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Thread: Conception/Zero (Fate/Zero x Shin Megami Tensei Crossover)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grant View Post
    There's mention of the Gaeans and Messians, exactly how well are they known to the public?
    To the public? In terms of the Messians, their true colors are only known to the world that acknowledges Magic and the Church. Outside of that, Thorman does have his Ambassador cover, but I've not seen the right chance to use that in the writing quite yet.

    Gaeans, they're fairly public about their beliefs, and public demonstrations have ended messily (Think of the Yoyogi Park incident that precedes the beginning of SMT 3).

    And now the last update.


    … How?

    How could he let himself lose control, back then?

    What the hell was spraying bullets at a Fiend supposed to accomplish?

    The blood of innocent lives were on his hands, all for naught, once again.

    And now, he was at Death’s Door, about to face the Fiend Daisoujou…

    … and die.

    The Holy Grail War… Lost. His Life’s Goal… A Failure.

    Iri… Illya…

    Kiritsugu roared in self-hatred and despair, the spontaneity of the act making Kirei drop him. Kiritsugu simply lay there on the ground, alternating between sobbing and screaming his throat hoarse, and he had only enough upper body strength left to barely lift himself enough off the ground to punch it at random.

    Kirei stood by and watched, both from a sense of fascination and shock. This was the man that consumed his free thoughts? The man that wandered countless battlefields for years, blasphemed in the face of the doctrine of the world of Magic? The infamous Magus Killer, a blubbering wreck on the ground?

    If he were a normal man, he would roll his eyes. Instead, without a shift in expression, Kirei lifted Kiritsugu onto his feet and slapped his face.

    The sobbing immediately stopped.

    Kirei punched Kiritsugu’s face, to no effect.

    Reinforcement. Better.

    Kirei pushed Kiritsugu away, and drew his Black Keys-

    -right as Kiritsugu drew his Thompson Contender, killing intent clear in his eyes.

    “Feeling better?” Kirei asked.

    “I’m feeling like myself,” Kiritsugu answered.

    They shared an infinitesimal smile. This was the man that Kirei knew.

    A cell phone rang, and Kiritsugu answered it before the first ring finished. “Maiya?”

    “Kayneth Archibald has escaped, along with his fiancée and Servant. They’ve landed a short distance away,” the calm voice of Maiya Hisau said over the phone. A small sense of relief washed over Kiritsugu as he listened to her continue, “I presume the transformation of the building was not in your plans.”

    “Correct. The scenario has been changed, by a Fiend no less, but it will not be altered,” Kiritsugu checked the inside of his long-coat… More ammo clips for the Calico, grenades and the unique ammunition for the Contender. This wasn’t going to be like the Matador encounter. “I’ve been targeted for battle with the Daisoujou, along with Kotomine Kirei.”

    “... I see. I shall update Madam and Saber.”

    Kiritsugu made an affirmative sound. “You are their eyes now. I’m counting on you.” He hung up the phone, holstered the Contender, and reloaded his Calico as he looked over to Kirei. “So, ever fought a Fiend before?”

    “Never,” Kirei answered as he walked to stand at Kiritsugu’s right side, “but I’ve dealt with plenty of world-altering Demons, both familiar to our world and the Unfamiliar.” He did a mental check… and decided that he had more than enough Black Keys on hand for what was to come.

    Kiritsugu couldn’t suppress a chuckle. The man he feared the most in this War was now about to fight by his side, against a manifestation of one of the greatest evils of Mankind.

    There was nothing more to be said. The two of them ran into the warped building to face the Daisoujou.


    Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald was not having a good night.

    A whole day of defense preparation for his Grail War headquarters had been rendered useless by the lowliest combatant of the Holy Grail War, the aimless Magus Killer. And now, with an unconscious Sola-Ui in tow, he was caught blind-sided in some god-forsaken forest by the Einzbern Master and her Servant.

    “... You brought your mistress to the Holy Grail War?”

    The Servant couldn’t have been older than 14, and she thought that she could question him? The Lord El-Melloi?! You could see the vein start to bulge in his forehead. “She is my fiancée, Servant. Though I would expect nothing short of impudence from any Servant of the Einzberns, especially after allowing the Magus Killer into their fold.”

    The Servant took a step forward, but the Einzbern Master held her back. Touched a nerve, did he? Kayneth smirked. “Though I suppose I can’t blame the Einzbern family for bringing guns to a Magic War, particularly if a little girl is the best that their Summoning can manage.”

    The air shifted, as if winds were being called from miles around the area, and the Servant moved to strike, but a bladeless shaft blocked whatever attack that the Servant tried to make. Clothed in his regal battle armor, his own Servant, Lancer, finally made his entrance.

    As the Einzbern Servant and Master leapt back to make space between them and Lancer, Kayneth considered his options. After saving them from the transforming hotel building, the original plan was for Lancer to cover his escape. However, this showed… promise.

    “Lancer. Show the fallen Einzbern family and their pathetic Servant just what it means to be The Servant of the Lord El-Melloi.” Kayneth kept the unconscious Sola-Ui in his arms, but that made him no less arrogant tonight.

    “And Lancer? Do make it entertaining.”


    “Saber, shouldn’t we retreat?” Irisviel asked, out of their opponent’s earshot. Normally, a Master in the Holy Grail War would be able to size up the basic capabilities of a Servant by looking at them. However, Lancer’s abilities were obscured by some unseen force, presumably his Phantasm. Entering into combat would most likely be an exercise in trial-and-error, which did not mesh with the Life-or-Death battle royale that was the Holy Grail War.

    The main problem, however, was that Kiritsugu was fighting the Fiend Daisoujou. With Master and Servant separated by the gap between the natural world and the Chaotic Realm that Fiends called their battleground, Kiritsugu’s support line to Saber was cut off. She was going to have to rely on Irisviel to sustain herself now.

    Saber looked ahead, to the nameless Lancer who stood at the ready with his staff, and his arrogant Master with a high seat in Magi hierarchy prepared for him since birth. She turned back to her Irisviel, her Master’s wife, a miracle of magic given life, descendant and bearer of centuries of knowledge from the Einzbern family of alchemists.

    Saber and Irisviel looked into each other’s eyes… and smiled. Retreat was never in the cards. After all, this was what they were here for.

    With a determined fire in her eyes, Saber stepped up and dispelled her black suit to replace it with her battle armor (Which got a raised eyebrow from Lancer’s Master). With Excalibur cloaked by Invisible Air in her hands, she stood ready for battle. “Though I do not approve of Kiritsugu’s methods, I will not stand idly by as you insult him or my Master.”

    “I stand before you a Knight, the Servant Saber,” she called out as she held her blade with her right hand back and pointed it towards the enemy, “and to slander my honor and the honor of my Master is to beg for your own death.”

    The Lancer shifted in place, and Saber held her left arm out and pointed it towards him as she drew her sword back.

    “And as this is the Holy Grail War, I will grant you your death.”

    With that, Saber shot forward like a bullet, and the Holy Grail War truly began.



    YAAAAAY! It only took a few weeks! After a couple months of beating my head on the desk about how to end part 1 of this chapter, but still!!

    Next chapter is all fighting~. Saber versus a Lancer we're used to, but Kiritsugu and Kirei fighting side by side? Holy moly, I hope I can do this justice!

    And full disclosure, the original plan did have the first fight be in the docks, basically playing out how the original Fate/zero story does but with the new characters creating ripples of change in the scenario. However, the mental image of the Daisoujou killing people as Kiritsugu stands powerless to stop it came as an epiphany during writing, and it was too strong in my head to ignore, so I bumped this moment up instead.

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    Is Kiritsugu under some mental effect or something?

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    The hell is up with Kiritsugu?

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    I'll be dropping the hint in this chapter anyways so I'll pre-empt it by saying that Kiritsugu has more than a bare-minimim awareness of what Fiends are and what they're capable of.

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    I don't think that really answers the question given what we saw of him in many situations in the books, but I'll hold off to see if it's clarified.

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    “Master Tohsaka.”

    Tokiomi finally caught his breath as he spun around to face the lone Assassin teleporting in, the woman with the ponytail this time. It had only been a minute since the demonic tower’s appearance in Fuyuki, but that one minute felt like an eternity as he waited for Kirei’s reconnaissance. “Assassin. Report now.”

    “Multiple casualties, no human survivors. All who were not Master or Servant fell to the Fiend, Daisoujou.”

    Archer closed his latest half-finished tome and walked up to his Master’s side. Tokiomi held his hand up to stop his Servant as he checked a holographic read-out emanating from a diamond on his wrist. “A Fiend, and from what the Compendium tells us of this particular one… We cannot rush into this. Assassin, tell Kirei to pull back while I make contact with-”

    Assassin coughed, “I’m afraid that is impossible. Master Kirei was Marked by the Fiend, and he proceeded into the building that was the Fuyuki Hyatt, to confront his fate.”

    If Tokiomi had been holding anything, he would have dropped it. Cypher operating unchecked in Fuyuki City in the midst of the Holy Grail War, countless dead that he had to rationalize an explanation for, and now his trusted friend’s only son was locked in a hopeless battle with an Avatar of Death. Tokiomi remembered to breathe, and he dreaded what was to come from asking, “Anything else, Assassin?”

    “The Master Kayneth Archibald and his Lancer have engaged in battle with the Einzbern family’s Saber a short distance away from the Spire.”

    This time, if Tokiomi had been holding anything, he would have thrown it. Goodness, any sane mind would know that the crisis that just befell the city, not to mention the explosive denouement, would be drawing people to the area. Why were they picking a fight now, of all times?!

    He shook his head and said, “Enough,” though he directed it to nobody in particular. “We have prepared for this contingency, as much as we do not wish to assume the worst outcome. Assassin, with Kirei in the other realm, you must reduce your sentry count as low as possible, and maintain surveillance of the area. I will touch base with Thorman soon to ascertain my next move.”

    “Understood,” Assassin replied. The Servant moved to return to the city, but stopped. “Master Tohsaka, there is one final detail. I do not know how you will take it, but I feel the need to say it, for good or ill.”

    Well, nothing could possibly make this situation worse. “Out with it, then.”

    “One other Master went with Master Kirei to face the Daisoujou.”

    “... Who?”


    Preta. The lowest of the low in the Buddhist demon hierarchy, an avatar of base greed, hunger, lust.

    Chatterskull. A giant skull possessed by malevolent spirits, with a laugh so lethal that those who hear it would drop dead instantly.

    Thankfully, they couldn’t laugh louder than the sound of constant gunfire.

    3-round burst after 3-round burst, Kiritsugu Emiya took down demon after demon as they poured out of the tainted hallways of the corrupted Fuyuki Hyatt building. He hadn’t been keeping track of time, let alone a kill count, and it felt like he’d been fighting for an eternity.


    Shit, another spent clip. “Kotomine! Cover!!” Kiritsugu shouted as he popped the empty drum out to reload.

    His unlikely partner in the battle nodded in assent, and Kirei Kotomine continued to dice up a nearby demon with the Black Keys in his left hand while he flung the set in his right in Kiritsugu’s direction. The extra blades swung at a wide arc, slicing apart the pretas and ghouls trying to surround and attack Kiritsugu while he was unable to shoot. Kirei caught the blades right when Kiritsugu pulled the slide back on his firearm.

    “We’ve been fighting low-level grunts on every floor of this complex,” Kiritsugu said, barely containing his frustration. “What are the chances that the Fiend is fucking with us?” He couldn’t help imagining the Daisoujou cackling with glee, and the Chatterskulls only helped that irritating thought.

    Kirei wouldn’t have given this notion a thought in different circumstances. Demons were more frequently glorified distortions of the natural order, from his experiences as a Church Executor. However, it was his tutelage under Tokiomi Tohsaka that brought to light the Fiends and their legions that operated under different rules. They weren’t merely wild forces of nature, clawing at the bit for survival. “You might not be far off the mark, Emiya. I have a plan.”

    Finding his “Shoot everything” alternative somewhat lacking in results, Kiritsugu nodded. “I’m all ears.”

    Kirei readied his Black Keys as the demons slowly started to close in again. “Nothing complicated. We simply kill them faster than the Daisoujou can summon replacements.”

    Kiritsugu started to fire up his Magic Crest. “Can we do it?”

    As did Kirei. “Can you keep up?”

    A maelstrom of blades and bullets proceeded to tear apart the Daisoujou’s demon fodder. Kirei concentrated on slashing through the hordes as he led the charge, while Kiritsugu boosted himself with his Time Alter to keep pace with Kirei and shoot down anything left standing before it could even consider dodging what was coming. The walls were being painted with rotting guts and magatsuhi, and Kirei knew they were on the right track when it all started to converge somewhere far ahead.

    Kirei threw all 6 of his Black Keys directly ahead at the demonic presence with deadly speed, but suddenly they were coming back at him! By pure instinct, Kirei managed to catch the Keys before they could do grievous harm to either of them. “EMIYA!!” he called out as he stopped their rush assault. Kiritsugu spun around and unloaded the rest of his magazine-

    Into a big, blue belly.

    With a trumpeting roar, the cycloptic elephant arch-demon Girimehkala slapped its belly and shot the bullets that were lodged in there right back at Kiritsugu and Kirei. Kirei’s clothes were Church Executor armor, made to guard against gunfire, so he blocked the bullets with ease. Kiritsugu, sensing danger as soon as he heard the bellow, merely dove behind Kirei.

    Kirei was… intrigued by this final test made manifest. “Girimehkala, the steed of the one who tempted Buddha, standing between us and the Monk of Death.”

    Relieved that there was only one more giant blue bullseye left to shoot, Kiritsugu just stood up and drew his Thompson Contender, but was stopped by Kirei. “Emiya, really. Black Keys couldn’t cut through this demon, let alone your bullets.”

    Of course, the Thompson Contender didn’t only shoot regular bullets… but then again, best not to reveal this trump card so early in the game. Kirei was still an enemy Master, in the end. “Then what do you propose?”

    The Girimehkala stampeded towards the two men, bellowing as it raised the giant scimitar in its right arm. Kirei turned around to face the arch-demon, then took what looked like a single step forward, and launched himself at their foe like a missile and buried his fist in its eye.

    If Kiritsugu wasn’t still under his Time Alter magic, he might not have seen it, but he was able to discern every detail in slow-motion. It was no simple step that Kirei did, as he poured an unbelievable amount of power into every stage of his Piercing attack. From the moment that Kirei’s fist connected with the Girimehkala’s eye, he could see the very air around them start to split and fracture like glass, the first layer of the Daisoujou’s illusory magic on their surroundings coming undone. As each millisecond passed, Kiritsugu could see the arch-demon contort and rupture as the mockery of its life violently burst out of its now balloon-like form, and not once did Kirei show a mote of reaction or loss of concentration.

    Kiritsugu wondered if he could be allowed even the briefest moment to be glad that they were on the same side.

    With the destruction of the Girimehkala, the roof gave way to a sky of chaotic technicolor lightning, and a vast desert replaced what was once a dungeon made up like a hotel. Now, standing before the Magus Killer and the ex-Church Executor was their quarry.



    I promise, I'm not intentionally delaying updates just to make what seems like fourth-wall-breaking final lines at the ends of said updates.

    So, it's my birthday, and I've finally found it within myself to keep writing this. I'm sorry to keep you guys waiting, if you are still here to read this. ;;>_>

    It's been a while, so I do feel kinda rusty, and it's about 4am here as I post this. I hope it doesn't reflect too badly on what I've posted above. Worse comes to worst, I'll improve this chunk, but that'll have to wait until after the next part.

    Which is coming imminently. I'm back, for real.

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    sure i'm game for more of this

    Year 1

    Salt Corner

    Quote Originally Posted by hayate View Post
    He's the exception. We see him swimming in with the

    He got his share of woes as with other players, but it has been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of different SSRs, both as F2P and P2P.

    I don't even wish to stand beside him as I got 2 consecutive IRs at my work the very same month after I got Jeanne.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriulio View Post

    First of all, a big FUCK YOU to everyone who got Holmes
    Second of all, a DOUBLE FUCK YOU at Laith because asahkwbebnfj,hhfshfls;
    Third of all, a TRIPLE FUCK YOU to people who quote Laith's gacha posts. THE WHOLE POINT OF HAVING HIM IN MY IGNORE LIST IS TO PREVENT THIS
    Quote Originally Posted by Aozaki-desu View Post
    fuck laith btw

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    Happy to see more of this. Of course usually he Reflects attacks, but we can let that slide.

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