Make your own UBW chant!

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  1. LoyaltL
    -I am the Knight of His Majesty.
    Immortal is my Body and Loyalty is my Blood.
    I have watched Code Geass over a thousand times.
    Unaware of submitting homeworks on time,
    Nor aware of securing 100% marks.
    Withstood pain to spread Code Geass,
    Waiting for C.C.'s arrival.
    I have no regrets. This is the only path.
    My whole life was "Unlimited Geass Works".
  2. Owain
    I am the Blade of Hope.
    Courage and Friendship drives me onwards.
    I have forged a thousand memories.
    Unknown to faltering,
    Nor known to despair
    Withstood many sorrows.
    Hear the Roar of a Lion,
    The Blazing Path to Victory!
    Unlimited Blade Works!!
    (That was so hammy it was physically painful to type out, but I had to get it out of my system)
  3. Mooncake
    Commend my soul to bliss,
    As I, the sleeping, lie.

    The bearer lies here alone,
    Forgiing iron on a hill of swords.

    I have withstood pain to create weapons;
    Never once retreating,
    Not once being understood.

    Though this body will be broken,
    And this heart will be crushed,
    These hands still strive to protect.

    And yet, those same hands will never hold anything.

    So as I pray...

    Unlimited Blade Works!
  4. AsGryffynn
    A modified version, my take on an "Illya route" Shirou;

    I am the bone of my sword
    Steel is my body and fire my blood
    I 've created thousands of blades
    Naive and young, uninterested in gain
    I' forge them myself, for everyone's sake
    I'm proud of my choice. This is my place
    So please lend me your power, once again!
    Unlimited Blade Works!

    Now I'll post my own:

    I am the brush of my art
    Wooden my bones, inky my heart
    I draw my canvas to write and paint
    Free from the norm, wealthy and tame
    I write stories, and paint for my friends
    Follow no path, freedom makes my day
    Paintings of mine, answer my pledge!
  5. Bridgeburner
    My body is made of lols,
    The blood of baiting, the heart of troll.
    I have survived through countless derails,
    Not even once conceding,
    Not even once convincing.
    This poster lies here alone,
    Forging memes in a hill of porn.
    Thus, my internet needs no meaning.
    Truly, this body was made of infinite lols.
  6. Rafflesiac
    I am a shitposter of my forum.
    Memes are my posts and puns are my words.
    I have made over a thousand shitposts
    Unknown to relevance
    Nor known to wit.
    Have withstood complaints to cause many derails
    Yet these fingers will never type with meaning.
    So as others complain, Unlimited Shitpost Works.

    I am a shitposter of my forum.
    Memes are my posts and puns are my words.
    I have made over a thousand shitposts
    Unknown to pertinance
    Nor known to class.
    Have withstood complaints to cause many derails
    Waiting for one's laughter.
    I have no deletions, these were the only posts.
    My whole life was Unlimited Shitpost Works.
  7. Gray
    If his element and Origin were Weapon and still had his reality marble powers.

    I am the weapon of my fate,
    Pain is my body and death is my blood
    I have created over a thousand weapons,
    Never bringing joy, yet ending sorrow,
    Endured horrors to create many tools,
    Yet their purpose was always in death,
    My world was always an Infinite Arms Forge.
  8. Fan_Fic_Reader
    Found some from Tv Tropes
    I am the mind of the rebellion.
    Compelling is my voice yet weak is my body.
    I have given over a thousand orders.
    Unaware of heroism, nor aware of villainy.
    Have received great hatred to create many plots, reaching for that utopia.
    I have no regrets. This is the only path.
    I am the fuel of my blaze.
    Ash is my body, and fire is my blood.
    I have started a thousand flames.
    Unknown to water, nor known to ice
    Have withstood heat to create many conflagrations.
    But those hands will never burn anything.
    So, as I will it...
  9. Fan_Fic_Reader
    And here's my own.
    I am the Kanji of my Character
    Imagination is my Body and Knowledge is my Blood
    I have Used over a Thousand Characters
    Unaware of Meaning,
    Nor aware of Interpretation.
    Withstood Pain to Use Power, Waiting for one’s Truth
    I have no Regrets. This is the only Path
    My whole life was Unlimited Character Works.
  10. Gray
    A composite ghost's:
    My body is made of spirits,
    the blood of the styx, the heart of elysium,
    I am the unity of countless souls,
    never fading,
    but never really living,
    I lie in wait at the gate to the afterlife,
    collecting more identities and pasts,
    thus my existence is without focus,
    truly this body was made of spirits.

    By a mage with a lot of circuits:
    This body is made of circuits,
    My blood is of ether and my heart of mysteries,
    I have bent the world many times,
    not once reaching Magic,
    but never doing the ordinary,
    So here I lie in my workshop,
    constantly searching for the root,
    This body was certainly made of circuits.
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