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Thread: Fate/Closure [IC Thread]

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    Yamashita Hiro
    Shinto - love hotel district
    Night phase

    “Ah...” Hiro let out a rather satisfied sigh. One that perhaps was not entirely out of place in a love hotel. It was odd how much better a handful of expired OTC painkillers and a simple half assed wrap made him feel.

    Logically, there really shouldn’t be much improvement yet. The pills, even if they had any potency at all, which the slight magus doubted, shouldn’t have hit his system yet. And though the wrapping had been done to a satisfactory level, in theory that shouldn’t effect how he felt right now, it just meant the wound would heal easier.

    But he felt better.

    Perhaps that was because it would heal now and does he didn’t have to worry about it. The fire spirit told him under no uncertain circumstances should he ever have an exposed wound. That predator spirit would not allow such a sign of visible weakness.

    And yet, the boy didn’t think that was truly the cause of his improved outlook. There was something undeniably comforting about the feelings of another person, the touch of someone else’s hands. Somebody wished for his improvement, and his spirit took comfort in that. Not the spirits of the demon, that angry devil that lie within him. No the spirits of the hiro. The spirit of Yamashita.

    Despite the constant encroachment of the devil, that which was Yamashita still stood unbowed.

    “Thank you again,” the boy said to his temporary caretaker. “ And let me apologize, for the gentleman who owns this… Let’s call it… Fine establishment. Unfortunately sometimes when you are so used to working with tools, after a while, you only see something that needs to be screwed.”

    It was then there was a entirely unusual pause to the conversation.

    Hiro went silent.

    And then miss Luna beheld something in its own way was as rare for the sickly mage she was treating as was the rage of the great spirit within him.

    Because Hiro Yamashita blushed all the way from his hairline to the still exposed leg Luna was wrapping. appeared perhaps, only to late, he realized that had been phrased...carelessly.

    ”Th-that is to say,” he helped, his normally soft voice coming out quite high pitched. “It’s not worth thinking about what he said. Or what I said. Don’t think about what anyone just said!”

    Hiro loudly coughed into his open hand for a moment, obviously trying recover some poise.

    ”At any rate, saving you was something anyone would do, or at the very least something anyone should do. It was something I always would do. Of course I will ask for absolutely no payment because none is either deserved nor warranted, however, I would take it as a kindness if you were to forget everything that you saw or at least not speak of such. Needless to say it would be uncomfortable for me if you things that you saw were to become common knowledge.”

    Hiro took a moment to set his throat with some tea they had prepared from packages located in the bed side drawer.

    ...It went without saying, but they had discovered another small package in the very same drawer as well, but they had certainly left that item alone.

    ”As you might imagine, explaining what you saw in detail would take far more time then we have tonight. However perhaps I should at least introduce myself a little bit better now that we have some time. I come from a family of mages that not so long ago, was quite wealthy. However, and this is the reason that I was happy to hear about the discount, a few generations back, we made a particular purchase. Now where we once were rich in finances we now possess lore...a special lore. I came to this small town seeking answers. You and I do not know each other very well but I suspect you are seeking something similar as well. Perhaps we could assist each other.”

    ”...With that in mind...if you are comfortable discussing such with a simple hero...”

    ”What can you tell me about your certainly very recent arrival to this time...”

    ”...Because I know a rayshift when I see one”
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    Alicia Rosenkop & (Hiyako Tsurara)
    Miyama- Streets
    Night Phase

    Battle Info

    Counted from the first round after an offensive action is declared.

    Masaki Taichi: 1st turn fighting seriously.
    Masaki Tomomi: ... Exhausted-! (Brief respite was not enough to recover stamina).
    Alicia Rosenkop: 2nd turn fighting seriously (Brief respite was not enough to recover stamina)
    Hiyako Tsurara: 1st turn fighting seriously.
    Sakaki Yuuna: Full Stamina.

    Saber of the Heavenly Blood:


    Letting those feeling pour out into a river of emotions, you unleash a counter-attack. On paper, it's merely a D-ranked application of your magecraft, even in practice it is hardly anything more than countless glass shards held together in the shape of a javelin. And yet, even if that attack is one that will never reach the swordswoman because of its simplicity, it is one that she cannot help but to subconsciously acknowledge, for it is backed up by a powerful sentiment. If anything, that's about the only difference between this projectile and the least.

    Yes, nothing will change.


    However, as if to oppose the idea of failure, Masaki Tomomi chooses to support your offensive one more time. Gathering dust into crystal shards, she places them in a strategic formation before firing them all at once, her body becoming the trigger of a deadly shotgun. And though the result may appear to be rather chaotic to the naked eye, the truth is that it is anything but. Despite the fight that Tomomi is already pushing the limits of her stamina with this, each projectile is accurate and meant to cover the openings left by your own attack. In other words, it ensures the creature will be hit, no matter what. And for your plan to succeed, that might be the only thing that is needed.

    Unfortunately, beings that have far surpassed the boundaries of humanity are not bound to such naive concepts. Indeed, heroes who weave miracles with every turn they take will always find a way out of a 'no matter what'-!

    And so, each projectile is repelled, no, each projectile is completely reduced to nothing with a single swing of her blade. Ah, it's all in vain... From the very beginning, to approach it like this has been pointless. That should have been left clear after the first exchange.

    To repeat the same thing expecting a different result. That is insanity.

    Even so...

    Mages... Demon-Hybrids... It matters not. This force is a stranger to neither, and both borrow power from it, even now. Because as long as at least one percent of their humanity remains within their soul, they'll continue to apply this method which defies all reason and which challenges the laws of the world itself. Yes, even if each of the ripples they create prove to be ultimately insignificant, they'll keep doing so in a selfish act of resistance. Sadly, that itself might be the reason why humanity acknowledges no one and, in turn, is not acknowledged by any. Sometimes, not even by their own kind.

    So even if this one failed, even if it has been proven that this thing has some sort of defense against the type of attack you are using, be it direct or indirect in its application, you'll continue to fire because stopping means to give up and in this situation to give up is to die. If all you can do is being an annoying yet harmless mosquito, then so be it-!

    You'll stand proud and reject this fate and the despair it brings while you are at it-!

    To oppose that brave resolve... The swordswoman takes a single step forward.

    It can feel no emotion, nor perceive the world in the same way humans do, but... It probably understands by now that it has been too long already. She's not the sort of hunter who would delay the inevitable by playing with her prey. No, she just completes a quest in the most efficient manner and then moves to the next without flinching. In other words, now that all the obstacles have been shoved apart, it will direct its hostility towards Tomomi and you, the girls who've first encountered her.

    No, wait a moment, there is still one more obstacle that needs to be overcome.


    Namely, the maid who has been quietly watching over the battlefield, a pragmatic warrior much like the opponent she is up against.

    Standing in such way that her body would be ready to act the moment the shadow decides to move, she puts the children and the injured behind her, so that the enemy has to go through her if she wishes to inflict them further harm.

    Behind her, she can hear Tomomi rushing to assist her injured brother.

    Normally, tossing her life away for someone other than her lord would be an act unbefitting of her.

    But then again, coming here to rescue Masaki Tomomi has been an order.

    So dying in the line of duty is more than acceptable.

    That is to say, dying AFTER making sure her task has been completed, is allowed.

    In that case...

    The air grows tense with each passing second, and then...


    Then something hits you. No, something hits everyone near you. It's not something with a physical form, yet it's just as capable of crushing you. It's a pressure that suddenly invades the streets going uphill, a hammer over your heads but, above all, a proof of heritage. For the source of this overwhelming presence capable of bringing others to their knees, capable of freezing her surroundings solid without a touch, is no other than Hiyako Tsurara. Yes, before the maid and the shadow can engage in combat, the demon-hybrid, who has just recovered from the last exchange, jumps one more time into the fray, baring her fangs without holding anything back this time.

    It's insane.

    Because no matter how strength you give to an ant, it will never be able to stop a powered chainsaw. And, just like before, there is nothing stopping it from just intercepting the Yakuza girl again. This time, however, Saber will make sure to finish the job. But then, something impossible happens.

    Reality resists in agony as an invisible force tries to make it submit to its will.

    And for a moment, that force is successful.

    For a moment, the demon's arm which should have brought her sword down remains still as if to defy its owners orders.

    And, in the time it takes for it to process what has happened, another swordswoman swings her sword without mercy.

    An sword clad in demonic ancestry, capable of slaying beings both alive and dead.

    An impossible sight.

    A being that is merely a shadow should never be able to bleed. Yet the moment the monster retreats after being struck by Hiyako's attack, blood sprays violently from its wound. That image is strong enough to wipe away the fact that her arm should have been removed from its body or at the very least been left unusable.

    But you already know how it goes with heroes and no matter whats.

    Even if said hero discards their humanity and becomes a demon, as long they have been the incarnation of a legend at some point, that rule will not change.


    Alarmed, Saber jumps back, retreating a second time.

    And it is a good thing she does, for a moment later, claws stronger than steel cut through the space where she once stood.

    There, between Saber and Tsurara...

    Is another creature of the night.

    A shade, a wolf fighting to defend its territory, one that was presumed defeated, yet was merely hiding in the shadows waiting for the right time. And that had been the right time. If Saber had been one breath too slow, it would have claimed its head right then and there.

    Yes, for if there is something this wolf knows to do is to hide.

    It has done it so well thus far that only now you are able to notice its presence.

    Only now that you can see it.

    And, at the same time, it's only now...

    That your world finally fades to black.
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    Alicia Rosenkopf
    Miyama- Streets?
    Night Phase?

    It was white.

    As far as the eye could see, a scenery of vacant white surrounded Alicia, seeming to stretch on endlessly in every direction including beneath her.

    She was floating, floating, her whole body felt unreal and weightless, like a wisp of cotton drifting through the sky. Her thoughts, too, seemed fleeting and indistinct, shards dancing at the corners of her consciousness that Alicia had to mentally wrench together to form an intelligible shape. Alicia felt like if she lost focus for even a single second, her entire being both body and soul would unravel and join the monotonous nothingness all around her.

    "Where... am I?" Alicia asked herself woozily. Her words seemed to echo out endlessly, growing dimmer and dimmer until they were swallowed up by the white void and disappeared entirely. No answer came. Unsurprisingly given this world's sparseness, there didn't seem to be any other occupants.

    As bleary as her consciousness was, Alicia did her best to regain her bearings and figure out what had happened. The last thing she remembered before blacking out was that snarling wolflike shade from before leaping in front of her. Almost... protectively? Had it trying to guard her from the demonic swordswoman?

    "Ugh," Alicia groaned and rubbed her throbbing temples. She didn't have time to pursue that train of thought right now, not when she was still so disoriented. All her mental energy was better saved trying to understand how she'd gotten 'here' in the first place.

    Was she dead? That was the most obvious answer that sprang to mind. She had just been fighting a monster after all, and losing. Perhaps after the wolf's arrival, either it or the swordswoman had lopped her head off before she even had time to react.

    No, Alicia hastily dismissed the thought almost as soon as it had arrived. She didn't know much about the afterlife, but a featureless pale void didn't seem like the teaching of any religious tradition. Besides, she felt alive. Alicia was sure of that much. Even if her vitality was only flickering weakly right now, she knew the candle of her life had yet to be truly extinguished.

    So... what she was doing here, in this blank purgatory that seemingly lay between life and death?

    -Suddenly, a presence cut through Alicia's inward musings. A new arrival in her vacant world, its appearance contrasted sharply with the white nothingness surrounding her.

    Before Alicia's eyes, a pitch-black wolf whose body seemed to be formed entirely from roiling darkness appeared in front of her. Though at first it was hazy and amorphous as if captured in an out-of-focus camera, the beast's shadowy frame coalesced until it was fully solid and standing before her. Its eyes were the only points of light on its otherwise featureless body, beady gold pinpricks that pierced Alicia with unfathomable intention.

    Ah, it's the same. It's just the same beast that had saved her from the swordswoman before and she'd seen right before passing out. But what was it? And why did it seem so overwhelmingly familiar, like a wave of deja-vu was assaulting Alicia's senses every time she looked at it?

    "Wh...who are you?" Alicia asked weakly. The wolf ignored her. If it comprehended her intention to communicate, the beast didn't show any response but instead began to lope silently towards Alicia while keeping its golden eyes locked on her own. Alicia just stood there, confusion rooting her to the spot. She supposed she should be scared by a wolf approaching her, but somehow Alicia only felt a curiosity bubbling up from within her as what the creature wanted from her.

    No, to begin with Alicia sensed the wolf meant no harm to her, no matter how threatening it appeared.

    The beast trod closer to Alicia, crossing the distance between them until its snout was nestled against her waist. It was a tender, almost affectionate gesture, and Alicia couldn't help but respond in turn. Reaching down she placed one hand on the beast's head and began patting it gently. Its inky-black fur was surprisingly soft to the touch and Alicia found herself eagerly stroking her fingers across it. The wolf let out a small, pleased moan and nuzzled closer to Alicia.

    Alicia smiled sweetly, continuing to brush the beast's pelt as she spoke. "There's a good boy, you're not going to hurt me are you?" This time the wolf responded to her words, cocking its head up to meet Alicia's gaze. For a moment, Alicia swore she saw some human emotion flicker across its dark eyes.

    Then, without warning the wolf opened its mouth wide, and---


    -Clamped its jaws down around Alicia's outstretched hand.


    Pain beyond pain overtook Alicia, and she could only scream. She tried to pull her hand back but the beast's grip was too strong, and the effort only sent further waves of agony rippling down her arm. Crimson lifeblood seeped from where the wolf's fangs pierced her skin, dripping into the infinite abyss beneath them.

    Alicia felt her consciousness growing weak, until it was barely clinging on to her body. Even the pain that had been formerly ravaging her now felt far away and unreal.

    Several last thoughts passed through her mind.

    'Is this it?'

    'I'm really going to die here?'

    'At least, I wanted to see Tomomi's face one last time...'

    For some reason, after those thoughts dissipated a sense of surprising calmness and peace washed over Alicia. She looked into the wolf's eyes, finding them devoid of hatred or pity.

    Alicia smiled sadly. 'Ah, it's just an animal driven by its own instincts. It doesn't hate me, or want to hurt me, it's just acting based on what it is.' Even though it was in the middle of devouring her, Alicia still feel a strange kinship with the beast. Almost as if they were two halves of the same coin.

    "You must be really hungry, aren't you Mr. Wolf?" Alicia murmured sympathetically. "Well it's okay. Feel free to gorge on my flesh and blood as much as you'd like if it'd make you feel better." Letting those words carry her into the abyss, Alicia closed her eyes and waited for the end to come.

    "-Let silver and steel be the essence."

    A distant voice tugged at the edges of Alicia's fraying consciousness. It sounded beautiful and melodious, like the lullabies her grandma used to sing for her. Her mind was still cloudy but Alicia clung to that voice with all her strength, holding onto it like an anchor lest she slip away from the world entirely.

    "Let stone and the archduke of contracts be the foundation."

    The sound grew closer and louder, and Alicia suddenly realized it was her own voice chanting it. The words flowed from her mouth without Alicia even comprehending their meaning, like a song she was reciting by memory.

    "Let ignorance be the sin I pay tribute to.
    Let the flames that were never ours be revered.
    Let the nine lost virtues reunite with the tenth.
    Let it be filled. Again, Again, Again, and again."

    As the incantation continued, her words crackled with power and authority, like the ionized air preluding a thunderstorm.

    "---I announce.

    I am the one who shall bring your body into existence and you are the one whose sword shall seal my doom.
    In accordance with the approach of the Holy Grail, I order you to cast aside the darkness binding you and answer-!

    Here is our oath.

    We are the ones who will toss away our lives for salvation.
    We are the ones who will claim our lives from damnation."

    That's right, Alicia remembered now. She couldn't die here. She had friends, Tomomi and the others who were relying on her. If she went and bit the dust here, who would help them in defeating that daemon? She'd made a promise, to fight together with them, and by golly Alicia was going to keep it!

    And that meant staying alive. She'd survive whatever this freaky dream-trial was and return to reality. Then she'd reunite with Tomomi and they could kick that spectral creep's butt together! At least, that's what the heroines in those adventure novels she always read would say.

    "For two reckless warriors, this is our last regret.

    DEVOUR MY FUTURE AND MANIFEST, Assassin of the Stray Path!"

    Her mantra reached a roaring crescendo, as Alicia poured every drop of her newfound resolve into those last words.

    ---And on that cue, the world itself shattered like glass.

    When Alicia came to, she found herself on the same moonlit street she'd been before blacking out for the first time. A quick glance around confirmed Tomomi and the others were still there, frozen in place as if awaiting her return. It was as if while she'd been gone only a single instant passed for the rest of the world. The shadowy wolf remained as well, but it looked... clearer? More tangible somehow? Alicia couldn't put her finger on it.

    As she gathered her wits Alicia blinked several times in confusion. Had that whole vision been a dream? A feverish hallucination her adrenaline-addled brain had conjured up in the heat of battle? No, it had been far too real for that. Ah, her arm! Alicia suddenly remembered how the wolf had nearly bitten it off in her... whatever that was.

    She looked down at her left hand, finding it much to her relief completely unharmed except for a small red mark on the back of her palm. At first Alicia mistook it for a bite-mark but when she looked closer she saw it was a weird sigil in the shape of several jagged shards fracturing outwards.

    "T-this is...!" Alicia stammered in shock. Somehow, even without being able to explain it in words, she immediately knew that mark served to link her to the black beast in front of her. Before she had time to react further the wolf's body began to shift and distort.

    It rose upward, taking a more humanoid shape as the shadows coating it were sloughed off like a discarded chrysalis. In their place, stood a tall and slender young woman. She had tanned skin and a curvy but athletic build. Silvery white hair fell down to her shoulders in a wild and untamed mane, and her fierce gold eyes shone with the ruthless intellect of a predator. The woman was totally naked, but thick black fur covered her breasts, crotch and part of her stomach. More fur wrapped her arms and legs in the semblance of elbow-length gloves and thigh-high stockings, only trailing off into wickedly sharp bestial claws. The rest of her body was left bare.

    But what struck Alicia most of all, were the black wolf ears emerging from the woman's head and the matching bushy tail sprouting from the small of her back. That fact alone testified to the fact this woman was something beyond human. Even cloaked in the form of a human, the savage and bestial aura the woman emanated had barely diluted from when she was a wild animal.

    "The beast who bares its fangs from shadows, Servant Assassin, has answered your call," she recited those words in a carefree tone as if they were only a formality.

    Then the woman looked up to face Alicia, flashing a grin full of sharp teeth. "Oi, kid, are you the one calling yourself my Master?"

    Alicia couldn't understand what she was saying at all. Assassin? Servant? Master? Those words in this context sounded like just a bunch of gibberish to her. But despite that, Alicia felt the very core of her being resonate with the woman's words, and she instinctively found herself nodding in agreement.

    The woman- Assassin, she called herself- broadened her grin, and pointed to the sword-wielding ghoul next to her. "And I take it that's the pain in the ass that's been chasing you? Heh, don't worry about anything Master... just leave all the fighting to me, and I'll rip that thing a new hole."

    Alicia was taken aback by Assassin's vulgar words, but she found herself reassured by what the woman was saying. Even after having only just met Assassin, Alicia had the feeling that she'd make a trustworthy and reliable ally.

    Assassin turned to the wraith, mustering a fierce glare full of fighting spirit. "Lucky you, you get to be the first prey for me to sharpen my claws against. Pretty ballsy for a prey to run straight into the alpha wolf's territory you know. Then again, I don't mind, that just saves me the trouble of hunting you!"

    Taunting words that refused to acknowledge the supremacy of her opponent. Certainly, Assassin recognized the gulf in power and experience between herself and the blackened Saber, but at the same time she didn't care for such things. In battle, a wolf only thought about two things, killing its enemy while avoiding dying itself. There was no need to fret over the superiority of your opponent or your own weakness, just focus on clawing the enemy to death as quickly as possible. That was Assassin's mentality.

    ---And with those words, Assassin lunged. In a burst of movement that the human eye could only perceive as a blur she kicked off the pavement hard enough to crater it, and launched herself at the swordswoman with claws bared. Assassin could see her opponent's arm had been crippled in an earlier attack, and intended to take the chance to claim her head in the next blow. Normally she was the type who'd prefer to draw fights out to savor them more, but with her Master in peril she would do her best to resolve this one quickly.

    "Here I come-!!" And so, claws that glinted azure in the dark, bared themselves as if to declare war against the swordswoman that had long since surpassed humanity. The conclusion of their desperate struggle hadn't been foretold by anyone, but surely both warriors intended to fight to the end with their lives and pride on the line.

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    Aya Alayana
    Shinto - Bridge
    Night Phase

    The flames of the Alayana cannot save. From the moment of their conception, they've been designed to bring about ruin and destruction to everything around them, so to think they can serve any other purpose is merely a self-imposed delusion. This bright and beautiful fire is nothing but a harbinger of the end, an insatiable demon that will feed on the essence of the planet until there is nothing left. It is not that you are evening the odds through overwhelming power, rather, all you are doing is using those flames to devour the future for a minuscule chance of altering the present. It's a nonsensical selfish gamble that is likely to doom everyone standing on the bridge. Yes, for all this approach promises is the demise of everyone but its owner. In that sense, it's also quite the tragedy, is it not? For someone to have to watch everything around them be reduced to ashes over and over, while being spared every single time.

    That is the sort of burden those who possess this sort of
    must bear.


    Behind you, the three teenagers under your care struggle to leave the vehicle and get back on their feet, still unable to process exactly what is going on. But who can fault them? Some of them may have picked an extraordinary amount of knowledge over the years, but in terms of actual combat experience, they are still newborns. In that sense, asking for their active participation at this time is downright reckless. It's better for you to assume the role of their champion and face this thing on your own, as ridiculous as that sounds. Swallowing down whatever traces of fear remain within your psyche, you raise your gun and pull the trigger two more times. It goes without saying that such a simple tactic will not be enough to corner the creature you are up against, but... That hardly matters at this point. All you know is that if she uses that ranged attack a second time, you will not be able to defend against it, much less protect others from it. You are a Magus who focuses on offense, so pushing forward is all that is allowed to you. Even if the toll for doing so is burning the entire bridge until nothing remains.

    Fortunately, since the ammunition you utilize is special, you don't have to worry about shooting with pinpoint accuracy. So long as you can land a hit on its body, it will be set ablaze no matter what. Furthermore, even if it blocks it, the result will be no different. In other words, instead of going for the vitals, you take advantage of her poor footing and lack of a proper stance, and target the most exposed area you can find. Taking into account possible escape routes, the odds of fully avoiding the attack appear to be night impossible.

    But then, as if to prove your theory wrong, an unfamiliar voice echoes in the darkness.


    Glenn Alexander Velvet never completes that sentence. It's only natural, for what happens next occurs in the span of only a second. Making full use of its bat-like wings, the shadow leaps forward at a speed that makes everyone's heart sink, a single flutter of its draconic appendages enough to divert danger elsewhere without having to slow down. This thing...! On the ground its movements are rather clumsy, but in mid-air it's a completely different story. Crossing the distance between you in no more than a heartbeat, whatever hopes of a counter-attack you once thought you had are crushed right then and there. You can't stop this battering ram of a monster with your body, neither can you afford to move out of the way for everyone's sake, not that you have the time to do so anyways. In short...

    This is it for Aya Ayalana.

    A mighty force collides against you, throwing you off-balance and pushing you backwards with such strength that the world around you becomes a blur and the moment your back crashes against the vehicle that was under your control moments ago, the car is simply thrown out of the way like a powerless piece of rubble. Finally, when the wicked spear finally lets go of you, your body rolls a few times before coming to an abrupt halt, now face down. Needless to say, there is absolutely no way a human can survive such gruesome end, and even if by some miracle the victim were to be still alive, it would not be for long.

    "... Aunt Aya-!"

    Tohsaka Natsu's urgent call comes from far away. He must be desperately running here. Naturally, you must have traveled a distance of at least 50 meters past the rest of the group making you the one closest towards the exit, not that such fact matters at this point. But it comes with the realization that the survivors of this first real exchange will now have to first move past the shadow if they want to retreat to Miyama. But why are you putting so much thought into it? You are dead anyways.

    ... Or at the very least, you should be.

    But despite the lingering pain, despite the blood coming out of your wound, your consciousness has not faded and your senses remain sharp. Picking yourself up from the ground comes at a great effort but it is not impossible. Curiosity and dread guide your eyes to the point where the spear first came in contact with your body and you quickly find something strange: A curious sigil engraved into your clothing and your flesh. It's a complex drawing that would take an hour at best for an expert, and several times more if drawn over a noncomplying surface such as a human body. Whatever it is and whatever it represents remains unclear, but it is without a doubt what saved you. It has prevented the demonic weapon from digging itself too deep into your body and has prevented it from touching any vital organs and joints. As long as you are mindful about your limits, you will survive. In other words, you are still in the game, but so is your enemy.

    Aya Alayana has received 18 HP damage.

    Now that it has confirmed the fact that you are still alive, it will surely come again and finish the job.

    *Rumble* *Rumble*

    The structure supporting the bridge is quickly falling apart. One after the other cables are cut apart as a result of the intense heat and with each loss the bridge moves one step closer to its inevitable doom. To you, and the rest of those trapped there, it feels like a seismic movement of varying intensity that's short, repeated and sudden. As such, remaining on your feet proves to be a really daunting task. Naturally, such meager changes in the environment are of no inconvenience for something that has left the realm of humans behind. Indeed, the devil-looking shadow can move unhindered and, even in a worst case scenario, it knows how to fly.

    Spinning its weapon as if it were something akin to a staff, the enemy casually draws closer on your location.


    And Magical Energy has already begun to gather in its 'lungs'.
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    Aya Alayana
    Shinto - Bridge
    Night Phase
    HP: 62/100 MP: 360/400

    The moment Aya Alayana registers her own continued existence and stands up again, is the same moment that the place she had fallen explodes into flames.

    Things like wounds and explanations are only given a passing glance, the important thing is that her body is still capable of movement; the meaning behind the sigil that had crafted this particular miracle is irrelevant, because if nothing is done with her lingering life, then it is a miracle that will be wiped away by her opponent in but a few moments. It is a bad situation, one in which death seems both prevalent and inevitable, and yet...

    "Don't come near me idiot, get out of here while she's dealing with me."

    ...No fear.

    Absolutely none.

    Talking to the approaching boy who surely means to come to her side, the young magus shows no signs of pain that would hasten his footsteps; it's an almost eerie calm, something far removed from what the injuries across her body would deem natural, she should at least be biting back the pain of a pseudo-impalement, or looking disoriented from the blow to the head she had taken in the car accident, but...

    She doesn't.

    Her commanding voice shows no fear as she rises, there is no fear in her voice, no fear in her eyes, and no trembling in her body...

    She doesn't have the time for those sorts of things, as one who is experienced in battle, and as one who bears a certain
    , there is already a form of casual acceptance about walking the line of death, she always walks the line of death, releasing these flames is the same thing as inviting death out into the world, and thus it holds no special fear in her heart.

    ---She walks with it all the time.

    That is why, when the world around her explodes right as she stands, when she regains a grasp on the situation as the ground begins to quake...

    There is no fear.

    Her body rockets forward and up, propelled by the force of flames conjured up from beneath her feet; it is an explosive, over-kill method of movement that seems graceless in comparison to her usual movements, but it is certainly one that fits her blunt personality. It might singe her clothes, it might tempt the flames to grasp at her body, but the horse cannot overthrow the king so easily... Her will is a shield they will never be able to overcome, and that beautiful flame, one would certainly burn everything away the moment it got the chance...

    Falls in line the moment she commands more to appear, giving her an explosive toss towards the heavens and her opponent that destroys portions of her clothes but nothing more; as strong as it is, it is but a horse, a tool, and she is the rider, the user.

    ---In that sense, looking at those cursed flames, that unbelievable malice...

    ...Isn't the person who can control and conquer that flame so easily the scarier force?

    After all... That 'power' of the Alayana was not always that of flame, sometimes, it took the form of other things.

    But this was certainly it's strongest form, perhaps one could even call it a return to it's original form; regardless, she is different from those that came before, as unlike the others, she is also
    the flames

    She is both king and horse, user and tool; that flame is no different from her own heart.


    It will never be able to consume her, even on her worst day.

    ---Her charge is insane, but considering the opponent, and her own specialty as a magus, insane approaches are the only ones possible for her; use of the flames was tricky, as much of a dominant force as she was over it, the damage it would do to everything that was not her was, to put it simply, catastrophic. It is a flame of the beginning and of the end, and attempting to aim it properly within the reality of a shaking bridge was risky, too risky, risky enough that she would rather avoid it altogether, thus...

    She had thrown herself into the air at her opponent.

    Of course, that was not the only reason; in reality, one could say that she had thought of three different reasons the moment she had first risen to her feet, for instance:

    -Second reason, her opponent was charging 'that power' again; thus, she needed to burn it out of her before she was able to release it again; composition of the enemy's body meant this should be possible, after all, the ultimate target of these flames is the "World" in it's entirety, bodies made out of magical energy in any form would be particularly susceptible to it, and third...

    Yes, third...

    Is a step that exists for a few reasons in and of itself, for one thing, attacking recklessly meant she might hit her allies, thus...

    ---For this, for a blow that she absolutely meant to kill her opponent in one strike, she needed to be sure she would not hit anyone friendly by accident, or fall into the aftermath of her attack herself, thus...

    She needed to pass above her opponent as she 'flew.'

    If she could manage that, then...

    "You're messing around too much, monster. Is it sadism? Are you trying to frighten me? Or is it something else? Well... Regardless of the reason, I suppose I must thank you for your poor decisions."

    ...Everything would fall into place on it's own.

    "Understand - I give the future and thy soul up to the inferno's embrace-"


    For a magus, a rite of self-suggestion that is often used to invoke one's power within the world; considering the strength of the flames that already exist, to hear the woman stop after only a single line should hint at minimal power, and yet...

    Fire runs to meet her, called forth by that lone voice.

    A beautiful cage of flames that proves her supremacy.

    Not a single bit of that fire can resist, as it is pulled to her regardless of it's current intentions.

    The result are flames that rise towards the heavens as if they sought to devour the stars, but instead find themselves imprisoned within the flying grasp of the Alayana heir.

    That aria is simply a call to the flames that already exist.

    For Aya Alayana, there is really only ever a single magic.

    Everything she can do originates from a single point.

    Therefore, she has to get as much out of that single point as possible; for her, power is not dictated by the length of an aria, her magecraft tears at the world's foundations on it's own, it is a self-perpetuating phenomena that responds to the world's attempts to crush it by devouring the world faster, a hungry flame that knows no limit, the ugly, gluttonous spirit of humanity that devours everything they can their hands on for their own sake... It starts weak, but quickly burns into something horrific, it is fire at it's most cruel and it's most pure-!


    Calling the flames to her in the preparatory phase can act as an attack in and of itself, considering they will always move to come to her, it is possible to attack an enemy from behind simply by them being in the way, however...

    The existence of allies makes this impossible, or rather, since she is not willing to risk hitting any people with this flame, she is forced into acting in more extreme ways to ensure that the danger is minimized, thus...

    She had thrown herself into the air.

    This results in the cage of flames forming around herself and her opponent, countless streaks of cursed fire 'dancing' through the sky as they are pulled towards her like the center of a burning star.

    But that's fine.

    A cage is fine, even if it will only last for a few moments, after all...

    ---It ensures the enemy cannot run away without touching the flames.

    And that is all it takes, a touch...

    And then it will devour you.

    Even so, that flame cage is not the point, indeed, the real point...

    ---Is the sphere of flames that has formed in her hand; condensed, becoming pure white, like a star in her hands, the flames that have formed up until now are forced into a sphere as the magus flies towards her opponent, and-

    She will be attacked.

    She knows she will be attacked; the sky is her opponent's territory, and thus this movement to approach her from midair can only be called foolish, even so...

    She will oppose her opponent with that sphere, cutting off paths away from the bridge for the shadow, before 'firing' this sphere down at her enemy, down so that it will simply burn through both her and the bridge as it suddenly expands, sending the flames scattering down below towards the water after they sear their way through the center of the construct, hopefully leaving the more critical pieces intact...


    ---It's destructive, perhaps overly so.


    Considering her power...

    ---This was keeping the destruction at a 'tame' level.


    MP: 240
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    Death is nothing but a disease.
    But it is one that often comes from all sides.
    An end like that is coming, and yet here you are.

    Tell me.

    Could you kill someone you love for the sake of everyone else?

    What a cynical worldview, Messiah.
    Real heroes would find a different answer.

    Right, right.
    The power to break through a sad reality—
    I wonder—

    Will they be able to show it to me?

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    Night phase

    "Ray... Shift..."

    Luna repeats after you, making an honest attempt to recall from memory, so as to understand the meaning behind your inquiry. No matter how well you sugar-coat it, she's being pressed for answers, but she doesn't take it badly. Perhaps it's your natural charisma at work, perhaps it has to do more with her still feeling somewhat indebted to you. Regardless, her initial reaction is enough for you to feel like you are onto something. Unfortunately, her silence would, little by little, erode whatever hopes remained after becoming aware that she supposedly suffered from amnesia.

    "I am sorry... I just can't remember. But... The word 'Rayshift' does not ring any bells for me." The blue haired girl claims, strangely convinced that such word is not part of her daily vocabulary. And now, since you have shown that you do in fact know something, it is only natural for her to ask: "... What is a 'Rayshift' even supposed to be?"

    A certain expression of hers makes it evident that she might be going as far as to think that she, herself, might be Rayshift. After all, it is not like the real meaning behind the word is self-explanatory. And although you may be able to summarize it for Luna, one has to wonder if that would be of any good. Imagine awakening one day with hazy memories of who you are, only to be told minutes later than you might not be from this era, from this timeline... Or something more confusing than that. This type of technology has been kept secret for decades for a reason. Even for those well-crafted in the idea of time-travel, parallel universes and whatnot, the mere confirmation of its existence is enough to open a very dangerous can of worms. Magi do not exactly stand on a moral high-ground, but it does beg the question if you really should expose the young doctor to the things you know.

    "I do get where you are coming from, though." Luna confesses, slightly frustrated. "You find me unconscious on some park, with no memories of who I am or how I got there in the first place... And then, there are these injuries to boot... It must sound like a lame story to take advantage of you. Anyone would be suspicious... If our roles were reversed, I'd be really wary as well..."

    With the encounter with that Servant at the Fuyuki's Central Park and you getting hurt yourself as a direct result of it, Luna's wounds seemingly moved to the background. Because she is a selfless, hard-working individual, she pushed herself in order to arrive here and hid the pain fairly well. If you remember correctly, she could barely stand the moment you found her. Luckily, she is in no real danger, but those aren't the kind of injuries you can forget about after wrapping a bandage or two around them. They'll take longer to heal.

    You've gathered enough information to tell that they are compatible with the process of Rayshifting. After hearing Luna's thoughts, however, your heart has begun to cast some doubts. For instance, it is strange that she does not seem to possess any sort of suit or gear that would imply that she has undergone such procedure. Further, can one really last in a foreign era without support? You were under the impression that someone would need to be observing the Rayshift and act as a proof of the subject's existence. If the answer to the previous question is 'no', then this cannot be what you believe it is. At the same time, if the answer to the previous question is 'yes' then it may mean that the possibility of an independent system that 'becomes the operator monitoring the Rayshift' exists...

    The more you dig into it, the more it feels like you are walking into something much, much bigger than you.

    "But it's not like I've forgotten it all." Luna admits. "Or rather... I just know some things... Things you would find in an advanced robotics manual. So, personally, if I had to guess my profession, I'd say I am a scientist, a maker, a researcher. Yet, look at this get-up. I must look like a doctor who rushed outside the hospital during working hours. This is... A stethoscope, I think? There is no way a scientist would carry one around."

    The girl has doubts of her own, and now she's sharing them with you, one by one.

    "Then... There is what I said, back at the entrance... It might sound strange but... A part of me is convinced that I am a married woman. And yet... And yet... I found nothing on myself that would prove such claim to be true. Not even a picture of a loved one. It's almost as if... Almost as if..."

    Luna has difficulty finishing that sentence. It has less to do with sharing the truth that she's thought she's found with you, and more to do with she herself coming to terms with it. It is hard to accept. After all, for someone like her, it feels surreal. Yet, at the back of her head, there is a nagging feeling that she might be right, as ridiculous at it sounds.

    "Almost as if I was someone else stuck in this body, impersonating someone I am really not."

    Worried, confused, scared. Though Luna is a strong woman that does not show those emotions easily, they are all strongly present within herself now. Right about now, she'd love a cigarette, although she has no idea what spurred that thought. Nevertheless, she hands over a particular card she's been keeping inside the front pocket of her coat.

    "... This isn't helping my case, is it?"

    Then, right on cue and before you can respond...

    Someone knocks on the room door...

    ... Yet makes no effort to identify themselves.


    Clue Acquired!
    You've obtained Luna's Doctor Card. It contains her 'Real Name', specialty, place of work, ID and assorted misc info. However, because Luna's 'Real Name' might be of importance for the player, yet of little consequence for the character, it will remain hidden until further investigation is carried out. For all intents and purposes, however, Hiro now knows Luna's real name or at least the name of the body Luna is occupying (?). In any case, she would rather Hiro to address her as Luna for now, anyways.
    [18:30] RacingeR: Max S.Link with hero is when you promise your daughter to him
    [18:31] RacingeR: Which means Airen and me are the only ones that maxed it (I promised Spin to him, and Spin is my daughter)
    [18:32] hero: oh shit
    [18:32] hero: spincess get
    [18:32] hero: suck it fuckers

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    Yamashita Hiro
    Shinto - love hotel district
    Night phase

    There was a part to Hiro that immediately got ready for a fight. It was only natural. For once the fire devil and the young man agreed on something. The predator inside him saw that something had apparently followed his injured self, and now had him corralled into a small area. There was no way such a thing wouldn’t raise his metaphorical hackles.

    Hiro, the boy, immediately processed that he was in an environment without notable nearby allies. His companion (or paramour if you asked the clerk) was suffering from amnesia or something similar. And she had not made any phone calls Hiro was aware of. Put that another way, nobody should know they were there save the aforementioned clerk. Put that together with the fact that whoever it was had very noticeably failed to identify themselves...

    That in theory would obviously lead one to feel alarmed and wary.

    However, Hiro did not. After an initial mix of fear and aggression, the young boy felt something entirely out of place...or to put that another way, something very appropriate to the current location.

    ...She smells good...

    There was, coming from the door, an utterly intoxicating aroma. There was a feeling of what a lazy cat might feel if a playful fly drifted in front of its nose, begging for an amused swipe. Or perhaps the feel instead of a wolf, hungry but not starving, who came upon a trapped hare, a delicious meal offered up without effort, ready to be devoured. Somehow emanating from that door was a feeling of pure...innocence...that shined and shimmered...and hinted at pleasures unimaginable if consumed. The girl at the door...and Hiro was dead certain that delicious fragrance belonged to a girl...was a delicacy served on a silver platter.

    It was only through pure strength of will that Hiro kept himself from straight up licking his chops when that intoxicating scent caught at his nose.

    ”M’lady luna. I will say, the name you have given me is not one I know. For that, I apologize.” Though the words were calm and urbane, the young lad’s voice had grown a touch husky. “You have my word however, I will do my best to help you gain answers.”

    ”...After all, I owe you for fixing up my leg.”

    After that, the boy went to the door and opened it, anticipation causing his fingers to shiver.

    ...It goes without saying that the boy was doing his level best not to think about what his family would say if they knew he had welcomed two fresh faced and innocent maidens into a room with him at a love hotel.
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    The moment the opportunity arises for a pun, the one known as 'Taiga's Knight' will be there to deliver whether you like it or not.

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    Hiyako Tsurara
    Miyama- Streets
    Night Phase

    “Ah~ you managed to keep your arm.” A jeering voice. Tsurara stared at the sword-wielding shadow with despise.

    Arrogant. Dominant. Like a king staring at a beast that she was hunting down. No matter how much stronger the enemy was, no matter how ineffective the attacks, she will keep this same attitude. Part of the core of her identity.


    It’s not quite as simple as that.

    “Yeah, that’s what makes this worth. Well… you should’ve let that arm go. You could have walked away with your life, perhaps.”

    Words that seemingly lack coherency, but that are said with evident pleasure.

    Adrenaline that’s coursing through her veins. An excitement and bloodlust that comes from deep in her being.

    Perhaps one of the main differences the Hiyako have with their distant relatives, the Tohno. A berserker nature that thrives on the battlefield.

    No human being can emit this much bloodlust. That much is certain.

    The white in her right eye is completely gone, replaced by cyan ink.

    The left eye merely looks at the wolf that intervened at the last moment, yet another unknown being in a night full of them, before disregarding it. It looks more hygienic than some of her usual allies anyway.

    If her companions engage, she will synchronize her attacks with them. If they don’t, she’ll just attack by herself and keep fighting until she is killed. Simple as that. There is no time nor rationality left to care about their nature.

    Of course, chances are that she will turn around and murder them the moment their mutual enemy is eliminated. She won’t be able to stop herself. The natural consequence of what she’ll do now might be that.

    Inversion Impulse.

    That state, probably won’t be able to be avoided.

    And yet she cannot stop now. Since if she stops everyone will die anyway, she might as well do it.

    Go all out.

    For the first time in her whole life.

    That shade should truly feel honored.



    Throb. Throb. Throb. Throb. Throb. Throb.


    Everything else has disappeared in her eyes except her enemy.

    The left eye too, is reduced to cyan ink.

    Veins throb, one after the other, squirming visibly under her skin. They start to pop out, in her arms, legs as well as her face. Every visible surface of her pale skin starts to be covered by blackish blue lines, the veins that make up the circulatory system of her body in plain sight.

    It is ugly.

    It is impressive.

    It is terrifying.

    Azure flame starts to form around her as the temperature drops closer and closer to the absolute zero, walls nearby cracking apart under the sudden pressure of the difference in temperature-


    An unexpected transformation at her side interrupts her own.

    Perhaps that was the only thing that would’ve stopped the yakuza princess on her tracks, a shadow wolf-like creature suddenly becoming a naked wolf girl, covered only in her fur, who speaks with human words and engages the enemy with evidently supernatural capacities beyond even hers.

    “Yeah, sure. That works.” Tsurara mumbled dryly, the throbbing veins in her skin returning to normal as she cancels ‘that form’, going back to her normal self. Even her eyes have turned back, although even now a disquieting glow remains about them.

    … This so-called Assassin. She doesn’t know what kind of creature it is, but it is strong, insanely so, and evidently bonded to this unknown little girl. She has no idea of how far its capacities go, but it may be able to take this shade down or at least force it to retreat.

    Which, makes her the biggest risk left after the ‘known’ enemy.

    So the ever pragmatic Tsurara steps back from the main battle, towards the main group of the people she came to protect.

    No, at least, she came to protect the Masaki siblings and that maid. She is not quite a good enough person to not take precautions: her sword is still unsheathed.

    If it comes down to it, if this Assassin turns its fangs towards them, she will decapitate Alicia without the slightest doubt.

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    Besides, I don't see what's so terrible about looting anyway. It's only property, they're not actually harming anyone.
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    when I say hero I don't mean hero in the spirit sense. I mean a morally grounded, good natured person who doesn't slaughter innocent people. No such person exists in the Nasuverse.
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    [00:12] <~Katie> of gay memes

    [16:15] <~Katie> lesbians has always been my gimmick and i will exploit it to the fullest

    [22:56] <@Sei> airen is pegging hero this time
    [22:56] <@Sei> for once airen isn't the uke
    [22:56] <@Kuroyuki> I thought Air was the Woman in the Relationship?
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    Interlude - Reality tossed Into the flames


    A shiver of fear runs down Tohsaka Natsu's spine. Though the scenery is too chaotic for him to catch his caretaker's warning, his advance is halted by the repeated quaking of an agonizing bridge. The fire has spread through the structure at an alarming pace and has made quick work of it despite its apparent resilience. Yes, with so much proof in front of his eyes, he doesn't need anyone to tell him that these aren't normal flames he's dealing with. Normally, he'd praise such power, for its source is someone he knows and respects. Normally, such display of overwhelming presence would relieve him of his doubts and reaffirm the trust he has in his companions. However, staring at that cursed fire that only promises ruin, the only thing he feels is fear. Because a single glance is enough for the prey to recognize its hunter and this blaze of destruction can only be categorized as an enemy of humanity. And so, Tohsaka Natsu is afraid.

    But he is afraid for his caretaker more than he is afraid for himself.

    Because even if Aya Alayana possesses the ability to command those flames and the immunity to wield them, a part of himself cannot help but worry that she will be eventually consumed by them.

    "Aunt Aya...-!"

    He calls her name once more, but there are too much obstacles between the two. The distance, the heat, the quaking, the shadow... It would take more than a miracle for him to run through them all in a single heartbeat. Still, he'd do it. He's just that sort of man. But, before he can commit to the stupidity of his plan or rather the lack of thereof, he feels a firm hand plant itself on his shoulder.

    "Young Master Tohsaka, I believe we should go." Glenn Alexander Velvet, anticipating the future through a combination of sharp observation and instinct politely advices Natsu to just let go and believe. "Now."

    Next to the Clock Tower Lecturer is Matou Kaori, who shares his opinion.

    Because at this point all they can do is that: Believe and hope for the best. If they stand between the two combatants here, the outcome will be tragic.

    "Tch... Damn it!"

    Among the three, he should be the strongest. The most gifted, the most talented. Not the sharpest in terms of mindset and not a complete heir by any means of the word, but Tohsaka Natsu possesses a potential that very few Magi can hope to unlock. Faced with such a simple life-or-death scenario, he should be able to do something to intervene.

    Yet, right now he is powerless.

    All that is allowed for him is to regret not being able to be of much help.

    "Aunt Aya---!!!"

    So he settles for yelling her name one more time.

    As if doing so could invoke a miracle.

    How foolish.

    Interlude Out


    Aya Alayana
    Shinto - Bridge
    Night Phase

    It only takes a single command for Aya Alayana to become the convergence point of a literal inferno.

    It's at this point that it becomes evident that, despite this being an encounter that no one could anticipate, a chaotic battlefield that no one could predict, a battle against unknown characteristics which surpasses everything you've ever encountered in the past... It changes nothing. The preparations are ready and the stage has been set. Even if the curtain has yet to fall, this is the last act, the so-called 'finale', and the fact that you've gotten this far, that you have adapted and survived, is already proof that you are an fighter worthy of praise. Having come this far, it is unfortunate, in a sense, that you cannot simply extinguish the flames that surround your body and accept a swift death. Even if the road of a Mage are paved upon unrealistic ambitions, even a prestigious family would have been proud of being slain after fending off for a while a creature that's left mortals far behind.

    But for the Alayana that's a no-can-do.

    Forget the kids, the duty to act as a guardian, to be the responsible adult, for a moment.

    The Alayana think carefully, then they make a choice and then they move forward with it. That's the only ideology allowed to them, for it's the only one that can justify the nature of their acts and wash away regret. In other words, to stop, to simply give up, is not an option. Besides... To make the impossible possible, that's what the Alayana strive for.

    ---Even if doing so comes at the cost of everything around them.

    As you rocket forward in an explosion of Magical Energy, a sharp pain runs through your entire body, pain that would normally be enough to immediately paralyze a person. Magecraft is a power not meant for humans to wield, so breaking that taboo comes at a price and today that price is extraordinary, for you are pushing your Magic Circuits to their limit with what you are about to do.

    But it's fine.

    After all, you are no stranger to this sensation.

    You are a recurrent sinner, so it's only natural that you would learn to cope with it.

    What would render a human unable to move is only a momentary moment of unpleasantness that you can endure.


    The sudden surge of speed catches it off-guard. Having let its feet touch the ground, perhaps as a means to show off it could handle moving in such an unstable surface, it's reaction is rather clumsy and ill-timed. Had you really wanted, you could have tackled her into the waters with a single motion. Instead, you fly over her head and unleash the flames that have been gathering in your hand, turning them into a fireball and tossing it at the enemy.

    No, to call this an ordinary fireball would be an underestimation.

    This is an A-ranked spell, the strongest in your arsenal. Forget about it 'leaving critical pieces intact', It will make its way through the bridge like knife through butter and if the shade chooses to remain in place, a similar fate awaits it. Yes, the amount of destruction this chant can bring is only eclipsed by the realization that it is not being used at its maximum output.

    To oppose it.

    Lancer calls forth more darkness into the already dark world. In a moment's notice, the mortal flames are swallowed by a pitch-black container, a prison devoid of light, a peculiar tool employed for torture an execution. That coffin marks the end of any hope you could have of ever winning this match-up. After all, while all this happened, the monster has been charging the supersonic attack it is able to fire from its mouth and, make no mistake, no matter what speeds you can reach, it will not miss.

    An unexpected detonation which shatters reality and bends fate. In other words, a miracle.

    Fire escapes from the conjured iron maiden in a explosion that literally blows everyone back, before making contact with the shadow and then the bridge before igniting a second time. The result is not just a massive hole in the middle of the bridge, but the collapse of the nearby area. Now in a 45` angle, it becomes a death trap that successfully manages to catch the fleeing teenagers before they can escape, along cars, rubble and random junk that quickly ceases to be so in order to become deadly projectiles to those below them.

    As for you, your gigantic leap ends on a bad note as launching your attack accurately causes you to lose balance and control of your already poor ability to fly, resulting in a terrible landing in the river below that nearly strips you of your consciousness right then and there.

    Aya Alayana has received 10 HP damage (Environmental)

    By the time you recover, the middle section of the bridge -where everyone was standing on- has already collapsed. Though you make an effort to conceal your worries, the image in itself is enough to bring despair to the heart of anyone who's responsible for the well-being of others.

    This is bad...

    From here, from this angle, you neither confirm the position of those under your care, nor the status of your enemy.

    You are starting to get tired...

    But you can't stop now.
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    [18:31] RacingeR: Which means Airen and me are the only ones that maxed it (I promised Spin to him, and Spin is my daughter)
    [18:32] hero: oh shit
    [18:32] hero: spincess get
    [18:32] hero: suck it fuckers

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    The asphalt yield as Assassin makes a sudden leap at her enemy. In comparison to those of a normal human, her movements are so fast one might as well say they are invisible to the naked eye. However, at this moment, the hostility she exudes is palpable. Reducing the distance between Saber and her to zero in a heartbeat, she launches a decisive strike meant to remove the warrior's head from her body before she can recover from the injury she sustained moments ago-!

    However, because Saber is quick to react, what should have been a exchange of single blows becomes a storm that rapidly tears their surroundings apart. It's only natural, for Saber is knowledgeable in the art of the hunt. That Assassin fights in a straight-forward and rather predictable manner focusing on her vitals just facilitates the swordswoman's work. In the blink of an eye, Assassin unleashes a flurry of attacks. At the same time, Saber repels all of them with one or two swings of her sword. Sparks fly as both try to claim superiority over the other. Easily surpassing Assassin in nearly every category, one may claim that Saber has high odds to win even after miracle after miracle keeps piling up against her. All the shadow needs to put an end to this show is to land a solid hit on the animal warrior.

    However, the reverse also applies.

    Saber is wounded and, though her cognitive abilities are not yet complete, she can instinctively understand that if she makes a mistake here, if she acts a breath too slow or if the grip of her blade is slightly looser than it should be, the tables will turn very fast. That is to be expected, for this is a battle of Heroic Spirits, a clash with an end that cannot be determined by simply mathematical variables. If for a hero to emerge victorious, a reason to fight is needed, then by far Assassin has the upper hand. For now that the contract has been completed, there is someone she must protect at all costs-!

    The battle of the two is like a vacuum. It sucks the air around them and anything that would dare approach them would be surely cut to pieces. But the road and the nearby buildings are not the only things affected by this death-match between legendary souls. From the very moment which Assassin showed up on the battlefield, the dark mist that had descended on the streets of Miyama began to disperse, to retreat, as if Alicia's words had served as a charm to drive it away. That, too, seems to have an effect on Saber's performance.

    Even so.

    In the face of adversity, a hero simply continues to move forward. At the cost of their emotions, at the cost of their wishes, even at the cost of their futures. Yes, to be a hero, all you need is metal fortitude. If that is the case...

    Then even clad in darkness, this Saber will not concede-!


    A strong current of winds suddenly pushes Assassin back, forcing the wolf to retreat. No, that's just an incomplete description. The howling gale that threatens to throw everyone off their feet is also a torrent of Magical Energy, one that no human present has witnessed ever before. All of a sudden, a chill like thorns fills the streets. And, at that moment, when the air itself is frozen and the winds pushing you back are so strong it's hard to even keep your eyes open, you become aware of one thing. One thing Assassin probably realized the moment the distance between her and the swordswoman widened.

    ---The next attack will be a fatal one.

    "Noble Phantasm..."

    Those words absentmindedly escape Assassin's mouth.

    You, who have never experienced one should not be able to understand their meaning, however, the feeling of dread that invades you is enough to fill in the blanks. Being small, powerless targets, your existence does not justify the gathering of such insane amounts of Magical Energy. Indeed, once it is released, you won't be the only ones to perish.

    ... It would be no surprise if the entire block evaporates alongside you.

    But there is nothing Assassin can do to oppose those twirling gusts of wind. Alone, she will not be able to interrupt Saber from using her ultimate technique, even if it's only a fraction of its real power. Then, it's only to be expected that you don't have what is needed to change that fate either. A little girl opposing a legend...? That's a story saved for fairy tales.

    "Ugh... That's... From above..."

    Taichi, who is still struggling to remain conscious after being struck by a violent surge of electricity before, utters those words after staring at Saber's weapon with intensity. Previously, it was mostly covered in darkness much like its wielder, but now a good part of it has been properly unsheathed. And though the boy's words make little sense in whatever time remains before the technique is properly executed, he is not wrong. There is no hostility coming from Saber's sword, just a seemingly never-ending storm of winds that separate her from the reach of mortals and beasts alike.

    No, the real threat is above, hundreds of meters above the group, waiting for the command to be unleashed.

    A surge of electricity that will obliterate everything below.

    And so, at the end, decision must be made.

    To attack or to defend.

    Both may be equally hopeless.

    But a decision must be made.

    And, right now, that decision falls upon your shoulders, Alicia Rosenkopf.

    The crimson markings on the back of your hand are the proof of it.


    You have yet to know how to properly utilize this power...
    1. But you need to make use of it regardless (Use a Command Seal)
    2. So you need to find another way (Refrain from using a Command Seal)

    Sometimes, plot events will prompt a particular choice. Normally, these choices do not bring about bad ends for the player, but they will always have lasting consequences. Pick wisely depending on what kind of loses you as a player can afford to take, then write your reponse in accordance to the option you've picked.
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