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Thread: TYPE-MOON Glossary Index

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    yesh, my mistake

    Hopefully other stuff that hasn't been translated completely or at all will surface as well. EXTRA Material and Charamat are still half-done, after all.

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    I exchanged a few emails with the TMdict people.

    At the moment, they haven't decided exactly how they want to integrate Complete Material if at all, because most of it is big encyclopedic pages rather than short and concise glossary entries. (though there are a few "terms" pages)

    It's my opinion, and they agree, that it would be better served now by sticking only to published glossary sections. That way they avoid most of the mess you see on TM Wikia.

    iirc they mentioned they're about to add a bunch of EXTRA glossary stuff. EXTRA Material (not the same thing) is one of the next things I might work on, as well - not sure if that will have any interplay with TMdict but we'll see.

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    So I went ahead and indexed fap material.

    the glossary of which is now fully translated
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