In Which We Discuss Illya

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  1. Marth
    No discussions until now? I am shocked and appalled!

    So, who wants to see just how many pictures I can manage to find of our favorite loli?

    In related news, I've a decent-sized list of Illya-centric fanfiction. Anyone mind if I post some links here, or should I just put em' in the main fanfiction forum?

    Start discussing, folks! Don't make me hold my remaining Illya images hostage! (As if I ever would)
  2. ItsaRandomUsername
    Links to Illya fiction? Count me in as interested.

    More pics are nice too. You're really going above and beyond the call of duty with your devotion, aren't you? I'm proud.
  3. Marth
    What can I say? I'm bored and a tad sugarhigh. =P

    I'll edit this post with some of the fic links in a bit. I'm in the middle of BG2 at the moment. Aerie... :3

    Also, I seem to regularly forget the second 'L' in Illyasviel. Every. Damn. Time.

    EDIT- The only two I can find currently, as the other site I found several others on has apparently gone down recently. Will try to find them elsewhere. >_>

    Nights of Illyasviel

    Chaos Theory
  4. Spooky
    WTF? Goku as Illya's servant? *mind breaks*
  5. Marth
    Heh. I never said they made sense, y'know.

    And there's no kill like overkill. =P
  6. ItsaRandomUsername
    God Lord.

    Heh, muffin button.
  7. Marth
    Should have some more pics to post in a bit. Feeling really tired and sluggish for some reason, so I ain't getting nearly as much done today as I normally would. =/
  8. ItsaRandomUsername
    I just realized that we have the most members of any group - 28.
  9. Marth
    And I assume the most pics as well. If not, I will add more, dammit!
  10. Eveonder
    Has there ever been any IllyaxArcher doujin or fanfic? o.O
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