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Thread: The Death of Bloodlust

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    Pretty sure I missed some plot points due to my relative unfamiliarity with the Nasuverse, but I liked the story anyway

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    I like the second one better - although the first has sequel potential.

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    Yeah. I left it like that in case I wanted to do a sequel to that. Arcueid as the master of Assassin... willing to kill everyone else in the Holy Grail War for Shiki? Yeah, they might well be fucked.

    Second was the one that I thought was the "Good" ending, while the first is Nanaya Shiki rearing his head to break a copy of Crimson Moon Brunestud.

    Honestly, though, how'd everyone feel about the story as a whole? Any points you liked as I progressed from start to finish? And, for the last few chapters, anyone agree that the music fit the story?

    I though it did, but I may as well ask the fans I wound up with, here.

    Anything that stuck with you as you read the story, or anything?

    Oh, and for those that failed to guess the phrase that Arcueid quoted, it was Grahf from Xenogears, after he lost his love.

    He then went on to destroy roughly 99% of the planet's population before getting stuck as a possession spirit of sorts... a possession spirit with a badass mech.
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