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  1. Erlkonig
    In which we discuss general things about Sakura.
  2. Ivan The Mouse
    Ivan The Mouse

    First pic.
  3. Mike1984
    Beat me to it, damnit....

    Anyway, where did you get the name from?
  4. Erlkonig
    Popped out of my head. Sakura's a Grail, she has purple hair, and seems to fit well with Spring. Whereas Ilya is the Winter Grail, Sakura's the Spring Grail.
  5. Mike1984
    Lol, I see....
  6. Erlkonig
    Why do you think Sakura's the best Mike? She instantly won me over because of her sweet personality and homely attitude, as those are the kinds of girls I like.
  7. Mike1984
    Yeah, the odd thing about me is that I don't usually like that sort of girl (Yamato Nadeshiko types). I really dislike the concept that girls should submit to guys, and I especially dislike Sakura's mother, Aoi, because of her inability to stand up for her daughter in the face of her husband's decision to send her away to an unknown family with no certainty of how she would be treated and no recourse if it turned out that Byakuya and Zouken were, in fact, not the ideal guardians of their daughter.
  8. Mike1984
    For me, what won me over is how strong she is, and how she manages to be such a nice, kind, caring person despite all the suffering she went through and, indeed is still going through. Of course, the fact that she's unbelievibly cute and extremely sweet definitely helps, but I can forgive the aspects that I usually dislike in Yamato Nadeshiko characters because I know that she's forced to be like that by Zouken and Shinji (and, to some extent, by her wish to be with Shirou, which given that he's just about the only thing that makes her life worth living is pretty understandable), and that once she's free of Zouken's control she will grow into a much stronger and more confident person (as HF True and HA prove), and will be able to stand up for herself and what she believes in quite adequately.
  9. Mike1984
    Indeed, even during HF she shows that she's quite capable of standing up and fighting when she has something to fight for, such as Shirou's well-being. Her problem is that she can't fight, without endangering those she loves, and she's too kind and caring to endanger Shirou or Rin for her own selfish gain, even if she would be entirely justified in calling for help.

    Hmm, perhaps these discussions are better done in the thread. The post length limit here is too short for meaningful discussion....
  10. Erlkonig
    I too like her mental strength. A more confident Sakura who is still sweet and cute is a very heart-attack inducing thought. But yes, that strength makes her differ from other Yamato Nadeshiko types. Which I do like, unlike you. But that's, like, my opinion.

    And yeah, longer discussions should be held at the thread.
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