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Thread: Fate/Regalia Discussion

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    Hunter, The Chaste Huntress

    Servant Class: HUNTER
    True Name: Atalanta
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Master: Fujou Shizuka

    Personality: Hunter is a cold and calculating person, always calm and collected, even under heavy pressure. Like any other Heroic Spirit, she has a great amount of pride, but she doesn’t let it interfere with herself. Her normally cheerless personality contrasts strongly with that of her Master, however, they somehow get along greatly, complementing themselves pretty well.

    Even though she always looks calm, she is incredibly competitive and merciless, and always seeks victory above everything else. The type of person that never gives up, no matter what, just out of pure pride and willpower. No matter what the challenge it is, she shall surpass it with all her power.

    As she lived a life without a single regret, in this new life given to her, she just seems to want to perform new heroic deeds, and gain glory as one of the powerful Heroes of times past. Just to experience battle over and over again, it is expected for her to focus on the Duel Chart. As she behaves like she had no wish of her own, Hunter acts like she cares little for the Grail War, and seems more interested in unveiling the mysteries behind OLYMPUS along with her Master. However, she indeed possesses a hidden wish, one that even herself doesn’t know: To change the past, and avoid the curse of Zeus that destroyed her life, and thus, to live happily with her husband.

    Hunter is distrusting of men, although she has learned to be around them thanks to her time sailing with the Argonauts. As Hunter only has loved one man in her whole life, she will reject any advances toward herself, despite her incredible beauty.

    She enjoys hunting, competing against others, and sports in general, specially the martial kind.

    Her relationship with Shizuka is one of partnership. She is utterly loyal to her, as she considers even thinking of betraying her as an un-heroic action. However, they have a certain disagreement on tactics. While Hunter herself isn’t above ambush and trickery, she prefers to battle her enemies in a frontal, glorious battle, instead of the more occult methods her Master favors.


    A dying beast laid in the middle of a temple.
    The stone statues watched the once powerful beast die in silence.
    She had been a hero. An human blessed by the goddess.
    Someone whose heroic deeds were sung in legends.
    She had slain more than a thousand beasts.
    She had remained pure during most of her life.
    And she had obeyed every one of her oaths.
    Yes... one could say that she indeed had no regrets on her life.
    The old beast could not stand anymore.
    Her eyes could not see anymore.
    Her once speedy body could not move anymore.
    She felt warmth, and she thought about the mother bear that had fed her during her infancy, when her father had left her to die.
    She felt her last breaths, and she remembered her heroic deeds, the fight against the powerful centaurs, the travels with her eternal companions, the Argonauts. And the moment of her whole life, the fight against the Calydonian Boar, the powerful divine beast that rampaged through Calydon.
    She then felt for the last time the wind against her body, and images of her races against her numerous suitors appeared on her mind.
    It had been a long time. It had been a long life. Save for one single mistake, it was a life without any regret.
    And, as the old lioness felt her last heartbeats, she thought of the one she had loved, of the one she had been separated forever.
    And in the ending moments of her end, she wished.
    She wished for the only man she had ever loved.
    Thusly died Atalanta, alone, with only the cold, stone eyes of the statues in Zeus honor to watch over her.


    STR: C
    END: C (B)
    AGI: A
    MGI: C
    LCK: E (D)


    Divine Beauty: D
    D: At this rank, either mental-warding skills or medium rank MGI can ward of the enchantment.
    Hunter was famed by her beauty that almost transcended human capacity. Indeed, many are those who challenged death to be her suitors, and failed at the task.

    Battle Continuance: C
    C: At this rank, the Servant may ignore crippling blows with ease, doing so with effort and will.
    A product of Hunter’s powerful amounts of willpower.

    Bravery: C
    C: At this rank, the Servant is resistant to most mental interferences, and those that do affect him are lessened greatly.

    Eye of the Mind (False): B
    B: At this rank, the Servant is able to sense the majority of changes made on the battlefield, as well as perceive the intent to some extent, giving him a general idea.
    An ability that represents Hunter’s immense hunting skill, the conceptualization of the way she always sensed her preys movements, and even its intent.

    Rebellious Fate: B
    B: Cancels high charisma and leadership abilities.
    She fought against her fate by trying to remain a virgin. Even if at the end the gods ploy made her fail, she endured a long time before being married to a man.

    Vitrification: A
    A: By allowing herself to become one with the environment, can effectively disappear out of reach for any method of detecting an enemy.
    Another conceptualization of Hunter’s Hunting Skill.

    Instinct: A
    A: At this rank, this heightened sixth sense is now close to precognition. It reduces by half any obstacles to vision and hearing.
    A natural born skill for Hunter, perfected in years and years of hunting. What made her the best at what she does, indeed.

    Projectile Creation – Arrows: D
    D: The ability to create from almost nothing but air, by paying in prana, arrows of very good quality, without any special characteristic.

    Noble Phantasms:

    Artemisa’s Blessing
    Type: Anti – Unit
    Rank: A
    A blessing of a goddess, given to Hunter as she dedicated herself to Artemisa, remaining a Virgin Hunter for most of her life. To put it in simple terms, an skill that became conceptualized as a Noble Phantasm, the grand mark of Hunter’s legend: Her unrivaled, “Absolute Speed.”
    She can’t lose in a contest of speed. Be it reflexes, attack speed, movement speed, and the like, she will always be faster than her opponent, no matter how much their AGI stat surpasses her. The only way to get through this is by a distraction, or circumstances and trickery. This is the final skill that differences her of others Heroic Spirits, since it is a Passive Noble Phantasm that always remains active and consumes no prana whatsoever. (Now it is an activable one and does consume prana.) However, this skill has a special weakness to not working when the mind suffers an interference as powerful as B rank or above.

    Calydonian Boar Skin
    Type: Anti – Unit
    Rank: B+
    A dark, heavy, hairy mantle of boar skin that Hunters covers herself with. It is incredibly resistant, while being malleable and flexible enough to serve as a cape. The powerful skin of a Divine Beast, it confers its wearer the protection that a beast of such rank has. No attacks or magecraft under B rank can go through the protection given by the powerful skin, and both LCK and END are boosted by a full rank each due to the divine blessings conferred by the mantle.
    Truly a powerful Noble Phantasm, even if it holds a great weakness against anti-divinity or anti-beasts attacks, just the conceptual power of the defensive properties that equal a Divine Beast is scary enough, but the blessings given to the Calydonian Boar make it so that a class normally characterized by its low stats suddenly shows an amount of resistance that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.
    This is one of Hunter’s most prized possessions, and she wouldn’t even think of taking it off for anything in the world, as she sees it as a symbol and proof of her heroic deeds, and finally triumphing over the discrimination she suffered for her gender in ancient times. For every rank it defends against other types of attacks, it suffers against anti-beast/divinity attacks.

    Celestial Bow
    Type: Anti – Unit
    Rank: C+
    A powerful looking bow, it doesn’t seem to hold any special properties at first, but the extremely reinforced wood is enchanted. It is the bow that was used to hunt the infamous Calydonian Boar, and has slain more than a thousand beasts and nature spirits, centaurs included. Any arrow fired by this bow immediately gains a two rank boosts against anything that is either a beast or divine. Thusly, this is a dangerous weapon disguised under the aspect of a normal hunting bow.
    It was created specifically for Hunter, so it could handle her insane attacking speed, putting arrow after arrow after arrow in a single breath, and is capable of unleashing a true rain of deadly arrows in amazingly shorts amounts of time.
    However, this bow also carries another Noble Phantasm. Just like Ea is the Sword of Rupture, and Enuma Elish the attack, when this bow is “activated”, Hunter throws an attack called “The Seven Arrows of Ursa Major – Star Fall.”
    This attack consist of powerful arrows wrapped in burning energy, that rain like shooting stars, falling from the seven stars of Ursa Major. It can shoot seven times in a row. She first determines the target, and then the shots will converge and attack that target. Normally, the target cannot be changed, but if the target dies midway, the remaining shots can be divided between others in the surroundings.
    Because they are fired by the Beast Slayer, the arrow get all the passive bonuses, plus a burning, comet like energy that causes burns to those who get in the vicinity of the arrow. Thus, even if one blocks the arrow and avoids major damage, they still get burned by that powerful energy.
    As the enchanted arrows are homing, and thus unavoidable by normal means, they check against the Servant’s END. Those with END Rank B and above are able to survive it, while those with C Rank END may be able to survive with the usage of certain skills, though it still damages them. For those who have the Divine or the Beast attribute, the END required to survive this Noble Phantasm is one rank higher.
    [16:53] <RacingeR> Passively, the bow makes that any attack executed with it gains two ranks when against anything beast/divine
    [16:53] <RacingeR> Does that apply to the activation of the same NP, too?
    [17:04] <Verg> On the first question, for only 1 rank

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    Besides, I don't see what's so terrible about looting anyway. It's only property, they're not actually harming anyone.
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    when I say hero I don't mean hero in the spirit sense. I mean a morally grounded, good natured person who doesn't slaughter innocent people. No such person exists in the Nasuverse.
    [00:12] <~Katie> i can't defy my origin
    [00:12] <~Katie> of gay memes

    [16:15] <~Katie> lesbians has always been my gimmick and i will exploit it to the fullest

    [22:56] <@Sei> airen is pegging hero this time
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    Here's the last official sheet I have for Asuka. I've got a draft of her for Re:Regalia, but I don't see much point in posting it since it was never made official.

    Shang Lan Fen (Asuka)
    Name: Shang Asuka
    Faction: China Order
    Servant: Berserker

    Gender: Female
    Birthday: August 14
    Height: 158 cm
    Weight: 46 kg
    Three Sizes: N/A
    Hair Color: Green
    Eye Color: Brown
    Class: 1-C

    STR: D (2)
    END: D (2)
    AGI: C (3)
    CAS: C (3) > B
    PRA: A (5)

    Faction Bonuses:
    Can take one “Forgotten Spell”.
    All magecraft performed will have its CAS requirement lowered by two.
    Preparing Greater Rituals requires usage of only two phases, instead ofthe whole day.

    Total AP Used: 98

    High-Speed Incantation (25 AP)
    You are capable of accelerating your casting process so well that an A ranked incantation which would normally take 60 seconds, would shorten to 30 seconds. A permanent rank up to your CAS attribute.

    Ancient Knowledge (20 AP)
    Eastern Association only. You possess, by mean or another, knowledge that others think already forgotten from this world. This secret knowledge has allowed you to create spells that you would not normally be able to even imagine. Take two more Forgotten Spells, free of charge.

    Land of the Dragons (25 AP)
    China Order only. Due to your training, you are able to sense the “Dragons veins” that float from high places to the lower ones. These are the thickest points of mana abundant in the air. Wherever you go, you will be able to sense the location of these veins, and utilize them to your advantage. Whenever in the “path of a dragon” you are able to use some of the prana of the path to power up your spell. For every rank in your CAS, you are able to use 10 more prana points.

    Magecraft and Spells:

    Being of both Chinese and Japanese blood, Asuka’s family discipline is a marriage of the two traditional styles. Combining the practices of Taoism with the Japanese spiritualism (Godai), Asuka’s magecraft is one which utilizes nature spirits, commonly referred to as Shikigami. By attuning her own energy and harmonizing her thoughts with nature itself, Asuka is essentially capable of directly manipulating elements of the world by means of ritual practice. Due to its relation to shamanic practices, it is accurate to say that this magecraft is more closely associated with witchcraft.

    Genbu, Great River Offering
    Rank D (4 AP)
    Cost 40 MP
    This particular spell utilizes the power of the black tortoise to promote stability and well-being. Upon casting, the water particles in the air will condense and briefly form around Asuka in the image of the tortoise spirit itself. The light mist will wash over her and allow for her being to interact with the record of the world. In doing this, Asuka’s magical energy repairs her body much in a way that the world restores the bodies of elementals. More than just a healing spell, this technique also can combat minor changes in regards to her‘perfect’ condition (but this is not always guaranteed).

    Suzaku, Vermillion Phoenix Flame
    Rank C (6 AP)
    Cost 40 MP

    A ‘Forgotten Spell’ as well as Asuka’s primary offense.

    With this technique, Asuka is capable of creating flames which no longer exist in this world. Unlike modern fire magecraft, this spell conjures up flames of the phoenix and uses them to burn the target to ashes. Aside from just being powerful, the flames are difficult to extinguish as their existence acts as a type of curse when afflicting someone not attuned to the spirit which governs it.

    While they will go out eventually, the flames themselves burn through a victim’s physical body and magic circuits in order to use them much like fuel.This is because the original purpose for this fire is to resurrect a phoenix by quickly burning through the prana left in their spiritual bodies. However, when used on physical beings and objects, it becomes a lethal flame which body and spirit alike.

    Byakko, Four Winds Unification
    Rank B (8 AP)
    Cost: 60 MP
    ‘Forgotten Spell’. This spell utilizes the power of the white tiger, a mighty spirit which rules over physical energies. Upon evoking this spirit’s power, Asuka can conjure up a spiritual wind which can then be directed towards a designated target. Once the spell integrates into their body, the recipient’s spiritual being and influence is increased substantially, having merged with the white tiger’s power. As a result of this unique fusion, for a limited time,one’s combat potential rises accordingly.

    Seiryuu, Binding Blue Sky
    Rank A (10 AP)
    Cost 80 MP
    Greater Ritual “Forgotten Spell”. Needless to say, this is the greatest spell in Asuka’s magical arsenal. And while grand in effect, it requires adequate preparation. To ready the ritual, Asuka must first designate the area she wishes to effect. Afterwards, she must set up a total of four seals to create the perimeter. Once this is complete, Asuka need only activate the spell by calling upon the power of the great azure sky dragon, expanding this unique Bounded Field. While under the effect of this spell, the abilities of Asuka’s opponents will gradually decline while she and he designated allies remain unaffected.

    Likewise, this is the last official sheet for Berserker. Before the expansion. Also before being GO'd.

    Servant: Berserker
    Identity: Beowulf

    MP: 350

    STR: B+ (14) ^ A+
    END: B (13) ^ A
    AGI: C (9) ^ B
    MAG: B (13)
    LCK: D (5)
    NP: A

    Class Skills:

    Mad Enhancement (C)
    Cost: 6 TP
    Brings all parameters up a rank in return for sanity. At this rank, the Servant gains a rank-up for all parameters except LCK and MGI, but loses the ability to speak and is unable to make complicated thoughts. Still retains the ability to use Noble Phantasms, although only non-attacking ones. Cost 15 MP per turn active.

    Numb to Pain (B)
    Cost: 8 TP
    Servant feels less pain than others of his kind, and injuries do not affect his battle effectiveness. At this rank, the Servant can shrug of all but the pain on level of a torture, and even large wounds do not reduce his battle effectiveness.

    Personal Skills:

    Eternal Arms Mastership (B)
    Cost: 8 TP
    Mastership of combat arts unrivalled in one era. The Servant can make use of full fighting ability even if under mental restrictions. Mastership of combat arts has reached the point of being said to be amongst the greatest in one's era. By complete merging of mind, body and technique, it is possible to make use of full fighting skills, unless under effects of high-level thaumaturgy.

    Eye of the Mind –False- (A)
    Cost: 10 TP
    Resistance to changes of visibility caused by visual interferences. Also called the sixth sense, or prescience; an innate talent to sense danger. At this rank, the Servant is able to sense almost any change made on the battlefield, as well as perceive the intent of others flawlessly.

    Battle Continuance (B)
    Cost: 8 TP
    The ability to come out alive, and continue fighting when injured. At this rank, the Servant may take blows that could result in death and continue fighting.

    Noble Phantasms:

    Weland, Black Dreadnaught
    Type: Anti-Unit/Support
    Rank: C
    Cost: 100 units
    Duration: 10 turns

    Weland is the name of the black armor Berserker wears. Though not named in history, it borrows its name from the legendary smith who forged it, Wayland. This full-body defense shares its origin with various other legendary objects and, as a result, possesses a far more superior making to that of standard armor. However, it should be known that this Noble Phantasm isn’t so much the armor as it is the boon placed upon it. With this, not only is the damage dealt to Berserker reduced, but his luck is also increased when faced with a threatening situation. According to tales of his life, when engaging Grendel’s mother, she could not harm the hero through his armor. Even when combating the monster in her own domain, the armor continued to protect him; hinting at the strength of its making.

    The armor is actually said to possess an even greater effect; however, as the name had been lost by the time it was given to him, it was never realized during the hero’s lifetime.
    *[Verg Note: (Tentative Effect) Grants Bravery rank A. At this rank, the Servant is immune to all mental interferences, including distractions, emotions, illusions, etc. Also, when fighting against far stronger enemy, the STR and AGI stats increase by one.]

    Man of Legend, The Weapon Does Not Matter
    Type: Anti-Unit/Support
    Rank: A

    Man of Legend is the embodiment of the part of Beowulf’s legend which tells of how he acquires a new sword to combat each new obstacle which comes his way. Such as acquiring the Giant’s Sword to combat Grendel’s mother and Naegling to slay the dragon. For Berserker, this allows for him to summon one of his three swords he currently possesses (sealing off this ability as long as it is drawn) so that he may use its might to overcome the enemy before him. Upon summoning, these three swords are set to the blades he wielded in his lifetime (Hrunting, the Giant’s Sword, and Naegling) by default. However, should Berserker forsake or break one of his swords, he can take up another sword and add it to his arsenal as one of his Noble Phantasms.

    Hrunting, Hound of the Red Plains
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Rank: C-
    Cost: 100 units
    Duration: 10 turns

    Hrunting is the sword used by Beowulf to kill Grendel’s mother in legend. Given to him by Unferth, the weapon is described as a sword which has never failed anyone. However, the weapon proved ineffective in his battle against the monstrous mother, prompting him to discard it. Despite this, Beowulf is still able to call upon the weapon as a Servant due to his strong ties to the sword.

    Unlike most other Noble Phantasms, this black sword’s abilities are passive in nature. It does not require that its name be called in order for its ability to be utilized, allowing for Beowulf to instantly affect his target despite having lost his sanity. The sword will seek out its target in the most direct way possible, cutting down any who are unable to respond. Should the attack be deflected, the sword will immediately bounce back with even more speed and power, and will continue to do so until Berserker halts it or it hits the intended mark. However, should the target possess a Magic Resistance of C rank or higher, this effect cannot activate properly and Hrunting becomes nothing more than a standard sword.

    Giant’s Sword, Madman Head Cleaver
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Rank: C+
    Cost: 100 units
    Duration: 10 turns

    The Giant’s Sword is the title given to the blade Beowulf took up in his battle against Grendel’s mother. Just as its name implies, the sword was forged by giants and was deemed impossible for a human to wield. However, due to his amazing strength, Beowulf could wield this massive sword with ease.

    Though its true name is unknown, the Giant’s Sword was able to succeed where Hrunting failed. As a result of the legend, not only does the Giant’s Sword boast superior strength, but it also has the ability to cut through an opponent’s magical defenses. It is because of this that Beowulf was able to finally slay his monstrous adversary. Finally, as an added bonus, the sword receives a rank up when combating an opponent with a “monster” trait.

    Naegling, Red Nail Piercing Wicked Dragon
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Rank: B+
    Cost: 130 units
    Duration: 15 turns

    Naegling is the last sword wielded by Beowulf during his lifetime. This sword was received after defeating Grendel’s mother and is said to drive into its enemy like a nail. Adorned with jeweled nails on its hilt, it is a mighty sword of respectable power. Despite this, the sword still snapped in Beowulf’s final battle with the dragon. Not because of the strength of the dragon, but of its wielder.

    As a Noble Phantasm, Naegling acts as Berserker’s true Noble Phantasm. Just like his other sword, the weapon’s effect is passively active once drawn. The weapon increases STR, AGI, and MAG by one rank in exchange for a reduction of one rank in LUK. Furthermore, due to the legend in which it was used to slay a dragon, when facing an opponent with a “dragon” attribute, the weapon receives an increase in rank.

    Finally, through an execution of sheer strength alone, Naegling can be utilized as a powerful Broken Phantasm should it be deemed necessary. When used in this manner, Naegling possesses far more power and dwarfs other Broken Phantasms in comparison. This particular trait is born from the miracle of defeating the mighty dragon in his final moments.
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    Rank A (- AP)

    “A small jet-black crossbow shaped like an amalgam of devil’s wing and a coal-colored pitchfork. It comes with a small quiver that has five silver bolts, all with three points that are like those of a trident. The quiver also has a holding space for the crossbow, making it easy to carry along so that it does not restrict movement.

    The bolts themselves cause only C-ranked conceptual shadow damage, harming light-based beings for extra damage. However, the true power of this weapon is in what the bolts create upon impact. Wherever they hit, these bolts create a sphere of pure black that has a 200 meter radius. Anything caught within this sphere loses all their outwards senses, including smell, hearing and sight. These spheres last 30 turns, and cannot be dispelled through conventional magecraft. The spheres themselves are anchored to the point of the bolts’ impact, not the bolt itself. Therefore, if a moving target is hit, the sphere stays with the target even if the bolt does not.

    In addition, while those caught within the radius of the sphere lose all their outwards senses, the owner of Penumbra can still utilize his even if he enters the sphere. This makes this crossbow especially effective for ambushes.”

    this is what happens when you sell 4's panties
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    you know, all the char sheets atre cool, but im suprised nobody else is willing to show their dic.

    I mean, I get it, after you all saw mine maybe you worried you know, measure up, but there is no need to be ashamed.

    Show off yo 'dics to the world!
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    I'm late dechu.

    Here is the pair dechu...

    Elethia Greyfield and her Servant Saver.

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