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Thread: Arc Goes to School Again (But Not Really) [lemon]

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    Arc Goes to School Again (But Not Really) [lemon]

    Arc Goes To School Again (But Not Really)

    School festivals were just no longer Shiki’s thing. Certainly, he enjoyed food and games and doing things that did not involve the regular grind of assigned readings and math homework. He was even okay with the larger number of people that tended to avoid him as if he were a bad omen. In fact, that never really bothered him period.

    But ever since moving back into the Tohno house, Shiki felt as if the concept of fun had been alternatively either dragged out of his soul kicking and screaming by his sister, or shoved forcefully down his throat by Arcueid.

    Of course he was glad to be reunited with his sister. He just wished that, at seventeen, he was afforded a lack of curfew.

    Of course he was glad that Arc was still around. He just wished that, as a…boyfriend? That he wasn’t required to entertain her every whim.

    Shiki knew it was coming. He knew it. Expectancy and even preparation had not availed him, however, as his sister had refused to let him stay too long after hours to help out or attend. He was allowed the same strict by-dinnertime ultimatum as ever, even as his class needed help with building all the staging for their café or sewing for the outfits they were going to wear. All while he had to feint off Arc’s incessant questions about what was going on and whether she could come and join in with his class as they prepared.

    “If you come by on the day, I will take you around,” he had told her a few days before. “I promise. But you have to show up at the same time as the other guests do, and you can’t do anything to anyone. We’ll look around, we’ll eat and play games, and then we’ll go home. Got it?”

    Arc had nodded in complete understanding. “By the way, you said everyone in your class contributes. What are you doing?”

    He had rolled his eyes. “Staying out of everyone’s way. Well, I contributed some of the tea mixes they’ll be selling. Kohaku gave me some options.”

    Of course, it all worked out to Shiki’s own advantage. When his class—a class with a population of boys slightly outnumbering girls—had decided on a café, the males had all contrived a majority vote to decide on the theme. With Ciel’s senior class already known to be doing a maid café and with nobody in their year capable of drawing more attention to their own maid theme, they had gone with magical girls.

    “I’m pretty sure Hirano and Yano are lolicons,” Arihiko had said, his head down on his desk to avoid the glares shooting around from the various girls in their class. “I mean, magical girls? Why not swimsuits? Or race queens?”

    So his contribution of tea complete, he was free to wander the school halls the first day of the festival without any hard feelings, some of his classmates even suggesting he need not involve himself in the more strenuous aspects so his anemia did not act up.

    School festivals were just not his thing.

    The day had started off fine. He had checked in on his classmates early on but had not been there since morning, and it was already nearing one in the afternoon. He had seen what the seniors had done for their class projects (and the maid outfit Ciel wore for her class had been wondrous to behold, even if it was just for a split second due to the huge pileup of a line that had amassed there) and had lunch at a zombie-themed ramen stand in 1-B.

    Arc had not shown yet.

    The ever-creeping feeling of doom had started when she had not shown up first thing when the school gates had been opened to the public. Nor sight nor sound of her an hour in. Two hours. He would peer out the window every minute, expecting to see her very-noticeable blonde hair wandering around causing trouble of indeterminate amount. Either something bad had happened, or something bad was going to happen.

    He had wandered out into the main courtyard when that sensation had grown to the point that the hackles on the back of his neck were standing on end. None of the stands various clubs had put out front were the perpetrators as he scanned through them, the ever-present feeling more like it was piercing him from a distance. Like a sniper sighting in on him through a window—

    Up above the literature club’s banner he could see into the second-story window where his class was running their café. Even from the distance, he thought he could see it, and when he pulled his glasses up to his forehead briefly to make sure it was not just some strange glint of light from the glare, it was made clear. A golden head moving to and fro within his class, the distant lines on it irregular and pale compared to the distinctive marks all around.

    “Arcueeeeeiiiiiid!” he could not help but shout as he ran for the door.

    His nightmare was a magical girl.

    Terrible, horrible, long-legged short-skirted, and somewhere in his mind he remembered that Arc had once told him she was regarded as some kind of moon princess—which only made the resemblance to Sailor Moon all the more horrifying in his brain. He burst through the doors of his class, zoomed Arc and had her out the door fast enough that he was certain everyone was going to claim he had been faking his illness all this time. He pulled her by the wrist down the hall, down the stairs, out and across the back courtyard and to the gym as fast as he could, ignoring the stares everyone gave him—or really, mostly gave Arc—along the way. He found the first locker room he could, knocked, and when there was no sign of it being occupied, shoved Arc inside and followed after, glancing down to each end of the hall to make sure they were not seen.

    “Shiki,” Arc pouted, “You didn’t have to be so rough.”

    Ignoring the fact that she could overpower him any day of the week, Shiki caught his breath while being unable to help but give Arc a once-over. Actually, now that he had a close look, he thought in any other situation he might appreciate the over-knee boots and the generous amount of cleavage she had in this outfit. Just not now.

    “What do you think you’re doing?” he asked once he had his heart rate back to a normal level.

    Arc frowned at him, an exaggerated look that she often did when she was both confused and miffed with him. “You said I could come today.”

    “I did.” Shiki scowled. School festivals would be the end of him. “I mean, what are you doing in that outfit?”

    She pivoted in place to show off said outfit and he could see how there was virtually no backside to it—yet again, it would have been very nice. Very nice. “The theme was ‘magical girls,’ wasn’t it? Did I do something wrong?”

    Shiki resisted the urge to scramble his hands through his hair and start tearing. “You aren’t supposed to be one! That’s for the class!”

    “I know that,” she said, voice condescending. “But you talked about how you wanted to help out like normal but imouto-chan won’t let you, so I thought I’d do it for you!” She took on a triumphant smile and pose. “Then they’ll think you’re such a nice guy, getting your lover in to do work done in your place!”

    Seven different things threatened to explode from his mouth at that, none of which were helpful or could explain just how wrong that was. Then a more immediate thought came to mind. “How long have you been there?”

    “Nine? Ten? A little while after everything opened.” Her beaming visage grew as she got the chance to recount her helpfulness. “It took me a bit longer to get all of this together, but it was worth it! Nobody in your class even stopped me when I came in and took over a couple of the tables. I even studied how people act at another café in Tokyo a few days ago to make sure I knew what I was doing.” She paused. “Although they didn’t like it when I put my hand in that first boy’s lap.”

    Shiki felt his eyes bugging out. “You—”

    Arc waved it off. “Of course I wouldn’t do anything else they did at those places, I’m not stupid. You’re the only one that gets to do that kind of thing with me. But I thought it couldn’t hurt, you know, since the other girls in your class are all so shy.”

    And now a headache was threatening to split his head.

    “But you said you were gonna show me around,” Arc said. “I’m fine with helping out and everything, but now you look angry instead of taking me someplace. And I can tell you’ve already had something to eat, you cheater.” She pouted again. “Even though it was fun to help out, I wanted you there so I could show off to you.”

    Something in him snapped. Truly and fully. Whether it was from the miscommunication, the frustration of how she got to some very strange conclusions, the fact that he’d been a little worried over her for nothing, or the idea of her sticking her hands into some other guys’ pants—

    “You want me, fine, you get me.”

    He shoved her, not gently, until her back hit the first row of lockers.

    Arc looked mystified—or at least it was more than her normal look of incomprehension. “I don’t—”

    He trapped her lips with his, though to call it a kiss would be off—more like he attempted to devour her, encompassing her body with his arms as he did so. She made a noise of surprise but did not resist—that is, until one hand came up to roughly pull her top down, her breasts spilling out into his greedy hands.

    “Shiki, mmph, you—w-wait,” Arc pleaded when his mouth went for the spot he knew she liked right beneath her ear, “what about f-foodddhha?” She squealed as his fingertips pulled at the pink tips of her breasts.

    “I’ll feed you,” he said, his voice nearly a whisper, but harsh, almost a growl. “Until your stomach is full and you can’t take anything more.”

    Arc pulled at Shiki’s blazer in turn, struggling with the buttons as one of Shiki’s knees slipped up between her legs and pressed into her. “You sound different today, Shiki, is there something…?” She trailed off as his mouth found hers again, tongue thrusting into her mouth such that it made her legs tighten around his at the familiar feeling.

    Shiki’s hands unceremoniously slipped up her bare thighs and under her skirt, grabbing hold of the panties she had on—which brought his kiss short so he could say, “What’re these?”

    “You know in those shows, they always have it look like they’re almost naked underneath,” Arc said. “I was going to show them off to you later, you know.”

    With a violent pull, he had the thin straps around her legs torn and discarded the ruined fabric over his shoulder. “You should’ve just not worn any.”

    Arc shivered as her bare pussy came in contact with his leg and a faint dampness started to spread. “I thought you might be angry if I did that. And I thought I’d get to show off a bit for you...”

    Fingers crept back up under her skirt. “Show off for me now, Arcueid.”

    “What do you mean?”

    Shiki’s thumb brushed just above where she clearly wanted to be touched and his fingertips slipped just into her below. “I’m going to watch you come right here, before anything else, so you’d better show me you want it.”

    She was already wavering in place, sliding up and down in time with the slow movement of his hand as the resistance her body gave lessened. “I want it…”

    He bit her neck just below her ear, almost daring her to do something she was not supposed to with him. “What do you want?”

    “I…” Arc whimpered as his touch finally came to circle around that spot he had been avoiding. “I want you to fuck me.”

    “I thought you wanted to be fed,” he teased. The digit circling her clit became rougher and faster as he felt her tightening around his fingers.

    She nodded, whether to his words or to the sensation was not clear. “I want you to fuck me, want you to fill my stomach…I’ll take everything, just, please, hurry…I want it now…”

    “But you were going to show off for me.” He leaned down to lock his mouth around one breast, inwardly smirking at the helpless moan Arc rewarded him with as he did so. His tongue matched the swirling motion of his thumb for a moment, then he bit her just hard enough to pull at her skin as he thrust his fingers as deeply into her as he could.

    Arc shuddered in place, her hips grinding down into his touch, desperate for more friction. Whether she came or not just from that he didn’t know, but it made her vulnerable enough that he wrapped his arms around her waist and spun them around without any complaint. The vampire princess half fell back onto the bench behind them as the back of her knees hit it, though she was kept from falling entirely onto the floor as Shiki grabbed her flailing legs.

    “Nice,” Shiki said, admiring this “magical girl” now with her legs in the air, skirt hiked up, and nothing between them but his own clothes.

    “Fuck me,” Arc pleaded, her ass rising from the bench as if she could draw him in right there.

    “Not yet.” Even so, he dragged his own pants down just enough to expose his rigid cock, but he did not dive right into her as promised. He pulled at Arc’s boots until they both slid off and her feet were high into the air, tearing the zippers almost right out, and throwing the ruined footwear aside before wrapping his arms around her thighs. He pulled her legs flush to his chest, ankles dangling over his shoulders, then brought his cock up between her thighs, rubbing them over his length as it stood, hardly centimeters from the wet folds that waited for it.

    “Please,” Arc said, breath coming in short, “give it to me, Shikiiii.” She almost whined his name.

    “Give what to you?” He leaned forward until her body formed a v-shape, his hands sliding along her legs.

    “Give me your cock, fuck me hard,” she mewled.

    “Until?” he led on.

    “Until you come, until you come inside me, or in my mouth, or all over me, I don’t care, just hurry, please, I need it…”

    Finally hearing some combination of words that were pleasing, he did as she desired, plunging his length into her, her breasts bouncing in a pleasing manner as his hips smacked into hers. He drove into her to repeat that motion, her body shaking each time, violently enough to threaten to push them both into a pile onto the floor. “Then that’s what I’m going to do, and then you’ll have to show off what it's like when you're wearing only my come on you."

    She moaned and her legs tightened around his shoulders.

    He made good on her desire, too, as it did not stop after one go—and like a beast, he ravaged her over and over, filling her both inside and out.

    Shiki was long gone by the time Arc regained her breath, still dazed and a little taken aback by what had just happened. Not that she was displeased, but she was surprised that Shiki would go so far, not exactly sure what had driven him over the edge. She thought that whatever it was, it had brought out that more monstrous side of him, the side that she didn’t really think of in relation to sex—but considered trying to bring out more often.

    “Maybe I should dress like this more often,” she said. Her fingertips ran up to where Shiki had stained her breasts with his seed and she licked them clean as she sat up to look around.

    They were lucky nobody had walked in on them—not that Arc would have cared—as the clock on the wall said it was now starting to get late into the afternoon. Some of the students running costumed events would probably be returning to the locker rooms to retrieve their clothes or to wash up after finishing their work. Now that Shiki was gone, Arc had no reason to be around and she thought that it would probably not be a great idea for any of the other students to see her in such a state.

    Of course, now her costume was torn and stained. Arc was pretty sure it would be bad to leave the school grounds half-naked and looking ravished. She could fix herself up in an instant, but Shiki was very clear that she was not to use any nonhuman abilities while around the school during the day.

    She decided to take a quick shower regardless, since she was rather sweaty and sticky—and as she stripped herself naked, a thought occurred.

    “How do you think we did compared to the others?”

    “I heard 2-C’s magical girl café was really popular. They had someone’s girlfriend waitressing from what I hear? Narita-kun said that he thought they might have been putting something in their drinks, though.”

    “Did you hear about 1-D’s fortune telling? Already there’ve been like five or six confessions because of it!”

    As the girls of Ciel’s class started changing out of the maid outfits they had worn for their class café, they chatted as normal over the events of the day and what they had heard over the grapevine. It had been a long day and since the girls had been swamped with visitors, few of them had the chance to attend the other events going on that day. Ciel herself listened with half an ear, peering at herself in one of the mirrors and admiring the craftsmanship of the seamstress that had helped them all out with their outfits for the day.

    Then she got to her locker and stared into it, perplexed.

    “Where are my clothes?” she asked.


    Okay, I’ve got to stop reading doujin. The buildup-smut-joke ending is too easy a pattern to fall into.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart View Post
    “Then that’s what I’m going to do, and then you’ll
    Something seems to be missing here.

    Other than that, delicious Phantas-moon is delicious. You did cut it a bit short, but I guess writing rape-mode!Shiki's sex scenes must be very uncomfortable in and of itself.

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    Oh Arcueid. Gone from pure innocent to sexpot.

    And yeah, that line abruptly ending.
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    Oh yeah, I forgot:

    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart View Post
    Okay, I’ve got to stop reading doujin.
    I knew there was something familiar here

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    This kind of reminds me of a doujinshi called Tsukihime Complex where Arcuied steals Ciel's school uniform.

    Anyways, good job as usual Arashi.
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    Definitely liked this! Still I kinda wish we'd gotten to see a bit of Arc interacting in the magical girl cafe. We only hear of it but never see it.
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    I always enjoy a good Arc lemon! :3
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    Arc Lemons! One the best lemons! Yum!


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    And Arc wonders why Ciel doesn't like her. *laughs*

    Good oneshot, Arashi! You got Shiki's Bed's Royal Assholishness very well!

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    Was it rape, BL?
    Quote Originally Posted by asterism42 View Post
    That time they checked out that hot guy they were just admiring his watch, yeah?

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    I personally don't like Shiki Arc stuff, Kohaku kinda ruined Shiki with anyone else for me. That said as a huge Arc fan I found this fucking awesome dude.

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    Eagerly awaiting the saber x sakura x shirou piece.

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    The porn dialogue made me laugh. That is the best thing I can say about this lemon.

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    My boner and I give this two thumbs up. Bonus points for making the pairing more entertaining than the game does.

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