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Thread: The Book Lair - all book talk ITT

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    Quote Originally Posted by LJ3 View Post
    Mabinogion is Welsh mythology right?
    Yep, even includes a bit of King Arthur as well.

    After having experienced Fate, it's always bemusing to read Arthurian stories and imagine Saber in them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lycodrake View Post
    Finally got my hands on some Terry Pratchett due to Christmas gifts from family - Color of Magic and Mort.
    Those are good if a little primitive, the golden age of discworld starts in Wyrd Sisters IMO
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    Reaper Man, I'd say.

    - - - Updated - - -

    That said, it's good to try and read the novels in order.
    My fanfics:
    The Gift (a Fate/Stay Night one-shot)
    - A duel between Cú Chulainn and Scáthach.
    Passion Acknowledged (a Fate/Stay Night one-shot) (Lemon) - Shirou and Shinji finally acknowledge their feelings.
    He Was a Good King (a Fate/Stay Night one-shot) - A short exploration of Beowulf's character as a hero and a king.
    A Fairy Tale of Love and Death (a Fate/Stay Night one-shot) - A meeting between Scáthach and King Hassan in the distant past.

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    I tried that, got stuck somewhere and never read the rest.
    Better to just pick up whichever tickles your fancy, I think.

    Oh, and The Nation, everyone should read The Nation.
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