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Thread: Random Thoughts Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shrapnel View Post
    Bob the Builder's evil twin.
    Quote Originally Posted by Imperial View Post
    HF felt like Nasu holding up a megaphone and screaming, "LOOK AT HOW SAD THIS IS! ISN'T IT SAD? YOU SHOULD FEEL SAD!"

    Quote Originally Posted by Altaris View Post
    > Einzbern

    > Making smart decisions

    Pick one

    Quote Originally Posted by You View Post
    Palingenesis just sounds like we're creating Sarah Palin.

    Quote Originally Posted by Leftovers View Post
    >tfw you betray your ideals to get some

    Quote Originally Posted by Mizukume View Post
    In short, Japan's syncretism BS striked again.

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    In a completely unrelated topic, one of my coworkers said that I lack empathy. This is false. Rather, it's just that I tend to empathize with characters that most other people don't, even if it means that I don't empathize with characters that most other people do, as a result. For example, I totally and completely empathize with Hermaeus Mora's (Skyrim) obsession with collecting forbidden knowledge, even if that knowledge is completely and totally useless, such as Mora brain-draining a shaman just to get the secrets of the Skaal.

    In terms of my knowledge-collecting exploits, despite modern works being much more... detailed and explicit (in other words, stop telling me to "just look up R34"), I still data-mined and researched until I got the Japanese/Spanish fully uncensored version of the Dragon Rider hentai (NSFW: ) or the movie version of Overfiend Inferno Road (which has more scenes than the series version: NSFW), or the fact that I am interested in getting this version of Super Metroid: (see previous comment about R34 before responding with any quips or retorts). Unfortunately, I am not a demon god and cannot brain-drain to get this forbidden or rare knowledge.
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