1. Criarino
    Sorry for my bad english, i'm still learning
    Sooooo I'm thinking in a fanfic for fate/grand order where olga survives, but I need more ideas and someone to help me to write, because as you can see, I'm bad in english
    For now my ideas are: Near the end of the prologue, where the Director is being pushed towards her end, Ritsuka (male protagonist) shouts to Dr. Roman: "Roman! Set the Rayshift coordenates to (some random number)! Now!" Roman hesitates, but follow the order, Rayshifting the soul of the Director to somewhere in Chaldeas. Leff said that Olga is already dead, returning her to the present will only cause her soul and conscience to dicipate, but no one knew that Ritsuka is a pupil of a famous magic pupeteer... When they go back to Chaldeas, Olga's soul and conscience are in a magical recipient in Ritsuka's room, given to him by Touko herself for study purposes.
  2. Criarino
    He transplate her soul to a puppet that he made before coming to chaldeas, reviving Olga (like they did to shirou in HF route real end). But Ritsuka is only a amateur, the puppet have several faults, forcing him to always be near her until he make a better pupet.
    Well, what are your opinions?
  3. Gamez4life
    Surprised no one has posted anything meh, anyways the premise is good, very good. However you should show how the Protagonist met Touko and get a beta that you can trust anyways that's it.
  4. Criarino
    finally someone answered haha. Well, that was an old idea from when I was a energetic youth -aah, these days of youth- now I don't have that energy anymore... Don't think I will write it
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