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    MF Browser.

    Okay, not sure where it goes, let's try here (it's related to manga).

    Well, to start with, I don't like online reading. Requiring constant network connection, loading slowly, not so easy to browse it.
    The only upside of it is that you don't need any storage space for it. So, after just a bit of reading online, I decided to ease my life a bit.

    Inspired by a similar app for iOS, this old project of mine - MFBrowser (also known [to me] as Manga Fox Browser, Motherfucking Browser) - lets you download manga instead of reading it online.
    Made as a personal project, with a ridiculous amount of kludges, hardcodes and workarounds, amazingly enough it works, and (despite what the title says) - supports more websites than just mangafox (though, in a workaround way. Still possible though!), those are:
    - mangahere
    - mangastream
    - Some more were planned, but I don't remember them.

    Anyway, Mangafox it is, it's main supported website (because I decided so, I know it's not the best one, amount of damn I give is quite low). Other websites are only supported through additional function, I'll get to it later.

    So, anyway, here's the website I keep it on.
    Blocked by NOD32 (it doesn't like Mediafire link.

    I guess I should give a little manual for it, so here it comes.
    How does it work?

    Basically, it simply imitates what you're doing when you're normally reading manga online. It moves from page to page, saving the images.
    It also allows you to save image addresses for later download, without a need to download whole page again. Downloading is threaded.

    Manual & easy start

    Long version

    From the start you see the main window. It's the window you have your currently downloaded/downloading/to be downloaded manga.

    Don't touch the tasty "Download manga" button below yet, it's evil and actually not required.

    Mangafox (main functionality):
    You can add manga from mangafox to the list in two ways. First is by adding manga title from a previously cached list (It's included in archive. You can re-cache it again, about it later) - basically, that's the best way to do it, - or you can do it on-line, by moving page by page, which sucks because of limited functionality, and it's actually to-be-obsolete.
    • The first (good) way
      The first way, click "Search" --> "Search cached manga".

      You'll see a window appear with two tabs, "Search" and "Filter":

      Right now, not filtered, "Search" is the whole list of manga.
      Double-click any manga title and you'll get to the Manga Details window:

      If you click "Add manga" on it, you will see it appear on your main window.

      For your convenience, you can (and should) use Filter tab on the previous window:

      You can see genre filter to the right, with tri-state boxes (Include-Exclude-Only), and obvious filters to the left. "Completed and ongoing" is a tri-state box that also allows you to filter results with only completed or only ongoing mangas. "Completed and ongoing" means both are allowed.
      Textual filters have auto-complete and suggest feature.

      Only mecha adult gender bender manga, not doujin and no ecchi filter.

      Another example, filter via name-contains

      After setting your desired options, click "Filter" button, and you'll see the results.
    • The second (bad) way.
      Click "Search" --> "Search manga".
      Select page, press "Refresh" to load manga. Double-click manga to open manga details, click "add manga" to add it to the main window.

    Now you have some manga selected for main window. It's preserved even if you exit the program.
    You can double-click manga line, or you can right-click the row and select "Download manga" to get to the next window - download form.

    From the very start you will, most probably, have no chapter info - it will automatically load up when you click it.
    If it doesn't show up, you can try doing "Actions" --> "Advanced" --> "Re-get chapter data". If it still doesn't work, might be that mangafox downed the manga or you have some problem with internet connection.

    At the top, you will see "Download folder" text box. By default, it downloads a manga named "Manga" to %Active folder%/%Manga Name%/, but you can change it, of course (See the "..." button to the right of it).
    You can also change download destination of a single chapter, right-click it, select "Other" --> "Change download location". It will -not- move already downloaded manga there.

    You will see a table with the following columns:
    • Chapter name.
      Guess it's obvious.
    • Chapter number.
      That is, too.
    • Pages.
      That's the amount of pages that are ready for download. Before downloading a chapter, its page info must be retrieved, so you will see it increase when it gets chapter info.
    • Pages downloaded.
      Amount of pages downloaded already.
    • Current state.
      No page info yet: Chapter data is yet to be downloaded.
      Getting page info: Chapter data is being retrieved, you will see Pages amount increasing.
      Ready to download: Chapter data is present, program is ready to download pages (or to continue downloading them).
      Downloading: It's obvious.
      Downloaded: Also obvious.
    • Download folder.
      Folder that pages are downloaded to. It is set when state becomes "Downloading" - from that point on, you can right-click the chapter and select "Open containing folder".

    List is refreshed automatically, but because of some nuances/me being stupid it will stop being updated if you scroll.
    To resume it refreshing, press "Resume refreshing grid" button, or "Refresh" it yourself with a button next to it.

    For convenience, it is automatically sorted so that downloading chapters appear topmost. You can switch to usual sorting (by number) by clicking "Actions" --> "Sorting" --> "Sort by chapter number".

    "Update chapters" checks for manga updates online.
    "Get missing page info" will download page info for chapters that have it not downloaded.
    "Stop all activity" stops all activity (duh.)
    "Download"/"Continue downloading" starts download, 3 chapters at a time, until it's completed. "OK" closes download window and returns you to main window.

    Actually, most stuff does what it says it does, I'm wasting words a lot.

    Other websites:
    You will need two windows here, first is "File"-"Preferences", and another one is "Download manga" button at the bottom of main window.
    Here's download manga window:

    First field, "Image from", marks the first image to download. It's the one supports other viewers. You put in, for example, a URLs like following:

    Second field specifies where to download it. By default it's ~active folder/%manganame%/
    Then click "Do it!" (or "Do it again!")
    After that, it will continue downloading images till the end of chapter, continuing onto next chapter, and so on, until it hits the end of manga, or...


    They're the thing that puts a stop to your download, except the end of manga. You can set amount of chapters to download, amount of traffic not to exceed, or amount of pages to download. "Reset pages counters..." switch makes the counters restart every time you start download in download window (so, it's limiting you to, for example, 10 chapters every download, not 10 chapters total from all manga you download).

    These preferences do not work on good way of downloading (explained before).

    * Cache
    If you decide to update it yourself, go to Search -> Cache -> Cache manga.
    Takes a while, but you'll be updated. Doing it once a month is fine, you can "Update chapters" anyway.

    TL;DR version

    To download from mangafox:
    Search-->Search cached manga. Filter, Double-click, Add manga. Double-click in main window, "Download", "OK". On main window, right-click, "Open containing folder".

    From other websites (no, you don't want to):
    Main window --> "Download manga" (button below) --> Image from: [page to start downloading from URL], Download to: [Wherever you want], "Do it".

    FAQ | Most weren't asked yet, though.

    • Is it a virus?
      >No. Even if it was, would I say it is?
    • Does it send any of my personal super-private data anywhere?
    • Can it harm my system?
      >Not really.
    • Does it take much traffic?
      >Not any more than if you would've browsed for it all yourself.
    • Does it have a built-in reader?
      >No. I strongly suggest FSViewer, because it's awesome.
    • You could do it better, your ways suck!
    • It doesn't download the manga!
      >Try checking if the manga actually exists on mangafox (they could've brought it down as it became licensed whatnot)
    • It refuses to download, do I need to buy license?
      >No, you need to tell me about it. (shouldn't happen actually. :c)
    • Did the author of Azaka pic sue you yet for having it on about page?
      >Not yet.
    • There are other better programs for that!
      >Too bad, then.
    • But I love online-reading!
      >It's not for you, then.

    Not sure if anyone would find it useful, (I do), but I'll be happy if it's so.
    It might, of course, have bugs (of course it would) but they're mostly harmless.
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    Why not just use the comic reader extension and not have shitty internet :V
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    Quote Originally Posted by I3uster View Post
    Why not just use the comic reader extension and not have shitty internet :V
    Mind you,

    And like I said, I just did that for myself. I didn't bother searching for programs like that. And I like offline reading as well.

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    If you like offline reading, go to managatraders and download ComicRack or Honeyviewer.

    If you like fast online reading without preloading EVERYTHING but still preloading...5-10 pages with tons of convenient features like remembering pages, get Comic Reader for...every browser that supports userscripts lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enhance
    There are other better programs for that!
    >Too bad, then.
    Like I'm saying for the third time, instead of looking for alternative solutions I made my own and shared it. Totally your business if you prefer ComicRack or Honeyviewer whatnot.
    I'll check them out, though.

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