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Long time internet punching bag. A severely autistic person who created Sonichu, a sonic + pikachu hybrid and drew weird childish poor quality comics about it and uploaded em on the internet. walked around with a huge homemade sonichu necklace. This caught the eye of somethingawful and 4chan in the early-mid 00s i believe, and they started harassing chris-chan in the hopes of getting funny reactions. Besides Sonichu, getting a girlfriend and having sex with her was also one of chris-chans obssessions (called it ”lovequest”).

This is what I knew, havent heard of chris-chan in… probably close to 10 years, maybe more. And now couple days ago i hear that Chris-chans been raping his completely demented mother every 3 days and thinks theyre in a loving relationship.
I was surprised to hear that name again too, but holy shit it gwme out in the worst possible way.