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    Taken from Fate, Hollow Ataraxia, Japanese Type-Moon Wiki, and Masin Eiitirou's licensed Fate/School Life. Japanese Wiki profile: Makidera Kaede Nickname: "Makiji" (Because the final character in "Makidera" can be read as "ji", maybe?) Height: 163 cm Weight: 49 kg Three sizes: B72, W56, H78 Hair color: Dark Eye color: Dark Image Color: Brown Special Skills: Sprinting, making assumptions, traditional Japanese dance Likes: Anything that makes her feel gorgeous Weaknesses: Horror movies, cooking (except for Japanese food) Natural Enemy: Mitsuzuri Ayako Member of Homurabara Academy track team and an ace sprinter. The bokke/gag/parody/out-of-control member of the "sanninmusume" (three girls) group. Known as "Makiji." One of the few friends of Tohsaka Rin. In class 2-A, her classmates are Himuro Kane, Saegusa Yukika, Rin, Mitsuzuri, and Ayaka Sajou. The homeroom teacher is Kuzuki Souichirou.
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    Daughter of the family that owns the traditional dry goods store Eichouan, a kimono-clad beauty with a taste in traditional Japanese dance... or so it seems, but not even a single bit of this is mentioned in the original story (Fate). It seems that her ancestors were pirates of the inland seas. When she entered into Homurabara Academy, she was forced to join the track club by Himuro Kane and Saegusa Yukika. She is active as a sprinter and wants to be called by the nickname "the Black Panther of Homurabara." She has acted as chairman of the club starting from second semester of the second year. One of the few people who can see through to the true nature of Rin. Since they have similar tastes, they are friends who often go window-shopping at antiques stores on holidays.
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    Well-bred but with a bad mouth. She is rough and not picky with details, so she views taiyaki and crepes as the same because "they're both sweet with an outer wrapping" (leading Rin to wonder "Is she really even a girl?"). A believer in having guts, and treats her juniors on the track team in a Spartan manner. She does not do very well in academics, with the exception that she is excellent in history, as she grew up in a house with lots of history and surrounded with antiques. Her hobby is collecting glass wind chimes. Weak with ghost stories. According to Ms. Himuro, she is the type to give her all when facing an opponent or falling in love.

    I'm not so sure about that last line, but that's the majority of the profile from the wiki.
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