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  1. Thanks! This was originally a one shot but...

    Thanks! This was originally a one shot but there’s actually several chapters more. But Im not sure how to update a chapter on this site so it’ll take a while. If you know how tho, that’d speed things...
  2. Mirror image [archer/ishtar(rin tohsaka)

    Summary: “Do I look like her?” Those words alone, haunt him.

    Chapter 1: Ishtar’s question

    A/n: i actually wrote this before watching the anime. Or well, half my fics are. Would love to hear...
  3. Ah my bad, I thought I was in the [fanfics]...

    Ah my bad, I thought I was in the [fanfics] thread, should’ve posted a new thread at the bottom thank you though, Appreciate it.
  4. A Songbirds Lullaby [Illyasviel von Einzbern/Rin Tohsaka]

    Part 2 of arranged marriage au

    Summary: Ilya hates it, hates the way Rin looks at her, hates the way her eyes seem to light up whenever they see each other. And she absolutely despises the way Rin...
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    The Binding Contract [Rin/Rider Medusa]

    Summary: There was going back now.

    Rin knew what she was getting into the moment she signed her life away. A binding contract, one that would undoubtedly tie the two families together for life.
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