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Thread: Fate/Regalia Interrogation Room

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    Himari: Huh I imagined that you would've watched Drama anime with how you sometimes react. Especially since you sometimes go "I can see the ending" or writing down your stuff super fancily like in Death Note.

    Reaver: The feeling is well shared Assassin. It's nice to occasionally watch over the top things, but it's especially odd when it's based around you. Recently, I watched some of those Sengoku based anime. Sometimes they're pretty accurate on the events whereas other times they were so off. Certainly interesting but not as my cup of tea.

    Himari: So just someone interesting? That's pretty broad. So I guess anyone could theoretically could become your date. Isn't that good news members of the Irmina Fan Club?

    Reaver: Well first they would have to get past Assassin or gain her approval...

    Himari and Reaver remember her stare declaring that no one is getting past her. They shook their head before continuing.

    : The Interrogation is coming to an end since we have no more questions to ask. Thank you for your time Irmina and Assassin. Is there anything else you want to add Master?

    Himari: I want to ask about those contingency plans but... Something tells me I won't like them. Um... Anything to add? I think I'm good.

    Reaver: Anything you want to wish to add our dear guests? If not, then let's proceed to the Vermont Moonlight before my master bolts for the door.

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    Irmina: The more dramatic you are about something, the more memorable it becomes to others. The more memorable it becomes to others, the more satisfying it is when you are inevitably proven right, and they can't refute it without looking like a fool... It's a small amusement, but it never gets old.

    Assassin: There is something very bully-esque in that statement...

    Irmina: Nonsense. You're imagining things. *waving her hand lazily, the woman stands, brushing off the legs of her pants* Still, any last words Assassin?

    Assassin: I monitor all movement in, out, and around the Einzbern Dormitory. Try anything funny towards my Master, and you will regret it.

    Irmina: Huh... Threats... That's a new one.

    Assassin: Not a threat. Friendly warning. Some of the questions today have opened my eyes to... Problems... I may have to solve in the future.

    Irmina: Commendable. Well, you are my retainer... I'll leave all of that to your judgement. Come along Himari, there's no need to run, we'll make it long before the Vermont Moonlight shuts down for the night.
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    In a dusty unused room on the third floor. Once upon a time this room was used for interoga- questioning various newcomers to Athena Academy on their thoughts, beliefs, and attempts at finding out their servant's identity. Even the newest additions of the room has noticeable dust on them. Granted that's to be expected because the owners have left the room for about a year. Maybe the room will gather even more dust due its lack of usa- or the door could be sliced down at this moment.

    Himari: Finally! I managed to get this blasted door open.

    Reaver: Master... You just cut the school doors in half.

    Himari: It was locked and I needed to get in!

    Reaver: And whose fault is it that we were locked out?

    : M-mine...

    Himari seems to deflate for a little bit before coughing.

    Himari: God this place is dusty. I think I'm going cough up a lung if we did the interview immediately.
    Reaver: Trying to make the best impressions on our guests Himari?

    Himari: I-I'm only trying to be the best host I can! I don't want to inconvenience our guests with my coughing!

    Reaver: If you say so master. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll fix the door while you tidy up the room.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____________

    Himari: Finally we're done.

    The room looked immaculate for perhaps the first time in years. Windows nice and wiped. Furniture dusted. The door was fixed and showed no sign of its previous cut.

    Himari: So let's get this officially started. I'm your host Himari Aoyama and this is my servant...

    Reaver: Reaver, I hope to be an adequate host for our guests.

    Himari: Today we will be interviewing...

    Reaver looks at her master curious on what was taking her so long to finish the introductions before realizing something.

    Reaver: Master don't tell me you forgot who we were interviewing...

    Himari: I-I may have forgotten since it took us two weeks to get into this room?

    Reaver: Elaine Rousseau D'Normandy and her servant Warder.

    Himari: So please send us your questions via the phone app or snail mail!

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________

    Reaver: Thank you for the questions readers and listeners.

    Meanwhile Himari is inspecting the letters for "stains" and the like.

    So I would like to welcome our guests Elaine Rousseau D'Normandy and her servant Warder to the room!
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    For a moment, a very long moment, there is silence. The door remained shut resolutely, a bare wind of isolation awaited the pair within the room, their planned guests absent.

    For a moment.

    Then, all of a sudden, there came a great crash, shouting, clattering and banging and booming and a great cacophony of noise approached the door, a muffled argument came from beyond, hurried, annoyed voices, bickering quietly, mutual irritation and frustration bouncing between them, and as they grew louder, the wave of sound lessened, growing lower and lower as they approached the door.

    Then there was silence, punctured by a long, petulant huff.

    Then the door creaked open.

    Elaine: Greetings and Salutations to all of my adoring fanbase waiting out there wherever it may be heard! I have arrived, exactly on time, and exactly when I was expected. There has been no error, and no mistakes, and there's certainly no absence of anything at all with our entrance.

    Her posture is open and proud, radiant in her unbridled confidence, the only demerits a long bead of sweat rolling down her temple, and a throbbing vein on one outstretched hand.

    Her servant, Warder, enters behind her, arms crossed, imposing posture folded in on itself, expression downcast.

    Warder: Stupid friggin sound system not workin' 'sorry Mr. warder we don't play that kind of music, we can only play mp3s', back in my day we had a full chorus and rassafrassa....

    Elaine: Indeed, nothing at all. Good day to you, erm, is it Himari-san, or Miss Himari and you too, Reaver, I don't wish to be too familiar...

    Warder: Thanks for havin' us, was a pain getting here. Not exactly a view for all to see.

    He shrugs.

    Elaine: B-but in any case, haha, we should probably get on with the questions soon, yes?

    Warder: Already wasted enough time...

    A loud thumping sound comes from across the table, obscured from sight, Warder's face rises out of its despondent phase, and fills into a small grin. Elaine sits primly, unwilling to be taunted, she brushes at the table fitfully.

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    After waiting a long period of time, the master/servant pair looked at each other in confusion.

    Himari: Reaver you did invite our guests right?

    Reaver: That's strange, I could've swore I sent that message out properly via mail and text.

    : Huh that's weird... Wait when did you get a HECATE phone?!?

    Reaver: I've always had one, will have one, or just got one. Kind of tricky to tell with where we're at.

    Eventually they hear sounds coming from outside the door. Very loud sounds mind you. Their attempts to be quiet were very bad and noticeable.

    Himari: ...Do they realize that they're fooling no one? I'm kind of irritated that they made us wait here. I have half a mind to yell at them for making us waste time waiting for them especially with where we're at.

    Reaver: Master please do them a favor and act like we just got here. Like a date with your s-

    Ah! AH! AH! Reaver I think I should go make sure we have drinks available for our guests!

    Reaver: Good to know my master is a good host despite waiting for her guests longer than normal.

    As Himari was done placing them on a tray and walking back to the table. The door ominously creaks open admitting their guests which causes Himari to tumble the tray a little bit.

    Reaver: Welcome Elaine Rousseau D'Normandy and Warder. My master and I have been waiting patiently for you like a person waiting for their d-

    Himari noisily sets down her tray and picks up a loudly fizzing drinks

    A-Are you by chance thirsty? We have a wide assortment of drinks thanks to Reaver.

    Reaver: If you want some hot tea, I can always prepare a batch for you before starting our interview.

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