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Thread: Prisma Illya

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    More than the movie, my eyes are on the upcoming figures.

    The prototype for Saber Illya looked pretty good. I'll probably buy it regardless, but hoping her expression gets tweaked a bit and/or the colored images give it a different feel. All I'll really need after that is Berserker Illya, but wouldn't turn down quality figures of her other Classes.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Killua View Post
    (Unless you're called Cloverworks *cough* WEP *cough*)
    Not what happened. WEP was a result of too much ambition from newbies and no one advicing them so they can match their ideas to a TV schedule and a shitty writer. That said, not even then was any episode done in a few weeks from scratch. There were reports that the finale special wasn't done few weeks before airing, but unfinished doesn't mean they didn't have anything done. It just means that they didn't finish it, but there was work done. Even Arifureta, for how flawed it was, needed a whole year to be finished after they scrapped WF's work because of the WN and LN author's public complaints against WF's unreleased version
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    I always wonder just what the White Fox version was like, if the trashfire we got was the authour's preferred version.

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    Judging by the key visual, very ugly.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart View Post
    canon finish apo vol 3

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    Much as I hate speaking against based White Fox, their record can be... spotty.
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