" The hold tightened and Shirou felt true fear as the man advanced towards him.

    The door of the living room opened as Taiga stepped inside but paused at the scene, her initial smile crumbling in confusion. "K-Kiritsugu?"

    Whatever the man had planned to do ceased in that moment, the dark-haired guardian sitting near the table.

    The girl finally smiled again. "You are back early! Did Shirou tell you that he started to train in Kendo?"

    Kiritsugu froze mid-sip from his cup of tea. "Taiga."

    The teen blinked at the tone. "Yes, Kiritsugu?"

    "Tell Raiga-san that I will no longer tutor you."

    ... "W-What?" Her tone broke a little. "W-What do y-you mean?"

    "I was quite clear with the man with our deals. He overstepped his boudaries and now we are done. Go back home, Fujimura-san."

    Shirou felt numb as he continued to stare silently and wide-eyedly at the scene. This was the first time Kiritsugu reacted to viciously and.. with Taiga especially.

    The girl was a pest and quite annoying.. but even he had put some limits in his disdain.

    Speaking of her, tears were now freely falling off her face as she was trying to make sense in that insane logic.

    Then she steeled herself, giving a small nod and started to walk away from the house, the front door harshly closing with a slam and leaving just them alone once again.

    For the first time in a very long time, Shirou felt that this was beyond his patience.

    The man had been secretive, barely interacted with him.. and he dared to do this?

    Shirou stood up.

    "Where are you-" He didn't hear the last part of the question, his legs running quickly out of the house and out of that gloomy room.

    His destination?

    Taiga had done nothing wrong and.. he had to apologise.

    An apology for being such a brat.

    An apology for what had just happened and...

    An apology because he had lied to himself.

    She might be overbearing with her eccentric antics but.. she wasn't bad enough to warrant his disdain.

    She wasn't there when the fire had happened and.. she had tried to not mention it.

    She had never tried to remind him of that tragedy as she knew.. he would not stomach that.

    And here he was, running madly through the streets of the city, ignoring any stares his direction as he finally reached the compound.

    Pausing a moment to regain a composure out of that breath-taking rush, Shirou walked slowly but determinately towards the entrance.

    He found Raiga staring at him impassively as he stepped inside the main building and his stare fell to the ground, ashamed of the predicament.

    "It was Kiritsugu, right?" That catched the redhead off-guard and the elder took it as a positive response, sighing at the situation. "I should have been careful about that, I had forgotten about those bits of our agreement and.. now my granddaughter is stuck in her room, denying anyone entry.. even her Raiga-jiji."

    He deflated for a moment before trying to appear stern once again. "Go and.. help her. I.. I can trust you to not hurt her, can I?"

    Shirou gulped at the subtle/not-so-subtle threat. "I-I am not going to hurt her!"

    "Good." A small smile and the boy was directed to the door keeping him from knowing how hurt she was.

    He felt his shoulders heavying as he knocked thrice at the door, softly. "G-Go away, Jiji-" "It's me."

    Few moments passed and Shirou frowned as silence reigned for a while. "T-Taiga-" The door opened quickly as the girl's arm snatched him inside.

    The room hardly resembled any of the ways the boy had imagined a girl's room, the walls were a dark shade of yellow, few posters of some rock bands and a small desk with a school bag and some book on it.

    "W-What are you doing here, Sh-Shirou-chan?"

    Usually he would have groaned at the nickname but.. he let it go, knowing that the circumstances were far from normal.

    "I-I.." He gulped as he felt the nervous knot in his throat tightening. "I wanted to-to apologise."

    She blinked from her shelter... of pillows and tiger plushies? What was he seeing?!


    "I-I had treated you badly by-by ignoring you and.. and you were kind and-" He was tackled but this time he was more than happy to have someone to hold onto.

    His face pressed one her shoulder and.. he cried.

    He hadn't cried when he woke up in the hospital, he didn't cry when he realised he was alone in the house without Kiritusgu.

    Maybe.. maybe it was the fact he knew Taiga, he could see her face, remember her smile and.. he could remember her.

    "You did nothing wrong, Shirou-kun." She sniffed in his own shoulder. "You-You are not at fault."

    Shirou smiled a little in her hold, enjoying that brief moment of mutual honesty he was having with Taiga.

    "T-Thank you, T-Taiga-neechan."

    The hug tightened and he could feel her smile. It wasn't the usual happy smile no... it was a genuine one.

    "Y-You are welcome, Otouto."​


    Shirou is emotional all of sudden, why? As much as I can make Shirou stoic, he doesn't have Gamer Mind. He has still feelings keeping him rooted from fully going cold to the world and.. he is still a child. Mood swings are still a thing at his age, especially when he is so far influenced from the fire. He had already lost someone he cared and.. he didn't wanted to lost anyone else this soon.

    Is this going to end in some serious pairing? Nope. I am still thinking if a single pairing is truly a good idea by the end of what I've planned. In the previous draft it was all planned for Illya being Shirou's only one. In this version? I don't know but I might as well if things go a certain way.

    Kerry is a cold b*stard, shouldn't he be a little more warm with people? You all have to consider the fact Kiritsugu's attitude thawing happens much after the 4th HGW and he had just returned from his first failing attempt to recover Illya. He is incredibly bitter and quite restricted to see whom he had taken under his wing practicing something remotely dangerous. In that brief moment of over-protectiveness he put on the pragmatic mask he had used during the war once more, one that barely value others' feelings again.

    Taiga is stronger than Shirou, but Shirou has.. Magecraft? Considering Nasu's own words (surprisingly not-so-paradoxical in this case), Taiga is actually pretty strong. She has been trained for years in Kendo, many whining how she had wasted her potential by not going for some official career in the sport, her shinai is also stated to be 'possibly' a demon sword and... her luck is EX. I am not joking about this, it is said that she had somehow avoided three armageddon-level disasters mid-4thHGW. Don't worry, Shirou will beat her in few chapters thanks to magical exploits.

    Gilgamesh and his.. weird introduction:
    I had planned to make his introduction as violent as I did in the previous draft but.. I considered the fact very few tries to use the new information we have regarding Gilgamesh, especially his Caster version. While his Archer version is quite stick-in-the-mud, he is still wise to some extent to not try to go Gung-ho against everyone. The reason he had been so vehemently attacking Shirou in the Canon is a mix of anger and arrogance since he cannot accept the mere idea of someone stealing his thunder, something he was 'born' to have only for himself.

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