First discussion for Tohsaka fans

  1. qwertyfatcat
    I don't know how old this group is, but it would be nice to have something to actually discuss while here. This discussion thread isn't just to dedicate to Rin, and it doesn't have to be just Rin x Shirou pairings either, so go ahead and say what you want here!

    Besides, who else would you talk about here huh? Its not like this thread will turn into a conversation about certain servants right?


  2. Brytte Myst
    Brytte Myst
    Woah, no one has answered since 2012?
    Well, here it is: I'm a newbie so please bear with me...
    I was thinking about writing a fic with Rin & Gilgamesh (or even Proto!Gilgamesh), and even have it a bit lined up... But I seriously would need help with it, because I'm relatively new to the whole Nasuverse, and so ask for someone more versed in this type-moon universe to help me?

    I'm just... I need more Gilgamesh/Rin fics, 'cause honestly, I'm a bit tired of the EMIYA/Rin pairing. Still can't forgive him for betraying her in UBW...
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