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Thread: Forum Rules and FAQ

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    Forum Rules and FAQ

    What's Okay
    - Impressions, theoretical discussions, questions, news, exchange of info on Type-Moon related games, anime, manga, etc.

    - Linking/posting fanarts, music videos, fanfics. Note that if it's not your work, it's important that you give credit to the author. If you don't know the name of the person, but happen to know their website, you can just link their main homepage.
    Example: You made a custom wallpaper out of fanart with photoshop. The author is the person who originally drew that image.

    While BL won't allow you to break tables with an image, exceptionally large images can disrupt reading, annoy mobile users, and are in general unnecessary. If your picture is over ~1000p tall, you should spoiler it. If it's getting to be several MB in size, link it off-site or shrink it.

    What's not okay
    - Asking where to download games, anime, CGs or music in bulks. Posting a link to it, is of course, prohibited as well. Sample fansubs/Scans of unlicensed materials, freely distributed games, and demos are okay.
    Downloading copyrighted materials even internationally is still illegal and disrespectful in my view. If downloading is the only way in your country, please do the research on your own. This is not the place.

    - Discomforting others. Remember, this is a PUBLIC place. Please treat others like you would like to be.

    - Things completely unrelated to Type-Moon in General Discussion. If you like Type-Moon, you might also like... type of suggestions are okay.

    - We remind you of the rules you agreed to when you signed up.

    About Avatars and Signature Artworks
    You're basically free to use whatever avatar or signature artwork you want to use, even if it's not Type-Moon related. Although it is debatable to determine if they're within the range of personal usage or not in respect to the orginal artist, at least have a courtesy to know where the artwork you're using comes from.


    - Server
    dovac at

    - vbulletin License
    Dark Pulse, Kotonoha, Tobias

    - Default Avatar

    Chaccu at "Nemuri no Sato"

    Ikeyama at "Neutral"

    KuroiKemono at "Syugetsu"

    TakaiYone at "Expensive Noise"

    - Board Mascot BL-tan

    Finally, a disclaimer. Tsukihime and Fate / Stay Night are both 18 and over games. You may see or read things that may be of adult content. Since it's impossible to stop minors from freely using the internet in the first place, what you see on this board is your choice and responsibility.

    Failure to comply with the forum rules may result in several warnings and finally a ban.

    Thanks for reading!

    With a little addition for New BL:

    Even on the old forum, General Discussion had recently been sliding into becoming an offshoot of the Seventh. Please do your best not to turn the more serious discussion side of the forum into a spam forum - there are other places for that. Use discretion in your posting.
    Thank you.
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    Rules Addenda

    2011/03/19 - No cybering
    We really don't care about sexually-oriented posts... within reason. Discussing the plights of Kohaku and Sakura, yes. Roleplaying... possibly, within context of the roleplay. Telling King Rorthur you'd like to J-J-JAM IT IN HER POOPER... no. That's just wrong. Very, very, VERY wrong.

    2011/10/01 - Stop the flaming and trolling
    Blatant douchery and antagonism shall not be tolerated. Insults to others, direct or otherwise, will be met with the appropriate sanctions, which may include an elevation up multiple steps of the punishment ladder at once. Do not seek to provoke others. We don't care how bored you are, don't start flamefests.

    Also, it doesn't matter if you don't mean to do it, antagonism is still antagonism. Try to settle your disputes peacefully, or take it off-site.

    This, like the old rule, expects people to treat others as they want to be treated, so essentially, The Golden Rule.

    2012/04/09 - NSFW clarification
    Also, just in case people aren't clear about pictures, if it showcases clear nudity or is of a hardcore or extremely lascivious nature, link it or put a spoiler tag on it; also, put a warning on lemon fics (although people usually do that anyway). This will help users who browse in public places or at work, as ill-considered as that probably is. We ask this as a common courtesy to your fellow forumites.

    2013/08/04 - Aiding and Abetting
    Helping someone else break the rules is still an anti-social act that mucks up our forums. Not reporting a sock-puppet that you're fully aware of, for example, is liable to get you punished, if not to the degree that actually sock-puppeting would.

    2013/08/04 - False Reports
    Subjective reports are totally fine and a matter of course. We deal with them happily. But if you report a person or post without any good grounds, in a fashion we deem to be deliberately malicious, it's obnoxious, frustrating for all those involved, and a waste of the (volunteer) time of the staff. We will take it to constitute harassment of either them or us, and will punish it accordingly.

    2014/11/19 - Revised Sockpuppet Ruling
    Punishment for sockpuppeting (making a duplicate account) for the use of jokes, trolling, antagonizing users and the like will be one permanent strike on your record. Exceptions are the same as before, such as when you can't log into your account. So if you have the inclination to make one to joke around, rethink that inclination.
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    What if I break these rules?

    Seika: With apologies to Altima, I'm commandeering this outdated post about sanctions so I have some way to refer people to the new ones.

    The full system of sanctions as it currently stands follows below:

    - An infringement of the rules of Beast's Lair is cause for a public warning, presented with formal notice at the point of offence by a member of staff.

    - A further infringement within the undisclosed period of 'cooldown' for a first offence is cause for a second public warning and, at the discretion of staff, a temporary ban of between 1 and 3 days. It also comes with its own cooldown period.

    - A third episode of rule-breaking within cooldown is cause for a permanent strike on the record of the member, accompanied by a mandatory ban of one week. You remain on an extended cooldown after you return from your ban, during which you are considered to have a first public warning for all intents and purposes.

    - Another series of offences leading to a second permanent strike is cause for a mandatory ban of two weeks. Your cooldown on return is further increased.

    - A final series of offences leading to a third permanent strike is cause for a permanent ban from the forums.

    Sufficiently aggravated breaches of the rules may lead to an offender being elevated multiple steps up the ladder at staff discretion. Amongst others, unsolicited advertisers are subject to immediate permanent bans. Other behaviour likely to lead to extraordinary punishment includes (but is not limited to) direct personal attacks on other members of the forum, sock-puppeting, and breaking the same rule time and time again in the face of cautions from staff.

    Some discussion of the intricacies of these punishments has been held in this thread. Please consult it or a member of staff if you're unsure about any aspect of the sanction system.
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    "Fate/stay night: not really an eroge, and not really a cooking sim, but actually an RPG wherein everyone’s primary stat is “self-loathing” and the goal is to level it up beyond all the other characters."

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    Thread moved to Announcements and pruned.

    To celebrate, some FAQs:

    • Why can't I edit my avatar/signature/post Visitor Messages/&c.?

    As an anti-spam measure, some account features are disabled until you've made ten posts. When you reach that number, all will be well.

    • Is there a thread for me to introduce myself?

    Yes! No-one actually cares about it, though.

    • What do all the pretty colours in your usernames mean?

    Blue usernames are for regular users. This is probably you.

    Orange usernames are for tempbanned users. They'll be back, but they've accumulated enough black marks on their record to warrant a time out. Try not to get this colour.

    Red usernames are for permabanned users. Really try not to get this colour.

    Grey usernames are for users who have requested to be banned on their own initiative. We require them to give us an exact timetable (and preferably a reason), but there's no official mark against them and they'll come back according to their schedule.

    Green usernames (which may have a glow, depending on your browser) are for mods. We do the day-to-day forum work, patrolling threads to clean up spambots, enforce the rules, and generally keep things running as smoothly as we can.

    Cyan usernames (ditto the glow) are for administrators. They are the other half of the staff, whose vote has primacy whenever we're deciding something about the forum. They are more powerful and have more tools at their disposal than the mods.

    White usernames are something you'll see very rarely. These are for users who got their account deleted entire for some reason. We don't really do this any more, so it's not something you should come across.

    • Are there any limits on signature size?

    • What's up with the Type-Moon Wiki?

    It sucks. Please don't use it: you'll only end up with tiny nuggets of possibly-good information amidst the fanon trash and people will moan at you for it. Instead, the OP of the Questions thread has a number of superior reference resources for you. If you can't find your answer there, make a post in the Questions thread to consult the various hoarders of knowledge on this forum.

    • I'd like to ask a few quick questions about TM ...

    Cool! Make sure you've at least done a quick Ctrl + F through the resources I mentioned above, and then make a post in the Questions thread. We generally prefer megathreads on BL, rather than making new topics for each new user's queries. If you make your own thread, the mods are probably just going to move it into the main Questions thread anyway.

    • How do you do the funny - - - Updated - - - thing?

    Make two posts in the same topic within ten minutes of each other. If no-one else posted in between, the forum will automatically merge them for you and update the timestamp to the last post. People like to do this because the edit button is occasionally finicky on bad connections or certain browsers, and because it looks less ugly than the message that the edit button leaves behind. Please don't abuse this. Also please don't complain about the fact that someone posted and so you couldn't merge posts: it's very old hat by this stage, and you might tempt a moderator to warn you for spamposting.

    • What's BL's expected etiquette level?

    Fairly basic netiquette, really. Most of what you'd expect on any forum. If you're not sure of basic netiquette, do a quick Google Search, ask the moderators about something particular which concerns you, or just lurk for a while to see what the general standard of behaviour is.
    A few things which might differ from your expectations: we're an adult board, so swearing (if not to ludicrous excess) is expected and fine; similarly, properly tagged porn is allowed. We are not 4chan, and calling people faggots or similar is likely to upset mods. Racism, sexism, and homophobia will not be tolerated.

    • What's the policy on spoilers?

    With one exception, BL has a simple and overarching rule: if it isn't comprehensively translated into English yet (officially or unofficially), use spoiler tags. This means that if something's only been summarised - or had a few sentences translated - it's still verboten for open discussion. But as, for example, each English Fate/Apocrypha chapter is released, you can start talking about it happily. (For Fate/EXTRA CCC, this means you should use spoiler tags for everything not covered by the English Let's Play and a few scenes filled in by the translation forum: notably, the CCC route's unique events are therefore still under embargo).

    The exception is Fate/Grand Order, which has its own spoiler policy, as detailed here.

    For non-Type Moon works, we have no particular policy beyond requiring you to have some consideration for other members of the forum: we will frown upon spoiling the end of a long book/game/whatever the day of its release, for example.

    Occasionally, we also manually designate certain threads as either spoiler zones or spoiler-free zones, in the title or OP. Translation threads often end up being spoiler zones where information from throughout the work is likely to be given away without tags; conversely, in some threads we place an embargo where spoilers would otherwise be allowed (Prisma Ilya's anime thread is meant to remain free from manga spoilers, for example). We will make these exceptions clear, so just do your due diligence and spend ten seconds looking at the thread title and OP before you post, and you should be fine.

    As for the tags you should be using to censor your spoilers, we would prefer you used the [collapse2] tag, which can efficiently signpost what you're spoiling, is not overridden by browser or forum settings (black text is visible on alternate backgrounds; Chrome doesn't like transparent text), and hides what you're saying from the Activity Stream. For spoilers containing images, surround your [img] tags with " marks to ensure they work properly.

    • Is there a post size limit?

    Yes, 100,000 characters. If you really need to post more than that at once, don't try to post twice in a row, because the merge will prevent you doing so. Instead, contact a member of staff and we'll help you out.

    • Do you care about thread necromancy?

    Not in any kind of hard-and-fast way. As long as you're posting something relevant, feel free to dig up old threads instead of pointlessly making a new one on the same subject. The only exception is story threads in the Fanfiction forum. After about a month without activity, we ask you to address your feedback or commentary directly to the author instead of posting in the thread, because people get very tetchy when they think a story has been updated and it hasn't.
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    White usernames can also be black depending on your forum skin. Since they're actually default text color usernames.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seika View Post

    • Is there a thread for me to introduce myself?

    Yes! No-one actually cares about it, though.
    Something about the way this is said is really funny to me. Aloof Seika best Seika.

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