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Thread: Infinite Library of Swords: A Lyrical Nanoha x Nasuverse drabble thread

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    .....Would it be awfully evil of me to go and edit random old post in this thread and copy-paste the contents of said blogposts, forcing people to go trough +150 pages of this thread?

    It would make for a neat treasure hunt
    If by that you mean the snippets that are logged then no, as long as you don't delete the original contents in the process your good. Now if you mean random posts then yes, you are Angra Mainyu that was born from Avenger when he merged with the Grail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fraggle View Post
    .....Would it be awfully evil of me to go and edit random old post in this thread and copy-paste the contents of said blogposts, forcing people to go trough +150 pages of this thread?

    It would make for a neat treasure hunt
    Do it and die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shounen jump View Post
    If by that you mean the snippets that are logged then no, as long as you don't delete the original contents in the process your good. Now if you mean random posts then yes, you are Angra Mainyu that was born from Avenger when he merged with the Grail.
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    Do it and die.

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    ...I'm calling Kitsurugu. Heroslayer get the NanohaCo on the phone and have them prepare the Arc-En-Ciel just in case.
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    Arc-En-Ciel? I'm going to Goku to ask him a favor from Zen-oh-sama.

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    Right, I'm gonna cut off the references to all powerful beings right here.

    Mostly I didn't want Fraggle to reawaken this thread without any real/new content behind it. So let's not make that point moot by constantly bumping the thread up with books, anime, manga, cartoon, comic, and insert media type here references.

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    Right, I'm gonna cut off the references to all powerful beings right here.

    Mostly I didn't want Fraggle to reawaken this thread without any real/new content behind it. So let's not make that point moot by constantly bumping the thread up with books, anime, manga, cartoon, comic, and insert media type here references.
    I can understand that. Though i still have to say i would like to see some kind of life in this thread again, anything. It's the whole reason i joined this forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shounen jump View Post
    I can understand that. Though i still have to say i would like to see some kind of life in this thread again, anything. It's the whole reason i joined this forum.
    Not to sound rude. You can pump the life back into the thread by your own hands. Have a crack at writing more content and see where that takes you.

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    Not to sound rude. You can pump the life back into the thread by your own hands. Have a crack at writing more content and see where that takes you.
    That's not rude and you have a point. The thing is though is that i'm not a writer in any sense of the word. I've never enjoyed it in anyway, shape, or form, and i know for fact i suck at it. And i highly doubt anything i, or any one person, do would be enough to breath life back into this thread.
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    Not to sound rude. You can pump the life back into the thread by your own hands. Have a crack at writing more content and see where that takes you.
    I'm trying. You could see that I've been trying to write a (somewhat) long snippet. Unfortunately, I seem to suck at it since only a handful of people were even interested in it. Couple that with the fact that I'm running out of ideas for that snippet and it's a sad day for me.

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    I'm trying. You could see that I've been trying to write a (somewhat) long snippet. Unfortunately, I seem to suck at it since only a handful of people were even interested in it. Couple that with the fact that I'm running out of ideas for that snippet and it's a sad day for me.
    First: Just because only a few posted about it doesn't mean only a handful of people are interested.
    Second: It's impossible for one guy to breath life into a snippet thread. We'd need at least 3 people who can make snippets on a regular basis.
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    why, that be silly!

    He knows too much......

    On another note, I just learned that my deleted posts on my blog, including my "old shames", are actually still there, just hidden from view.
    So what do you plan on doing with the posts' contents? It appears you can't just suddenly deplete them without informing others like you could before hopefully.

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    Snippets from times long forgotten. OBVIOUSLY NSFW!

    The Woman Wearing the Queenly Mask


    Shirou chevalier de Emiya de Ornielle.

    Even though he had voiced his disapproval, objecting against the fact that he was getting dragged even deeper into the dreaded world of politics, Henrietta had once more seen reason to reward him for his services to Tristain and to the crown. This time it allowed her to add yet another title to his ever increasing name, granting him domain of the lands of Ornielle in western Tristain. The land had fallen under the management of the crown after the death of the original owner almost ten years before. As the lord has been without a single heir, the lands had fallen back into the domain of the crown. The ground was too depleted for food to be cultivated so the area was known for its vineyards, managed by the elderly who had stayed behind in their homes as the younger people left for the cities or richer lands hoping to make a coin. With the demise of the last lord the lands and their people had secluded themselves, only working the lands for what they needed as the rest returned to wilderness.

    Thus explaining why the mansion, his mansion, was overgrown with plants as the greenlife burrowed itself trough broken windows and rotten woodwork.

    "I-It's not that bad..." Siesta, personal maid of sir Emiya and shameless seducer of distorted heroes, hesitantly spoke up.

    "It's a wreck" Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière; mage of the void, honored sister of the current ruler of Tristain and the pink incarnation of explosions, spoke as she let out a sigh. When her Servant's response to her taunt remained lacking she looked up at the man. Shirou had been in a sour mood ever since they had left the Academy, muttering about meddling queens and their politics but even he wouldn't have expected this sight.....

    His eyes were glimmering.

    "Don't tell me, fixing broken mansions is another of your unknown talents." deadpanned Louise as her servant rubbed his hands together in bridled amusement.

    "No," he replied. "But I like fixing stuff. I can repair the windows rather easily once I have the materials but I might want to replace all the window frames while I'm at it to be sure along with the door frames. I remember passing a woodworker on the way a small distance from here, he should have the materials I'll need. I can recreate the tools myself and I should be able to get a good grasp of the structural weaknesses with my abilities. For the walls I'll need some help but I should be able to spend at least a few weeks cleaning----"

    "And there's also several empty lots for a new Vineyard!" Siesta chirped as she attached herself to Shirou, the distracted man barely noticing how the maid buried his arm between her assets while he excitedly listed off the required materials for his new pastime. “We now have a home and our vineyard, now we need a fence a puppy and......kya!“

    "Haven't seen you sprout that delusion in a while." Louise muttered as her smile betrayed her amusement, pulling at the sleeve of her Servant in an attempt to draw his attention. "Unfortunately, news of your latest title and the attached reward has already reached the ear of my mother." Louise interrupted her amused Servant. "Her latest missive this morning stated that as part of her congratulations in securing a home she will send some of our own workers and furnishers to make sure you are 'able to live and receive guests without any discomfort.’"

    She felt sorry for her Servant as Shirou's smile slipped from his face. He was visibly trying to suppress a shudder, as if she had poured a bucked of cold water down his back.

    “Also," Louise hesitantly spoke up the last part of the message, " She's sending Eleanor along with them..."

    "---and after the third girl we can always---" Siesta paused mid-sentence as she processed the latest information Louise had just dispensed. A frown appeared on her face as she turned her attention towards the pink-haired girl. "Your sister is coming? The one with the whip and the---"

    “Don’t remind us!" master and servant spoke in sync as Shirou tried to shake the determined maid from his arm.


    The basement, illuminated by the small lamp he was carrying, seemed even more disorganized than during the daylight hours. The already crowded room was now being used as storage for the old furniture that had been removed from the mansion above, the new furniture the result of Karin's generous act. With most of the old furniture in bad shape, some even worn down to the breaking point, Shirou was somewhat grateful for her action, especially since he possessed no experience in decoration a house of this size nor the funding for such an effort.

    At least until Eleanor arrived a few days ago, most likely inspired by her mother's suggestions, proposing that she could stay for a while to guide him in how to manage the estate and to educate him in the proper etiquette which was expected from a man of his newly acquired standing in regards to noblemen and women........

    At least she had been unable to speak any further at that point, staring at the ground with those disturbing red cheeks as if....

    "Do not think of it Emiya Shirou" he muttered to himself, "Do not think of it..."

    At least Louise had been able to repel her mother's latest attempt of getting her Servant to marry one of her sisters by pointing out to her elder sister that it was very unbecoming of an unmarried woman of Eleanor's status to remain in the house of an unmarried man without proper supervision.

    "Surely Eleanor-oneesama wouldn't dare to do something like that. Such an act could oh so easily be misinterpreted into something that could reflect badly on one's reputation after all."

    Truly; His master was becoming scarier by the day. To see the young girl who once trembled under her elder sister's gaze manipulate the emotionally compromised blond like that....

    "Have I created a monster?" Shirou mused out loud as he continued his little exploration. By now only the three of them remained in the house, Louise and Siesta sleeping in the large bed situated in the master's bedroom while Shirou himself having slept in one of the servant's chambers. This accommodation would have to do until the guest rooms were finally prepared for his guests.

    It also gave him quick access to his kitchen, allowing him to reach his sacred haven before Siesta could lock him out at dawn.

    Never again would he be denied access to his very own kitchen. It was his dammit!

    "Tell me again partner," the magical sword on his back spoke up. "Why are we looking trough this old junk again this late in the evening? Most people are preparing to go to sleep at this point, such as your master and your maid."

    "I'm not tired yet Derf" Shirou replied as he ran his hand down the wall. " And I'm here because there's something that has been bugging me ever since this afternoon."

    "Oh, besides the blond harpy being as meek as a little robin before she flew off you mean? All blushing and thumb-twirling and..."

    "Don't remind me," Shirou grasped the hilt of the blade, threatening to push it back in his scabbard by force to shut the blade up. After a few moments Shirou let go, assuming that the blade had gotten the message. "When we were fixing the floor of the dining room I ran a simple structural analysis to see how the floor was holding up, only to find out that the space below the floor is empty..."

    "Surprise, we are standing in a basement under the dining room." The sword replied. "Mystery solved!"

    "Yeah, but only if this basement wasn't missing about half of its original space." Shirou added, as the sword paused.

    "Ah, a secret treasure room!" the blade spoke up. "No, a dungeon, a torture room. Perhaps even a secret room where forbidden lovers could meet! A place where acts of unimaginable debauchery are preformed in secret!"

    "Lets just assume a secret treasure room and go from there." Shirou snorted as the blade continued to rattle down a list of ever increasing unlikelihoods of what was hidden in the mansion.


    "So partner, after an elaborately hidden trapdoor and a spooky hallway we reach the dungeon room--- only to find this!"

    " I want to say ' I told you so' but even I am a bit disappointed" Shirou admitted as he open the door completely. Inside was what appeared to be another bedroom, furnished with a large canopy bed, the bed itself hidden by the embroidered red curtains. Another thing that drew his attention was the large mirror adorning the wall.

    "Derf, this house has been abandoned for over ten years, but this room is still in perfect shape. Even the bed is made and it smells like it has been cleaned yesterday." Shirou spoke up, voicing his sudden realization. "It is just like when we found the Zero."

    "Ah, it looks like the entire room was preserved with magic until we came in." the blade replied, extending itself so that the hilt was peeking over Shirou's shoulder.

    " Why would anyone seal of this room with magic?"

    "Who knows? At least you have found a place to sleep without having to fear that the blond or her mother can grab you in your sleep." the sword pointed out.

    "You know," Shirou admitted. "For a moment there I actually took that statement seriously....."

    "Partner, I think you need a good night of sleep----" Derflinger spoke, his voice no longer jovial but surprisingly serious.

    Shirou smiled at the sword's chance of tone. " Thanks Derf, I'll..."

    "---or you need to get laid, ether one is fine." Derf finished, interrupting Shirou once more as its voice returned to its normal tone.

    Moment later sword and the scabbard smacked against the wall as the swordsman threw it pommel first against the bricks.

    "Ow, the pain!" the sword cried as it fell to the ground, leaving an Emiya Shirou behind who was now at the point that he had to admit that he was a little bit stressed.


    In the end there was nothing in the room besides the bed and the mirror, no other decorations besides the two objects. The presence of the large bed alone gave him a hint of the room’s purpose, maybe sleeping but certainly not for living, but the mirror was throwing the picture off.

    If this really was a room where the previous lord and his lover met in secret, for it was the only reason Shirou could think of for constructing a hidden room with a bed but lacking any other furniture, then there should be a secret passage out of the mansion for the mistress, or mister, to sneak into and out of the mansion of the lord or lady. Shirou approached the mirror once more, placing his fingers around the edge to see if the mirror could be moved away from the wall. The frame didn't budge, but as his thumb touched the glass the surface rippled, the surface suddenly brightened to the point that he closed one of his eyes in reflex to prevent him from being blinded. After a few moments the light dimmed and he opened his unaffected eye as he took in a familiar sight...


    Shirou simply stared at the figure in the glass, the queen of Tristain staring back at him with a dumbfounded expression. Henrietta was garbed in nothing but her sleeping gown, her regular dress folded over her arms as she placed it into a basket.

    Once more the surprisingly unemotional part of Emiya Shirou's mind wondered where the nobles of this rather western medieval society managed to get the silk to make their undergarments, and why most of it was see-trough. The rational part eventually concluded that the visual properties of the garments were only a side effect of finding a fabric that was comfortable during the hot summer days, but another part of his brain was concluding that her regular white dress, which was far more conservative, did not do her body justice.

    What kind of perverse scryring mirror was this? What kind of things had the previous owner done with the other side unaware of his intentions...


    --- and why was the connection two way?

    Before Shirou could move his hand the mirror it was resting against erupted in a spectacle of light After a few seconds the magic toned down, revealing to him that the empty space between the mirror was no longer vacant but was instead occupied by a somewhat disoriented Henrietta.

    “Throwing them out of the sky wasn't good enough for you, now you're pulling them trough mirrors as well?" Derf's familiar voice shook Shirou out of his stupor as Henrietta slowly became aware of who was standing in front of her.

    "S-Sir Emiya?"

    "Y-your majesty.... I..."

    Shirou prayed that the teleportation was two-way, because there was no way he was going to explain this to his little master.


    It had taken some time for both of them to regain a semblance of calm as they found themselves sitting on the edge of the bed, the only furniture available in the room. Said calm was a feat made more impressive as the only thing covering the under-dressed woman sitting next to him was his sweater, leaving him bare-chested while the woman sitting next to him was fiddling around with sleeves that managed to cover her arms along with her hands with ease.

    It reminded him of the fact that while she was able to look him straight in the eye in her role as queen, physically he was still towered over the girl.

    "Do you know what happened here, your highness?" He politely asked, slipping back into her formal title as he tried to focus on understanding why she had arrived in such a fashion. It took a few seconds for Henrietta to realize he was speaking to her, standing up from the bed as she faced away from him, staring at the mirror instead.

    "I'm not sure either." She confessed, confusion eminent in her voice. "When I walked into the closet your image was in the mirror. And when I called out to you in surprise..."

    "You were brought here..." Shirou finished as he too walked to the mirror. "whatever kind of magic transported you here must have something to do with this mirror then."

    "I assume that a spell was cast upon this mirror and the one in my room" Henrietta concurred. "Most likely.... this set of mirrors were my grandfather's doing."

    Shirou raised an eyebrow at Henrietta's sudden conclusion. "What makes you think that?"

    "Judging by the furnishing I can only conclude that this was a concubine's room......" the woman explained, only to pause as Shirou shook his head.

    "I drew the same conclusion at first, but it doesn't make any sense. The connection between this room and that of the mansion is well hidden, but there is only one entrance to this room. There is no way for a mistress to enter or leave the mansion after meeting with her lover...."

    Shirou paused as Henrietta was the one to shake her head this time, pointing towards the mirror as she elaborated. "You misunderstand. The mistress wasn't from outside the mansion, she was the master of this mansion. There was no need for anyone to enter from the outside in her case. Most likely she came in this room at night so that she could receive the company of her lover, who was able to enter the room from the mirror....."

    "... Which leads directly to the Castle's inner bedroom." Shirou finished, before his eyes widened in realization.


    A magic mirror connecting a hidden room decorated for a single purpose with the master bedroom form the royal castle of Tristain.

    "Ah, that’s..."

    "I'm surprised to see such a side from my grandfather." Henrietta confessed. "Even I only knew him as a strict man. Most likely he created this mansion for his lover after his arranged marriage was forced upon him. To know that even he had such a side to him."

    "From what Louise told me," Shirou added, "your grandfather was known as a cold and strict ruler."

    "For such a man to have such a human side to him, it makes me feel somewhat relieved." Henrietta confessed, her voice somewhat strained. It was the sudden change of tone that drew Shirou's attention, an underlying sadness in her statement that nagged him.


    For a moment she looked surprised, before a smile graced her face as she realized he had called her by her nickname instead of her full name. Her smile soon slipped as she bore all of her attention towards him, watching him as she spoke out her thoughts.

    "My mother is pressing me to get married as well."

    Shirou remained silent, unable to do anything but look back as she stared at him, most likely looking for any signs of his response on his face. It seemed that the lack of response had put her off, but even so she continued." She has been less than amused by the rumors that we have spread, but it seems that it's not just her worries for my sake that is driving her."

    "It was valid tactic back then," Shirou pointed out as he tried to defend her choice, "and even now it helps solidifying your power, although, I do wish that the younger nobles that keep challenging me for you honor would lay down a bit."

    It seemed that his frowning face was enough to put a smile on her face. "Ah, truly my loyal subjects think highly of me, so willing to defend my good name."

    "I just wished they'd defend your name somewhere else then wherever I go." Shirou spoke with mock indignation. "Every door I open I am greeted with at least three men with wands at the ready. It's been weeks since I was able to enjoy dinner without having to parry at least two men from my dinner table!"

    "Truly, I have placed such a great burden on your shoulders!" She replied with mirth, Henrietta long since catching on that the man had been jesting with her. For a few moments both smiled as the tension flowed away from them, but eventually Henrietta's darker expression returned.

    "I've long ago resigned myself to the fact that I shall marry a man that I do not love." She confessed as she turned her gaze to Shirou's eyes, as if she wanted to see his response up close. "Even so, whenever I try to face that fact, I find myself unable to settle the turmoil in my heart. To marry a man for the sake of my country is one of my duties, but for me to do so..."

    At first Shirou remained silent as her eyes pleaded at him for any response. It was only as she diverted her eyes that he softly spoke. "I have neither the right nor the knowledge to tell you what to do. As a Servant and as a man I live by my Oath, my duties and my ideals."

    "Duty" Henrietta uttered the word with a mixture of resignation and sadness. "That’s right, you once told me that your lover also reigned believing firmly in justice and duty. It makes me wonder if she ever was truly happy as such a king. Did you not tell me that even she once doubted her course, before she met you?"

    Shirou gritted his teeth. Henrieta had voiced a though that normally would have resulted in him punishing whoever dared to question Saber's kingship. If it had been any other person, even if it had been Louise, he would have told them to can it or to subject themselves to his punishment.

    But he couldn't blame Henrietta. Not when he remembered the dreams he had seen while he himself was a Master, where Arturia stood before the sword that chooses, burdened with the same doubts and worries that now beseeched this queen.

    Even the great Arturia Pendragon herself had eventually come to loath her own self and her kingship at the end of her reign, believing that she alone was responsible for the downfall of her kingdom. Her desire to return to the beginning, to see that another would become king in her stead, was simply the result of her own self-loathing over the string of failures that her human nature had caused. It hadn't been until she had met him, until those fateful nights that brought them to the edge of death and back several times, that she had finally been shown the folly of her dream. After the King of Knights had been loved by someone who accepted everything, good and bad, had she been capable of accept her fate, returning to her final battlefield to see trough her duties to the very end.

    In the end it had been that love that had her throw away her desired miracle, claiming that he was worth more to her then that. It was that love that allowed her to destroy the grail itself, dooming her to die on that battlefield in the distant past, with only a small chance for her happy ending to reach her.

    It was that love that even now kept the gears of their fates in motion; Arturia waiting forever while Shirou continued to search for her.

    “I fear that I cannot give you any advice on this matter, your highness." Shirou softly replied, his tone distant as Henrietta's face showed her discomfort at his answer and the inclusion of her title.

    "You won't say 'Don't get married', will you?" She sadly noted.

    "I won't. I am the Servant Gandalfr, bound to my master Louise Françoise le Blanc de La Vallière. I have no right to give you such advice."

    "That's right. Of course you won't, you belong to Louise..... no, to Arturia. To hope for such a thing......" She paused, before she found it in herself to continue. "Tell me Shirou: If I had been the one to summon you, if I had been the one who carried the blessing of the void. Would you have carried me away from these chains of duty that bind me?"


    Shirou's firm refusal took her by surprise, her face showing a mixture of sadness and betrayal. Even so Shirou continued. "I wouldn't, because you would never have given me such an order. Like my master you are made of steel, as even now you probably have already made up your mind. In the end you will never accept running from your responsibilities in such a manner."

    With that said he paused, but then Shirou smiled as his voice became softer and warmer. "That’s why I believe that you are a queen that is worth serving, and why I am happy that you have chosen to call yourself Louise's sister. No matter what any stuck up noble might say, you are more than what they deserve."

    "Thank you..." Henrietta smiled, even as sadness and resignation emanated from her form. "That's how it will be then. The people require a Queen Henrietta that rules in their interest, not the woman that longs with a human heart. I am content with that, but there is one last question I must ask you."

    It wasn't until he heard the fabric hitting the floor that he truly realized that she had taken his sweater off. She stood before him now, clad in only her sleeping garments which failed to protect her from his gaze. His mouth suddenly felt awfully dry as the steel in her eyes was joined by something else, something reminding reminding him of the last time they had been together without any company....

    "Regardless of what tomorrow brings, right now I am neither Henrietta, nor Arturia. Just as you are neither Shirou nor Whales. Tonight, we are just two strangers whom have met at a ball."

    This was bad. Shirou was sure that this time there wasn't a convenient magic mirror to break in order to disrupt their increasingly familiar encounter.

    Hell, it hadn't even worked last time until someone had walked in on them!


    It seemed that his hesitant response was all the encouragement she needed. With a flip of her thumbs the straps resting on her shoulders came undone, her top piece sliding down her legs until it hit the ground. Shirou was unable to prevent himself from forcefully sucking in his breath as he took in the sight of her fully unveiled upper body, her chest on full display as Henrietta moved closer to him. He only realized that he had been backpedaling when his feet hit the edge of the bed, trapping him in place.

    "I understand that you might never forgive me for this. But unless you tell me right here, right now ...... unless you relieve me of this indecision, I cannot close off my heart." She spoke in a voice that burrowed right trough all of his mental defenses, tearing down every wall that separated his logical thoughts from something buried deeply inside of him.

    How long had it been....? This wasn't the time to think of such things!

    "Ann, please..." Shirou pleaded, his voice becoming rather desperate.

    Her hands made him shiver as they touched his bare chest, running upwards from his abs along his chest before softly grasping his face, making it unable for him to move away without exercising force.

    It didn't matter: Emiya Shirou was unable to move as she forced her final question upon him.

    "Is there really no part, not even a tiniest fragment, of your heart that reaches out for me?"


    PART 2

    "Is there really no part, not even a tiniest fragment, of your heart that reaches out for me?"
    It was as if someone had instantly turned on the heat while leaving the shower running. The stale air in the room, the result of years of sealing magic, had suddenly become uncomfortably humid and warm. All in all it was making it rather hard to breath.

    Which was a pity, because right now Shirou was in need of some fresh air before he started to do something stupid.

    Why...Shirou cursed himself. Why was it that such a simple statement, such a corny question of all things, had stripped him of his normally logical mind? Why was it that he was now deprived of his ability to calmly calculate win and loss before deciding on a course of action? He wasn't supposed to be confused over such a simple question!

    If she had asked him if he desired her physically, to desire her body without any lingering attachments, then there was no way he could have denied her. Twice already had he fallen under her spell, and the last time he had been completely under her thrall. He was a man, and she was a beautiful woman who desired him.

    If she had asked him if he cared about her he could honestly tell her that he did. She was not just a friend or Louise's superior at this point. He considered her a close friend and a person who he would protect when asked to, willing to take a hit for her without a second thought. Similar to his own master, Henrietta definitely had steel in her. It was an attribute fitting for one who was born in a position that forced her to lead, and it endeared her even more to him.

    But it wasn't his body or his mind that she had, begged for. She had pleaded to know if she was in his heart, the place that was supposed to be reserved for his quest to be reunited with his Saber, the woman who was supposed to have the monopoly on his love. Even now, in his days as the servant Gandalfr, he had never forgotten her, the woman forever waiting for the moment on which they would finally be reunited...

    Shirou knew that, so why couldn't he just say 'No' to the woman in front of him? If he had truly devoted all of his heart, the sum of his feelings, to Arturia then why was his mind now gripped in such utter confusion?


    Henrietta--- Ann was looking at him with a mixture of anticipation and hesitation, his confusion mirrored in her eyes. For a moment she hesitated, but then, regaining her resolve, she continued her gaze at him. She remained in place, unflinching as he stared back at her.

    She wasn't going to back down now, just as she had said. Until he finally gave her an answer she could live with, she would not move from her spot.

    Resolve... It was supposed to be his strong point, resolve to the point that he once was capable of staring his twisted future self in the face. It was this resolve that fueled him as he engaged the counter guardian in mortal combat, both fighting with their ideals and hatred on the line. It had been his resolve that had tipped the scales, making it possible for him to live and tell the tale.

    It had been the same resolve that had made him stand up after the golden king had nearly cut him in half, all to defend the woman he loved, screaming his feelings out into the night until she finally accepted them. It had been his resolve that had allowed him to call forth Avalon, twice, to protect him from both the golden king and from Kirei's assault powered by all the curses of the world.

    That's right. He has spoken out his true feelings back then, unblemished and unfiltered by his worries and fears. What had happened for that Shirou to turn into this hesitant man? To reach his saber he had to be the one who sought constantly, never giving up until eternity. That meant that he wasn't supposed to feel love at all.

    If that was so then why was the feeling gnawing in his chest keeping him from moving?

    "...I see. I'm....."

    He watched as Henrietta took a step backwards, reading his indecision as a refusal of her plea. Her eyes turning moist as her shoulders began to shake until tears started to escape from the corners of her eyes. The sight made Shirou loath himself, the fact that his own indecision was responsible for this sight infuriating him. Frustration burned to his veins as he threw all doubt and indecision aside as he make up his mind.

    The indecisive Emiya Shirou is just a shade of the man his Saber feel in love with. The man she loved was the one who stayed true to his feelings and his ideal, no matter what would happen. This hesitant Shirou could never have been loved by the knight of kings. That's why....


    Ann let out a cry of surprise as his hands grabbed her by the shoulders, pulling her closer to him without delay. Her head shot upwards due to the sudden movement, the confused woman staring at him in utter surprise.

    "Shirou..?" She whispered. A trace of hope shimmered in her eyes as her final plea fled her mouth.

    Emiya Shirou loved Arturia Pendragon, now and forever. One day he would join her in Avalon, the day his endless search would be over. Even so, right now he was still a living human...

    A cry of surprise from the girl in his arms was muted as he forcefully took her lips with his own. It only took her a few moments to return his kiss with the same vigor, her hands slipped around his back. She embraced him as their kiss deepened, the woman in his arms holding on to him with all her might.

    In the empty room the queen and the knight embraced each other, the sound of their breathing and that of their shared kiss being the only things that disturbed the silence.



    They gasped for air with their lips hovered only inches apart before they once more sought each other out, moans muffled by the others lips as tongues twirled around. They were swiftly getting intoxicated on the taste of the other, their breathing becoming more irregular as they only gasped for air at their very limits. Henrietta greedily drank from his lips while his hands slid down her back, a soft moan voicing her approval as his hands slipped under the sole remaining garment covering her lower body. Another moan was muffled as his fingers dug themselves in the soft flesh of her rear, causing her to press herself closer against him in response. She detached herself from his lips to let out a soft cry, her eyes opening in surprise, when she realized what she had pressed her most sensitive flesh against his. Her eyes closed again as she sought out his lips once more while her hips slowly started to grind against his pants, teasing his aroused member even though the layers of fabric.


    Their actions were rather clumsy, both more driven by the desire to feel good then to please the other. Fortunately so far both those goals seemed to be somewhat mutual. Unfortunately Shirou's goals had now degenerated to the point that 'molding this soft, beautiful thing with my hands to see how much she can squirm' was becoming rather counterproductive to his urge to restrain his awakened libido before it drove him completely mad.


    He was ruthless as his hand forced her legs aside before guiding himself into her without any warning. Henrietta moaned out as he buried itself deep inside of her, her legs tightening themselves around his back as the pain shot through her lower spine. Shirou didn't move after that, more the result of him being overwhelmed by the experience than by the fact that Henrietta had shown signs of discomfort. Soon he regained control of his senses as he continued, his hands seeking out her breasts as he kissed her once more. Eventually Henrietta relaxed under his teasing; bringing her to the point that she couldn't help but grind her hips against his.

    Her movement spurred Shirou, his hips moving in response to her movement. Within moment his thrust overpowered hers, the strength behind his movements overwhelming her as he forced her to keep up with his pace. Soon Henrietta found herself clinging onto him with all the strength her shaking arms could muster, her hips buckling mercilessly at the pace he set for her. He was overwhelming her with sheer weight alone, his mass pressing down on her while he continued to hammer into her. She was completely defenseless, and soon found herself unable to do anything but move along...

    Her body was on fire as he drove her insane. Between every kiss she gasped for air, her mind feeling lighter with every thrust he made. Eventually she let go, her body unable to keep up with him as she let herself fall back onto the bed, breathing his name between thrust as he continued to light her body up. She noticed that he too was out of breath, sucking air between gritted teeth as he continued without any sign of stopping.


    It took her a few moments to realize that it had been her own voice that spoke. In response Shirou increased his speed, driving her further insane with his rough actions.

    Everything was a blur to him. The last thing he could clearly remember was her lying down on the bed and after that all he could recall was fragments of moans, hot flesh against his skin and a cry that resembled his name before she clamped down on him, pushing him over the edge.

    When his mind finally became somewhat clear he found himself lying on the bed, watching the ceiling as a soft body pressed down on him. Henrietta was draped over his side, her legs tangled around his right limb while her Face was buried in her chest. Once in a while she let out a very soft sound, a moan that Shirou could only describe as 'happy'.

    She was also sporting a satisfied smile, which was amplified with by the way her body seemed to bask in the afterglow. It made her look even more attractive, radiant...and completely defenseless. She didn't even open her eyes as Shirou gently stroked her cheek with his fingers, instead burrowing closer against his flesh.

    It wasn't just Henrietta though, Shirou noticed. He himself felt like all the tension in his body had been forced out, as a lightness of limb presented itself in a way he hadn't felt in ages. He felt stronger, faster... and completely content.

    "It looks like Delf wasn't that far off with his jokes." Shirou chuckled, before noticing that Henrietta had opened her eyes and was now staring at him...with eyes that reminded him of the time Louise had been inflicted with a certain love potion.


    "Ann." She interrupted him, before pressing her lips on his mouth. It felt like an eternity before she released him, moving her lips to his ear she continued. “Whenever we are in here, I am simply Ann, and you are just Shirou. No queen and knight, just two lovers with no duties and obligations."


    "I must say Shirou; I can't believe you could be that rough with a lady..." She continued, her voice unusually chipper as she shifted herself until she positioned herself to lie right on top of him

    "I--I'm sorry..."

    "I'm happy!" She smiled, joy radiating from her smile. “ know that I was able to draw such passion from you to the point that you ravished me like a madman..."

    Her smile suddenly reminded me of a statement Siesta had once made, under the influence of some rather strong spirits during our stay at the Valliere mansion.

    "I knew it! You nobles are so repressed and so constrained that when you get in the bedroom…"

    "But I'm afraid you were a bit too rough with me" She murmured. “I seem to have hit my head as I can't think clear anymore...."

    A sudden pressure on his groin alerted Shirou to the fact that she had already righted herself, now sitting in his lap as she slowly pressed their hips together. Her lips formed a small 'o' as she softly moaned, her sex rubbing against Shirou's rising member...

    “...It seems that I can only think of how good it feels when you are inside of me...."

    Suddenly Shirou realized that the part of Henrietta that was rubbing against him was rather moist and that, if he just took a little effort, he could pretty much fulfill her current demand with a single thrust of his hip.

    Henrietta Shivered as he placed his hands on her legs, pushing her in such a position that he could enter her as soon as...

    "Wow... it looks like you are getting royally screwed there partner..."

    Everything stopped. Slowly, almost mechanically, both humans turned their heads towards the source of the unexpected voice.

    "Oh, I just said that out loud... didn't I"


    "Alright, bad pun! I should have stuck with something like 'Looks like my partner is the subject of a royal blessing’.... or 'looks like you are royally enjoying yourselves, or 'This must have been a crowning achievement for both of you', or..."

    "Derf, shut up."

    "....really? Because with what I just was I think I've just obtained the ultimate blackmail material partner! I mean, what could you possibly do to..."

    "There is a magical vault underneath the academy," Henrietta started, and Shirou suddenly noticed that the woman had slipped back into full regal mode. “Inside this vault the royal family stores things that are mostly meant to be forgotten. If a magical sword was to be stored here, and then all knowledge of its location destroyed... how long do you think it takes for humanity to find you again, mister Derflinger?"

    "I see.... I am sworn to secrecy then, your majesty."

    "I thank you, mister Derflinger."

    With that said the girl collapsed on top of her lover, the fatigue catching up with her as their bodies finally started to cool down.

    "Shirou," she mumbled, "I have but a final request of you..."

    Shirou watched as the queen slept at his side under the covers of the bed. He brushed a bang aside while watching her chest slowly rise and fall, the woman slowly taking in another breath as another little moan escaped from her lips. The sight of her sleeping so content along with the warmth of her body next to his was making him drowsy, but he couldn't allow himself to fall asleep. In a few hours she had to be returned to her own bed in the inner quarters of the palace; for when the maids woke up there was supposed to be a queen resting in her chambers. But as she continued to sleep, pressing herself against him as pleasant dreams entertained her; he was forced to acknowledge the truth.

    He was very tired.

    The combination of their passionate actions and her very presence itself had been dulling his mind ever since he had given in to her request to sleep at his side. Even now her sleeping form was luring him to close his own eyes and lie down for just a moment.

    Even so...

    "Partner, you should shut your eyes, even for just a few hours..."

    Derf spoke, for the first time since the queen had talked him into obedience. "Swords don't sleep, and I can easily count silently for about three hours. I'll wake you up, so enjoy your warm bed and get some shuteye..."

    "...I'll count on you then" Shirou muttered as he allowed himself to bury his head above Henrietta's, who snuggled closer to him as she sensed his warmth. His eyes grew heavy until he gave in, heavy eyelids finally allowed to close.

    "Bye bye partner, see you in a few hours..."

    Shirou didn't even get a chance to answer the sword as Morpheus finally got a hold on him.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Siesta
    "I knew it! You nobles are so repressed and so constrained that when you get in the bedroom…"


    Shirou: "Not sure if you are trolling the readers, or are about to rape me......"

    S&H: "Nah, just trolling"


    Because I can't write lemons in the MSLD thread, Ill just post them here.

    Quote Originally Posted by François Truffau, on Alfred Hitchcock
    "It was impossible not to see that the love scenes were filmed like murder scenes, and the murder scenes like love scenes... It occurred to me that in Hitchcock's make love and to die are one and the same."
    Quote Originally Posted by Old_Iron View Post

    The notion of like forces repelling is but a fallacy, for swords shall always attract one another.

    It is their purpose to cross paths.

    It is their nature to clash against one another. To draw blood and death as they arc through the air.

    The sword named Emiya Shirou would always crash against the sword named Signum, each battling for dominance. Even as their friends and family looked on, myriad emotions pouring out from them, they would always fight.

    They did not fight over petty arguments or disagreements. They did not fight out of anger, spite, or malice. They fought because it was in their nature to do so.

    And they loved it.

    They reveled in it.

    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------warning: NSFW------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Ever since they had first met in battle there was a certain attraction between them. To the young Shirou, barely a teenager and yet more stubborn then a grown man, she embodied a facet of that which he admired. Signum did not just wield her sword, she was almost like a weapon herself, gracefully moving with power and speed in a way he couldn't even begin to match as she dominated the battlefield.

    For the boy who wished to be an ally of justice, and who unconsciously was just as much as a weapon as the knight herself, she was an example worth of praise and adoration.

    To Signum the young boy was like a fragment of her own lost past. Even with her fragmented memories she still remembered a time where a young knight fought as she was guided by ideals and her will. Thus Signum never refused the boy's request for a spar, her own urge to cross blades with the swordsman driving her to accept his challenge.

    During those fights he never took his eyes of her. And soon they followed her even outside the battlefield, following her far longer than anyone else who he crossed paths with.

    It was only later that she realized that she had seen his gaze linger because her own had lingered on him as well.


    At first it had been a small gesture to tease the boy, a token of her goodwill after she bested him once again in their battles. She would bend down towards the boy, place her hands around his head and place a soft kiss on his forehead. He would blush while mumbling and staring at his feet while she would smile at his antics.

    Once more their spar had ended, and once more she came face to face with the boy, his head caught firmly between her hands so he could not escape. She didn't understand why, even after the act, but on that day she followed the urge that had somehow wormed itself inside her mind.

    His lips tasted somewhat sweaty.

    She left him standing in the training grounds, the baffled boy's face almost as red as his hair.

    She refused to see him face to face for the next few days.


    A week later she finally accepted his request for yet another spar. Both she and the boy had tried to act as if nothing had happened, and in their match there was no trace of the previous encounter. He did not show any weaknesses, nor did ether of them go easy. Thus Shirou lost once more, after fighting a valiant, but futile effort to beat the experienced knight.

    This time, before she could even place her lips on his forehead he acted, his lips planted on her own as he caught her by surprise.

    Steel blue eyes met molten gold.

    Signum embraced the boy as she drew him closer, forcing his mouth open with her own. Her heart sped up as their tongues met in battle once more.


    Today's battle had been far more brutal than normal, to the point where both of them ended up actively trying to draw blood, each trying to dominate the other. In the end she pinned him on to the ground, the smaller boy helpless under her steel grip.

    He stared at her, his eyed defiant even in defeat. In response she simply lowered her head until she could capture his lip once more, her tongue roaming around until she was satisfied.

    A small trail of drool remained between their lips as she slowly lifted her head up, blue eyes gazing into his golden ones. A part of Shirou wondered why she always turned out so.... unrestrained after battle, as if fighting him allowed her to...

    She cut short his thoughts as she bended forward once more. "To the victor go the spoils." She softly whispered in his right ear before giving the lobe a nibble.

    Shirou gulped.


    "S-Signum, t-thats...."

    Their battle continued, though the rules and the battlefield had shifted. By now he couldn't even recall exactly how they had managed to get to his quarters inconspicuously, but the moment the door had been closed she had continued her attack, claimed his lips once more with a overwhelming first strike.

    Soon their clothing had been deemed as a nuisance, and as a result Shirou found himself wearing only his boxers as he sat in the woman's lap, the latter clad in naught but a set of black panties as she sat on his bed. One of her arms held him firmly in place, his head pressed against her bare chest, as the other hand roamed around freely.

    "You sure have a lot of weak points Shirou" She teased him, her hand slipping down the boy's waist before fondling his member, causing the boy to squirm in her lap. "Is that really all you have to... ~ah."

    Her teasing was interrupted by a moan that slipped away between her lips, the result of the boy cupping her breasts with his hands. A second flick with his thumb against her nipple resulted in a similar reaction.

    "It seems you have some weak spots of your own?" Shirou smiled as he assaulted the nipple with his lips as Signums ministrations grew more intense, forcing his hips to move to the rhythm of her hand.

    Signum let out a ragged breath as his tongue teased the sensitive tip, before she smirked back at him.

    She would absolutely refuse to be defeated, but that was okay. Emiya Shirou was not one who would give up without a fight as well.


    The standoff between them continued for a while, as the boy focused his attention on the woman's breasts, his fingers and mouth growing more skilled by the minute as Signum’s breathing started to betray her weaknesses, while he could barely sit still as she continued to torment him, driving him crazy as she slowly pushed him closer...

    She suddenly stopped, sliding the surprised boy of her lap onto the bed as she slipped onto the ground. Before Shirou could even ask her what was going on he let out a gasp.

    Something wet and warm slowly made its way from the base to the top of his member, the act alone enough to force his hips to spasm.

    A second lick followed, and soon a third and a fourth as Signum's tongue traced his length up and down before she paused, looking straight at him as Shirou desperately tried to regain control of his breath.

    Any resemblance of control was lost as he felt himself slide into the woman's mouth, the boy only capable of moaning her name as she sucked on the sensitive head. He lost it in just a few moments and with a spasm he came in her mouth, muttering her name as he lost all strength in his limbs. Only after he was done did she release him, his partially limp member vacating her mouth with a small *pop* as it was released. He couldn't hear anything besides the beating of his own heart and the soft gulping sounds as Signum emptied her mouth.

    He fell back onto the bed, turning his head to watch Signum make her way to his fridge. She returned to the bed with two bottles of his sports drink, the ones he usually drank after his spars to aid his recovery after his exercise.

    The parallel was not lost on him.

    He watched with a dry mouth as she quickly gulped down the first bottle, most likely using it to flush her mouth, before she opened the second bottle as she filled her mouth once more. He was about to ask if he didn't get a sip before she planted her lips on his own once more, the sweet liquid making its way into his mouth along with her tongue. He eagerly gulped down the sweet fluid before exploring her mouth once more, the sweet aftertaste of the beverage mixing with her own.

    "Oh, Looks like you're up for another round." Signum smiled, her hand stroking his now hardening member as she disengaged from his mouth.

    Emiya Shirou was not one to say no to a rematch.


    part II in next post.


    Shirou getto daze!

    part 2

    He watched her place her hands on the strings of her panties before slowly pulling the small black piece of fabric down her legs, his eyes tracing the fabric sliding down the curves of her hips as it slowly detached itself from her flesh. She didn't waste any time to pin him down once she had discarded the last piece of garment, capturing his lips before he could even complain. With a swift motion she grabbed his erection with her hand, guiding it towards her entry as she hovered above his tip.

    "Is this your first time?" She asks with a neutral expression. Shirou simply nodded in reply.

    "Then I'll go easy on you" She smirked at the boy, who threw her a burning gaze in reply to her taunt.

    "Why you...ugh!"

    She dropped herself onto his erect member, rendering Shirou speechless once more. She swiftly grabbed his head as she presses mouth against his, her tongue playing around in his mouth with renewed fervor. She grinded her hips against his, his member sliding in and out of her at her pace as she rides him without any resistance. He can't speak, his mouth completely occupied as their tongues engage in their duel. Once more she is in control, obliterating any defenses he has as she coaches him towards his release.

    Finally he retaliates. His free hands search her body as his fingertips trace over her flesh, exploring the sensitive area's of her chest once more. The small moans she gives when he plays with her nipples bolster his assault before he notices the ribbon in her hair from the corner of his eye.

    It only takes him a single movement with his hand to undo the knot before her ponytail comes undone. Her hair comes down in a cascade of pink, softening the image of the strict lady of war somewhat as loose stands cling to her body.

    They both freeze for a moment as he takes in the sight while she looks down at his hand holding the ribbon.

    "You look really nice this way" He weakly offers as an apology, and for a moment he thinks he can see a blush on her face.

    "Oh, really?"

    "Yeah, you sh---"

    Shirou's breath is trapped in his throat as she increases her pace, her hips moving at a restless pace as she once more forcefully probes his mouth with her tongue. His hands are held down by her own, their fingers intertwined as she holds them in place.

    "Oh, is this everything you got?" She whispers as she dislodges herself from his lips, before placing her mouth in the nook of his neck. "Are you at your limit already?" she murmurs as she nuzzles against his neck.

    Shirou tries to look defiantly at her, but fails to do so as another sudden move from her hips breaks his concentration. A soft chuckle from Signum follows, before she smirks at him.

    "It's okay to come inside"

    The statement itself is enough to break what little of Shirou's concentration remained, his hips buckling out of control as he hits his peak for the second time. With a grunt he unleashes himself inside Signum. He lies immobile on the bed as she detaches herself from him, lying down next to him as she smiles at him.

    She kissed him on the forehead, the same gesture she preformed whenever she won a spar.

    Power returns to Shirou's limbs as he picks up the small taunt.

    "Shirou?" Signum speaks up as the boy climbs on his knees, a small hint of surprise in her voice.

    "Just now, you.... didn't cum right?" The boy muttered, more to himself then to her. "So now it’s my turn to make you feel good."

    Signums mood darkened as he uttered his explanation. "Is your pride hurt because you were the only one to finish?" She spoke harshly. "I thought you were better than..."

    "No, that's not it!" He hastily spoke up as he picked up the mood shift. "It’s just, you made me........"

    Signum stared at him.

    "You made me feel so good while I couldn't do anything for you, so I want to you feel as good as I did no matter what."

    Seeing Signum's face Shirou wondered if he had said something wrong, before she broke out in laughter, her frown washing away as she tried to contain her mirth.

    "I'm serious here!" Shirou complained as Signum regained control of herself. She smiled at him as she spread her legs while reaching out to him with her arms, inviting him to lie in her arms.

    "Very well" She smiled at him. "Show me what you can do now."


    Her confident smile didn't waver as his hands softly pushed her knees aside, nor when he positioned himself in front of her entrance.

    Then he looked at her, and she was frozen on the spot.

    It was that look in his eyes, the one she had seen only on a few occasions.

    It was the look when he had decided on an action, and where he would break apart before giving up on his goal.

    He was looking at her with that gaze.

    "I want to you feel as good as I did, no matter what."
    The boy had said, and now he was looking at her, her legs spread apart and her hair unbound and her body undefended against him.

    He slipped inside her, his body resting on top of hers as his mouth assaulted her breast while his hips continued to move. He was unskilled, his movements unpracticed and unrefined.

    Even so, she shuddered as he continued to look at her with his eyes.

    "I want to you feel as good as I did, no matter what."

    Had she felt this warm the last time? Signum suddenly found herself moving in the boy's rhythm, trying to draw him in deeper inside of her as the warmth spread through her nerves, her hand pressing the boy against her chest as his teeth scraped the skin.

    A small part of her wondered how long he would hold out before he would reach his limit, before he would once more crumble as his body passed the threshold.

    But Shirou wasn't losing control. He kept moving in her at a constant pace, his eyes firmly locked on her as he continued to divide his attention between her breasts.

    He wasn't stopping.

    He simply wouldn't stop, Signum knew that as she looked at his eyes. She knew that he'd continue moving until his hips were broken, and even then he simply wouldn't stop. The thought alone made her body burn up as her breathing became shallow.

    Something was building up deep inside of her.

    Shirou's breathing became more erratic, she noticed as he clung onto her. He was reaching his own limits but even so he continued moving at his pace as his body surpassed its limits...

    She was getting closer.

    "More..." She found herself whispering. "Closer..."

    His administrations grew stronger, his hips slamming into hers with renewed strength as he lavished his tongue over her flesh.

    It was still not enough, her peak was still out of reach.

    "Shirou..." She moaned, "Just... a little more..."

    By now he was slamming into her with all he had, her pussy so wet that there was barely any friction between her flesh and his. He played with her nipples, guided by everything he had just learnt in their encounter so far as he slowly worked her to her limit.

    She felt something unwind inside her, and she grabbed the boy's head as she pressed her lips onto his.

    The dam broke. She moaned his name as she came for the first time that day. He followed immediately as her orgasm drove him over his limits once more, his exhausted body crashing into her as the glance in his eyes dimmed.

    She could only gasp for air as he lied on top of her, his head resting against her neck as he too gasped for air, his eyes barely open at this point.

    "That... That's a win for me, Signum." He weakly muttered before passing out, his breathing relaxing as he drifted off into a slumber.

    For a moment Signum was stunned, before a small smile made its way on her face, cradling the boy in her arms as she held him close against her own unguarded body.

    She felt completely content as he slept against her.

    "Ah, this is my loss Shirou" She murmured as she buried her nose in his hair, before drifting off to sleep herself.


    "So Emiya-kun, Signum-san" Chrono asked as he walked besides them in the hallway. “How did you training weekend end, did Shirou improve somewhat?"

    "Well" Signum mused." Shirou still lacks both knowledge and strength, so I was able to claim victory a few times....."

    Chrono missed the way Shirou blushed, before Signum continued.

    " .... but in the end even I was unable to prevent defeat in front of his determination. Of course that was more of a double knockout though."

    "You seem to be rather happy about that tie." Chrono remarked. "Don't you dislike losing to anyone?"

    Signum simply smiled. "I also see it as a victory if Shirou and I can meet in battle as equals, clashing with all of our strength and skill. It doesn't matter who wins at that point."

    "Well, good luck with getting him to you level." Chrono excused himself as another officer drew his attention. "You two have fun with that."

    "We will" Shirou replied as the blue haired man disappeared from his sight, before following Signum towards the training grounds.


    my master?

    Swordsplay II

    Quote Originally Posted by Bones, guide on sword maintenance
    For swords with steel blades, rust can be an issue when concerning their maintenance. If the sword is already rusty, there are a variety of ways to remove the rust.

    Before starting on cleaning and rust removal, it is a good idea to clean the blade of other substances, such as skin oils, or protective oil and wax that may have been applied previously. This can be done with denatured alcohol (available from drug stores, but be careful since it's poisonous), or even isopropyl alcohol. Be sure to dry the blade well with a soft cloth thoroughly since you don't want to leave residual moisture on the blade.



    Shirou jumped back instantly the moment he spotted the tip of Laevatein flying towards him, the tip of the sword leaving a purple arc in the air right where his head had been just a moment ago. Signum immediately pulled her device back in one fluid motion before attacking him with a straight stab, the swordswoman pressing the attack once more.

    He was barely able to catch the blade of the sword between his copies of the Takamachi family's twin blades, forcing the sword towards his side with all his strength as he managed to sidestep the attack. The strain the maneuver placed on his replica's was to much for the imitations, their hold shattering along with their blades as Signum pulled her blade free once more.

    But Shirou had already managed to completely escape from her thrust, rolling himself under her outstretched arms as he moved behind her, a new set of the Takamachi's signature kodachi appearing in his empty hands as his circuits hummed with power, the magus reinforcing his reflexes and his physical strength to the limits. Doing anything less would be a fatal mistake, especially with Signum testing him like this.

    With his latest maneuver he had positioned himself behind her back but making a regular turn to face her would take too long, only inviting another barrage of strikes from the swordwoman. Her speed outmatched his even with his reinforcement and her talent to read the battlefield was much more developed than his.

    He would have to rely on the skill of the blades then.

    His only chance lied in the single move he had mastered while using this set of projections, the art he had mastered while under the guidance of Takamachi Shiro. If he used that technique Signum would still be able to block the strike, but it would be enough to force her to defend, allowing him to turn the tables of this fight and go on the offense.

    In a single moment Shirou became nothingness itself. The distance between him and Signum, the time he needed to reach her, everything that mattered returned to zero.

    "Twin kodachi style..."

    And in that moment of infinite nothingness, the boy attacked.


    Shirou's eyes widened in surprise as Laevatein failed to block the strike, the twin blades scraping over Signums armor as it barely managed to deflect the attack which could have torn her back open.

    He had hoped for a lucky shot, but this had nothing to do with luck.

    Signum had failed to block an attack she should have been able to block under normal conditions. Only now he notice the way she shifted her balance, her back far too stiff to allow her usual fluent movement. Shirou's eyes widened as realization hit him: She didn't block the attack, because she was unable to.


    "Signum," Shirou stared at the knight, his voice a mixture of anger and worry. "What is the meaning of this?"

    "Ah, well..." The woman replied somewhat hesitantly, which set off several dozen of alarm bells inside Shirou's head. "It seems like I underestimated your attack for a bit. I didn't know you mastered that technique already. You..."

    "Signum." Shirou dispelled his weapons as he glared at the woman, not amused that she was trying to shift the subject away from herself. "Whats wrong with your back?"

    "Nothing," The woman quickly replied in a calm voice , "Just a little stiff, nothing that won't heal on itself."

    "Alright then," Shirou let out a breath as he calmed himself, turning towards the exit of the training grounds before setting off. " We'll just hop by Shamal's office real quick to have it checked out and then we can schedule our next spar after that."

    Signum grabbed onto his shoulder, preventing him from walking away. "I'd rather not tell Shamal," She confessed. "It's not anything serious, but she--- Hayate will worry."

    "But you just said."


    Shirou stared at his sparring partner, who was looking more uncomfortable by the minute as she looked at him, her normal stoic face betraying her feelings on the subject.

    "Okay, I'll keep my mouth shut," Shirou promised , the boy himself quite familiar with the tendency of the blond nurse to be rather overbearing on her 'favorite patients'. "Just tell me if I can help you out with anything."

    "About that...."


    "I see, so because of the old Reinforce you are becoming less of a program and more humanlike...."'Shirou clapped his fist into his other hand as he summarized his partner's explanation.

    "Yes, but with that transition our superior healing ability is also fading away."Signum clarified. "We cannot ignore things such as sore muscles anymore, and healing serious injuries takes longer each time. It seems like ignoring the smaller complaints isn't working anymore as well..."

    "Signum," Shirou interrupted her. "You realize that if you continued to work out like this you'll only aggravate the sore spots right? Are you giving yourself time to properly recover?" Shirou stared at the knight, who was currently averting her gaze.


    "You have no idea how to take care of something like stiff back muscles, do you?" Shirou guessed.

    "Like you know how to treat a sore back from experi....," Signum replied somewhat annoyed, only to catch herself as she realized where her thoughtless response had led her.

    ....hundreds of miniature blades sprung from the freshly wounded tissue, the metal scales covering the spine and the organs as they were no longer protected form the outside. Blood leaked between the tiny edges, giving the metal a bloody reddish tint .......

    I'm sorry, that was----"Signum stammered, horrified by her own thoughtless outburst. Shirou shook his head in response.

    "It's---It's okay. But since you brought it up: after my accident and my sudden bouts of spontaneous regeneration I still had ended up with an entire new set of muscles that hadn't been as well trained as the rest of my body. Shamal had to make sure that I was building up my strength properly, making sure that I could maintain my training without aggravating my back to the point that those swords started to sprout out again. Stiff back muscles were pretty much the order of the day for me back then, but I realized how quickly things can go bad when you push them to far..."

    Signum wasn't talking anymore, the woman simply waiting for Shirou to finish his story, and it was making him a bit nervous. Even so, he pressed on.

    "---so, Do you want me to give you a massage?"

    She simply stared at him as he nervously smiled back at her.

    "A--- A massage?"


    It wasn't the first time she had entered the apartment, and it certainly wasn't the first time she was in his room. It hadn't even been two weeks since she had first stumbled trough the door with him before they confirmed their bond, which had ended with them spending the rest of the afternoon lying naked on his bed with his smaller frame resting against hers. Somehow, Signum felt much more nervous this time around, her mind much clearer, lacking the burning urge their battle has ignited back then.

    "You should clean up first: a warm bath will help you relax a bit." Shirou interrupted her reminiscence, standing next to the doorway leading to his medium sized bathroom.

    "You actually have a bath." Signum noted as she took in the familiar, if somewhat smaller, japanese style bathroom. "the rent for that must have cost you more compared to a regular apartment."

    "A hardworking person needs a good bath to relax" Shirou stated as she smirked at him. He averted his gaze a Signum started undressing herself in the room, grabbing the small towel he had prepared to cover herself up as he handed it over to her without looking.

    "W-Well then'" He spoke as she took the towel from his hand. "I'll take it you can find your..."

    She cut him of as she grabbed hold of his wrist, before she started to pull him along with her into the bathroom.

    "I need someone to wash my hair for me." Signum explained as he shot her a confused look, Shirou suddenly very aware that the small towel was too small to completely cover her naked form. He could only nod at her in response, trying to keep his head clear by returning himself to nothingness to clear the rampaging thoughts from his head.

    "You should at least take off your shirt and pants, you'll probably get wet."

    He was failing horribly at it.

    ----------------------------------- continued in part 2----------------------------------

    "visual aid"

    part 2:

    Nether of them spoke as they silently worked on cleaning her body: Signum diligently moving the sponge up and down her arms as she methodically scrubbed off any trace of filth and dirt While Shirou undid the ribbon holding her hair together. Signum could feel Shirou move behind her even though she couldn't see him, but even so she had a hard time suppressing the urge to tense up at the touch of his hands, whcih now rested on the lower part of her bare back.

    She dislikes being defenseless, and facing the wall while nude was only making her more tense by the minute. A shudder ran down her back as Shirou's hand followed her spine downwards.

    "Signum.. you really need to relax " Shirou murmured as he pressed his thumbs into her lower back, the act sending a somewhat painful jab trough her nerves. Satisfied that he had gotten his message across, he grabbed his bottle of shampoo as he empties it in his hands.

    She couldn't resist a shudder at the sensation of him running his hands trough her hair. The only one who had washed her hair before, besides her own halfhearted attempts, had been her master. Hayate had always acted rather cheerful whenever she got the chance to do wash her hair, and her hands would continue to wander off as her master switched form washing her hair to expressing her emotions with elaborate motions of her hand, spreading the soap all over the bathroom whenever she switched from retelling a rumor to throwing a small tantrum.

    Her beloved master was somewhat open with her emotions like that.

    Compared to her, Shirou was far more direct and methodical. His fingers firmly moved across her scalp, making sure to wash and clean every single root of her hair as he combed trough her purple locks. The feelings of his fingers massaging her head was sending shiver after shiver down her spine.

    "Ah, you're finally relaxing."

    Shirou sounded rather pleased as Signum realized that he was speaking the truth: the tension in her lower back was less noticeable as she had unconsciously allowed herself to lean back against his bare form, giving him better access to work his magic on her hair. Her own washing done, she simply closed her eyes as his hands moved from her scalp onto her hair, diligently running his soaped fingers down every strand of her hair, carefully removing every knot he encountered on the way.

    Oh, she could get used to this, She really could get used to...

    "Signum, could you hand me the shower head? I can't reach it from here." He interrupted her thought, Signum suddenly realizing that he had actually stopped moving a while ago. She quickly handed him the shower head and soon lukewarm water washed away any traces of the soap from her hair. As he handed her back the shower head he tried to stand up, but froze as Signum placed her free hand on his shoulder.

    Shirou suddenly found it hard to find a safe place to stare at as Signum turned around to face him , the small towel draped over her legs barely hiding her private spot from him as he inadvertently gazed at her belly button, before glancing up at her free arm trying to cover up her breasts.

    "Could you clean my back for me?" She asked with the slightest hint of a blush.

    He didn't dare say no.


    *scrub scrub*

    Shirou simply stared at the sponge as it worked it's way down her back, slowly moving over her skin as he tried not to stare at her bare form too much.

    *scrub scrub*

    Her skin was unblemished, not a single scar or malformation on the tissue anywhere, from her broad back to her bountiful ass and thighs and....

    *scrub scrub*

    Shirou shook his head as he focused himself on his task, the sponge scrubbing down the lower part of her back as he forbade his eyes and his head from wandered off again.

    *scrub scrub*


    It was only a soft moan, but combined with the small shudder that ran down her back it was enough to freeze Shirou mid-action , his hand clenched around the sponge so tightly that the soap was squeezed out in huge white blots, gliding down the lower part of her back as they made their way over the curves of her buttocks towards the ground....

    " S-Signum, the.. The shower head please...." Shirou stammered out with a squeak.

    He really needed to wash the soap off her back.

    He also needed a cold shower himself.


    Shirou left the bathroom a good ten minutes after Signum had, plunging himself into the stream of cold water until his body and his thoughts were no longer going haywire at the very sight of the woman's back. He hadn't put anything on over his underwear before leaving the bathroom, realizing that it might be easier for him to do his job if he wasn't wearing his dirtied clothes. He noticed Signum lying belly down on his bed.

    A small part of his mind noted that Signum had not taken the effort to put any of her clothing back on.


    He started slow, his fingers hesitantly pushing into her shoulder blades as they followed her muscles in the direction of the blood flow, gently forcing the blood and the lymph fluids trapped in the muscle back into the arteries and the lymph system. Stiffness of the muscle was not caused by the blood pressure from the heart, but by the blood and fluids that remained inside the muscle's structure--- or something like that. Shirou hadn't really paid attention to Shamal as she explained the basics to him during his rehabilitation.

    He really should have listened to her in retrospect.

    Signum didn't make a sound, her head buried in his pillow as she hid her face from him. Taking her silence as a sign that he wasn't screwing up he continued his work. He had placed himself next to her on the edge of the bed, bending over her back as he reached for the edges of her shoulder.

    His bare chest brushed against her back. She moved in response to their sudden contact: the numerous muscles of her back visibly moving beneath her skin as she shifted slightly closer to him , the sight of the countless fibers moving as one captivating him, leaving him unable to take his eyes off her.

    Shirou suddenly realized that, compared to his own body, there hadn't been a single part of Signum that was even remotely inefficient, almost as if she wasn't grown but......

    "Ah, "Shirou muttered as he experienced a sudden moment of clarity. "Now I understand---"


    "...Shirou?"Signum hesitantly turned her head around as the boy suddenly spoke up, halting his movements while staring at her.

    No, not staring at, but staring trough her, Signum corrected herself. Even so she was caught unaware as he suddenly moved, slipping onto her back as his hands returned back on the tips of her shoulder without a trace of his previous hesitation.

    "Ah!, Shirou thats.." she cried out in surprise, slightly annoyed by his behavior....

    And then he moved---

    ---and Signum quickly found herself speechless.

    ---------------------------------------- continued in part 3----------------------------------
    "visual aid"

    part 3:

    He finally understood her. The fiercesome warrior, the blade that was known as Signum, had not been born and raised. Signum had been forged: She might have been human once, but she was no longer so. Whatever made up her human side had long ago been absorbed by the book, the original swordswoman falling in battle ages ago.

    Shirou's hands moves without any hesitation, his fingers gently pressing onto the muscles covering the upper part of her back as she continued to shift underneath him. He didn't know if she was saying something to him, but the pillow continued to muffle her words as he continued relentlessly.

    After obtaining the human knight it had not just empowered her, it had refined every aspect of her: Every muscle and every layer of fat had been altered for maximum battle capacity, leaving enough muscle to stand in melee while not weighting her down in aerial combat. Any unnecessary traces of fat had been removed, only leaving the layers that provided protection or supported other functions.

    Her muffled cries grew louder as his fingers assaulter her stressed lower back, slowly working their magic on the stiff fibers that had slowed her down in combat, forcing them to unwind as he pressured them one after another.

    The tome had not stopped with just modifying her strength, going as far as alerting her physical appearance. It had modified her face, her chest, her arms, legs and even her rear for the sake of creating a swordswoman so breathtaking that most male opponent would hesitate to face her in combat. Said hesitation would give her ample openings to strike them down

    His hands slid down her sides as he continued, slightly tracing the outer edges of her breast before he continued. Signum continued to bury her face into the pillow as he pushed his fingers onto the bounty full tissue that covered her rear.

    "Are you alright?" He asked as she continued to tremble under his fingers. She nodded with great haste, which he simply took as a yes.

    His fingers slid down her thighs as they continued their work.

    It was not her nature as a woman that had drawn Shirou's attention. Female flesh could easily entice the boy, but this attraction was much stronger. He was getting drunk on her very essence.

    He lifted himself up as she turned around to face him, revealing herself to him. Her face was tinted red, her breathing consisting of short gasps of air as half-lidded eyes looked up at him. Her breast softly swayed as her erect nipples betrayed her current state of arousal.

    She moaned as he continued his treatment, starting at her shoulders as he massaged his way down. Her moans increased as his hands worked on her breast, before he slid himself downwards, moving himself between her legs. His hand slowly followed him, fingers trailing over her midriff as they made their way towards her pelvis. A purple bush of hair and moist pink lips awaited him as he could smell her arousal.

    A small part of him noted with some satisfaction that she was probably more than just relaxed at this point.


    She couldn't move, her strength completely drained after his hands had turned steel muscles into jelly appendages while handling her as if he was a blacksmith that was removing any impurities he could find with a firm grip. She felt warm and far too wet to think clearly as he worked his way down between her legs.

    His breath rolling over her lower lips make her squirm.

    " Don't move..." He calmly ordered her, placing his hand on her hips to prevent her from moving. It took Signum a few moment to realize what he was doing but before she could speak up he had already pressed his tongue into her.

    She had always prided herself on her high tolerance for pain, her ability to take hit after hit without showing any sign of weakness. It would take running a sword trough her chest before she would give her enemy the satisfaction of hearing her grunt.

    But right now she was, to her utter shame, screaming like a whore as his tongue explored her wet folds, his arms forcing her bucking hips into the bed to prevent her from moving. His unrefined movement, showing his inexperience, were enough to drive her weakened state utterly crazy as he continued to roll his tongue around on lips that refused to stay dry even with his constant attention. By sheer will she regained control over her breathing only for her to lose control once more as he softly sucked on her clit.

    She could feel him smile at her desperate moans.

    She lost track of time as his torturous tongue was joined by one of his hands, and all she knew was his teasing and his prodding as she moaned his name, running her own fingers over his head before pulling him closer, forcing him to dig deeper inside of her.

    There was heat and there was need-------And finally she was given undiluted bliss as she cried out a final moan. And as the heat spread from her belly through her entire body she could only hear her breathing and the licking sounds of his tender care as he continued to play with her....

    That simply wouldn't do.



    He peeked up from his spot as he heard her utter his name in a soft voice, the sight of her basking in the afterglow making him suck in a breath.

    Oh... she was relaxed alright.

    "..hirou, come closer"

    He blindly obeyed the soft moan that carried her commands, climbing over her legs as he made his way toward her face--- completely unprepared for the hand that struck like a snake, slipping into his shorts where they quickly found the symbol of his arousal.

    "Ow! D-Dont squeeze it--- that hurts!"

    Shirou's look of surprise had turned into a scowl but any further complaints got stuck in his throat as he saw the look on her face.

    A cold shiver rand down his spine as Signum's usual sharp look was replaced by something completely predatory.

    "You realize that if you don't take care of this you'll only aggravate it even worse, right? " She murmured with a smirk as she slowly moved her hand up and down Shirou's shaft, which by now was getting painfully sensitive to her touch.

    " re... are you actually stooping as low as to turn my own words against.. Ah! d-don't do that!" A quick squeeze had been enough for Shirou to remember to shut up.

    "I'd love to help you with that---" Signum continued, not paying any attention to the boy's complaints as she forced him closer by pulling him along. " ---but I think I shouldn't move my lower body just yet."

    He let out a gasp as she released his erection before she grabbed her breast, rubbing them together while smiling at them.

    "So how about these then?"


    She broke him in less then a minute, his already tormented erection, form both his own actions and her diabolical handplay had put him on the edge before she had trapped his member against her chest, the feeling of flesh and the wetness of her tongue playing with the tip far to much for his overexcited member to handle.

    With a final thrust he unloaded himself on her chest, his seed trapped between the two mounts that had trapped his member without any mercy. She continued without pause, his oversensitive tip still plagued by her ministrations as the pain soon made way for another round of please as she forced him to burn himself out. He didn't even last another minute before he released himself, his breathing harsher then hers as his control slipped while hers recovered.

    He had been woefully unprepared for this attack, and he had once more paid the price for it. Signum's smirk pierced his pride as she released his now flaccid member, her chest still covered with his seed as he crashed next to her.

    Her content smile which followed made him feel somewhat better.

    She buried her nose in his hair, nether of them speaking as he returned her silent embrace. After a few minutes she looked him in the eyes as she finally spoke up.

    "I'll try to take better care of myself from now on." She promised with a smirk. "As long as you agree to help me out whenever i need maintenance like this"

    " ...No more training until I get a green light from Shamal" Shirou immediately replied with a sight. " I'm a swordsman, not a masseur."

    Signum simply laughed.

    ---------------------------------------------- continued in epilogue ----------------------------------

    visual aid


    "You seem to be in good health aside from some overworked muscles, a few days off should be enough to get you back on the training field" Shamal noted as she placed her notes back in to the folder before turning back to her fellow knight.

    "Thank you for your efforts Shamal" Signum nodded in gratitude as she stood up from her chair. "I'll be off then.."

    "I'm curious though" Shamal interrupted her. "How is it that Shirou convinced" you to finally show up here?"

    "He... made his case about training with injuries..."

    Shamal was lost for a moment before she could draw her own conclusions. "Well then, you can tell Shirou that he can go full-out on you around next week again with my consent. For now you should relax--- Although I must admit this is the first time in weeks since you've been this relaxed. Did something happen?"

    "Nothing much, I got a good back rub the other day so.."

    "Oh, did you get to tease Shirou-kun with a little bit of flesh then?" Shamal grinned. " He must have gotten all flustered even if you were still wearing a shirt!"

    "Well I'm sure that by now whatever he saw was nothing he couldn't handle" Signum smiled in response as she walked out of the office.

    " Huh, I don't get it." Shamal murmured, before she noticed the next person in the doorway. "Fate-chan how nice of you to drop by.... is something wrong?"

    "......nothing Shamal-san."


    dual wielding?


    Quote Originally Posted by daneel rush, weapons day
    “I love ya, you know?”

    Shirou chuckled. “Why do you only say that at mealtimes?”

    " You know Vita, It's ironic that while you look like a child that it's actually you who's the cradle robber here."

    " Aww, don't worry Shirou. I like you just as much as when you were still cute and innocent."

    " You're not helping your case."

    " You can still try to be cute though!"

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    Second rule of fraggle's forbidden snippets: There are no forbidden snippets.

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