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Thread: Create your own Modern Fiction Servants

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    Quote Originally Posted by naschyamamoto View Post
    Ultraman as a servant... the way you devised this feels super creative, and looks like a ton of fun to have in a Grail War! He has an anti-Giant Beast skill, because of course he does, what else would you call Kaijus, and he uses his Master as a host for transforming into Ultraman! So he's got offensive firepower on par with a Knight Class, while still having the presence concealment prowess of an Assassin, lol. Which class is he naturally predisposed to? I would assume Foreigner, but I could also see Saver and Alter Ego working here.
    Thanks! And yes he would be fun to have in a grail war (as
    that is). As for the class he would naturally predisposed to.... To me it's either shielder or saver as that's their whole purpose.

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    Hiyo folks! Wyvern here with a little bit of an experimental sheet. To commemorate one of the fics I co-author with my friend receiving its first fanart, we decided to make a sheet for the main character of said story in a similar style to my previous ones.

    Taylor Hebert from Worm being reborn in Game of Thrones. So consider this a form of crossover sheet having character and franchise elements borrowed from both!

    Now then, onto the show

    The Witch of Dorne
    Other Classes
    Lancer, Assassin, Ruler, Avenger, Foreigner
    Chaotic Good
    Height / Weight
    6’ 1” / 152 lbs
    Alternate History

    Music, drink, dance, and all the things that live (within her power). Her family, “her” children, and those that depend on her. Also, very pretty girls. But don’t tell anyone, she’s still embarrassed!

    - (Writer #1)


    Incompetent authority figures, needless conspiracies, the “Greater Good”, getting shot in the back of the head, getting set on fire, getting stabbed, people messing with her head, people taking her loved ones hostage, people trying to… you get the idea.

    Also, narcotics. She really, really doesn’t like narcotics.

    …What she might become.

    - (Writer #2)

    Female, Humanoid, Weak to Enuma Elish
    Command Cards

    A young woman, far from home, reborn into a new world. It wouldn’t be fair to say she was “isekai’d”, but, rather, that her soul was prevented from going to its final rest. Instead, she was chosen by a dying race to serve as their sword and shield against their own mistakes.

    Only by overcoming a great evil was she able to win back her own life.

    However, she gained many new scars and had to sell her humanity in the process. It would not be wrong to say her original self was nothing more than a memory by the end.

    The truth is, she has lived out two stories and was a goddess twice over. As Khepri she ruled a world and chose death to give them freedom, as Ophelia she served the Old Gods of Humanity against their rivals and oppressors, rejecting the offer of joining the ranks of those that had come before.

    While she could be said to have been much weaker than the Red God or the Drowned God, their forces still failed, and even the Alien Gods that ruled in other parts of the world were driven off or locked away.

    In short, she could be seen as the destined weapon of Humanity, created by the machinations of thousands of years, and sharpened by Brynden Rivers.

    All to cut Mankind free from those that had once been their greatest enemies.

    Yet, even with such a grand, cosmic game being played, it was still personal choices and free will that dictated the outcome. Without loss, without love, without tragedy, and without hope, there is no way to know how things might have ended. In short, she is an example of how the “Humanity” of even great heroes and leaders is still the most important part of, well, being human.


    Reserved is the best way to describe Ophelia Sand.

    Across both lifetimes, she was always someone who preferred to have her peace and quiet. Be it as a student, hero, scholar, or witch. It’s a fundamental characteristic of someone used to letting others bask in the limelight while enjoying pleasant company and their own interests rather than ruling.

    In this way, Ophelia can be said to be a supportive Servant.

    But not obedient or subservient.

    As a hero, Taylor Hebert was secretive and for a great part of her early career, worked without the knowledge of her loved ones. And as Ophelia, she was one who worked outside the frame imposed upon bastards and ladies alike. If not for her talent and ability to work with the great mysteries of the world, perhaps she would have faded into the background as the quiet, dutiful, and studious favored bastard of an indulging father.

    But then she wouldn’t be herself.

    At her core, Ophelia is someone who seeks to benefit others around herself. Even if this willingness to help others has led her astray many times across many lifetimes, this is an aspect of herself which she refuses to compromise on even if she can’t be honest about her intentions for fear of being rejected for her circumstances.

    As a Servant, of course, she is free from said constraints. At least when it comes to the Grand Order and the hunt for the Mage King’s Holy Grail.

    Class Skills

    Territory Creation - EX

    As a Priestess of the Old Gods of Humanity, Ophelia Sand has the ability to create dedicated shrines to them in areas where nature is more prevalent, allowing them to lend her aid and even shouldering some of her mana cost as opposed to further draining her Master. This also allows her to act without a Master’s aid once a Great Shrine has been built, completely nullifying her mana cost. It is worth noting that she participated in the usurpation of the previous pantheon of the old gods, meaning that the shrines she creates possess the trait of “Conquest”, requiring someone to “Conquer” them to destroy them.

    Increases own Arts performance by 12%.

    Item Construction - B

    Ophelia’s ability to create magical items or procure them is her main draw as a Servant. Their quality is high and the materials needed to create them aren’t ruinous, as Ophelia derives her Mystery from the borrowed divinity of the Old Gods, making it so anything she creates will hold a degree of divinity if its own made from natural materials. Furthermore, she is capable of carving shrines to the Old Gods from certain trees, increasing the degree of divinity of her creations even further.

    Increases own debuff success rate by 8%.

    Divinity A

    As a human who reached the Throne of Gods, Ophelia retains a great reserve of divinity even as a Heroic Spirit, overshadowed only by the likes of fully manifested goddesses with a matching vessel like Quetzalcoatl. Or Divine Spirits of low enough power to have their full divinity packed into their Servant container, like Euryale. This high level of Divinity is what allows her to craft Mystic Codes and even low grade Noble Phantasms, a facet she achieved in life.

    Increases own damage by 200.

    Personal Skills

    Mystic Arts (Westeros) - EX

    The Magic of a New World is a skill that represents her extraordinary breadth and depth of magical knowledge. Whether it be the Circle of Westeros, the Magi of Essos, the Astromancers of Yi Ti, the Shadowbinders of Asshai, the Blood Priests of Southryos, the Hydromancers of Rhoyne, the remnant souls of the Warlocks of Qarth, and even the Children of the Forest, Ophelia has been trained in virtually every form of Magic - but not what could be called Magecraft - of her world.

    The benefits of an immortality well spent.

    It is this collection of magical abilities which could be said to define her as a servant and what makes her so dangerous. Needless to say, as a servant her spells are those belonging to the Age of Gods, and thus work under a different system from what would be later known as True Magic of the Modern Era.

    Grants self On-Attack-Activate buff for 3 turns.
    Charges own NP gauge when attacking with Quick Cards.
    Gains critical stars when attacking with Buster Cards.

    Secret of Pedigree (False) C

    A skill named after a certain Noble Phantasm. One could see this as something representing the latent magical skills Ophelia possessed as a result of her birth rather than something she learnt over the course of her life. Furthermore, this acts as a form of charisma, despite being neither a King, nor being considered a rightful heir at birth, Ophelia still retained enough authority to decide the fate of her homeland, if not the continent.

    This is also connected to the Mysteries of Ophelia’s birth, and the combination of circumstances which lead to her being just in the right place at the right time and possessing the correct latent potential to achieve the tasks set out for her.

    Removes own debuffs.
    Increases own defense for 1 turn.
    Charges own NP gauge.

    Indomitable B+

    The willpower (stubbornness) to not give up even in the face of grievous injury and certain death. One could consider this a skill representing the ability that the one known as Taylor Hebert, and later on Ophelia Martel, possessed to survive even when targeted by dangerous foes and armaments, and then return from the ordeal stronger and more durable than before.

    The higher the chance of something killing Caster, the higher the chance that she will survive it. This paradoxical skill means that the threat level of an enemy is lower the more powerful they are. Strong blows and powerful weapons can and will grievously injure her, however, if they pass a certain threshold, they will trigger a form of instant recovery which immediately makes the wound close itself at the cost of a high expending of magical energy.

    Grants self Guts status for 1 time, 5 turns (3000 HP - Stackable).
    Grants self On-Guts-Activate buff for 5 turns.
    (When Guts status is activated, increases own NP Gauge by 30%)

    Noble Phantasm
    Witch of Dorne: The Magician of Another World
    EX-Rank / Anti Order

    Asking her comrades to aid her once again, Opheilia generates a magical flame that she uses to contact all of her allies.

    Through that network of magicals, she then invokes the “Rules” of Planetos and how its magic worked. This greatly boosts the potency of her own spells while weakening anything that could be considered “foreign”, whether that be technology, magic, or more esoteric powers, in range of the effect.

    However, doing this is incredibly draining and only possible after a Great Shrine has been established and the ritual must be anchored to the Shrine to last for more than a few minutes.

    As a final requirement, Ophelia herself must make an offering of her blood and either a tantric or human sacrifice. Meaning she must either engage in the ritual “creation” of life, even if pregnancy is impossible for a servant, or the ritual “ending” of life. Her personal preference is to offer up a human sacrifice, usually a criminal of some sort, whose body she will flay and then place inside a hollow built into the Great Shrine.

    It is a bloody and costly Noble Phantasm and not one to be invoked lightly.

    Reduces enemy debuff resistance for 3 turns.
    Reduces their attack for 3 turns.
    Seals their NP for 1 turn.
    Seals their skills for 1 turn.]
    (Non-Westeros Servants)

    Deal 500 damage to self [Demerit].
    Deal 3000 damage to target party member [Demerit].

    Increase party NP gauge by 20%.
    Add increase healing received to party for 3 turns.
    Add heal 1000 HP to the party for 3 turns.
    (Westeros Servants)

    House Nymeros Martell: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
    C-Rank / Anti Unit

    A shared Noble Phantasm possessed by those of House Martell, representing their strong emotional ties to those of their family and the lengths through which many were willing to go through in order to protect them or avenge them, as the case might have been. It’s not a Noble Phantasm which Ophelia gained through her infamy as the Witch of Dorne, but a brand of love left on her very being by the family she was gifted with in her second life and the love they had for one another.

    Unlike her third Noble Phantasm, this doesn’t require a payment in blood.

    But rather, it can be said that the price was already paid.

    So long as Ophelia and the one she is seeking to bring forth have a bond of genuine love and trust, a one time exception can be made, through which a second Servant may be temporarily called to fulfill a task before returning to the Throne of Heroes.

    Oberyn Martell.

    The Sand Snakes, Ophelia’s siblings.

    Legendary retainers of House Martell, particularly those who bore the title “Sword of the Morning”.

    Any of those and more, as long as they were united by love, honor, and duty to House Nymeros-Martell, they can come to her aid.

    Sometimes this NP activates even without the say so of the user, allowing Ophelia’s overprotective family to come through at a moment’s notice regardless of her feelings on the matter.

    Grants self On-Attack-Activate debuff.(5 Turns)
    Buster Card Hit: Increase Party’s Attack
    Arts Card Hit: Increase Party’s NP Gauge (5%)
    Quick Card Hit: Increase Party’s Critical Hit Strength
    Heal self for 5000 HP

    Sealed Blessings: Spirit of Beasts, Blasphemous Witch
    A- Rank / Summoning

    By unleashing the various spirits her blood entitles her to call upon, she can call up various familiars, servitors, and allies to attack her enemy. By slitting her own throat and offering up more of her blood, she can call up even more powerful beings. And if she offers up her very life she may, for a very brief period of time, call up the spirits of the three great monsters which desired her one way or another.

    The Night’s King.(Daniel Hebert as the Avatar of the Other.)

    The Dragon of Harrenhal.(The True Demon born from Harren the Black and all the evil of Harrenhal.)

    The Lord of Krakens.(Euron Greyjoy, after being warped even further by Jack Slash and becoming the Avatar of the Drowned God.)

    Such monsters are temporary manifestations, as this Noble Phantasm requires her to willingly commit suicide and their summonings last only as long as her life does.

    In short, they last until she bleeds to death.

    However, the lower levels of this Noble Phantasm have far greater utility and can be used to directly attack an enemy with a great number of spirits, shades, and monsters in rapid succession. However, should anything stop her bleeding, then this power also ends.

    Magic requires a Cost.

    Reduces enemies’ Buster resistance. (Activates first)
    Deals damage to all enemies.
    Removes their offensive buffs.
    Deals damage to self. [Demerit]


    Oberyn Martell (Lancer): No, Father, you may not lay with the Master! They are yet to reach the age of majority, that’s why! No, Dad, I swear by the Old Gods and New I will hunt you down if you lie with that Medb woman again!

    I missed you Father. I am glad you are here. We… we cried when we learned what happened. Love you “hugs”.

    Ned Stark (Saber): Having at least one trustworthy ally ought to make this entire ordeal more bearable. Yes, father. I do not trust you to not go off half cocked into a fight the moment I take my eyes off of you. At least Lord Stars is- and he’s gone. Apologies, Milord, I’ll return soon.

    Gregor Clegane (Berserker): I have nothing to say. There is no reason for me to spare you, monster, and I’ll gladly do to you what I did to Lorch. In fact? Just for daring to look at me, I’ll pluck those wicked eyes out! Yes, I shall offer your heart to the Great Shrine! Blood and fire!

    Daenerys Targaryen (Rider): Hehe. You have a tail now! I should introduce you to this wonderful girl named Elizabeth, all half a dozen of them, oh mighty dragon. Just… keep your kids away for now, there is a mighty number of dragon slayers walking about, and we wouldn’t want them getting hurt.

    Littlefinger (Assassin): How the Hell did you get here! Well, I suppose you qualify as an antihero. Though I probably should refrain from such statements myself. Truce? For the Master’s sake, at least?.

    Abigail (Foreigner): Oh, you got possessed by a god too? I know what that feels like…. Don’t worry, though, you’re much cuter than I was.

    Oberon: You are… different. A living paradox. You lie, and nothing about you is true. From your name to your motives, only your intentions seem to hold true. Whatever you hold as true, at the very least. I happen to be an old hand at dealing with Insects, which is why you’re an open book.

    Moriarty (Archer): Oh, good evening Professor what is that I see behind your back. Not another scheme of yours I dare hope? Why, thank you, these are lovely. Now, tell me, what do you want and who do you want to poison it with? No, don’t answer that last one, Sherlock’s upset you again, hasn’t he? Well, I suppose we were due a team up eventually.

    Moriarty (Ruler): Oh my, the Professor was rather dashing in his youth, wasn’t he? Almost reminds me of a certain… schemer my family dealt with in the past. Quite gentlemanly in his own way, though I can never figure what men like him are after up until they’re about to be foiled. Though I do confess to find you far better company. And more pleasant to look upon. Good try, dear Ser, you’ll get Mr. Holmes next time.

    Circe: Not quite the same name. No, it's not your fault. I was just hoping to find an old friend with a very similar name. Though I won’t say no to a new friend. I happen to love those wings of yours. Do you happen to have another pair available? Asking for a friend, of course.

    Medea: The Witch of Betrayal? Isn’t that what we all are? Little monsters that twist up others, committing blasphemies for the sake of those who condemn us? You, at least, sinned for love. I can respect that, my lady.

    As for Jason, I informed your more youthful self where he might be found… stuck in a spider web… with naughty comics acquired from Blackbeard. Consider it a gift!

    Lancelot (Saber): Well met, Sir Knight. My people said “ser”, but it’s a bit silly, no?I must say, though, that I find your taste in, ah, conversational partners to be most gentlemanly. You are welcome to come to tea any time.

    Morgan le Fae: The most famous Witch of all time, it really is an honor to meet you. I can only hope you don’t take issue with my reputation. I’m as to Westeros what you were to Brittain, after all. So let's get along, yes? Oh my, an annoying sister? Try having a dozen of those.

    Himiko: My oh my, people of your land are quite powerful. Both Lung and now so many of those who fight with us. I confess I am pleased to serve alongside a woman of your skill and beauty.

    Wu Zetian: Frankly, your grace, I am glad to continue to pat your head. But is it so necessary to mix those poisons without me? I’ve spent years trying to get the exact right mix of agony and lethality and I still wasn’t able to create the perfect poison! Even using hundreds of reagents I failed yet - oh, I should have gone for simplicity? To avoid over complicated reactions? Hehe. Let me pat your head as thanks for your genius!

    Marie (Rider): Oh… oh my. Your grace, I am enchanted. I-I-I would be delighted to take tea with you! “whispers” I do hope Cersei never learns of this. “end whispers” Yes, I shall be right by your side. I am an advisor as much as a princess, after all.

    Queen of Sheba: Oh my, your grace is most daring! I, well, I must confess I find myself… an admirer of your charm and wit. Yes. I can see how such a wise and powerful man as Solomon might find himself charmed. Still, Queen Makeda, I would love to know more of the rites and rituals of your homeland. Amongst other things.

    Boudica: Red hair… you, well, you’re nothing like her. Truthfully, you’re even more beautiful. Just looking at you my mouth grows dry, my stomach flips over, my hands clench at the hem of my robes, and I want to praise you with poetry and song. But mostly you’re warm, kind, and even with the cruelty of your sins, you accept them for your people.

    I understand your oath of revenge. And the weight of your duty. I wonder what would have happened, oh Queen of Victory, had you won that day?

    Altera: Attila the Hun? Scourge of God? No, your grace, you are wonderful. Now, may I bring more sweets for the next tea time? I’m sure I can use a few of my sister’s tricks to keep up with you in archery! And, should the worst happen, well, I’d be more than happy to help you - politely - demolish those Romans!

    Penthesilea: How strong your form, how dedicated your will, how excellent your leadership. I praise thee, leader of the Amazons, and should love to carry your shield.

    By the way, that certain person is hiding in the sublevel’s cafeteria. All you need to do is take the maintenance hatch and you can catch him. Though, before you go, might I have a kiss for a reward? Ah… she’s already gone. Oh well, I’ll just wait for next time!

    Nursery Rhyme: Heh. A true innocent. Such a strange thing, in this world and every other. You are a treasure, my dear, and I shall protect you.

    Medb: You suck. And I don’t mean in the fun kind. I hope you forever are cursed with impotent partners. And that there is always moldy cheese under your pillow. In fact, here’s some. Catch, you Tyrell wannabe!

    Artoria (Saber): Hmm. In this form, you are young. Is it hypocritical of me, cruel even, to judge you for your Wish? Perhaps. But that does not change the fact you are willing to destroy all the good you did to soothe your own pride. Even as a goddess, I did not repent my sins, for without them Khepri never would have risen and Zion never would have fallen. And without a doubt, I did far more evil than you.

    Chiyome Mochizuki: Yes, you’re too adorable for this world and you must never abuse this power. Now, you must tell me about this friend of yours who is giving you the cold shoulder. A fellow Goddess, though fallen, is still a goddess at heart nonetheless. Now let’s pick up some ice cream. I feel we might need it.

    Semiramis: It would seem many queens favored poisons in the past, though none compare to you of course. The trend setter. I have to thank you for making sure witches like me always had a place, you can never go astray with a drop of poison. It will kill a man more reliably than any spell or blade ever could. So, what do you say, I taste yours and you taste mine?

    Nitocris: Ah, I am truly blessed. Not only to meet one such as you, an eager servant of the people, but to be graced by the presence of a woman who is truly beautiful in their heart. Should you ever need an advisor to sully their soul in your service, you need only ask, your majesty. Even as a being who rules over darkness and carries many sins, it is right for your goodness to still shine.

    Cleopatra: You know, in my life I heard many versions of your story. Some good, some bad, some that praised you as a true defender of your people, others that condemned you as a whore. In my second life I met many people who were a little like you.

    Perhaps none of that matters. After all, you have Caesar and Caesarion. Those two are your truths. Those two are good, no matter what else that was said and done. The love of a man and wife and the love of a parent and child, those are worthy of praise above all else. I bow my head to you, oh Queen of the Nile.

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    (Picture the armour's colour scheme as black and red)

    True Name: Tyrion (Alter)

    Class: Saber

    Titles: The Incomplete Avatar of Khaine, Fallen Defender of Ulthuan, Heir of Aenarion, Former Champion of the Everqueen, Berserk Dragon of Cothique, The Reaper, Orcbane, Mankiller, Incarnate of Hysh

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Crossover: Warhammer Fantasy

    Gender: Male

    Height: 200 cm

    Weight: 90 kg

    Other Qualifable Classes: Rider, Berserker

    Wish: To go back to that fateful battle and kill them

    Likes: The act of murder, the old days, his daughter

    Dislikes: Malekith and Teclis!!!, betrayals, vampires, Chaos

    Talents: Murder

    Armaments: Lacainthrai


    Strength: B

    Endurance: C

    Agility: A

    Mana: B

    Luck: E

    Noble Phantasm: A+

    Class Skill(s)
    Magic Resistance: B (A):
    The Skill grants protection against magical effects. Differing from the Resistance effect that merely rejects Magical Energy, this ability cancels the spells altogether. At this Rank, it can cancel spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by greater magecraft and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for them to be affected.

    Tyrion has lived in a world where magic is a common sight, especially on the floating island of Ulthuan and has faced countless magic users across his life as the Defender of Ulthuan. Not to mention his brother, Teclis, is his people's greatest mage and one of the greatest in his world, making him the elf that is the most familiar with magic without actually being able to use it. However, the Rank is A Rank in practice most of the time thanks to the effects of one of his Noble Phantasms, The
    Bitter Reminder of the Golden Days
    Heart of Avelorn

    Riding: C-

    The Class Skill of Rider and Saber class Servants, denoting the ability to ride mounts and vehicles. Rider-class Servants will typically possess a high rank. It is said that dragon-type mounts are an exception, requiring a different ability other than Riding. At this Rank, one can flawlessly manage vehicles if they have received the proper training and adjustments. Most vehicles and animals can be handled with above-average skills. However, one cannot ride the likes of Phantasmal Species such as Monstrous Beasts.

    The Rank of the Skill has decreased from B Rank due to the Distortion Skill that manifests as unable to ride a living beast as most would run away from sensing his bloodlust, needing him to break their will and corrupt them first to ride them. His ability to ride vehicles is unaffected though.

    Personal Skills
    Divine Core of Murder: B

    A Skill that's the representation of Tyrion's current status as the earthly Avatar of Khaine, the Elven god of violence, war, cruelty, blood, destruction, and murder like how he was during the first half of the End Times. It was chosen by his Distortion Skill as the representation of his Berserker Class as Mad Enhancement has been subsumed by this Skill in that Class. However, it's also because of this that the Rank has dropped from A Rank because Tyrion due to the circumstances that lead to his corruption making him
    too sane
    for the god.

    The Skill is a composite Skill for Divinity, Mad Enhancement, Sadistic Constitution, Roar of the War God (that grants bloodlust instead of bravery to allies) and Aptitude for Slaughter (All), which bestows bonus damage to not just humans but all types of enemies, all at B Rank except for Mad Enhancement which is only at D but will rise to A when one of his buttons is pressed like getting betrayed.

    Eternal Arms Mastership: A+

    A Mastership of combat arts that has reached the point of being said to be unrivalled in one's era. By complete merging of mind, body and technique, it is possible to make use of full fighting skills even when under the influence of any sort of mental hindrance or circumstances like being disarmed.

    Tyrion was regarded as the greatest warrior of the
    High Elves
    during his life and possibly even the greatest in his race's entire history after Aenarion the Defender's death, having inherited from his aforementioned ancestor, something that he continually proves during his defence of Ulthuan where he slaughters tens of thousands of would-be invaders through his blade and tactics across the centuries. This martial skill would remain even after his descent into madness and be enhanced instead after he pulled Widowmaker out, which unfortunately for him isn't happening again as Tyrion does not possess the infamous sword in this form.

    Distortion: B

    A Skill that forces the distortion of the class the Servant was originally called forth in. They would receive the other class' specialty as proof. Conversely, at least one among the set of the original Class Skills has declined.

    In Tyrion's case, this Skill has given him the Divine Core of Murder from his Berserker self and it has lowered his Riding's Rank.

    Tactics: C-

    Refers to tactical knowledge used not for one-on-one combat situations, but for battles where many are mobilized. Bonus modifiers are provided when using one's own Anti-Army Noble Phantasm or when dealing against an enemy Anti-Army Noble Phantasm.

    Not only was Tyrion Ulthuan's greatest warrior, but he was also the greatest general of the Asur in his lifetime, another inheritance from Aenarion. When he was a boy, he was already beating veteran White Lions in games of chess and would be trained by the captain of the White Lions and his future enemy, Urian Posionblade, until he was peerless across Ulthuan. Unfortunately, due to the madness of the Divine Core of Murder muddying up his mind that the Skill has received a Rank down, though his mind isn't so consumed with the insanity that it is unavailable like in his Berserker Class.

    Noble Phantasm(s)
    Incinerate All, O'Sword of the Sun Corrupted by Bloodshed and Madness

    (Picture this but a lot more evil-looking)
    Rank: A+
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1-2
    Maximum Number of Targets: 10 person

    Originally named
    , the legendary sword was renamed after its' corruption alongside its' wielder to
    where its name and appearance changed like the Holy Sword of the Planet. Created and enchanted by the most famous mage in Elven history, Caledor Dragontamer, for Aenarion during the first incursion of the forces of Chaos. It would be used by the First Phoniex King until he replaced it with the superior
    The Omnicidal Sword of the Bloody-Handed God
    when he was consumed by the flames of vengeance, it was passed through the hands of both elven and human alike before it was lost in the continent of Lustria. Tyrion and his brother managed to recover the sword after several decades of searching and would be his primary weapon until it was briefly replaced by the
    The Omnicidal Sword of the Bloody-Handed God
    again during the End Times and then back to his primary weapon when he returned to life until the destruction of the World.

    After its corruption, the 4-foot (121.92 cm) sword retains all of the original powers of its edges unable to dull, automatically adjusting its balance and weight for its wielder, and being able to light itself with the fires of the volcanic spirit bound within that can also be shot out to incinerate enemies with the only difference being that the colour of the flame has changed to be pitch black as the elemental spirit was also corrupted. However, the fire blast cannot be used often as the attack uses the life force of the spirit as fuel and over-usage can weaken the spirit or maybe even kill it, ruining the sword. Also, perhaps as compensation from the Grail for not having the
    The Omnicidal Sword of the Bloody-Handed God
    , Lacainthrai has received three of the divine sword's abilities though inferior in effectiveness. Firstly, it is made even sharper to the point that it can shear through D Rank Noble Phantasms or lower with minimal effort and damage C Rank Noble Phantasms with each hit but B Ranks or higher are too high for this blade to damage. Secondly, it constantly emits an aura that causes every living organism in close range of Tyrion to become more bloodthirsty over time, corrupting their personality by replacing their noble qualities with their opposite like empathy with callousness, making it a danger even to his allies that requires being already violent or having resistances to mental interferences to protected from the aura. Lastly, it can bring back anyone except for another Servant slain by this blade as skeletons subservient to Tyrion's will, the sword's flames incinerating the victims' flesh and organs and remaining on their bones though he can at maximum only have and control 30 undeads at a time.

    Darkly Stained Guardian of the Fallen Defender
    Dragon Armour of Aenarion

    Rank: C
    Type: Anti-Unit (Self)
    Range: -
    Maximum Number of Targets: 1 person

    A mighty set of armour that was also forged by Caledor Dragontamer within the temple of the Elven smith god, Vaul, for Aenarion during the First Chaos Incursion. Despite its durability, it was damaged during Anenarion's last battle but was repaired by Tyrion's father thousands of years later and became Tyrion's primary choice of armour until the destruction of the World. Like Lacainthrai, the armour's appearance has also changed, now being black and red, though that's the only change to it.

    The armour is naturally extremely effective at protecting Tyrion before even accounting for the layers of potent protective magic placed on it. Together, the armour would take several B Rank attacks to the same place in rapid succession to damage and piecing it through would require several A Rank attacks would be needed. It can also temporally raise the Rank of Tyrion's Strength by one for 10 minutes and can project his voice to be heard by an entire army even if he's speaking softly or over a dragon's roar.

    Bitter Reminder of the Golden Days
    Heart of Avelorn

    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Unit (Self)
    Range: -
    Maximum Number of Targets: 1 person

    A bloody-red ruby given to Tyrion by his former? lover, the Everqueen Alarielle the Radiant for saving her from Dark Elf assassins and the Greater Daemon N'Kari to protect him. The gem was never used until Teclis used it and the Flames of Ulric to revive and remove the taint of Khaine during the latter half of the Endtimes.

    The Heart's passive ability increases the Rank of Tyrion's already impressive Magic Resistance by one Rank, making him even more of a living juggernaut alongside his armour. However, its main ability is it's able to revive Tyrion from death a moment after he's killed, healing all injuries and curing poisons and illnesses he had before death, at the cost of the gem being destroyed.

    Surprisingly, this Noble Phantasm is not corrupted like the other two are. Could it be because of the holiness of the Everqueen's magic or because of what it symbolizes for Tyrion even now...?

    Lore & Backgrounds

    Here and here for Tyrion's lore. I'm sorry but trying to explain his lore and the mess that is the End Times is something that I do not have the time or willingness for.

    This version of Tyrion wasn't summoned as he is now; like a certain Greek hero in a War of another timeline, he was summoned normally in the Saber Class Container that represents him as the [Heir of Aenarion]. However, shortly after his summoning, he was unfortunately corrupted due to a variety of circumstances, causing him to go mad once again. Now he is the dark gray line that sits between the white side that is his
    Heir of Aenarion
    Defender of Ulthuan
    Rider self
    and the black that is his
    Avatar of Khaine
    Berserker self
    , an entity that can be best described as "being stuck in the middle but leaning towards the black". Due to having some of the raw power of his Berserker self and some of his Saber's self sanity, it can be argued that this version of him is the most deadly in a fight.


    As mentioned before, Tyrion's personality as he is now can be best described as "being stuck in the middle but leaning towards the black" and his personality is no different. Driven by an insatiable lust to see every living thing in sight bleeding on the ground like butchered pigs by his hand, he is a threat to even his own master especially when combined with the fact that being around his sword will drive them psychotic too so it's best to have him commit suicide as soon as possible or command him from afar if he must be kept. At the same time, he also possesses a surprising amount of sanity left, more so than when he lead the Aestyrion and especially more so than his Berserker self, hence why his Tactic Skill merely suffered a Rank down. So instead of a mindless berserker, he is more of a psychopathic serial killer instead.

    Perhaps then, it is not that surprising when one learns that Tyrion has some soft sides. When he's faced by most beings, he'll be ruthless in slaughtering them but if the enemy is an elf, particularly one from his world he'll spare them. This is not because of mercy, that weakness has been purged out of him ever since his corruption, but out of a desire to be recognized as the true king of the Elven race and even go on to be gentle to them if the elf in question happens to resemble either his love, Alarrelle, or his daughter, Aliathra, or actually is them. Though in that case, his love now twisted by his madness would surely have him try to corrupt them to be like him. It is also because of this that he can often be found looking at the Heart of Avalon, deep in contemplation, and would go berserk if the Noble Phantasm be used up or destroyed.

    Aside from that, he also has a deep hatred of being betrayed, stemming from all the tragedies that befell him during the End Times. Backstabbing him or just going around his back will enrage him so much that his Mad Enhancement Rank will jump up by 3 Ranks and be reminded of those who betrayed him (except for Alarelle though) like his brother will do the same. However, he is also a hypocrite for he's fully willing to betray those on his side if the situation calls for it, self-justifying it in his mind as he's doing so. Naturally, pointing this out would result in him putting you on his first to kill at the moment.

    To his Master:
    Do not care for his Master. At best, he'll leave them alive to have a source of magical energy until he has found a better source to replace them or they have done something to piss him off while ignoring everything they have to say unless he decides following it would be greatly beneficial for him. If the master happens to be female and a blonde beauty with green eyes then they might live longer as a psychopath... Honestly, if they value their life, the master shouldn't be anywhere close to him in the first place.

    To Malekith & Teclis:
    "DIE! False king! DIE! You disgrace of a brother!"
    No further explanation really needed.

    To Alarielle the Radiant:
    "My love! Yes! Come join me as my queen! We'll rule together over not just Ulthuan but everything!"
    It seems that he has forgotten what happened last time he asked that of her when he's like this...

    To Medea & Circe:
    "You can't trick me, witch... You're no Elf, you're just another meat puppet to gut open! And spare me your magics for they will not save you just like how it will not save that bastard!!!"
    At first, misken them as weird-looking elves due to their ears, but he quickly sees it through and will try to murder them like all the rest. Them being powerful mages doesn't help either.

    To Vampires:
    "Disgusting filths! I shall make a pyre from your corpses."
    Due to the actions of a certain vampire that kidnapped his daughter which lead to her death and his own failure to save her, he now despises all vampires with a burning passion, literally.

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    Archer - Zaroff

    A/N: Zaroff is a character who very much straddles the border between here and the regular CaS thread, since his story is almost 100 years old and is now in the public domain (but has only been so for two years), though he's still from after 1900 (then again, CaS has a Big Brother sheet). Decided to put him in here just to be on the safe side. His NP also takes influence from Breath of the Wild's Eventide Island as well as Ship-Trap Island in the story itself.

    Archer of the Manhunt

    "You see dear boy, the real reason you are here on my island is because I crave the most dangerous game..."

    True Name:
    General Zaroff
    Alternate Classes: Has the ability for Assassin yet he lacks the right personality. Even without a wish for the Grail, wouldn’t work as ruler as he’d insist on ‘joining in’. Possibly Berserker, MoonCancer if things get extreme
    Source: Fiction, The Most Dangerous Game
    Region: USA, Russia
    Catalyst: A lure light taken from Ship-Trap Island.
    Armament: Small-caliber hunting pistol

    Character: One of the most infamous villains of short fiction, Zaroff is a twisted big game hunter who started killing animals. After becoming an expert hunter, he began to lose his passion in this pastime until he took things to the next level by hunting ‘the most dangerous game’: mankind.

    A Russian noble in exile after the Revolution, Zaroff is a remarkably sophisticated and surprisingly welcoming man at first glance, well-educated and always happy to converse. While he’s able to get along with people of similar status to him, the moment they object to his murderous ways however, he’ll become disappointed in them and devalue them to ‘prey’ like all the rest. He genuinely seems to want someone he can relate with, who shares his passions, but naturally eager man-hunters are few and far between.

    He has a clear Social Darwinist streak, with the notion of life being for the strong helping him rationalise his murder game, on top of him pointing to the world's atrocities as proof that he isn't that bad, relatively. However, given his desire to be entertained, he’ll insist on giving his victims a ‘fighting chance’ by providing them with basic advantages like a timed head start and basic supplies, even showing extra lenience if a trap or tactic particularly impresses him. He’s doing all this to stave off boredom, after all.

    He's expectedly eager to jump right into the Grail War, having almost a reverence for the event as he sees it as 'proving' that his pursuit of manhunting for pleasure is completely legit. He's skeptical of new hunting technology though, thinking he would've gotten completely bored with hunting had he been born nowadays when it's much less of a risk. He's delighted however to see that this time is just as cutthroat as his own.

    Attribute: Beast
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Likes: Manhunting, keeping things fair, playing with his prey, likeminded people, classical philosophy (e.g., Marcus Aurelius)
    Dislikes: Boredom, moralists, paintball

    • Cuchulainn: “A surprise kindred soul, given your past duelling men and hunting beasts, and love of the thrill of battle. But tell me, why would you need war as an excuse to hunt man?”
    • Most Assassins: “Really, doesn’t your strict pragmatism take all the sporting fun out of killing?”
    • Most Foreigners: "You claim there are beings out there that dwarf man in comparison? I'll have to see them to believe that, but they should prove a most thrilling hunt!"
    • Goethe: “Ah, a true genius, a titan of intellect! What an accomplishment it’ll be to say I took the head of the German Shakespeare.”
    • Baudelaire: “I thought you of all people would have the understanding to champion man-hunting, but it would seem you lack the spine.”
    • Franziska Kafka: “You’ve seen all the worst human society has to offer, my dear, yet you still draw the line at man-hunting?”
    • Black Dahlia: “Hmph, gashes like these seem to be the handiwork of a complete amateur, not the work of an expert hunter. Then again, the killer remains unsolved, so maybe there’s something to be said for them.”
    • Michael Collins: “Hmm, giving you a head start might be too much of an advantage. Not to mention I have little fondness for rebels.”
    • Emilie du Chatelet: “A pity at present I cannot snag Voltaire, but the discoverer of the Thermodynamics’ First Law will do in a pinch.”
    • 'The Boss': “Shame you’re a creature of electricity and not of flesh, otherwise you’d be the perfect foe.”

    Master: He’d need someone just as interested in the Grail War as entertainment as him, though funnily enough he’d consider the otherwise fitting Uryuu too ‘uncultured’ for him. Were he to end up with a more moral on, on the complete other hand, more pragmatic non-nonsense Master, he would have to be restrained with a Command Seal to keep him from hunting them. For why would he even need an uncooperative Master given his Independent Action and tracking of mana sources?
    Natural Enemy: Sanger Rainsford (the guy on the bottom of the poster)

    Wish: The all-out Grail War itself is already his ‘wish’, with him seeing the Grail as more of a trophy than anything else. If he did have to pick a wish though, it would be for society at large to fully accept his ‘interests’.


    • Strength: C
    • Endurance: D
    • Agility: C
    • Magic: E
    • Luck: D
    • NP: B

    Class Skills

    Independent Action

    Capacity to remain independent even without a Mana supply from a Master.
    • Rank A: Much of his life was spent in isolation, besides his deaf-mute butler the only people he had for ‘company’ were his victims. Can remain in this world for a week without a Master.

    Magic Resistance

    Built-up immunity to magic.
    • Rank E: As a modern Servant unlikely to have encountered magic, magical damage can only be reduced.

    Personal Skills

    Animal Control (Hounds)

    Command of certain kinds of animal.
    • Rank A: Archer’s hounds are perhaps just as much his weapon as his gun.

    Appreciation of the Arts

    Infatuation with works of art.
    • Rank C: Archer is a quite cultured gent given his savage pursuits. There’s a decent chance he’ll be able to identify a Noble Phantasm with artistic attributes. Mostly uses this to keep track of any armament phantasm he confiscates via his Noble Phantasm.


    Ability to precisely attack Magical Beasts and wild animals.
    • Rank C++: Having mastered hunting animals, he has moved on to hunting the peak of animals: man. However, being a quite recent Servant, has little experience with Magical, let alone Phantasmal, Beasts. One Rank below Proto Cuchulainn in F/GO.

    Presence Detection

    Ability to detect other Servants and local mana sources.
    • Rank B: As a peak modern hunter, Archer can see through and cancel out the effects of B-Rank Presence Concealment. This helps with fuelling him once Independent Action kicks in and gives him the energy to set up his Noble Phantasm.

    (Could've included Demonic Defender, Golden Rule, and Marksmanship, but I wanted to keep his Skills to a limit)

    Noble Phantasm

    The Most Dangerous Game
    Life is For the Strong

    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Fortress
    Range: Size of a small island

    A Bounded Field that at its greatest extent can cover a small island. It exists to recreate the conditions for his hunts on what was his lair, Ship-Trap Island. Other than of course him and his Master (if he still has one), anyone caught within the Field cannot leave for three days.

    Having control of the leylines within the field, Archer can reduce the mana level within the field to a minimum, though unlike Depletion Field cannot shut it off entirely, rather redirecting the mana towards a few select spots only he knows the location of. The idea is to mimic the deprivation that comes with being shipwrecked like his old victims were (hence the Anti-Fortress attribute). Ship-Trap Island originally used lights as lures, but with Archer needing to be defeated for the Grail to be completed, such lures are unnecessary with Servants already on the search.

    If those trapped within are not likeminded enough to Archer, then so will begin his hunt of them. After Archer gives his victims a gracious three-hour head start, they have to elude him for up to three days, if not defeat him within that time. With the flow of Mana under Archer’s control, this makes it difficult to use any non-innate Noble Phantasms all the while. Even if Archer could deplete all the mana from his victims he wouldn’t, as that would deny them at least a ‘sporting chance’. Servants with A-Rank Strength, one above the Phantasm’s Rank, can still push through the Field even before the three days are up.
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    Forigner of long past times

    Class: foreigner
    Other Classes:caster,saber
    True Name: obi wan kenobi
    Alignment: neutral good
    Place of Origin:star wars galaxy


    STR: B
    LCK: D
    NP: A+

    Weight:178 id
    Likes: the light side,good people
    Natural Enemy: the sith, vader
    Traits:Hominidae Servants,male,week to Enuma Elish,
    Armament: light saber

    Catalyst: a replica of his lightsaber

    Class Skills:
    Existence Outside the Domain : C: is a Class Skill associated with Foreigners. Denotes a being that descended from the void of outer space, thought Foreigner almost his whole life traveling through space. Going to different planets, being on starships and as well being from a different galaxy than our own

    Personal Skills:
    charismatic general A : A composite skill of military tactics and charisma, foreigner during his Life was a great general considered one of the most tactful minds of his time leading armies of men into successful missions.

    cursed teachings B: throughout his life, foreigner had a few students and he could even have been considered a good teacher, with this skill over a certain amount of time, he can begin to each other servants or even masters powers similar to what his noble phantasm gives. But this skill comes with a downside every student to that foreign brought up, was destined to fail eventually. Any student that he teaches with his skill will eventually lead the same fate to some kind of self-destruction.

    form 3 spresu A+: this skill represents the fighting style that foreigner used in life, it's an offensive style that does not focus on offense but instead defense, it's a fighting style that focuses on redirecting and blocking your opponent's tax until they are worn out.

    Noble Phantasm(s):

    the force
    Title The power that connects all creatures

    Type: anti-unit/anti army
    Range: 45
    Max Targets: ???

    The ultimate power of foreigner "the force" is a noble phantasm that lets foreigner do. A plethora of things with also being a passively active Noble phantasm. One of its most basic uses is a form of telekinesis, being able to move objects and creatures around with ranging difficulty depending on the strength of the creature or the size of the object. Along with this it gives a form of clairvoyance, being able to predict his opponents movements in the future and act better accordingly. Another effect of the phantasm Is that due to his training to obtain it? He also has resistance to mine altering effects. Things like charm, infatuation things of the of foreigners most common uses of this noble phantasm is what is known as "force push" which is the name suggests he uses his power over the force to push things in objects. It can be a mild almost shove to a force equivalent to sending someone flying out of a moving vehicle

    Foreigner is the character Obi-Wan Kenobi from the massively popular franchise Star wars, this is version of him though that has been summoned isn't really any part in particular. If anything, he's mostly from the version of himself that's from the prequels, But he still has the memories of his future self and what eventually happens to him and his general world as a whole

    Personality: Foreigner is a kind-hearted men. He always tries to do what he sees as just and right, and he's willing to go to Great lengths and has quite a lot of willpower to do what he sees as fit for the greater good. But even despite all of that He's not fully serious. He does have what can be considered rough edge to him sometimes when in battle when he's more calculating and serious. But a lot of the time. He'll also be quite quick witted in crack jokes and banter with his opponents. And if the opportunity arises, he always tries to end things peacefully without bloodshed or death since that is the Jedi way

    Creator Notes: (haven't made a servant in a bit. I thought this would be a cool idea instead of basing someone off of proper historical fact )
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    Berserker - Cesare

    Like Zaroff before, Cesare very much toes the line between here and the regular CaS thread, given he's public domain and from around a century ago, but I figured to put him in here since I've put up a ton more sheets in CaS. Also considered giving him BnEl15's Delusion Trigger Skill, but while he can cause delusions, he doesn't really project his own. Anyway:

    Berserker of the Hypnotised

    (By NekoMelchiah. Source)
    True Name: Cesare the Somnambulist
    Alt. Classes: Assassin
    Source: Fiction, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
    Region: Germany
    Catalyst: The film’s release poster.
    Armament: Outstretched hands

    One of the earliest ‘movie monsters’ created specifically for the movies, and certainly the earliest movie-original monster in the public imagination, and possibly the most iconic character from German Expressionist film (rivalled only by maybe Nosferatu and ‘Maria’ the Maschinenmensch). But Cesare and the film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari wouldn’t have endured for so long in collective memory if there wasn’t more to him.

    Berserker at first glance is surprisingly tranquil for his Class, a quiet and harmless young man content to pick flowers and defer to others. It is only when he steps into a world of illusion, be it through his Noble Phantasm, the dream-walking ability from his Movie Monster skill, or someone’s Reality Marble being activated, that he is twisted into someone ruthlessly and relentlessly violent.

    Berserker’s true qualification as a ‘Heroic’ Spirit is how his character embodied the paranoia that swept the psyche of much of the German people post-World War I, and the manic deference to authority and surrendering of common people’s individual wills that enabled the rise of the Nazi party. An embodiment of the fearful and reactionary need for a tyrant, leaving Berserker with ‘kill or be killed’ ingrained into his mind.

    This is what makes Berserker a true movie monster, beyond just being a scary killer in a motion picture. Movie monsters, at least the more favourably remembered ones, possess the power to tap into society’s collective fears and anxieties. Fear of the unknown, fear of all-too-known, fear of youth, fear of authority, fear of mindlessness, fear of a perfect little haven being broken into, fear you can’t trust anyone. Berserker stands near the genesis of all these fears, showing the way all for such characters who came after him.

    Attribute: Beast
    Alignment: Lawful Mad
    Likes: Tyrants, submission, flowers
    Dislikes: Whatever his Master tells him to, the lack of an authority, thinking for himself

    Relationships: Berserker by nature doesn’t really have relationships. When tranquil, he only acknowledges people as either his ‘caretaker’ or ‘the other patients’. Under Mad Enhancement’s full effect, there is only his Master, the absolute authority, the people his Master tells him to kill, and the people he isn’t told to kill.

    Master: Berserker by design is someone who will be completely subservient to any Master. But he’s also designed to only understand killing and not any of war’s other intricacies like alliances or caution, making him best suited to Masters constantly on the offence, as you’d expect of his Class.

    Natural Enemy: Whoever his Master tells him is. However, he does have a contradictory and incompatible nature to the Foreigner class, as unlike them Berserker is a representation of the horror inherent to the world of humanity, not outside it.
    Wish: Complete authority, for the world to never be on its own without a tyrant
    Rarity: 2/5

    • Strength: ***** D → B
    • Endurance: ***** D → B
    • Agility: ***** E → C
    • Magic: ***** E → D → C
    • Luck: ***** E → D
    • Noble Phantasm: ***** B → A

    Class Skills

    Mad Enhancement

    Increased power in exchange for loss of sanity.

    • Rank E A: Despite the image of his Class, Berserker’s regular nature is quite tranquil and non-violent, though no less mad. However, once they leave physical reality and enter someone’s dream or delusion, the full effects of Mad Enhancement kick in. Berserker becomes a completely brainwashed puppet for his Master, embodying the desire much of post-WW1 Germany had for the authority of a tyrant (ultimately leading to the rise of the Nazi party). Physical parameters increase two Ranks, other by one Rank.

    Personal Skills

    Dread Visage

    Prowess at intimidation.

    • Rank B A: Audiences were said to have burst out into screaming upon the initial reveal of Berserker’s face. Increased further by Mad Enhancement.

    Homunculus (Fake)

    Status as a homunculus-like existence, not in body but in mindset. Comes through being raised in a way that one becomes emotionally more like an instrument than a normal human.

    • Rank B: It is extremely difficult to even distinguish Berserker from the typical homunculus, being a powerful yet doll-like human completely at the whim of their Master. Boosts mana capacity another Rank.

    Movie Monster

    Status as an iconic ‘movie monster’.

    • Rank A: While Berserker is not the first ‘movie monster’, being predated by fellow German Expressionist icon The Golem, he may be the first iconic movie monster created specifically for the medium of film (or at least the earliest still in public memory). Allows Berserker to acquire Skills and Armaments held by subsequent movie monsters, such as Battle Continuation, Information Erasure, Presence Detection, dream-walking, and knives, claws, machetes, even a chainsaw. An enormous excess of Mana would be needed to imitate anything Kaiju-level though.

    Murder on a Misty Night

    A Skill associated with serial killers, permits a pre-emptive strike against all opponents.

    • Rank B: A pre-emptive strike is far easier for Berserker at night, but unlikely during daytime. The world of Dr. Caligari was one of near eternal night, what daylight there might have been was shot in a way to make it indistinguishable from night.

    Noble Phantasm

    Deutscher Expressionismus
    The Only Sane Option is Insanity

    Rank: B → A
    Type: Anti-Unit

    Berserker could well be the mascot of the early film movement known as German Expressionism, which abandoned materially realistic set design in favour of scenery and aesthetic that resonated with emotional truths, almost always emotional truths of fear, isolation, and paranoia. The set design of Holstenwall, the town in Dr. Caligari, was built out of painted light and shadows, jagged and twisted buildings, long, sloping corridors, and spiralling, claustrophobic streets. All this to embody the fear that had swept Germany and burrowed its way into the minds of its filmmakers, a fear of the authoritarian, a fear of a world losing its mind.

    This Noble Phantasm takes the form of a festering illusion that those who encounter Berserker will gradually fall victim to, where the world contorts and distorts in a way that perfectly matches the target’s fears. It is an illusion under which sanity cannot exist, for it is a vision of the world becoming so nightmarish that the ‘sanest’ thing to do would be to go mad. The Phantasm makes insanity not only the sanest option then, but the only option.

    It is within this illusion that Berserker transforms from the docile man he truly is to an unfeeling, unrelenting murderer, a murderer someone wracked by insanity can muster little mental stability when dealing with. A murderer who embodies the mindlessness the people have succumbed to in a world gone mad.

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