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Thread: Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail

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    Maybe in a future installment of FGO Wadas art will be used. I'd guess after Kazuradrop comes back more physically stable in Foxtail and shows of some of her new skills, teen Kazuradrop will have some spot light in other series.

    While I look through his twitter account I saw this was their 2 covers for volume 8 or is this a limited edition cover? I couldn't find any info on it.

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    The version where Suzuka doesn't have the fox ears is the volume 8 cover. The one with the fox ears was the draft before they decided not to revel the ears.
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    That makes sense. Since Suzuka was only shown in the flash back arc during that volume (which was before she copied Tamamos look LOL). Thanks Synaptic Star now I won't go crazy trying to find a nonexistenting book.

    Any word on how Takenoko is feeling now?

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    No idea. He hasn't posted any updates on his health, as far as I can tell.

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    No new chapter this month.
    But at least Takenoko says he's fully recovered now.

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    That's great to hear!

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    Glad to hear it. I'm so exited to see Tamamos past.

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    I dropped off, are we finally seeing her past/flashbacks?

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    While there's no new chapter this month, volume 10 came out. Here's a link to download it (there's also volume 9).

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    Thanks AleisterSwole the extra art at the end is always nice to look at.

    Quote Originally Posted by Byegod View Post
    I dropped off, are we finally seeing her past/flashbacks?
    Yes though it just stared last chapter and it was a bit of a clip show only showing a bit of Tamamos life,though they are powerful images they don't tell the whole story, with Hakuno walk at path like in the CCC game so I can't guess what will happen next. It's short but a good starting point to see more.

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