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Thread: The Magus' Heart (Post-HF, AU)

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    Author's Notes: Well, I suppose this'll be the last I write about this AU for a while. This is a snippet that popped in my head and wouldn't go away. Take that however you will.


    - The Diner -

    Several Days Later...

    Elesia opened the door into the lonely diner. The inside decor reminisced of one of the roadside restaurants one might have found along the desert roads of the United States. The interior held a rustic look that reminded her of the little burger diners from the 1940s. It was an interesting place to meet, given the relative remoteness of the location. Even she hadn’t known a place such as this existed near Fuyuki; chalk it up to the Shin’i agent to find an obscure place such as this.

    The diner was mostly empty save for the bored looking waitress fiddling with her phone and the unkempt truck driver sitting at the counter nursing a warm cup of coffee. Her target sat secluded at one of the many tables lining the diner. As she sat down on the crimson red seat adjacent to her, she looked outside into the near pitch black night. Only the lone standing streetlight and the illumination from the diner’s fluorescent lights revealed anything outside.

    The agent didn’t bother acknowledging her guest’s existence and took a drag from the cigarette she was holding before exhaling, letting the stream of smoke away float away in the diner. An empty plate filled with, if Elesia had to guess, syrup and bread crumbs lay in the middle as Sable took a moment to place down her smoke and pick up her mug of coffee in one hand while reading a report with another. A stoic expression replaced the usual carefree personality Elesia was used to. Looking closer, she could have sworn she saw wrinkles on her face.

    “You hungry? They’ve got great pancakes here,” Sable spoke, not even bothering to bat an eye towards Elesia. She shook her head before ordering a cup of tea.

    Once the waitress had finished pouring Elesia’s drink, the ponytailed blonde tossed a folder onto the table, letting it slide across the table right in front Caster. Picking it up, Elesia began to look through the first document in the folder. Looking past the several front pages, which were stamped with “eyes only” and a plethora of other security clearance requirements, she began to read.

    “How’s Shirou and everyone else. All asleep?” asked Sable, taking another drag from her smoke.

    “Last that I checked..." she paused for a moment before saying, "Sable, Is this what I think...” began Elesia.

    “You should keep reading,” replied Sable nonchalantly before she took another gulp of her coffee. “You might find Section 4 interesting. Specifically, the part regarding taint and infection from spiritual sources.“

    The magus Servant opened the large case folder and looked through it.

    “Do you really think she has...”

    “Do you really want to risk it? You know what happened to the survivor of the 4th. Besides, you heard what Rin said.”

    “Hmm... surely you don’t... I'm sure they were just nightmares...”

    “I’ve never a fantasy that has talked back to me. Not while I was awake, at least, interesting though that may be.”

    “No, I suppose you’re right... It’d break Sakura’s heart if Rin... turned for the worse. Better to be safe than sorry.”

    Elesia flipped through the various files filled with cases and ailments and incidents she hadn’t even heard of; over a dozen years worth of cases ranging from Dead Apostles to Magus experiments gone wrong. More importantly, however, were the results and attempts by the Church at exorcism or purification.

    “There’s a lot of information here to dig through, though,” said Elesia, muttering to herself. “Could take quite a while to even find anything related to Rin.”

    “That’s why I brought you along. You’re good with this Thaumatology stuff,” said Sable. “I suppose now is as good as a time to start as any.” Picking up one of the reports, she began sifting through the papers.

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    Angra Mainyu is now trying to use Rin for a host too? That's the only thing I can conclude from this. That or she's wasting away like Kiritsugu.
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