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Thread: Beast's Lair's Beta Reading - offers and/or requests, inquire within

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    Hey, everyone! I'm looking for a beta reader or two to look over the chapters for my Fate x Mega Crossover fic, Fate/Khaoskampf. If anyone is interested, please contact me via MP.

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    Not so much a beta-reading request so much as a request for people to drop ideas on me.

    There are several projects that I want to finish, specifically, a series of mostly comedic oneshot stories—three Grand Order and one Tsukihime. I'd rather not post them here, since I want to be able to surprise readers, but I've sort of lost my momentum, and basically, I was hoping that people might consider looking at these stories and just leaving suggestions, or even requests for where you would want these plots to go. I don't really know whether I would even use them, or if they would even remain in the intended form, but the point would be that I would have something that I could use to jumpstart my writing process again.

    So, anyone want to order me around with varying degrees of success?

    PM me if you’re interested, and I’ll send you the stories.
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    Looking for a beta-reader. Wanted to put this off until the first chapter of Mythologie came out because I'm not really sure how to describe the story.
    Mostly just a second pair eyes for proof-reading, character consistency, general feedback.
    Very strongly prefer someone with discord.
    PM if interested.
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    Hello, I've finished the first chapter of a fic centering around the remnants of the Scladio family from Strange Fake following the--eventual--conclusion of war, and am looking for a beta reader.
    Familiarity with Strange Fake isn't necessary for this chapter, someone with more experience doing long-form writing than myself is all I'd really be asking for. PM if interested, discord would be great.

    Thank you

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    Not that this thread has been of much use to anyone for a long time but it would help your chances if you explained which fic you're referring to and what it's about.

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    Fair point. I had assumed that anyone willing to volunteer at this point would have been following already, but it never hurts. Let's try that again, then...

    Fate\last call is my currently ongoing project, updating every Sometimes. The current chapter is 5.2, with a total of 69,034 words at time of writing.

    The stage is a Sixth Fuyuki Holy Grail War, "re"-established after the Dismantling Conflict by a certain upstart. The story follows both the Servants and Masters of the Grail War itself, as well as a scattering of civilians - chiefly a young Spellcaster with self-identification problems and a childishly contemptuous ghost - who are rather displeased about the whole incident. It's about to stop being about that in approximately 10,000 words, give or take.

    Problems I am aware of include clarity (both content and its formatting) and consistency. Problems I am not aware of include

    Avoiding rambling too long. As I say, shoot me a PM if you feel like volunteering.

    Fate\last call
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