Hey Everyone!

I realize that I probably should've posted this here instead of over at Doujin Projects since a Fan Visual Novel is, at its core, not much more than a choose your own adventure type Fan Fiction. So I apologize and would ask any mod that sees this to delete whichever post is the one that's in the wrong section (presumably the old one under Doujin Projects). I'm very sorry for the confusion. I guess I was a bit nervous as this is my first such project. Thanks in advance!

I just registered an account here because I figured that there may be some people interested in a Fan Visual Novel I wrote. This is mainly a copy & paste from the reddit thread I made yesterday. There is a TL;DR at the bottom.

For the past few months I worked on a Fate Fan Visual Novel called "Why is there a Bashmu in my Room?" or as my friends shortened it "BaRu". Today, I finally released it on itch.io for free (since I obviously don't own the Fate franchise and just want to share what I made with other fans). If you can't follow the link, you can always just search itch.io for the game's title "Why is there a Bashmu in my Room?"

It would be great if someone actually checked this out and left some feedback, as this is the first time I ever did something like this.

I got the idea for this while playing FGO and developed it together with some friends, but knowledge of FGO isn't really important to understand the VN.

So what is this? It's a three routes (+ some extra stuff) long Visual Novel about a bashmu (an ancient Mesopotamian dragon) that accidentally enters our world through a weird thing called a "plot twist" and about Josh, a young man from Dallas that is pulled into its story through greed and (bad?) luck. Of course, all of this is somehow related to and includes servants, masters, and of course a holy grail.

All three routes are vastly different, with the first one starting off slowly to set up the story and the later routes being much longer and most definitely less tame. Overall, this visual novel is several hours long, so don't get confused when the first credits roll after the introductory route.

I included a colorful mix of servants from Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, Fate/Grand Order, and even Fate/Extra, but also some new inventions of mine or different spins on existing servants. My drawings are admittedly super unprofessional, but luckily one of my friends got hyped up enough while proof-reading for me that he re-drew some of the characters that he found most interesting.

I'm new to writing VNs and writing in general and would be incredibly grateful for any sort of feedback.

TL;DR: I made a Fate VN. You can download it for free on itch.io (you can search for the full title if the link doesn't work).