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Thread: Questions, questions and more questions (READ THE OP FOR ANSWERS)

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    Wasn't the whole point of UBW not being bound to the limits of the world, and yes Shirou/Archer?
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    I get this vague feeling from your posts that you're looking down on people who don't share your view, which is what it is, but at least take a moment to snort some common sense between those hits of pretension.
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    My opinion is better than your opinion, so it isn't up for debate.
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    Telling us that you're rich is not going to make anyone stop laughing at you for believing in self-insert NTR.
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    You seriously underestimate the human potential for wanting to fuck stuff, my dude.
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    Welcome to BL, new user. Don't forget to fate/stay mad
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    Prententious killjoys with comically academic "critiques" are just as annoying as braindead gachoomers. This is the only valid horseshoe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Temflakes403 View Post
    Wasn't the whole point of UBW not being bound to the limits of the world, and yes Shirou/Archer?
    UBW's weird Projection stuff aside, it was given a limit of Divine Constructs as being things it couldn't replicate. Why/how is ultimately not that much of a discussion (since it's probably a smaller part of non-gods/Divine Spirits not being able to use Divine/Divinity related stuff without suffering disastrous consequences e.g. Muramasa and Ashwatthama) when Archer has stuff he can project that would be similar in function and can do the job for him.

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