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Thread: Marvel Cinematic Universe Discussion Thread

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    Marathoned the Ms Marvel series this afternoon. It started off great. They nailed the characters, put a bunch of style on it, and just enough 'these are stupid teenagers' cringe. Sure the villains are made for the story, but the character really has no outstanding villain in the comics, which is the joke. The action scenes look god awful but it feels like that's because Kamala isn't an action star. Later there are characters who actually do know how to fight and while the choreograpghy is better, the camera work just feels bad. The show feels like it drops the ball when they go to Pakistan for a few episodes in the middle for what's basically an exposition dump. Most of the cast disappears the show loses all it's flourishes and the end result is "that thing you thought might happen if the villains win? It will happen for sure." There's some interesting family stuff resolved there that has no impact on the plot, but that could have just as easily be done when the whole family gets together for the giant wedding the have in middle of the show rather than the crucial member sitting it out and then having the MC travel halfway around the world at the drop of a hat.

    Still even with how bad it stumbles at the halfway mark the main cast is so endearing that I can't dislike it, the first half being that strong. I'd probably give it a solid 7/10. About on par with the majority of the mini's so far, with Wandavision as the peak and Falcon as the valley.
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    I extremely enjoy Wakanda Forever. This is coming from someone that finds Black Panther 1 is not that great.

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