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Thread: Questions, questions and more questions (READ THE OP FOR ANSWERS)

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    Quote Originally Posted by aAlouda View Post
    Why exactly does the Mage Association oppose Dead Apostels? Like, aren't most of them still mages who keep the secrecy, while advancing mageacraft? I kinda doubt it's for ethical reasons, considering how tolerant the mage association is of human experimentation and sacrifice.
    A Dead Apostle decides to participate in a territorial dispute with another Dead Apostle. A lot of people die and their blood is sucked. The collateral leads to missing journalists and rumors flying about.
    Policies is not happy.
    Two weeks later, your grandmother shares a Facebook post about european aristocrats drinking the blood of children to stay forever young.

    A Dead Apostle's worst enemy and greatest fear is boredom.
    What greater enemy would the Association have than powerful magical creatures that prey on people who just don't want to be bored.
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    Though abandoned, forgotten, and scorned as out-of-date dolls, they continue to carry out their mission, unchanged from the time they were designed.
    Machines do not lose their worth when a newer model appears.
    Their worth (life) ends when humans can no longer bear that purity.
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