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Plot twist: The remake is already done/almost done and will be released in synch with FGO finale. The vampire story he wants to write after FGO is actually a Tsukihime gacha.

Do you like it?
God I hope that actually doesn't happened because it's not like I feared about that or once had a idea about making it into a April fools joke just for shenanigans....

"Maybe Flower of Thanatos is Nasu predicting how he'd end up feeling about his work by the end of his career, and that's why he wrote the exact same thing you did, two decades back.

Maybe the truth is much more sinister, and Flower of Thanatos has always been written in earnest.

Maybe Flower of Thanatos is all there ever was?

The Flower of Thanatos blooms before me,"

"When he was 8 years old FGO killed his parents.

Now he exists to punish evildoers.

He is Vengeance.
He is the Night.