Hello yall! I recently ordered the physical version of Witch on the Holy Night from Japan, and I am having trouble getting it to download. I know on the website it had a patch to make it work on windows 8/10, but even still when I try and use the setup to install the game I can only get it to the page where it shows a bar and the green that I assume means that it will start downloading stops really early and does not continue (I let it run over night and it did not change). I am a bad when it comes to software/technology in general so I am probably missing something obvious that is causing this, but if anyone else who has installed the game through a physical copy could give some help that would be greatly appreciated!
Also, as a side note my computer does not have a disk drive so I am using a portable one that connects to the computer through a USB cord, so maybe it just does not work with that and I need to use a machine that has access to an internal disk drive? Any advice would be appreciated since I really want to download French TL and read the last half! Hope anyone who reads this has a good day!