Epic Tales

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  1. Erlkonig
    Gather Round, and hear the famous tales of the One True King! (Basically, we invent acts similar to Chuck Norris jokes and the like)

    #1: When Gilgamesh bathes himself, he does not get soaked by water. It is the water that is impregnated by his golden glory.
  2. ItsaRandomUsername
    #2: Gilgamesh knows what "brokeback mountain" is...it's his pet name for the pile of his dead enemies that he keeps in his backyard.
  3. willyvereb
    #3: It's false to think Gilgamesh's armor reflects the shine of the Sun. Instead the Sun reflects the shine of Gilgamesh's armor.
  4. Erlkonig
    #4: If Gilgamesh sees you, you die. If you see him, then he's already seen you and you'll die anyway.
  5. EnigmaticFellow
    I'll copy one from BL's edicts.

    #5: Gilgamesh owns the original of everything, and it's usually made out of gold unless rule of funny applies.
  6. Ergast
    #6: Gilgamesh even owns the original king, this is, himself. So he can pull himself from GoB to double swords spam you.
  7. Dullahan
    #7: Gold is a soft metal. Gilgamesh's golden armour is, if nothing else, not soft. Why is this? Simple. He intimidated the laws of physics into submission.
  8. eddyak
    #4.5: If you can't see him, LOOK OUT
  9. willyvereb
    #8 The famous Legendary Super Saiyan is none other than Gilgamesh, while riding atop ORT.
  10. Erlkonig
    #9: Gilgamesh is the original of the original human.
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